The evolution of the motorbike: steam, gasoline and World War One

Triumph-Model-H The Evolution of the Motorbike takes look at how the humble motorcycle has evolved over time, from the early concepts to the present, and what lies beyond. In the second edition of this nine part series, we uncover the infant motorbikes of the past, what technologies these astounding machines employed and the role the First World War in particular played on their development. Last week we focused on the engine-less, pedal-powered predecessor of the motorbike -- the bicycle -- to gain ...


Inspire Mastery: the importance of collaboration in the SA tech space

peas-in-pod A successful entrepreneur knows how to master his or her environment. An idea can only take you so far. The skill lies in knowing how and when to execute. Inspire Mastery is a series that looks at some of the trends that are driving the journey of South Africa’s savvy tech entrepreneurs. Cultural segregation remains one of South Africa's biggest barriers to real growth. It's becoming increasingly obvious though that modern tech and startup cultures are helping grow communities. Sharing spaces ...

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Airtel partners with Kenya Revenue Authority to allow for tax payments on mobile

airtel4 Airtel Kenya has partnered with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The partnership will make it possible for Kenyan citizens to make tax payments of up to KES 140 000 per day through the Airtel Money Service. The taxman is strict, some may even go on to say that at times mean, unnecessarily so. Either way the universal agreement is that however passionate you want to cheat on someone, let it not, even if the feeling is strong, be the taxman. It ...


When it comes to crime, both sides of the law are in a tech arms race

Hacker Crime has entered a high-tech race between criminals and law enforcement and according to speakers at the recent 35th International Crimestoppers Conference, in Cape Town; measures are already in place to stay ahead. This comes within ten days of Police Minister, Nkosinathi Nhleko, identifying technology as vital in the fight against crime. Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu both added their considerable influence to proceedings this week, acknowledging the efforts of the SAPS. Crime fighters from Interpol, the ...


10 cool beauty devices for the high-tech connoisseur

Lightstim1-650x350 Crow’s feet, saggy skin, facial hair, cellulite... yes, women are plagued by these not so pretty woes. The answer: expensive spa treatments or surgery. However there is a less costly answer. Thanks to modern technology and science, the era of digital beauty devices has begun. The latest beauty devices promise to deliver results on par with spa treatments and in the comfort of your own home. But are they worth the investment and do they really work? Read more on Gearburn.


Cybercriminals use Ebola fear to exploit Windows machines via email

Ebola malicious email WHO There's more than just the physical Ebola virus roaming sections of the world today. Cybercriminals, have jumped on Ebola's fear tsunami, and are currently riding the wave into the inboxes of the masses. That's right -- Ebola's now an issue on the world wide web too. Thanks to the heightened desire for information regarding the virus and the resultant epidemic, masquerading as an Ebola-warning email from the venerable World Health Organisation itself is perhaps the most effective way to infiltrate an ...

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Google’s Inbox app wants to revolutionise email on your phone

Gmail-Inbox Ever since Gmail was released over 10 years ago as Google's free email service, it's become one of the world's most popular applications. People around the globe use it to chat to relatives and colleagues, make travel arrangements, keep track of receipts and stay updated on your social web. Even though the Gmail app was the first ever to hit a billion downloads on the Google Play Store, the search giant thinks it can do better. That's why it's unveiled ...


Online leak forces Marvel into releasing ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ trailer

Avengers Age of Ultron The internet is pretty good at de-railing even the most well-laid plans. Just ask Marvel. The comic-book giant had intended to release the teaser trailer for the upcoming film Avengers: Age of Ultron next Tuesday during an episode of its TV series Agents of SHIELD. That however all flew out the window when someone leaked a low-quality version of the trailer online. The two-minute video is pretty epic, featuring the whole team, a bevvy of locations around the world, the ...

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MTN’s results a mixed bag: subscribers, data up, revenues down

MTN MTN Group, Africa's largest mobile operator, reported a growth in quarterly subscribers on Thursday. The increase is not huge by any means but it is still impressive considering that the cellular faced tough competition as well as earlier this year battling stringent new rules in some markets. Of particular worry was the decision by the Nigerian telecommunications regulator to fine the country's three biggest mobile operators, including MTN, for the quality of their service and prohibited them from selling new ...


10 gorgeous iPhoneography snaps showcasing the beauty of South Africa

iphonography 2014 comm choice The iPhoneography exhibits in Cape Town and Johannesburg have come and gone, but the images taken have etched their pretty little hues and contrasts into our minds. Now the general public has a chance to vote on what it thinks is the best of the best. "With more than 400 breathtaking images on display in Johannesburg and Cape Town," the press release notes, "we have decided to give the community the chance to vote for their favourite images in both cities. ...






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