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  • Nigeria’s Talking Bookz wants to become Africa’s top audiobook store

    Last week was a great one for Nigerian startups -- for the second year in a row, they filled up more slots at DEMO Africa than any other African country. If that wasn't enough, one of the eight startups representing Nigeria at the continental event quickly followed up with seed investment from the co-founder of one of Africa’s leading hotel booking platforms, Jovago. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • What Facebook tells us about why we need to rethink employee training

    The world of work is moving at an unprecedented pace. Millennials and new technologies are entering the workplace, customer expectations are rising, competition is becoming fiercer, and regulation in most industries is getting tougher. Many companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Though enterprises are investing in new technologies and processes to address these challenges, they’re often not able to effectively absorb these solutions into their organisations. The result is fragmented customer service, inefficiencies and productivity levels that don’t meet expectations. Here, the problem often lies in a lack of connectedness between the employee and the company’s...

  • 5 innovations that could completely change the face of off-roading

    Off-roading enthusiasts are typically a reserved bunch. They don’t do well with change, and thus generally aren’t fans of new-fangled gadgets. To be fair, there’s a reason for this. When you’re crawling through the muddy middle of nowhere – without cellphone reception and with no manufacturer-approved mechanic for miles – and a component fails, you don’t want it to be something that relies on a complicated electronic system. Instead, you hope it’s something you – a simple (yet ruggedly handsome) man – can fix. With your bare hands. And perhaps some duct tape. Or even a rusty length of chain....

  • Google Now lets you dictate WhatsApp, WeChat messages on the go

    Google has introduced an new feature to Google Now that makes it easier to send an instant message without actually having to type them on your mobile. Since released in 2012, the intelligent mobile assistant has been excellent at aggregating relevant content. Though it has been lacking in other areas. Sending quick emails, using Hangouts or text messages have not been very intuitive nor user friendly. The latest update of the Siri and Cortana contender allows users to dictate and send messages through multiple third party messaging apps. For now these include WhatsApp, Viber, NextPlus, Telegram and WeChat. Read more: Google revamps...

  • Times Media poaches Media24’s Lisa Macleod for top digital job

    Times Media has announced the appointment of Lisa Macleod as its new head of digital. Macleod, who has been in the industry for the best part of 20 years, was lured across from Media24 where she's currently GM for Digital Publishing. Andrew Gill, MD Times Media, says MacLeod’s appointment is significant given the demand for digital expertise in a highly competitive media environment. “MacLeod is familiar with the challenges of taking widely recognised print businesses, and evolving them into lucrative digital-first operations. The intellectual capital she brings is completely aligned to TMG’s expansion strategy, and our...

  • Periscope for iOS gets Handoff support, ability to mute notifications and more

    Twitter has released a new update to its live-streaming app Periscope, which sees it get a bunch of fresh and reworked features. The most important of these new features is the ability to mute notifications. There is no doubt that notifications can get too much, making one, every now look at their phones, and find a meaningless notification. Periscope says that this update is important to its user functionality. “We think it’s important to respect this power, and give users granular control over the notifications they receive while still providing the flexibility of seeing more content on Periscope.” the...

  • Powertime now lets you manage all your bills in one place

    Powertime, the prepaid electricity payments service, has announced the launch of a service which it says will allow users to pay any bill online. According to the company, which has been in operation since 2009, the new feature allows users to pay bills from more than 400 bill issuers and charities, including Telkom, Vodakom, SABC, Eskom, Top TV, Sunday Times, UCT, Home Choice, as well as any municipal bill (electricity, water, rates, taxes) and many others, as long as it has an EasyPay number. The service also allows people to manage their bills using a central dashboard...

