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Alleged Dropbox leak sees 7 million user passwords compromised

dropbox Dopbox -- the massive online storage sharing service -- has reportedly been hacked, resulting in nearly 7 million password leaks -- over 2% of the cloud giant's customers. The company is denying it got hacked, though thousands of username and password pairs have already been leaked on Pastebin, giving us a taste of what's to come. In a statement, Dropbox denied any hack, saying that the passwords are old and probably expired: Recent news articles claiming that Dropbox was hacked aren’t ...


Microsoft has one-million people testing out Windows 10

Windows-10 After all the drama around Windows 8, Microsoft very clearly needs Windows 10 to work. It looks like it's got some pretty strong support in that regard too. The Redmond-based giant says that some one-million people have downloaded the technical preview of the refreshed OS and are providing plenty of information around potential bugs. In an official blog post marking the announcement, Microsoft says that over "200 000 pieces of user-initiated feedback have been submitted to us via the Windows ...

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Fiber-optic cable to increase Africa’s mobile coverage by 20% in 2015

internet-at We all know Africa has a massive mobile population, right? Well, recent efforts will see a massive increase in internet coverage for this fast-growing population. Telecom operator Angola Cables has just announced an investment of US$100-million together with Brazil's Algar Telecom, Antel from Uruguay and Google that will increase mobile coverage to internet by 20% in 2015 of Africa's population. The Angolan telecom has already invested US$200-million in 2013 to construct a submarine cable from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean to ...


African women in tech: Ethel Cofie on why men are seen as ambitious and women bitchy

Ethel Cofie 1 "I spent years not speaking up because my career was just starting and I didn’t have anything of consequence to say, I remember going to a meeting once and being mistaken for my bosses PA/Assistant." -- Ethel Cofie Where are the women in tech? Who are the women building technology or working in technology in Africa? These questions and many more are asked on a daily basis. When it comes to technology in Africa, the general consensus is that women are ...


ASUS gadget of 2015 preview: GX500, G551 gaming laptops and R20 ‘console’

ASUS-ROG-lead ASUS' booth at rAge this year came complete with a dedicated DJ banging out commercial hits, but one commercial hit at least in the gaming laptop market, is finally coming to South Africa. The Taiwanese-based company showed off for the first time in the country its GX500 -- the flagship model in the G-series of gaming machines -- that looks as sultry as it will be expensive. Unveiled to the world at Taipei's Computex in June, the laptop has already set ...


The case of Chile’s SaferTaxi: adapting a global trend to a local market

SafeTaxi SaferTaxi is a transport mobile application company famous for being one of StartUp Chile’s greatest success stories. In 2011, it was releasing a Beta application simultaneously in three countries: Brasil, Argentina and Chile. Today, SaferTaxi employs eight people in Chile, and almost 30 on the Latin American level. It’s the biggest Car Flow company in Chile with about 100.000 rides per month. We met Martin Rodriguez, Operation Manager at SaferTaxi Chile, to learn more about one of the trendiest company of ...


Your business needs multiple approaches to security: here’s why

Security Businesses today face myriad complex threats coming at them from every angle. From hackers and hacktivists, to sophisticated cyber criminal gangs and nation-state funded advanced attacks, these threats can be catastrophic to the business. Add to this the growing business complexity and increasing staff count in multiple locations, and even third-party vendors and suppliers -- all of whom have access to sensitive information. These challenges are driving the need for a comprehensive security policy that addresses all these factors, while allowing the ...


Google wants patients to be able to hangout with their doctors online

Stethescope Spend long enough looking up illnesses online and you'll eventually come to the conclusion that, no matter how insignificant the symptoms, you'll end up convinced you have cancer. If Google has its way though, that could soon be a thing of the past. The internet giant is apparently working on connecting anyone searching for medical symptoms with doctors via video chat. The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user, with Google later confirming to Engagdget that it was working ...

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People in France can now transfer money with tweets

twitter logo "That would be five tweets for the croissant, thank you." There seems to be two major trends brewing with Silicon Valley's top tech giants this year. The one is healthcare. The other is payments. Last week we got news of Facebook flirting with mobile money transfer services via its Messenger app. Apple furthermore unveiled Apple Pay last month, which will allow iPhone 6 and Apple Watch users to pay for goods at checkouts using NFC. Now -- due to a partnership ...


Hawk versus quadrocopter is the video the internet’s been waiting for

Hawk Quadrocopter Humans can get a little cocky when it comes to our technological prowess. Take quadrocpters for instance. They're relatively affordable pieces of tech that allow people to feel like they've conquered the skies. Until a hawk comes along that is. According to The Verge, the guy operating this particular quadrocpter was Christopher Schmidt, who was flying it in Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rather than trying to engage in aerial combat with the hawk, Schmidt was sensible enough to ...






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