8 Ways to beat digital writer’s block

Digital Author Admit it; just thinking about writer’s block is frustrating you. Writer’s block is a unique obstacle in that it gets worse with time. If you write for a living or for recreation, you know what it’s like to struggle with wording or to find a topic in the first place. Professional bloggers cover a range of topics and often write under irregular deadlines. Here are a few simple tips for getting your creative juices flowing. 1. Just start writing Few sights are as ...


Angry Birds in space! What could be cooler? [Video]

The popularity of Angry Birds has proved that there is nothing more fun than hurtling some seriously pissed off birds at some not-so-nice pigs. Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the game, has been working hard to expand the franchise with other versions of the game such as Angry Birds Rio and Seasons. Now they've moved on to space. Let's face it -- everything is cooler in space. The folks at Rovio teamed up with the leading experts  -- NASA -- to ...


eBooks: Did Apple screw us all, or save the industry?

apple_eclipse The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the American Justice Department is about to sue Apple and five of the biggest book publishers in the US for colluding to raise the price of eBooks. This means that the Justice Department, which has been investigating eBook pricing since last year, has decided the parties involved violated the Sherman Act. The Sherman Act is a law that guards against business activities that lead to anti-competitive behaviour in the marketplace. The US government’s intention ...


Kony 2012: Cause célèbre to internet meme

Kony 5 If there’s one thing the internet does really well, it’s compressing a serious issue into a captioned picture. The Stop Kony 2012 campaign is a case in point. The campaign gave new meaning to the word viral, with Jason Russell’s documentary getting over 30-million views across Vimeo and YouTube in just two days. Then came the counter-arguments. People pointed out that the Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) hadn’t been active in Uganda for the past five years. Others criticised Invisible ...

Social media

Online checkouts get a social dashboard

Own Technology integration is moving forward at a rapid pace. Some technology marketers are even feeling that technology advancement and user acceptance is moving so quickly that they are having difficulty in finding an angle to market to their prospects. But that's not stopping Own, a Point of Sale software that has integrated its PoS with social media. Simply put what it has done is integrated FourSquare, Twitter and Facebook with its PoS software. The Own PoS runs as an Android app ...


Path 2.1: Now with smarter camera, support for Nike+

Path Up-and-coming private social network Path had a couple of rough days last month because it uploaded its users' address books to its servers without their explicit permission. Today, however, the company is focusing squarely on its product again with the release of version 2.1 of its iOS app. This isn't a major overhaul of the service, as the version number already indicates, but the company made some pretty significant updates to the product that its users will surely appreciate. One really ...


New Reddit CEO sends out first public message

Reddit New Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has sent out his first public communication since officially taking over the reins at the ‘front page on the internet’. A former director of engineering at Facebook, Wong was asked to step into the CEO role shortly after Reddit was spun off as an independent entity from publishing giant Condé Nast. In an open letter to the social news site’s community, Wong expressed surprise at the fact that he'd even been considered for the position: I didn't have ...

Apple, Humour

The iPad tells all, Tim Cook’s wardrobe disappointment [Comic]

iPad protyope comic I think the guys at Joy of Tech were sitting just waiting for Apple to have an event. Following the launch of the device we all thought would be called the iPad3 or iPad HD and that turned out to actually just be the iPad, Nitrozac and Snaggy put together two comics to unpack the main issues of the event. I am really glad they did, because they have addressed the elephant in the.... room? World? Whatever, they addressed an elephant ...


Facebook to become ‘your personalised newspaper’ with Interest Lists

Facebook has introduced a new product that it claims is “a whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience on Facebook”. The new feature, called Interest Lists, is basically a way for you to tidy up your news feed into sections determined by you. Facebook claims that doing so turns the social network into “your own personalised newspaper, with special sections—or feeds—for topics that matter to you”. In fact, the company has taken ...

Startup news

Yola boss Vinny Lingham steps down to launch new startup

Vinny Lingham Well-known Silicon Valley-based South African web entrepreneur Vinny Lingham has resigned as the CEO of Yola, the internet startup he founded about five years ago, to launch a new venture. The new venture -- Gyft -- promises "to change the way you think about gift cards". It plans to launch in May this year and is offering an early sign up for members. There is no indication of who is backing the venture (but Memeburn will find this out soon). Yola says ...






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