  • Microsoft reckons it can create 100k job opportunities in Middle East, Africa

    Microsoft has got some big job creation plans for the Middle East and Africa. According to a release sent to Memeburn, the Redmond-based giant is aiming to create more than 100 000 job opportunities and reach over seven million people across the region through its Employability Platforms, in partnership with organisations from public and private sectors, as well as NGOs. Launched in 2012, the YouthSpark Employability Platform aims to provide job-seekers with end-to-end career guidance, upskilling, job-matching and mentorship. The platform is centred on an online hub which Microsoft says will bring together the best resources together in "a...

  • Independent agencies really do still matter in South Africa’s digital landscape

    Over the past couple of years, the digital landscape in South Africa has shifted dramatically. We’ve seen international advertising players invest in the market, snapping up many of our leading digital marketing agencies and consulting firms to strengthen their presence in Africa. At the same time, some smaller agencies have merged to create larger players, and traditional ad and marketing agencies continue to build their digital skills bases. And there is also more and more talk about large corporations bringing digital activities such as social media and analytics back in-house rather than depending on external agencies for operational muscle and...

  • Formula 1’s emotional weekend in Hungary: the weekend motorsport roundup

    Another weekend has passed and along with it was a memorable one for motorsport lovers. Although MotoGP and the World Superbike Championship took a break, the four wheeled championships didn't. Formula 1 returned from a three-week break and the awful news of Jules Bianchi's death the week before. Along with it, the GP2 circus joined its bigger, faster brother series. Across the Atlantic in middle America, Indianapolis played host to the Brickyard 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race and lastly, we take a look at some interesting news from the world of rallying. Read more on Motorburn.

  • 10 questions to ask before buying a smartphone

    If you are looking to invest in the latest smartphone, there are some things that you might want to consider before jumping to a hefty payment. Since smartphones are all the rage these days, there are a number of models that might be deceptively appealing without being of much use. In cases like these, it is a prudent decision to wait and ask a few questions before buying a shiny, new smartphone. In this article, we'll over the top 10 questions that one must keep in mind while shopping for the latest coveted mobile phone. Read more on Gearburn.

  • The IoT explosion: 38bn devices to be connected by 2020

    Over the past few years, the Internet of Things has gone from theoretical concept to our everyday lived experience. It's no coincidence that some think we should instead be talking about the Internet of Everything. But despite the advances we've made in the past few years, it looks like the real explosion will only happen in the next five years. According to a new report from Juniper Research, the number of connected devices will grow from 13.4-billion in 2015 to 38.5-billion in 2020, a rise of over 285%. Interestingly, the vast bulk of that growth won't come from the...

  • A reminder: why protecting your online identity is vital

    “It won’t happen to me.” Dangerous words in any context, but when applied to identity protection this attitude can have truly frightening and negative effects that may only be revealed years down the line. Despite a growing community of aware individuals, reported cases of identity fraud and theft in South Africa for the end of 2014 is estimated to reach 4 000 – a significant increase from the 1 370 reported cases in April 2014. Overall, identity theft is estimated to cost the country R1 billion per year. Even the South African Police Service admits to being inadequately equipped for...

  • Have you got the brains to be an entrepreneur?

    I would like you to do a small quiz built by a person I admire a lot: Dan Ariely, the behavioural scientist. The quiz was designed to assess one's ability to make government policy and take corporate decisions. But I believe it is at least as appropriate to assess your ability to be an entrepreneur. Here's the deal: Take this Dan Ariely quiz. When you finish, read Dan's feedback. Return to this page and get some insight on its relevance to entrepreneurs and startups. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Google revamps Google+, ends YouTube integration

    Hard as it tried, Google could never make Google+ cool, no matter how many features it added. And now, it seems, the Mountain View-based giant has admitted defeat. In an official blog post, the company admitted that though it “got certain things right”, it made mistakes, that in hindsight, it needed to rethink. Google+ Google is not completely putting an end to Google+ but instead morphing into other features and apps, stripping it of what makes it confusing and making it more focused. “We're going to continue focusing Google+ on helping users connect around the interest they love, and retire...