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  • Net Prophet 2016 speakers include local tech heroes

    Net Prophet, one of South Africa's favourite geek events, is back in 2016 with a speaker line-up bristling with veterans of the South African tech space. Some, like Travelstart's Stephan Ekbergh have been slogging away at the same venture for years. Others, such as Michael Jordaan and Alan Knott-Craig Jr will be appearing in guises outside of the ones they made their names in. Jordaan, now founder at Montegray capital, rose to prominence as the CEO of FNB, while Knott-Craig briefly lit up the scene with his acquisition of Mxit, before going on to found free WiFi NGO Project...

  • 3 content marketing mistakes that could kill your brand

    When done right, content marketing has the potential to catapult your business into the limelight, earn you hordes of new followers, and drastically improve your bottom line. However, when done incorrectly, it has the potential to completely kill your brand. Below, we investigate three of the most common digital /content marketing mistakes that every entrepreneur needs to be aware of and avoid at all costs. Playing it safe Not only does this refer to the type of content that you choose to produce, but also to the content itself. Marketers tend to avoid stirring up controversy in the fear of...

  • Where to find relevant content to curate and share

    The web is noisy and chaotic with information. Online, you will find thousands of blogs, news channels and many online wire services publishing press releases, news articles and other related content daily. How is it possible for you and your business to find anything that is interesting with all the information available? How do you find information that is relevant to your business that you can use, curate and share with your target audience to support your digital marketing efforts? With the help of Google Search, Google Alerts, Twitter real time search and RSS (real simple syndication) it's quite easy...

  • Don’t be fooled, starting a business isn’t easy

    Spend some time with your friends around the braai and everyone, at some stage, wants to do their own thing and venture off into Entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, less than 6% of the population ever will. Why is that? Business is relatively simple and there are enough examples of success out there to make it a worthwhile risk to undertake. Most people however know of the other part of the equation and the failures and difficulties. Perhaps that holds them back. Either way business IS simple but not always easy. The biggest factor in its...

  • BlackBerry PRIV review: steeped in potential, lacking in polish

    You might be wondering why on earth there’s a BlackBerry review on Gearburn in 2016, but rest assured, the clock hasn’t wound back ten years, nor is the company dead. In fact, it’s experiencing something of a mantra change. Last decade, the Canadian company was the one challenging Apple for the world smartphone hierarchy. It was selling more phones than Samsung, and it was doing a damn fine job in the process. But since then, the company has fallen from grace, so much so that in 2016, it has done the unthinkable: it has turned to Android.

  • AP Styleguide strips the ‘internet’ of its proper noun status

    The AP Stylebook -- an influential media style guide that shaped online writing styles the world over -- has announced on Twitter that it will no longer refer to the internet as a proper noun, using a lower case I instead. The change will come into effect when the 2016 version of the Stylebook launches, and also marks a change in the way the world sees the internet. As the internet grows, it becomes a more "decentralised", ubiquitous web of communication and information, Thus referring to it as a proper noun, or a single, defined entity, doesn't quite make sense. Oh, and...

  • Think you have mad Snapchat skills? Check out this stop-motion video

    This is pretty damn cool. Snapchat user Joe Penna, who calls himself MysteryGuitarMan! on YouTube, has created an 85-second stop motion film which may just be the highest form of art created on the ephemeral social network. Called 8-bit Snapchat, the film uses what Penna describes as "some fruits, Snapchat, and a LOT of free time". The film takes the form of a classic side-scroller and will make you feel even older for being so confused every time you open up Snapchat.

  • Zuma faces backlash on Twitter after addressing South Africa

    President Jacob Zuma hastily took to the airwaves on Friday to announce his thoughts on this week's Constitutional Court judgement. The court found that Zuma had indeed violated the Constitution when he ignored Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's Nkandla report. "It puts an end to any other interpretation of this matter," Zuma said, adding that there was "no deliberate intention" to violate the Constitution. Zuma said he would pay back the money -- the amount has yet to be determined. Expected a call for resignation? Politicians and ordinary citizens wasted no time in expressing themselves, hammering their "tweet" buttons in the wake of the...

  • ‘Jacob Zuma’ more popular than ‘April Fools Day’ on Google

    President Jacob Zuma tonight took to the Luthuli House podium to comment on the Constitutional Court's ruling regarding upgrades made to his Nkandla homestead. He declared his innocence, and claimed that he did not deliberately act against the Constitution. He also stated that he acknowledges and respects the Constitutional Court's ruling, which will require him to pay for some of these non-security upgrades. Ultimately however, it seems that general sentiment of the country -- at least on social media -- was that the President would resign tonight. That definitely didn't happen. Instead, there's another takeaway, at least for the data lovers...

  • 5 ways brands can avoid having their ‘authentic’ marketing backfire

    Marketing and authenticity seem like strange bedfellows. The whole purpose behind marketing is to capture people’s attention and then persuade them to buy a product or service by making them feel something. Causing just such a reaction sounds pretty manipulative, and it certainly can be. Many brands have used some fairly wily ways to get people to buy their wares. But that doesn’t mean marketing can’t be authentic. Being authentic means more than honesty. It’s about staying true to what you are as a brand. It’s about staying true to the products or services you sell. It’s about...

  • Quantum Break review: a fractured experiment in storytelling

    Billed as the next blockbuster title on Xbox One, Quantum Break comes from the developers of Alan Wake and Max Payne. It certainly has all of the makings of not only a great game, but a new and brilliant IP. Quantum Break experiments with the video gaming formula, has guns, time-travel, and well-known actors in key roles. Even with all of this, why do I find it so hard to recommend the game to anyone in particular?

  • Sending payments online: what business need to know

    Each year, society creeps ever closer to an entirely digital life. No matter your business, your customers are going to expect an easier way to pay. Checkout pages are critical for ecommerce businesses, and all other service providers need to offer some varying methods for online billing and payments. Even payroll is simplified when you switch to digital. Make it as easy as possible to send and receive payments by taking advantage of some of the digital and automated methods available to you. Automate Your Payroll System If you’ve got employees (digital or in-house), you’re wasting valuable time and energy by...

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie review: marriage, love, and zombies

    Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a novel that's studied the world over and has been adapted countless times. It's made Colin Firth famous. To some, it's the perfect piece of literary text encapsulating England in the 1800s, but what has it been lacking all of these years? Zombies. Based off the 2009 novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the movie takes Jane Austin's classic and basically inserts zombies into it. It's a strange and, at first glance, oddball mashup, but it works surprisingly well. The movie (and novel) contains exactly the same story as its source content, which includes Elizabeth and Darcy's reluctant...

  • 5 things entrepreneurs can learn from playing Fallout 4

    I know what you’re thinking: how on earth does a post-apocalyptic survival game have any lessons for those running a real-world startup, or maturing as an entrepreneur? To which I would reply, “plenty.” Fallout 4‘s a great game (if you’re interested in a review, Gearburn’s got your back), but it’s also a rather good teaching aid if you take the time to study it.

  • 12 awesome Instagram snaps from Of Monsters And Men’s Cape Town gig

    This week, Icelandic indie folk band Of Monsters And Men made its live debut in South Africa, choosing Cape Town's Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to kick things off. Naturally, this meant that the city's Instagram gang was out in full force to capture the spectacle. With the sun setting, the sky tinged with clouds and the crowd a reported 5000-strong, there were some rather brilliant snaps taken. After trawling through Instagram, we've picked our 12 favourite stills for those who missed the concert, and for those who just appreciate some stunning photography. Either way, have a gander through the gallery below. There could...