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  • LexNove is almost like Tinder for legal services

    The founders of new South African attorney-to-client match-making platform LexNove have been involved in a couple of online legal-oriented ventures in the past few years. But only after launching LexNove in June did the two former attorneys, Kyle Torrington and Andrew Taylor, decide to leave their day jobs and focus all their energy on shaking up legal services to SMEs. Likened to a blend of Uber and matchmaking app Tinder — but for legal services — the Johannesburg-based startup was launched in June this year and aims to provide fixed prices and high-quality legal services to SMEs. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Facebook launches M, its AI powered personal assistant within Messenger

    If its innovations to enhance user experience in the app are anything to go by, the Messenger team at Facebook must hardly sleep. Today Facebook launched a personal assistant within Messenger to users in San Francisco, with a plan to eventually roll it out to other markets. The personal assistant is simply named M. M, Facebook says, completes tasks and finds information on the users behalf. David Marcus, Facebook’s Vice President of messaging products, suggests that M might be better than Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana: “Unlike other AI-based services in the market, M can actually complete tasks on your...

  • Julius Akinyemi: Africa needs to harness big data to really innovate

    Africa needs to start using big data to solve its issues. But before this can happen, it needs to understand how to leverage this data to its advantage. That's the word from Massachusetts Institute of Technology-based thought leader Julius Akinyemi, who today spoke about the importance of harnessing big data on the African continent at the SA Innovation Summit in Cape Town. Akinyemi's recently also cut the ribbon to introduce the continent’s latest tech cluster for innovation, Workshop17, of which he is a co-founder. Apart from pointing out the importance of collaboration and communities, Akinyemi spoke about the need to for...

  • Elizabeth Gould, Derrick Kotze on the need to catalyse collaboration in Africa

    Memeburn recently sat down with Elizabeth Gould (pictured right), the CEO of programming academy CodeX, and Derrick Kotze who's the CEO of African developer and startup hub initiative mLabs. Alongside the South African entrepreneurship network, Silicon Cape, both CodeX and mLabs are key residents of Workshop17 -- a tech cluster that officially opened its doors this week. In the interview, Gould and Kotze share their insights with Jacques Coetzee about uplifting skill development and creating environments that are empowering South African developers and entrepreneurs. The trio also chatted about why it's important to drive initiatives such as Workshop17 to further collaboration and...

  • Don’t let the touch screen replace the personal touch

    In this always-connected world where anyone is just a click of a button away, too many of us are concentrating on the button instead of the customer. We can email anything to anyone, so we do. We can send sales pitches via SMS or Facebook, and forget that face to face may be more successful. When we do get face to face, there is still a technology barrier between us. At conferences the audience is more likely to be Tweeting or checking emails than really concentrating on the speaker. Even if a businessman presents to just three people, there could...

  • Building merchant-consumer trust is vital for ecommerce success

    Trust: It may be a two-way street regarding interpersonal relationships, and challenging enough to maintain between human beings. But shift this intangible quality to the digital arena, especially sites through which money changes hands, and this immediately places trust at risk of becoming exploited. When considering cybercrime​, trust between online collaborating parties is the new modern currency. So, how rich is your business in trust currency, and how can you obtain more of it? Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Facebook Moments lets you give, receive photos privately

    Facebook has officially launched Moments, a standalone app that allows you to give your photos to friends, get their photos, and keep them all in a single private place. Essentially the app is meant to help bring together photos from occasions, trips, and moments of your life that you've spent with the people who are most important to you. "With a phone at everyone’s fingertips, the moments in our lives are captured by a new kind of photographer: our friends," the social network says in a press release. "It’s hard to get the photos your friends have taken of you,...

  • Google holds first ever South African developer summit

    Google yesterday held its first South African Developer Summit. The event, which was the latest in its series of Sub-Saharan African developer events, was designed to bring developers from around the country up-to-date with the latest Google developer tools. According to Google, the developer summits are an opportunity for Google to assist developers across the world to build better web and Android applications. The Developer Summit in Cape Town was the last leg of a three-city African tour. Developer Summits were also held in Lagos, Nigeria on 19 August, and Nairobi, Kenya on 22 August. The summit featured Google employees...

