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  • Metro 2033: can bad dubs and subs ruin a game?

    Metro 2033 is a 2010 post-apocalyptic, action-horror first person shooter set in the underground railway system of Moscow twenty years after a nuclear war has ravaged the surface of the planet and forced the citizens to flee underground. In the years since the war, feral creatures have mutated into deadly threats, Communist Russia’s military returns full force complete with propaganda and even the Nazis managed to make a comeback. These various factions stand in the way of young Artyom, a resident of a settlement on the brink of destruction, and his quest to save said settlement.

  • Does your business model have the legs to go the distance?

    To successfully run any business, shareholders, managers and directors of SMEs and privately-held companies can create enduring value through challenging the business model. To run any company, however big or small, it is essential to implement the right model for the way the business operates. It is critical to implement a sustainable, financially viable business model that positively impacts as many of the business’s stakeholders as possible.

  • Standard Bank’s horrible Monday continues on Twitter

    Standard Bank has endured a rather torrid week already, having revealed that it was the victim of a R300-million credit card scam in Japan. You can catch up on the original story here. If the bank was expecting sympathy from South Africans, there was none to be had, as SA Twitter users lambasted the institution or had fun at its expense. Social media users had a little field day following the news... *Standard Bank calls JP police* 👮: “For mass bank fraud please press 1…” SB: pic.twitter.com/xkehOwp97m — Pawel Janiak (@cynicalgrinch) May 23, 2016 Somewhere, the Standard Bank CEOs be like pic.twitter.com/4D4uB9eBhY — Gugulethu Mhlungu (@GugsM) May 23,...

  • South Africa’s Brad Binder wins third Moto3 race in a row

    Brad Binder’s Moto3 season just keeps getting better and better, as the South African won his third race in a row this weekend. Binder’s latest victory came at the sweeping Mugello circuit in Italy, following a seesaw battle between the top group of riders. The race routinely saw riders go from outside the podium to first and vice-versa over the course of a lap, the long main straight delivering ideal conditions for slipstreaming and late braking.

  • Standard Bank hit by R300m credit card fraud in Japan

    Standard Bank has revealed that it was the victim of a "sophisticated, coordinated fraud incident" in Japan. Criminals withdrew cash from various ATMs in Japan, using fraudulent credit cards based on leaked Standard Bank data, Yomiuri Shimbun reported. Although Standard Bank wasn't identified by name in the initial report. Standard Bank has issued a press statement to confirm the incident though, adding that there has been no financial loss for consumers. However, the bank has suffered losses of its own. "Standard Bank has taken swift action to contain the matter and the gross loss to the bank is estimated at R300-million. This is prior to any potential recoveries that may...

  • Can machines create art? Google-powered Magenta project aims to find out

    Can machines (you know, those dead hunks of nuts and bolts) actively produce what humans consider art using nothing but mathematics? This is the question that a new research group dubbed Magenta hopes to answer using Google technology as a backbone. Unveiled at Moogfest by Google Brain's Douglas Eck, the study hopes to understand the extent of computers' creativity using one of Google's own technologies -- TensorFlow. The tech, which is central to Google's DeepMind project as well, uses flow graphs to achieve "scalable machine learning." If you fell asleep during that sentence, it effectively turns mathematical information into, well, art....

  • ‘Vodacom, MTN did nothing to stop number being fraudulently ported’

    A Centurion man says that Vodacom and MTN couldn't stop his phone number from being fraudulently ported. Alasdair Cameron said that his ABSA credit card was "hijacked"and that the criminals needed his number to take full advantage of the compromised card. According to Cameron, ABSA arranged for a new card to be delivered via UTI Couriers after the first one was compromised, and after two weeks, he received a text message on 30 March to say the card had been delivered. "It hadn't. I'd neither signed for it nor laid eyes on it (despite UTI reassuring ABSA that the card had been 'dropped')," he...

  • How safe is your business from a takedown?

    After a few years of effort, your business has finally seen a major innovation. In fact, you’re expecting your new product to shake up the marketplace. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy ample evidence of success flying in from all directions. But, you may also be at your most vulnerable. You may be at a point where a takedown would destroy everything overnight. No, the takedown won’t come from jealous competitors. It will not come from new government legislation. It will not even come from the unpredictable economy. Instead, it will come from an unexpected place. It may come from a complete stranger hacking into your computer system....

  • Here are the business benefits of an efficient CRM system

    CRM (customer relationship management) has evolved to encompass more than the traditional customer. In fact, this discipline should be seen as ‘contact relationship management’ rather than ‘customer relationship management’, and critical in any industry where relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and industry partners must be managed effectively. It’s time organisations took a fresh look at the potential for advanced and efficient CRM systems, particularly when integrated with ERP, to improve their business relationships across the board. Here’s five ways how businesses can benefit from an efficient CRM system: Support for growth As soon as a small business passes the three employee mark,...

  • Smart manufacturing is all about an intelligent, connected supply chain

    As it stands, factories are dumb -- or at least far less intelligent than current technology could actually make them. The current industrial production is inflexible and too expensive and a root cause is supply chain invisibility. But that’s about to change thanks to Industry 4.0 -- an initiative with its roots in Germany that aims to bring about the fourth industrial revolution. It heralds the era where manufacturing becomes intelligent and every link in the supply chain talks to each other and is connected. The smart factory concept means industrial or manufacturing processes will be organized in a smart way...

  • Weekly Round Up #63: Google I/O 2016, Nokia, Mango R1 sale & Max Verstappen

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation, and news from the last few days. This week, the main man Stuart Thomas talks to Andy and Hadlee. This week the team discusses the announcements at Google I/O 2016, Foxconn and HMD Global purchase of Microsoft's feature phone unit for US$350-million (which signals Nokia's return to tablets and smartphones), Mango's R1 glitch sale and Max Verstappen, an 18-year-old Dutch driver, who has won the Spanish Formula 1 GP. On the 'What are you...?' segment, the team discusses the TV series they're currently watching, the games they're addicted to and,...

  • Fintech has arrived and it’s changing the South African economy

    The unemployment rate in South Africa is at an 11-year high, with 5.7-million people finding themselves without a job. The technological boom in the financial sector is not only making waves in innovation, but it’s also creating jobs and redefining employment roles within existing, traditional businesses.

  • Ford Focus ST: feel the power!

    “Be careful, it’s fast”. That was the warning given to me by a Ford representative when he dropped off the Focus ST at Burn Media HQ. I nodded my assent, but was quietly confident I could handle this muscular-looking beast. A week later, I’m still not really sure who handled who. You see, the ST is perfectly capable of handling everyday driving tasks with relative comfort and ease, but it doesn’t take long before you find you realise that nothing about this car says “everyday”.

  • 6 great apps that can shoot & edit RAW photographs

    Yes yes, shooting RAW photos on your smartphone is a bit of a weird thing to do. After all, it’s more suitable for dedicated cameras than anything else. Still, if you know what you’re doing and are aware of the limitations of mobile cameras compared to DSLRs, it’s worth a shot. We picked a few camera apps that spit out RAW files…

  • X-Men Apocalypse movie review: not the end of the world

    I have to confess something. I haven't watched a superhero film since The Avengers. In fact, aside from the fact that I barely watch movies at all, I've grown weary of superhero movies in general a long time ago. So when I was asked to substitute for resident comic book lover Graham and watch X-Men Apocalypse my response was pretty much "eh, okay". Fortunately, the latest X-Men film made for an entertaining watch - at least if you went in with low expectations. Watch it for the action? As narrative goes, X-Men Apocalypse is pretty straightforward. It's the X-Men (or what will be the X-Men). There's an impending apocalypse to stop....