South African academic sparks racism in cricket debate on Facebook

A row involving cricket, racism and a top South African academic has broken out on Facebook. After South Africa defeated New Zealand by six wickets in yesterday’s One Day International, leading political scholar Steven Friedman wrote a post expressing his concern about the fact that de Villiers had not mentioned the names of players of colour in his post-match presentations. For those of us who follow cricket -- have you noticed that our limited overs captain AB de Villiers has ...

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How much online influence do you have?

influence image A number of years back, I read Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point which presents his thesis on why things "go viral". Its a very powerful book, even if it has received some interesting criticism. Bells started ringing for me as soon as I started reading a recent publication from a group of students at Oxford University titled The Dynamics of Protest Recruitment through an Online Network. The paper is a bold attempt to monitor the spread of information about ...

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5 Tips for making it big on social media

Flowchart on a chalk board with world globe "Going viral": the holy grail of geeks everywhere. The process is deceptively simple and organic reshares and reposts take many forms depending on the platform. A good way to think of the process is as if social media behaves like an amplifier for content created by other media, then chains of retweets by many users lead to observed trends that can then be monitored and capitalised on. So what are the drivers and mechanics behind self-replicating content? Here are five suggestions ...


Everything you need to know about Facebook Timeline for brands

Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Timelines for pages is pretty big news. Brands and businesses now have access to a host of new features which promise to leverage their Facebook platform and boost their engagement to higher levels than ever before. What’s all the fuss about? Timeline has already been rolled out to more than 800-million users? Last month, Facebook started rolling out Timeline to all its users and yesterday it announced the launch of an extension of the new platform to brand ...

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11 Webcomics worth bookmarking

webcomic Just as books, magazines and newspapers have ditched a paper-only form, so comic books have taken up space on the web since the 1980s. The great thing about webcomics is that anyone can publish their own, using a variety of different styles and genres that range from avant-garde to comic strips. In 2007 about 38 000 webcomics were published online, but only about three percent of webcomic creators are financially successful. The first webcomic ever published was Eric Millikin's Witches and ...


New online project looks to ‘highlight the human cost’ of Syria conflict

Syria was one of the last Middle East countries to get swept up in the Zeitgeist of the Arab Spring. Things have not, however, turned out as well for it as they have for the likes of Tunisia. The country is locked in a state of turbulence, with a number of people having been killed in on-going protests against president Bashar Al-Assad. A new online project looks to memorialise those who have lost their lives while protesting the ruling ...


Timeline for brands is here. Now they have to make a hard decision

facebook banner So, Timeline is here for brands. It’s a good day. Lots of things to pin, star and more! Fantastic! But in this "everything's a story" world that Facebook is creating, brands have a big question to answer: “Are we going to create a happy-slappy version of ourselves or will we create the warts ‘n’ all, fallible, honest version of the huge, juddering beasts we actually are?” Will Domino’s pizza, for example, fess up to its previous issues with certain employees? What ...

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Under the sea with the startup ecosystem [Infographic]

Ever wondered how the startup world really works? Are you dying to know who the key players are in this mystical world? Do you lie awake at night cursing the sky hoping your anguish will penetrate the darkness and send you some answers? Well, it's your lucky day. The idea of a startup ecosystem is actually quite simple. There are 13 key players. Yep, it only takes 13 people to make a startup work. These fearless men and women venture out ...

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Facebook rolls out mobile ads

Facebook’s decision to roll out Timeline to brand pages was pretty big news, but its decision to include ads on its mobile offering could affect the average user just as much, if not more. The social network made the announcement at its Facebook Marketing Conference. Sponsored Stories -- essentially posts from friends or Pages on Facebook that a business, organisation or individual has paid to highlight so there’s a better chance people will see them -- will now appear on your Facebook ...


YouTube goes wild for new ‘Avengers’ trailer [Video]

You know the online buzz around a movie is pretty substantial when its trailer leaves YouTube’s view counter unable to keep up. The second trailer for comic-book based action flick Avengers Assemble has done precisely that in the few hours since being uploaded to the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. More usefully, the like button on the video had been hit over 7 000 times at the time of writing. The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, ...






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