How far could a rocket made of beer kegs fly? This Kickstarter wants to find out

Keg rocket The uses for beer are multiple: it's a great social lubricant, it works pretty well for conditioning your hair and, apparently, you can use it as the pay-load for two-stage rocket. No seriously, that last one isn't a joke. A team of rocket enthusiasts is actually planning to build and launch a rocket, including a payload of two beer kegs, into the atmosphere and they're funding it on Kickstarter. The team behind the project, which goes by the name Team ...

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Is Mweb’s tweeting couch a sign we’ve reached peak smart objects?

MWEBTweetSeat There was a time, not so very long ago, when we thought that the Internet of Things and smart objects would revolutionise the way we did business. Everyday objects, we were told, would become smart and we'd be able to operate far more efficiently both in business and our personal lives. What we got instead was a tweeting couch. Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. The couch, built by South African internet service provider MWeb, actually seems to be a ...

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Tired of text? Meet Emojili: the app that only lets you talk in emoji

Emoji Do your fingers ache when composing a Facebook status update? Dream of a version of Twitter free of clutter? Not ready to reduce the full range of your emotions to 'Yo'? You may be interested in Emojili. Emojili, like the name suggests, is an emoji-only social network. It claims to give you a way to communicate with your friends without the hassle of troll-dodging or scrolling through a stream of memes, hashtags and spam -- after all, emoji are hardly offensive ...

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Want to start a digital magazine? Here are 9 of the best publishing options

Digital magazines So you did it -- you wandered into the Newsstand section and fell face-first into the glorious world of digital magazines. Oh, how beautiful! Look at that clever transition! That embedded how-to video! That stunning, full page photo story! You want to make one too, right? You're not alone. The rise of tablets has brought with it a new avenue for publishing: digital magazines. Many existing print publications are looking for the best route to keep existing readers interested and find ...

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5 very important things you should be doing online to attract new business opportunities

business ipads Getting B2B online marketing right is an art and a science, a combination of multiple factors which involve people, process and technology. The analogy we like to use is that of an orchestra. The B2B online marketer is the conductor and the orchestra are the instruments (i.e. people, content, process and technology). We have been approached by many companies, asking how they should engage, interact and influence clients and potential clients online in order to generate new business opportunities. Based on ...


Red-E PowerBank review: smartphone charging on the go

Red E Powerbank While smartphones and other mobile devices have been growing in speed and utility in the past decade, their overtaxed batteries often struggle to keep up. Even though new platforms like Android L and iOS 8 aim to manage battery life more effectively, there's only so long a single charge can last on a battery. Thankfully, there are external power packs to save us from that dreaded "low power" warning. The Red-E is the latest contender in a saturated external power pack ...


Ideas to reality: 5 free tools to build your own prototype (and potential startup)

pop-demo We all have these ideas that we think could change our world but never do. Ideas that lie dormant and ultimately die. It’s sad, isn’t it? So why not change that and turn them into something tangible, a prototype and see if it's worth anything. The excuses used for closet entrepreneurs not unleashing their ultimate remedy of all remedies are either “I have no time”, “I have no money,” “I have no skills,”. That’s partly true, but only partly. Read more ...


8 unusual cars (and a tank) you need to drive before you die [pt 1 of 2]

DMC DeLorean What’s life as a petrolhead without an unrealistic dream garage or a bucket-list to conquer the world’s best driving roads? The former is nearly always full of beautiful and ridiculously fast exotica – hypercars and supercars – the stuff of nine year-old bedroom walls, and honestly usually best savoured on the latter. But what about something a little more down to earth, more attainable, something the common man can aspire to, and something a little more unusual? Read more on Motorburn.

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Twitter shows its ecommerce ambitions as ‘buy now’ button appears on mobile

Twitter mobile logo It looks like Twitter may just be about to get serious about ecommerce. In the last day or so, tweets started appearing with an embedded "buy now" button. The tweets, which were first uncovered by tech news site Re/code, showed products that were shared by mobile shopping app Fancy. While tapping the button didn't actually do anything (although some users reported being taken to checkout when they tapped the button earlier in the day), and the prices were completely beyond ...

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Yo, Hodor: the parody app that lets you send ‘Hodor’ to your friends

Yo Hodor Imagine there was an app called Yo, which existed for the sole purpose of sending your friends one-word messages, saying 'Yo'. Now pretend that someone created a parody app, using Game of Thrones' signature catchphrase ("Hodor") to allow you to send your friends a greeting of 'Hodor'. The craziest part of this all? That all really happened. Building on the viral success of messaging app Yo, Medium iOS developer Tyler Hedrick used his spare time to build 'Yo, Hodor', a nod ...






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