This real-time face mapping projection will make you go ‘woah’

Real time Face Mapping This is just the coolest thing we've seen in a very long time. It's a real-time face mapping projection demo and it looks absolutely incredible. The projection effectively follows the model's face around as she moves, changing what it shows along the way. As The Verge notes, it's as close as you're likely to get to real-life CGI with the projection being almost inseparable from the object it's being shown on. If you don't understand how it works, don't worry. ...


5 things you need to know about becoming an e-learning design pro

Child iPad learning Over the past decade, the significance of e-learning has become increasingly apparent to corporate organisations and educational institutions throughout the world, which has prompted them to make the sensible shift from paper to pixels. This, in turn, has resulted in a massive increase in employment opportunities within the e-learning sector, particularly for specialised positions, like e-learning design. E-learning has evolved from its inception as a fairly boring system of presenting information, into a vibrant and accessible tool. Modules are carefully planned ...


[Exclusive] Fresh off the Dragons’ Den set: Ventureburn chats to Vinny Lingham

Vinny-photies The announcement of the judges for the South African version of Dragons' Den was pretty much the headline news of the week in the country's entrepreneurial space. The show is set to air in South Africa in the coming months with 13 episodes of startups pitching to the Dragons for investment. One said Dragon, Vinny Lingham, of Yola and Gyft fame, popped round Ventureburn’s Woodstock offices in the Silicon Cape for an interview. Lingham was very hush-hush about any of ...


7 extremely affordable Android smartphones for students

Motorola-Moto-G If you’re still using a regular old “dumb” phone, it might be time to move into the future with a device that’s more up to date. As a student, you’re probably on a limited budget though – so here’s a list of smartphones to be on the lookout for, which can give you a nice set of features at an attractive price. ZTE Blade 3 The Blade 3 certainly has its flaws, but at a price of less than $100, the device ...

Social media

Back to basics: don’t just create social media profiles, engage with your network

Engaged Vacant Engaging with potential and existing clients is the most important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. When you are planning your social media marketing (SMM) strategy, always bear in mind that the number of followers are not the be all and end all of your social media campaign. Most of the time, having a huge number of followers may look good, but are these "followers" engaging with you around targeted and focused topics? Target people who are active and interested in ...

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Twitter’s running an experiment that turns favourites into retweets

Twitter_logo_blue The favourite feature on Twitter has always been kind of an oddball. People use it for different things -- either to acknowledge a mention, a good joke, or a bookmark. A virtual hat-tip if you will. Recently however, some Twitter users have been reporting tweets favourited by their followers on their timelines, the same way a retweet would. Peter Kafka from Re/code grabbed a screenshot of his timeline: Twitter filling my feed with stuff I didn't ask for - stuff ...


This video very neatly explains the history of text in film

Text in film Considering we spend our lives immersed in tech, it's pretty weird that filmmakers have found it so difficult to convincingly represent text messages on screen without breaking the action. There have however been a couple of breakthroughs in recent years, most notably thanks to shows like Sherlock and House of Cards. This video, the latest in a series called Every Frame a Painting by Tony Zhou, takes a look at how that change has come about. The real change, he ...


Can science explain Captain America, the Incredible Hulk? This biologist’s willing to give it a go

Hulk Comic book superheroes tend to have origin stories that are pretty difficult to believe, but is there any actual science behind the origins of, say, Captain America and the Incredible Hulk? Well, according to Sebastian Alvarado, a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University, there may well be. In a series of new videos, the biologist explains what kind of genetic manipulation it would take to turn the weedy Steve Rogers into the heroically strong Captain America. A similar analysis of ...


‘Henchmen’ turns the spotlight on low-level supervillians

Henchmen Over the past few years we've been inundated with big blockbuster superhero movies, in which they fight equally big, blockbuster villains. But what about the ones that don't make it all the way up the supervillain food-chain? What about the folks destined to languish in the villainous equivalent of middle management? Well we have some good news: they're getting their own movie. Called Henchmen the film follows the adventures of Hank, the kind of henchman who's death you probably wouldn't ...


Is your site’s security sub-optimal? Here’s how to find out (and fix it)

Security Much as we would like to think otherwise, our online identities are just one little hack away from falling into unscrupulous hands. Websites that we trust our most personal information to – our birthdates, our permanent addresses, our credit card information, even our social security numbers – are not as bullet proof as we’d like them to be. 2013 saw a trend of increasingly sophisticated security breaches that took so many different shapes that it was difficult to keep track of ...






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