Grim Fandango: remembering a gaming masterpiece

Grim-Fandango-1 On 27 January 2015, Planet Earth will bear witness to a truly magnificent event. Presidents will make speeches, Kings and Queens will bow while the rest of the world gathers in unified celebration. Okay, admittedly none of this will probably happen. But it should. This special day is the release date of Grim Fandango: Remastered on PlayStation 4, Vita and PC. If you have not yet heard of this game you are either a 21st Century kid or a cave-dwelling hermit. ...

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Here’s what you need to know about becoming an Instaguru [Infographic]

Instagram mobile In the wake, first of Myspace, and then Facebook and Twitter, popularity to create an online space for one’s self, opinions, or company began to rise. People began posting photos and updating statuses – what they were doing, what they wanted, and companies found an almost direct highway into their targeted clients’ minds. Brands began creating sites and advertising less from billboards or train banners, and instead moved the markets online. And the emphasis, slowly, became less about what hot ...


How do you infiltrate the startup ecosystem in Africa?

Wall-Yellow The question posed by the headline makes Africa's VC ecosystem seem like the mafia, where your cousin Vinny has to introduce you to the godfather and you have to get through a series of tests to get into the inner circle of this elite group. In some ways, it pretty much is like that, or at least that's what it will have you believe. I have been asked this question many times and it wasn't until I took a small ...


Mini dominating the Dakar Rally: 5 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Mini-Dakar-Terranova-2015 There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. The festive season is drier than Christmas turkey if you're a motorsport fan, and with the lack of tyre squeal and the smell of freshly burnt petroleum in the air, many people were homesick. Now that the Dakar ...

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Je Suis Charlie iPhone app gets over 1 million downloads in just two days

Je Suis Charlie app Of course there's a Je Suis Charlie app. In the name of freedom of expression and as a tribute to the massacre of 12 people in Paris, France last week, a Je Suis Charlie (or I Am Charlie) app has been launched on iTunes, achieving massive popularity around the globe. A rather quick launch at that as iOS apps usually face lengthy approval processes from Apple. The developers from Nice Martin reportedly contacted CEO Tim Cook via email, asking for special ...

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WhatsApp, Snapchat could be banned in the UK

whatsapp Snapchat and WhatsApp might be banned in Great Britain if Prime Minister David Cameron has anything to do with it. Cameron said that he would pursue banning encrypted messaging services if Britain’s intelligence services were not given access to the communications. The call for technology companies to cooperate with investigations is nothing new: there have already been calls by European politicians for Google and Facebook to provide greater information about people’s online activities. Following the recent attacks in Paris, France, ...

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Google to shut down free website service Woza

Woza online Google is about to shut down Woza, its free website tool aimed at startups and small businesses. The service, which launched in early 2012 was designed to give businesses “the opportunity to create their own websites… and develop an online presence — for free, and in under an hour”. Since going live, the service -- launched with the support of the Department of Trade and Industry, Vodacom and Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) -- has reportedly been used to create ...

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Survey: new technology ‘too complicated’ for most South Africans

Accentuate survey According to a new report from Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, titled Engaging the Digital Consumer in the New Connected World, most consumers experience challenges using several new types of smart high-tech devices. The survey was conducted online in October and November 2014, with 24 000 consumers in 24 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, ...


Gangs of Ballet are first SA band to release video exclusively on Twitter

Gangs of Ballet South African band Gangs of Ballet today became the first in the country to release a music video exclusively on Twitter. The video, for the group's latest single “Love Is On Its Way”, comprises footage of with the band performing the song to a 30 000 strong crowd at 94.7’s Joburg Day in September 2014. "We’re so glad that we get to be a part of this moment as this gets launched,” says Brad Klynsmith, lead singer and guitarist of Gangs ...

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Microsoft criticises Google for disclosing Windows 8.1 bug before it fixed it

Microsoft Signage_Entrance_Print There is a possible war brewing between Microsoft and Google after the Redmond-based giant publicly criticised its Mountain View counterpart for releasing details about a security vulnerability in Windows 8.1 two days before it could patch the bug. Microsoft accuses Google of putting users at risk by rejecting Microsoft’s request to wait until the fix was released. Google made the disclosure as part of its “Project Zero” security initiative, which provides companies a 90-day deadline to fix vulnerabilities before they are ...






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