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  • The not-so-obvious reasons for South Africa’s entrepreneurship dilemma

    Many entrepreneurs need assistance in areas overlooked by some established companies and enterprise development agencies. Established businesses therefore have a vital role to play in increasing enterprise development in southern Africa through encouraging and nurturing the creative thinkers within their own companies as well as external startups.

  • Autonomous cars won’t really take off until manufacturers start cooperating

    Every month seems to bring a new development in the autonomous motoring space, whether it’s Tesla drivers being able to beta test software or trucks taking to the roads of Nevada. But real, universal autonomous motoring will remain a messy pipe dream until vehicle manufacturers and other industry players figure out how to collaborate in real and meaningful ways.

  • How GIFs are affecting mobile messaging

    The world continues to attempt to develop quicker and shorter methods to present information and emotions to others. One of the latest, most powerful trends is the use of GIF images on mobile devices. GIFs are short animated images often from pop culture that clearly express a certain idea or emotion to another person, quickly and clearly. These images also have the ability to create a special connection with someone. It is this connection that makes the GIF images; there are several possible marketing advantages many companies can pursue. GIFs were created almost 30 years ago by a programmer...

  • Apple iPhone 6S launch preview: iPads, a new Apple TV and more

    In case you’ve been living beneath a rather large rock for the past year, there’s word a new iPhone arriving this week. Everyone’s running around trying to get the latest scoop, while Apple’s readying it’s San Francisco venue for what will likely be the biggest launch event in Apple’s history.

  • Solar-powered ‘WiFi bench’ pops up in Johannesburg

    Fitted with USB charging points, free WiFi and a comfy seat, a solar-powered bench has popped up in Johannesburg's trendy Braamfontein. The Isabelo Smart Bench, as it's called, is touted as the Africa's first initiative to bring life (and wireless internet) to public spaces in South Africa, using "smart" benches. In order for this project to take shape, the team of Isabelo has partnered with property developer group South Point. "We are excited to be partnering with the team from Isabelo, as its Smart Bench concept dovetails with our strategy to rebuild Braamfontein as an inclusive, multi-dimensional and student-friendly live-work-play destination district,"...

  • What will the internet look like in 2040?

    A journalist recently asked me what I think the internet will look like in 2040. The question took me a little by surprise, because despite working in the technology industry for the last two years and witnessing the drastic changes that have taken place, I've never really taken a step back from it all and thought what the world might be like in ten years, let alone 25 years. So I did what all good researchers do and opened the floor to questions. I asked my colleagues what they thought and once we got past the obvious answers such as,...

  • Instagram plagiarism scandal: Skye Grove apologises, deletes herself off internet

    Amid a barrage of criticism and a bit of support on social media on Tuesday, top South African Instagrammer Skye Grove has literally deleted herself off the internet, after "owning up" to a plagiarism scandal as reported by Memeburn on Monday. Posting on her official Instagram account to her 40 000-something followers, she wrote: "I would like to unreservedly apologize to the Instagram community as much as to the artists whose photos I used. I am sorry that I disappointed you. I have learned and will continue to learn. I would like to thank the countless of people who sent...

  • The IoT goldmine hiding in plain sight: plugging a brain into billions of already connected devices

    A connected world is not automatically a smarter world. Data must be digested to become intelligence. Connectivity must be harnessed to become action. We’ve all heard that the world of connected devices is growing at a torrid pace. There are currently 4.9 billion connected devices around the world but in the next five years that number will grow to 25 billion, according to Gartner Research. But while device connectivity skyrockets, device intelligence lags far behind. Much of the world’s connected devices stream unused data to a distant database or server with little regard for what that data might mean to...

  • Here’s what you need to know about ensuring successful governance for agile projects

    We often hear horror stories about business projects ending heavily over budget, with the flexible nature of agile being used to justify the lack of governance. These stories often deter decision-makers from opting for an agile approach, as they are typically accountable for spending and project outcomes, so an approach that appears to lack the necessary assurance is likely to be quickly vetoed. But, ignoring agile can have equally disastrous implications, especially when we consider that, on average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and 7% over time, while delivering 56% less value than expected. As more and more...

  • Vodacom gives MTN a serious Twitter schooling

    South African cellular giant Vodacom has given MTN, its chief rival in the space, a serious lesson in using social media as a customer service channel. When Nicholas Burger, who is a portal manager at music streaming service Kleek, failed to get any meaningful assistance from MTN's call centre, he did what most customers do and turned to social media. "How do I get a HUMAN customer support agent. 173 does not give options on problem I'm having. #Frustrated," he wrote in a tweet to the official MTN South Africa account. Reasonably enough, MTN replied by directing Burger to...

  • News24 to close down comments section because of ‘hate speech’

    Today, popular South African news website News24 announced its closure of their comments system because of "hate speech." The announcement came in the form of a post by News24's editor-in-chief, Andrew Trench. While this decision means that News24 will join the likes of Reuters, CNN, and Popular Science, it certainly isn't void of controversy among readers. In the post, Trench states the comments system will be closed on 11 September. While all comments on articles will automatically be set to "off", it will be at editorial's discretion to open comments on select articles. This decision will be geared towards articles where...

  • 10 iPhone 6S features to get excited about

    Now that we are certain about Apple’s 9 September press event in San Francisco, a lot of speculation is being put to rest about the name and release of the new handsets. Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 6, despite the fact that the price was high, it was a sales phenomenon, selling over 74-million in the first four months of 2015. This helped iPhone 6 to become the best selling smartphone of the year

  • SnapScan’s Kobus Ehlers on keeping up with SA’s ever-changing payments landscape [Q&A]

    Kobus Ehlers is behind one of South Africa's top-ranked apps, and arguably the only successful startup to have made mobile payments relevant in the country. Even though multinational telecom giants like Vodacom struggle to get mobile payments off the ground in the country, SnapScan today boasts over 20 000 merchant clients, ranging from parking marshals to restaurants. While user numbers aren't disclosed, it's growing much faster than the merchant clients'.

  • You can now get free WiFi when you fill up your car

    If you can't stand the idea of not being connected for the few minutes it takes to fill up your car, we've got some good news for you. Total South Africa has announced that it will soon offer free WiFi at its service stations. The offering, which is the result of a partnership with Telkom, will see the petrochemical company offer its customers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi at over 260 of its services stations. Of course, you won't just be able to hang around near your closest Total all day and logins will be required for access. Time...

  • Here’s what you need to know about putting RTB to work in an integrated digital strategy

    Real-time bidding (RTB), a type of programmatic buying, is rapidly gaining currency in South Africa’s digital media landscape. A growing number of brands are using it to improve customer engagement, enhance media buying efficiency, and achieve better performance from their digital campaigns. RTB is essentially an automated, real-time auction for the buying and selling of ad impressions. It is playing an invaluable role for many of our clients in optimising their purchasing funnels from awareness to conversion. Reasons that our clients are becoming interested in RTB include their desire to make their digital ad budgets work harder as well as their...