Who needs hypermiling? 5 ultra-simple ways you can save fuel

fuel-gauge Virtually everyone who pays for fuel (that’d be most of us, then) is keen to make each precious tank of petrol or diesel last as long as physically possible. Some motorists, of course, take this obsession to ludicrous lengths, attempting to, say, decrease their vehicle’s rolling resistance by keeping two tyres on the white line, or trying to reduce the car’s aerodynamic drag by drafting (read “tailgating”) a large truck. Read more on Motorburn.


4 stellar TV shows ‘inspired’ by even better games

A-time More than ever before, TV and film look to the medium of the game for inspiration. Just look at that enormous pile of shit, Age of Transformers. It's made over $15-trillion-zillion and counting, and is essentially a third-person fighting game, starring Mark Wahlberg. I'm not here to discuss the truly awful films Hollywood's infecting us with (sans Guardians of the Galaxy), but instead to talk about Black Jesus. Confused? You should be. Earlier this year, I wrote about a few television shows ...

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5 retailers that are completely changing how we see mobile

Mobile Payments Mobile technology is abundant, yet many retailers have failed to take advantage of its popularity. The App and Play stores are filled with shopping apps, but not all e-commerce apps are created equal. To stand out in a tech-driven market, retailers must find new and creative ways to fulfill their customers’ wants and needs, providing them with the best experience possible while shopping on the go. My company learned what it takes to create an app that will truly engage ...


Wikiwand is the Wikipedia you’ve always dreamed of

Wikiwand We can all agree that Wikipedia's interface works on simplicity because Jimmy Wales and his buddies want to deliver the same experience across different machines. Yes, we understand but if we are being honest, we do wish we could get a kickass stylist upgrade to the simple text based UX. Well, the folks at WikiWand have heard our pleas and decided to deliver. The Chrome plugin has taken Wikipedia and twisted its head to give you a slick new interface ...


Gareth Cliff to headline Tech4Africa 2014

CliffCentral WeChat TVC A year ago, the idea of Gareth Cliff headlining a tech conference would've seemed a little bizarre. He was, after all, a shock jock on the ancient medium of terrestrial radio. The launch of CliffCentral earlier this year though made him probably the most high-profile person to attach himself to an online radio station in South Africa. A partnership with WeChat and a now defunct relationship with Comedy Central meant that it was one of the most high-profile online media ...

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With Twitter Analytics, everyone can now see how their tweets perform

Twitter_logo_blue Twitter is opening up Twitter analytics to everyone, yes everyone. First announced by Twitter engineer, Ian Chan, everyone can now start accessing the social media's analytics dashboard and see how their little 140-character bites of information are performing out in the vast web of wonder. Similar to Google Analytics, Twitter's new dashboard lets you measure your profile's engagement. For people trying to build an online presence, this information should be incredibly insightful. For those not as familiar with these snazzy ...


Facebook making ads easier for emerging markets with bandwidth targeting

Facebook bandwidth targeting Facebook is kicking things up a gear with its ad targeting capabilities. The social network announced today that is rolling out bandwidth targeting globally. This means advertisers will be able to reach people based on the type of network connection they usually use when accessing the internet: 2G, 3G or 4G. According to the social network this is particularly useful for developing countries, where network speeds vary and infrastructure is constantly changing. "This fragmented environment makes it difficult for businesses ...

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5 reasons why email is still a great B2B marketing tool

I want your email (2) The glory days of outbound marketing are slowly drawing to a close, and are being replaced with a new form of marketing called inbound marketing. Instead of pushing sales pitches at the customer, savvy marketers are now using compelling content to draw customers toward them. Experts argue the latter is more effective and less intrusive. Caught up in the middle is the fate of email as a marketing tool. When drawing up a comparison between outbound and inbound marketing, email is ...


Click n Compare wants to help you compare the price of pretty much of everything online

Click-n-Compare-cover In late 2011 Peter Allestorfer and Manuel Koser launched Zando -- a Rocket Internet-backed platform where South Africans can buy clothes and other fashion accessories online. Today, it’s one of South Africa’s biggest ecommerce outfits, having also raised €20-million (US$26-million at the time) via international growth equity investor Summit Partners as well as an undisclosed amount through JP Morgan. Read more on Ventureburn.

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5 examples of Hyperlapse turning everyday moments into smooth exciting time lapses

Instagram Hyperlapse Photo-editing company Instagram, has just launched a new app called Hyperlapse. This is the second standalone app released by the Facebook-owned mobile photo company with Snapchat competitor Bolt having launched last month. Unlike Bolt, Hyperlapse has already received great feedback, turning everyday commutes into exciting short films. Essentially, the app enables people to take time lapse videos with their iPhones for as long as 45 seconds. These videos can then be sped up from 1x to 12x to create short, arty ...






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