Indonesia threatens a BlackBerry blackout

BlackBerry Failure Picking on a bug-bear a number of other nations have also felt it necessary to carp about, Indonesian communication authorities have recently threatened to shut-down BlackBerry services should Research In Motion (RIM) fail to meet various demands. The Canadian-based maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphones, RIM, which has been in discussions with Indonesian authorities since the start of the year, seemed taken aback by the threats. In January, the Indonesian government made -- what media reports have repeatedly referred to with no ...


HP open sources WebOS, may retry tablets in 2013

HP has decided to make lemonade from the lemon it couldn't sell for $500 (June 2011), then $490 (July), and then $99 (August). The fire-sales saw a pile of TouchPads sold, and HP even did another production run, which hit the stores last week and were pretty much sold out at time of writing. So a bunch of TouchPads in the market - and now with an Open Source operating system. In an internal email published on TechCrunch, HP chief exec ...


Top Chinese official urges ‘more forceful’ online controls

China needs to be "more forceful" in the way it manages the web. That's according to one top government official, as the country attempts to tighten online controls amidst fears of social unrest. Government officials should also use the web to "guide public opinion and promote positive social values," said Wang Chen, head of the State Information Office -- a newly set up government department to supervise online content. According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, Chen also said "All regions ...

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Student wins international award for generator built from used hard drives

A student from the University of Cape Town (UCT), a prominent South African tertiary institution, has won an international innovation award for a wind generator built using components from recycled hard drives. Harmut Jaigu, a master’s student in electrical engineering, won the Student Poster Presentation award at the 2011 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition that was held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Jagau’s design reuses the permanent magnets from discarded hard drives to create a ...


Nokia’s Lumia 710 landed — Taiwan, then Russia, India, H-K, world

Taiwanese Nokia fans will be the first to get their hands on the Lumia 710, the surprisingly agile Windows Phone and digital brother to the Lumia 800. The Lumia 710 is priced at US$322 and ships to Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia over the coming week, then globally in early 2012. Why should you care about the Lumia 710? As Nokia puts it, the Lumia 710 is an “affordable Windows Phone experience,” based on the surprisingly awesome Windows Phone 7.5 ...

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Too many VCs, not enough good entrepreneurs: Sean Parker

sean_parker_leweb_memeburn Billionaire internet investor Sean Parker took the stage in Paris at LeWeb with a simple message for his audience: There are "too many venture capitalists in the world and not enough entrepreneurs". Parker has a CV that would blow the mind of most people. He was co-founder of that great music industry disrupter Napster, and more recently an investor in Facebook and Spotify, among many other things. But don't call Parker an "investor", he finds the term a bit insulting. He ...

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Six ways the ‘new new’ Twitter changes everything

Jack Dorsey The launch of a major new version of Twitter’s service signals one important thing: Jack Dorsey is back. And Jack is in charge. His strength has always been in the "product" and up until now, there's been an obvious void at Twitter. In many ways, it was trying to do everything for everyone -- Evan Williams’ strength was never in product (think “lists”), and temporary boss Dick Costolo was never going to be a visionary when it came to the ...

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The next Facebook, Google, Twitter to come from Latin America?

brazil Fernando Madeira is the co-founder and CEO of Terra, the largest internet company in Latin America. He boasts that the "next Twitter, Google, Facebook" will come from this part of the emerging market world. "We are seeing huge activity in Latin America," he says. "In Latin America we have a special sauce in the people... we love electronics and electronic chips." The stats, presented at the LeWeb conference in Paris, back up what Madeira is saying. There are 90-million broadband connections alone ...

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Twitter relaunch a quest for ‘simplicity’, says Twitter Platform Chief

So the "new, new Twitter" has rolled out and there are the lovers and haters. But what does Twitter say about the rollout? Ryan Sarver, Director of Platform for Twitter, said the new Twitter was informed by a philosophy of "simplicity", a strategy to keep it differentiated from the two other major social networks in the Western World, Facebook and Google+. "In a world where Facebook and Google are competing on features -- Twitter wants to focus on being simple. We want ...

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Spotify launches ‘Spotify radio’ to its 2.5-million paying subscribers

Spotify screengrab Daniel Ek, CEO of online music service Spotify took the stage at LeWeb in Paris to announce 'Spotify Radio' a new app for the service. Ek's announcement so caught the attention of LeWeb attendees that it resulted in an immediate Twitter trending topic. The new radio app will allow users to create their own custom radio stations with the option to skip through an unlimited number of songs. This feature is not yet available on Pandora, Spotify's leading competitor in ...






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