  • Justin Wilson dies following Pocono shunt: the motorsport roundup

    It has been a difficult weekend in motorsport. Although the Belgian Grand Prix reignited the final phase of the Formula 1 season, in the IndyCar Series, a serious accident has put former Formula 1 driver for Minardi and Jaguar, Justin Wilson, in hospital. We provide a full update on the Brit's condition. Other motorsport series also competed this weekend, including the Formula E circus which took to Donington Park for a test session, while the FIA RallyCross troupe took to the undulating pastures of Hell, Norway. Read more on Motorburn.

  • The Flock: the game with a death-dependent self-destruct button

    In recent years there has been a great increase in the number of indie gaming studios and this has resulted in a market saturated with gaming titles. Because of this, indie studios now need to take more and more innovative approaches to make their titles stand out from the endless sea of games. One such studio is Dutch indie developer Vogelsap (translated as "Bird Juice"), who have come up with a very intriguing concept for their soon-to-be-released first-person multiplayer horror game, The Flock. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Check out Mango’s brilliant response to FlySafair’s R1 fiasco

    If you're going to put out an offer for R1 flights, you should probably make sure your website can stand up to the slew of people looking to buy said flights. That's the lesson South African low-cost airline FlySafair learned the hard way today. As part of its first birthday celebrations, FlySafair announced the release of 30 000 R1 tickets -- including airport taxes -- along any of its routes. Within hours of the special going live though, tickets were only available on mobile as the main website had crashed. The mobile option soon followed suit, with users trying...

  • We’re about to start using wireless mobile chargers in a big way

    It's been a while since a mobile manufacturer made a big deal about wireless chargers, but apparently they're about to become a lot more common. In fact, according to a new report from Juniper Research, nearly 40% of households in the US and over 20% in Europe will use wireless charging by 2020. Households won't be the only places driving the growth of wireless charging though. According to Juniper Research, with more devices now implementing wireless charging (smartphones, tablets, wearables and soon laptops), infrastructure providers are starting to roll out support for the technology, in a way similar to public...

  • Facebook makes ‘Donate Now’ button a permanent feature

    Facebook has officially made the "Donate Now" feature a permanent feature, making it available to any Page worldwide that labels itself a non-profit organisation. According to Facebook, the feature is aimed at "making it easier than ever for non-profit Page owners to connect with people who care about their cause". Read more: Facebook launches campaign against Ebola, including ‘Donate Now’ button “Every day, people use Facebook to raise awareness and support for causes they care about and to motivate others to do the same," a Facebook spokesperson said. "We're inspired by how much good comes from these connections, so we've added 'Donate...

  • Next Online Tuesday South Africa event to explore ‘your craft’

    The next Online Tuesday South Africa event, which takes place on 8 September, will explore the theme "What is your craft?". The event speakers, who include Hello Pretty Head of Strategy and Social Lee Geldenhuys and League of Beers founder Rob Heyns, will talk about how technology has empowered them to turn what would once have been hobby crafts into full-scale businesses. Hello Pretty serves as online marketplace for 1 288 design entrepreneurs and enables them to embed their online stores into their websites as well as Facebook brand pages. League of Beeers meanwhile is an online craft beer store...

  • Lenovo Africa wants South Africans to share ‘goodweird’ ideas

    Lenovo Africa is looking to reward South Africans for who come up with creative and innovative ideas around the theme "Goodweird". The campaign, which appears to be a celebration of the Chinese electronic giant's Yoga range, will see Lenovo give six people -- two from Gauteng, two from Kwa-Zulu Natal and two from the Cape Region -- tablets, laptops and R30 000 study bursaries. Read more: Lenovo: why the world’s biggest PC maker isn’t really a PC company any more According to a release sent to Memeburn: #GoodweirdSA will call on South African millennials to share their creative ideas on what Goodweird...