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How social is killing TV as a one-way medium

Media telecommunications and streaming video concept Take a moment and think about how you watched television last night. Were you glued to the screen, just you and the TV? Or did you sit phone in hand, scrolling through your social channels, replying to an email and Whatsapp’ing with your friend on the other side of the country about said show? One of my favourite quotes sums it up: “social media makes you social with the people who aren’t there, and unsocial with the people that are”. Translate ...

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How online tools can help determine the worth of a sporting sponsorship

Goal Net It's a good year to be talking about sponsorship effectiveness. A very good year. Sure, 2010 was a pretty good one too, but the Olympic Games take it to another level. While it may not bring in the same value in sponsorship dollars as that overly-regulated tournament where men in shorts fall over if you so much as sneeze in their direction, the prestige of an event which had its first incarnation in the BC years adds another dimension. Sponsorship ...

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6 must-have accessories for the fashionable geek

Mobile shopping A common misconception is that geeks are inherently unfashionable (think Big Bang Theory). Well, let’s just set the record straight. Just because you’re into tech and the digital space, it doesn’t mean you need to spend your weekends dressed in Star Trek gear. Geek-dom can still be cool and it looks like geek is in and “I’m too cool for school” is out. Bottom line -- being geeky is the way of the future. Sitting behind a laptop all day ...


50 awesome short films to check out on YouTube

YouTube iPad YouTube is about more than videos of cats, or skaters falling over. The world's most popular video-sharing platform is also now a repository for classic films, a movie rental service and a sports broadcaster. The company also has several projects which it says are aimed at pushing creative innovation, including YouTube Symphony Orchestra, YouTube Play, and YouTube Space Lab. Another of these projects is Your Film Festival, which kicked off earlier this year and encourages users to submit “a short-story driven ...


Lulzsec splinter group hacks Twitter client

What? You thought you'd heard the last of hacker collective Lulzsec when its ringleader turned out to be an FBI mole? Sorry pal, you thought wrong. Lulzsec Reborn -- a splinter group formed from the remnants of the now defunct Lulzsec -- has claimed responsibility for leaking 10 000 passwords from a Twitter-based app called TweetGif. The app, which allows people to share GIFs, required its users to share their names, passwords, and locations. The group has yet to give ...


Wily Scots develop search engine for ‘Internet of Things’

People have been promising us The internet of things for some time now (the term dates back all the way to 1999). Things were pretty slow to get off the ground but now it seems that it is big enough to need a search engine. The term "internet of things" essentially refers to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an internet-like structure. A group of Scottish academics has developed a search engine that uses the connected sensors ...


SilverWiz completes the cycle with MoneyWiz for Mac

If you’re one of those people with a good memory or like to read my articles over and over (anybody?), you’ll remember how I went absolutely crazy over MoneyWiz for iOS a few weeks back. Calling it "the best on the market" and saying that "I no longer use any other finance apps on either device and that I’ve never been happier with an app before"...well five weeks on and I still feel this way, and as of today, even ...


Facebook owns the world, rumors of empire decline may be exaggerated

The world is blue, Facebook blue to be precise. The 900-million strong social network is predominant in all but a few of the world's countries. The latest world map of social networks, which charts social network popularity by country, shows that the last real bastions of resistance to Facebook dominance are Russia, China, Iran, Vietnam, and Latvia. In those countries, the social networking giant is held at bay by local efforts V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki in Russia, Zing in Vietnam, ...

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Memeburn’s WWDC software roundup

OSX Mountain Lion Ahem. If you'd care to take a couple of minutes out from drooling over the new Macbook Pro, we'd like to tell you about some of the software updates Apple announced today at its World Wide Developers' Conference (WWDC). The Cupertino-based tech giant unveiled new iterations of both its desktop and mobile operating systems at the San Francisco event. Here's the run down. OS X Apple was pretty keen to punt its desktop software at the event, calling Lion "it's best-selling ...


Online ad revenues hit new peak

We recently told you about how online advertising is killing the traditional media model. As it turns out, it's breaking records along the way. The Interactive Advertising Bureau today announced that internet ad revenues for the first quarter of 2012 totaled around US$8.4-billion. That represents a 15% increase–over the US$7.3-billion figure reported in the first quarter 2011. According to David Silverman, a partner at PwC US, that increase is a "solid affirmation the internet is delivering on its promise to attract ...






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