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How Dollar Shave Club used its viral video to attract investors

Dollar Shave Club’s debut video is cool. Scratch that. It is damn cool. It might even have convinced a few people to buy the product. Here’s the thing; it’s also been attracting investors. In fact, it was doing so long before it was convincing us to stop giving most of the money we spend on razors to Roger Federer. According to Mashable, CEO Michael Dubin -- who’s also the star of the video -- used it to get US$1-million in funding out ...


Huawei takes business products on the road

Chinese tech giant Huawei is probably best known for its cheap mobile devices and 3G modems (although it did play a starring role at this year’s Mobile World Congress). Now though, it wants to show it can do enterprise too. As part of this, the company is demoing off a number of its new business products with a Mobile Truck Road Show. The Huawei truck is, which is currently making its way through South Africa, is equipped ...

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C’mon Google, give us the real Google+ numbers already

Google Plus Black The Wall Street Journal recently reported that things aren't looking so great for Google+. According to data from comScore, Google+'s users spend just about three minutes per month on the site. On Facebook, that number is closer to six or seven hours per month. Google itself, however, has never provided anybody with any useful data about the service and -- at worst -- is just using deliberately misleading information to provide the press with big numbers that look good but are ...


Apple iPad launch event: Memeburn’s iSoftware roundup

iLife Photo Okay, so the new iPad doesn't appear to have a proper name -- yes everyone, Apple really is that cool -- but the software announcements that Apple rolled out during the launch certainly do. Some of them are updates, and some of them are new, some of them are borrowed, and some of them are blue. Okay, maybe not the last two. iOS 5.1 The first software announcement came in the form of an update to Apple's mobile operating system. Tim Cook ...


Apple unveils new iPad with retina display, new Apple TV

illuminated apple Apple's CEO Tim Cook took the stage in San Francisco today to announce the next version of the iPad, as well as iOS 5.1 and a new AppleTV. The new iPad features a retina display and a faster processor. The wireless version will now support 4G LTE networks for significantly faster download speeds while on the go. The design of the new iPad looks virtually identical to the iPad2. The new AppleTV now supports 1080p playback and also comes with an ...

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You can now pin text to Pinterest

Pin a quote Pinterest is all about images and video -- so if you run a text-heavy website, sorry, no pins for you. But someone saw the potential and developed a bookmarklet that lets you pin a cool quote to one of your Pinterest boards. That someone is creative web strategist Adam Rotman. He recently launched Pin a Quote, which lets you highlight text on a website that you think would make a good pin. It then converts the quote to an image and ...


Shave like a boss with Dollar Shave Club [Video]

Men of the world unite. Forget those expensive, battery-operated, five bladed razors you’ve been assaulting your face with. All you need to get rid of that five o’clock shadow is US$1 a month. That’s the message behind an advert for the Dollar Shave Club. The video features “Mike” taking you on a tour through the Dollar Shave Club factory, and includes a toddler shaving a man's head, a man dressed as a bear, and a money party. The company claims ...

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Super angel Fabrice Grinda on the emerging markets internet craze

Fabrice Grinda Fabrice Grinda is a well-known emerging markets super angel investor and entrepreneur. He’s crazy about the internet in the BRIC countries, especially Brazil and Russia. He is also the co-founder and current co-CEO of popular free online classifieds service OLX, a direct competitor of Craigslist. Memeburn caught up with the French entrepreneur to gain some insights into where the money is going in emerging markets. According to Grinda, Brazil and Russia are exciting markets for potential online and mobile investments. ...


KONY 2012: A quest for justice via social media

Kony 2012 Grabbing more than five of the top trending topics on Twitter, the harrowing tale of Invisible Children is well on its way to a social media awakening. The trend is part of Invisible Children Inc.'s quest to bring to Joseph Kony, a Ugandan war rebel, to the world's attention. Invisible Children is a group that uses film and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war in Uganda. The buzz was spurred by KONY 2012 a ...

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13 Brands that are doing Pinterest right

Pinterest I’ve read a lot of articles recently telling you how to use Pinterest, but what really gets me excited is discovering a brand that actually does it perfectly. To be successful on Pinterest, brands need to take a more holistic approach to marketing. Like other social media platforms, Pinterest can be more effective and engaging than traditional advertising because consumers can actually see how the brand fits into their lives. "For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on ...






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