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Weekly Roundup #5: Gloo acquisition, Facebook Ebola donation, Amazon’s Echo and Transparent cars

facebook ebola Welcome to our Weekly Roundup, our weekly podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news. Joining this podcast edition is almost everyone from the Burn Media group. One of South Africa's most popular digital agencies recently merged with Ogilvy & Mather. We discus what this means for the industry and why it's important. We also chat about Facebook's new-found agenda to fight Ebola, Amazon's latest gadget -- a Bluetooth speaker which is also a virtual assistant, and finally, we take look ...

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Sub-Saharan Africa will have half a billion mobile subscribers by 2020

Africa Mobile Africa is a mobile continent. It's something we've heard so often that it's become a cliche. Like many cliches however it's based in truth. And for evidence of that, you don't need to look any further than figures from a new GSMA report which shows that the number of unique mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa will pass the half billion mark in 2020. According to the body, which represents the interests of mobile operators around the globe, that represents significant ...

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This is what happens when a homeless man walks through Cape Town for 4 hours [Video]

Homeless man four hours video cape town A recent video of a woman walking though New York enduring ten hours of constant harassment has seemed to have inadvertently sparked a meme. Following that, people dressing up as a drag queen and a Skyrim character have also surfaced. But this edition keeps it a little closer to home. A new video by marketing and communications consultancy MC Saatchi Abel has been spotted on Reddit, and instead of shedding light of harassment in the Western world, reveals the plight of the ...

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9 graphs that will give you new insight into Africa’s thriving mobile landscape

mobile phone We love graphs. They are colourful, digestible and usually provide interesting, insightful data. Below are a couple of charts provided by GSMA's latest report The Mobile Economy that we thought you'd be interested in. We all know by now that mobile is a big deal in Africa. While it's great that the continent is one of the most penetrated regions in the world, it's even more interesting looking at how this technology effects people, from boosting GDPs to creating jobs and ...

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Facebook launches campaign against Ebola, including ‘Donate Now’ button

facebook ebola Together with global NGOs, Facebook has just announced three new ground-breaking initiatives in fight against the deadly Ebola virus that's been responsible over 13 000 reported cases and the deaths of nearly 5 000 people across the globe. First off, there will be a new virtual donation button that will enable you to easily support the International Medical Corps, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Save the Children. "We want to amplify these calls for action ...

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Meet Dau-Pesa, Tanzania’s new mobile money service

mobile money A new mobile transfer platform has been unveiled in Tanzania. Called Dau-Pesa, it is yet another affirmation that Mobile Money transfers still have a very definite future in Africa. Mpesa, the mobile-phone based money transfer and microfinancing service from Kenya, has not only enabled African citizens from urban and rural spaces the convenience of sending money but it has overhauled the workings of its entire banking system. Like its Kenyan cousin, Dau-Pesa will enable residents to make payments to various services. ...

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Using the Internet of Everything to build Africa’s smart cities of the future

Cisco Connect Today, only 1% of all things are connected in our world. In the next ten years, this number will increase dramatically -- and with that -- enabled societies to create smart cities. With the world moving more and more towards the Internet of Everything (IoE), it’s a space that's only going to get more valuable. In fact, it's estimated that right now, it's worth about US$19-trillion. Africa meanwhile has a potential value space of US$500-million. That’s the equivalent of estimated revenue ...

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4 things you really need to know about getting more women in tech

Women at computers It’s the eve of my favorite day of the year: Election Day. Twenty year old wonks much like myself celebrate such a day because it gives us the supreme opportunity to decide which money and power-hungry WASP will represent us in Congress. But that is much beside the point. Today, I have also come across such headlines as: 'The Shortage of Women in STEM Explained', 'Empowering Women in STEM Field', 'Detroit STEM Conference May Open Doors for Women', and 'Why ...


4 things you need to know about shifting your employees from a ‘cost’ to ‘revenue’ mentality

nerves The "daily grind" is a somewhat negative phrase, and whether your employees are happy or not, chances are they can relate to it in some way. The same job day after day can get a little old for anyone — especially if it’s unclear how his or her work is providing value to the company. That’s why it’s critical to empower employees at every level of your company with open communication and a strong understanding of business analytics. By helping them ...

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3 reasons why personal branding isn’t all about you

girl-449797_1280 In the digitally enabled economy of today, connected and intelligent individuals face a world rife with competition when it comes to career advancement or even business survival. To stand out above the clutter as an individual, you need a newer, far reaching approach to building your personal influence and equity. According to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, only 17.5% of people around the globe said they trust their business and government leaders to solve social issues, correct issues within industries ...






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