Are these 12 cars the best buys in South Africa right now?

JaguarLandRover Overall winners CAR Magazine has announced its annual Top 12 Best Buys for 2015, sponsored for the second consecutive year by leading safety technology company, Tracker. The magazine’s editors cast their votes for the best vehicles in 12 categories of the South African new vehicle market. With over 1000 individual models to choose from, the results of the 16th awards installment should give drivers a head start. Once again, technology took centre-stage as nominees across all categories were recognised for their innovation. CAR ...

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Yay! Apple selects South Africa as the only African flag to join emoji family

flags   In an effort to broaden its "emoji diversity", Apple is introducing some 300 new emoji. Developer preview builds include a range of new country flags for iOS and OS X that only includes one out of a possible 53 from Africa: South Africa. Uhm, what was that about diversity? How people of the world would exactly use our national flag and what its emoji equivalent would become shorthand for we can't quite predict. If the famous nail-painting emoji have become shorthand for "I'm not ...

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Google Play increases free music storage limit by 30k songs

50K Locker Launch Image Google's done its music-loving users a big favour. This week, the company increased its storage limit locker for Google Play Music from 20 000 to 50 000 songs at no charge. Google points out that users can stream or download the songs on Android devices, iOS devices, Chromebooks or from a computer via the browser. Music tracks can also be streamed through Google’s Chromecast device. This is not the first time that Google has shown its hand when it comes to music ...

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Life in standard definition: how your tech perspective shifts moving from London to SA

South Africa digital Could I live with the slow internet speeds in South Africa? Not a standard interview question, but relevant considering I was about to make the move from London to Johannesburg. My answer was an assured “Yes”. I don’t know why I lied. Had I answered “no” would I have still got the job? Probably. The point is, yes, Internet speeds are getting faster in South Africa but for someone who is used to a domestic download speed of 80 mbs, ...


Women in business: 6 top tips for making your startup super efficient

Old Antique Tools in Vintage Carpentry Workshop There are different types of women in business: The mompreneur who works from home and balances the demands of a growing business with that of their household, kids and husband. The solopreneur who works from home, refusing to hire and manage staff - they work with a slew of freelancers or consult or freelance themselves. The entrepreneur who has staff and is trying to grow a business from strength-to-strength with or without the challenges of a family thrown on top of things. Read more ...


‘Dying Light’ review: errands, Harran and the Zombie Apocalypse

Dying-Light-lead Dying Light, from developers Techland (Dead Island games) is the first major title to be released in 2015 and is a game that will appeal to a variety of gaming tastes. From fast-paced free-running sessions with added parkour to zombie massacres to vast exploration, it offers a well-rounded and adrenaline pumping style of game play. But when it comes down to narrative, Dying Light severely lacks both the element of immersion and a sense of realism. Read more on Gearburn.

Advertising & Marketing

4 things brands must do to ensure their content marketing remains relevant

home-office-595476_1280 After years of hype about content marketing, we’re seeing a backlash against the concept from consumers and brands alike. But this doesn’t spell the end of content marketing. Rather, it means brands must leave behind bad content marketing practices and focus on those that add real value to the business. That means honing in on the ways that content marketing can build the brand as well as better customer relationships. Many brands think that content marketing is cheap – it’s not. ...

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5 ways big businesses can do a better job of introducing new tech

Five Even though the cloud has brought many benefits to businesses: providing access to data when and where we want, the ability to sync our mobile devices and the ability to collaborate in real-time, it has also created new challenges for business leaders. With its growth in popularity, most people expect constant cloud-like experiences, when not all enterprises can, or will, offer all of their applications in the cloud. It’s impossible to put every application in the cloud, nor would ...

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Robots built to widen access to art on display at Design Indaba

tate-after-dark Imagine Night at the Museum but instead of animals and statues coming to life, four robots roam the darkened halls -- robots you could control from the comfort of your home. That's exactly what two creatives, playing at the intersection between digital technology and interactive design, dreamt to do and the result blew the world away. Ross Cairns and Tommaso Lanza are two of the many innovative thinkers visiting Cape Town this week as part of Interactive Africa's Design Indaba. With over ...

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Citibank to hold $100k Mobile Challenge in Africa, Europe, Middle East

Citi, an American multinational banking and financial services corporation, has as part of its Digital Acceleration program announced that its Mobile Challenge is coming to Europe, Middle East and Africa in search of ideas which can change the way we bank. That a bank is sponsoring an initiative to disrupt the way banking is being done is further proof that banks are being left with no choice but to adapt or lose the war. “Through Citi’s Digital Acceleration program, our ...






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