How a small app and a giant corporation are changing invention [PSFK]

WinkIn May, the fruits of a partnership between one of America’s biggest corporations, and Quirky, a crowd-funding site that has been making app-powered invention a reality since 2009, will be seen. At the PSFK 2014 Conference, Doreen Lorenzo, from Quirky, and Linda Boff from GE, gave a sneak preview of the first product to come out of this partnership, which began in April last year.Quirky and GE have created Wink, a place where ideas on how to make products ...


Garmin Vivofit review: a step in the right direction

Garmin VivoFit"What's that?" It's a question anyone using any piece of wearable tech becomes used to pretty quickly. That makes sense, given how young the market is. Right now, the most likely answer is a fitness tracker. It also makes sense that people ask, given that the current crop of fitness trackers tend to look like props from the set of a futuristic Sci-fi movie. After a couple of weeks with the Garmin Vivofit though, I reckon things are taking a ...

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5 easy-to-follow tips for increasing your reach on social media

ReachYou will find plenty of information in articles, blog posts, white papers, and ebooks about succeeding with social media marketing. Some of the information is great, but often it is too technical and doesn't focus on the bottom line. Having a successful social media campaign goes far beyond just the technical details.Success on the social web comes from continually building and shaping your target audience and the overall reach with your campaign.Are you sharing your content with an ever-widening base ...


Governance and startups: why legal risk management is a growth opportunity

The LawMention legal risk to an SME business owner and you can literally see them cringe. While the perceived challenge of legal and compliance issues can seem overwhelming for a business owner, it is the unseen legal risks that can rapidly destroy a business.Often those risks come from where you least expect them – your own shareholders and team. With risk management being a critical part of effective governance, legal risk should be a key focus area for any SME.Read ...


Here’s the TV ad confirming Gareth Cliff’s new venture has heavy WeChat integration

CliffCentral WeChatIt's official. Gareth Cliff's new online radio station CliffCentral will include serious interaction with instant messaging platform WeChat.The station, which we told you about a week ago, is set to launch on 1 May and is meant to provide the -- at times -- controversial DJ with a platform where he's unbound by South African broadcasting regulations.“CliffCentral is not just an online radio station. It will be multi-faceted and free from suspensions, restrictions or BCCSA complaints,” Cliff says.In ...

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The final milestone? Tencent’s QQ hits 200m simultaneous users

QQ Simultaneous UsersLast Friday, Tencent’s 15-year-old QQ messenger and social network might have hit it’s final major milestone -- 200 million people used the service simultaneously. That’s more than the entire population of Brazil all concurrently using a single application.While Tencent’s mobile messaging app WeChat is renowned for having 355-million monthly active users, that number is still dwarfed by its desktop-first predecessor. In it’s latest quarterly report, Tencent reported 808-million monthly active users on QQ and a peak of 180-million simultaneous ...


Realistic Mario will make you question your childhood

Realistic Mario BrosIf you're anything like us, you whiled away large portions of your childhood playing Super Mario Bros. You probably spent zero of those hours wondering what it would be like for a vertically challenged Italian plumber to really hit his head against a floating brick square.Thanks to this video from The Pete Holmes Show however we now know better. Realistic Mario sees one of the world's most recognisable game characters taking on blocks that, um, don't yield any gold ...

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Is there really a viable alternative to online marketing software?

Digital marketing imageIf you’re considering using online marketing software, but want to do some research about alternate ways of implementing your marketing campaigns, this article is for you.You’re probably aware of the ways in which online marketing software can enhance your digital campaigns. Not only does it enable you to track consumer behaviour, providing you with crucial data, it allows you to use this data and implement a digital strategy tailored accordingly. Whether you use a full suite of online marketing tools ...


Twenty Fifty is Cape Town’s clubhouse for freelancers and entrepreneurs

20504Seventeenth century English coffee-houses, to quote Steven Johnson, were places where people "would get together from different fields of expertise and their ideas could have sex. This was their conjugal bed in a sense."This concept is usually used as a popular model for modern co-working spaces: engineering serendipity. At least that’s the case with Twenty Fifty, a popular up-and-coming co-working and networking clubhouse for startups and freelancers in Cape Town, South Africa.Read more on Ventureburn.

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3 top tips for translating open source projects

Online translationBy Ian Henderson and Jeff BeattyOpen source software (OSS) has had a huge impact on the development of technology today. From apps and web browsers to content management platforms and operating systems, there’s no doubt that open source projects have influenced the way that we create and access information.Research shows that the open source trend is growing beyond the traditionally tech-focused market, too. A survey, conducted by BlackDuck Software and the Linux Collaboration Summit, found that within the next two ...






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