New iPad jailbroken in three ways

Let’s file this under “F” for “freaking awesome.” Hours after Apple released the new iPad into the hands of the unsuspecting public, it was Jailbroken. And there are three possible ways to do it. Jailbreak one: Musclenerd’s root access hack Old king Musclenerd is one of the grandfathers of hacking and is famous for most of the user-friendly jailbreak apps currently available. His tweet below hypes up the crowd: jailbroken iPad3: a first step, still lots of work to do!No ETA!)


Muamba collapse sends shockwaves through Twitter [Update]

Muamba The sudden collapse of Bolton Wanderers player Fabrice Muamba in this evening’s FA Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur has sent shockwaves across Twitter. Muamba suddenly went down towards the end of the first half, apparently with no one around him. Paramedics then tried to resuscitate the footballer for ten minutes, before he was stretchered off the field. The Bolton and Tottenham payers were then called back into the changing rooms by referee Howard Webb, before the match was abandoned. ...


Kony 2012 director, Jason Russell hospitalised after irrational behaviour

jason_russell_kony_2012_arrested One of the filmmakers behind the viral Kony 2012 film, Jason Russell, was hospitalised following alleged irrational behaviour. A man was found in his underwear running through the streets of San Diego on Thursday morning, screaming and acting irrationally. San Diego police declined to release the identity of the 33-year-old man, but CNN reports that an official familiar with the case confirmed him to be Russell. TMZ released a video of a man the site claims to be Russell, fully naked ...


Spammers target Pinterest, take over boards

Spam There’s no doubting Pinterest's popularity -- it flew past the 10-million unique visitors a month mark in near record time. There’s also no doubting it’s a great referer of traffic -- better even than Twitter. But is it about to become a haven for spammers? According to online news site GigaOm “some kind of spam-exploit injected JavaScript code” started replacing photos on the highly visual social network with ads for US-based retail outlet Best Buy. Most social network users ...

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Mozilla’s tech evangelist on the web’s immortality: The Memeburn interview

Robert Nyman Robert Nyman could be the geek of all geeks. As the Swedish-based Technical Evangelist for Mozilla, Nyman is a strong believer in HTML5 and the Open Web. In the app era, while everyone is slagging off the web, he remains a big fan and feels it will flourish. Nyman argues that the web is neither dead nor dying. He sees the app evolution as a way to bridge the gap between the current web experience and to offer "findability ...


Growing up Google: 6 pivotal moments that changed Google for the worse

Google Leaving Google was a very tough thing to do: the technological innovation remains immense, the people are smart and the perks aren't bad. "Goldman Gate" and James Whittaker's Microsoft Blog rant have, however, raised the level of attention that a company's culture has on how it operates. Whittaker mentions Google pre and post Google+; the truth of the matter is that Google changed culturally long before the launch of its social network. Let's look at some pivotal moments that changed ...

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Solving the problem of social discovery, lessons from SxSW

The web people are better dressed than the music people this year, futurist Bruce Sterling remarked in his SxSW closing remarks. Not just better dressed but wealthier, hungrier, more optimistic, I thought. Austin, Texas is where thousands of representatives and enthusiasts of technology, film and music gather every year to talk about their craft and make a dent in the global tequila supply. I attended in 2012 for the second time and these are the trends that I think are worth reporting ...

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6 Reasons your PC is not going anywhere

computer Memeburn recently featured a story explaining why your PC is dead. It made some interesting points. It made some valid points. Cloud. Virtualisation. Abstraction of application and data from device. But it missed the point. Sure, smartphones and tablets will take over from PCs for many. The PC will return to its place as a powerful tool for those that know how to use it. Those that used it at the start: the geeks, the nerds, the hobbyists, the musicians, the ...

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Y Combinator: Investors should back the jockey not the horse

Horse racing. Y Combinator, a leading seed investment incubator, recently announced that it would be accepting startup applications for this years fund from startup founders WITHOUT an idea. Here's how the incubator describes itself on its website: Y Combinator does seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you're getting started. Some companies may need no more than seed funding. Others will go through several rounds. There is no right answer. How ...


Groupon given three months to turn its act around

Groupon is in trouble. We’re not talking about its easily replicated business model or its shaky IPO either. The group-buying giant is being taken to task by UK regulators. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT), which enforces consumer protection and competition law in the UK, has given the company three months to improve the way it operates. The OFT made the ruling after conducting an investigation that found “widespread” examples of Groupon breaching consumer protection law. More specifically, the OFT ...






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