Isaw A3 Extreme camera review: an adequate, affordable GoPro competitor

Cape-Town-CBD-650x350 I am a recluse, and my most adventurous activity is running to catch the train. So testing out the Isaw Extreme Camera – sold as a camera for extreme sports – was challenging. One can't only shoot wine, books and movies. One ought to be out in the deep wilderness, climbing a mountain, riding a bike through a forest or walking on water. None of that happened, but I still put the Isaw Extreme Camera through its city slicker paces. The fact ...


5 super serious digital trends to look out for in 2015

future-175620_1280 Without fail, around November we start to see “Marketing Analysts” provide the top trends they predict for the coming year. I see these “Analysts” using this platform for speaking gigs, further writing opportunities and general fame, so I thought I would take some time out on a rainy Sunday and look into my crystal ball of future knowledge in order to tell you what to expect. 1. 2015 Will be the year of the mobile I know, I know we hear this ...


Be wary of being an entrepreneur for too long

watch-498248_1280 I can't tell you how relieving it was to reorganize my priorities at the end of 2013 and simply say no. No more entrepreneurship events, no speaking or writing engagement unless I'm paid for it and very, very little time spent on the entrepreneurship scene. In short, I've cut down on so many unnecessary things even just in one part of my life, that there is now ample time to pursue those interests I've always had and never had the ...

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8 Vines showing just how intense the Ferguson protests are

Ferguson Seasons While a picture's worth a thousand words, six seconds of footage can say so much more. According to Twitter Reverb over 3.5-million tweets were sent in the two hours after a US grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri back in August. The tweets reflected and documented the pockets of protests that erupted across the US, from New York City to Chicago ...


Universal Pictures rescues Steve Jobs biopic

steve-jobs-logo The uncertainty around the Aaron Sorkin-headed Steve Jobs movie is surprising. How is it that a biopic on one of the most successful business man struggles to find a studio and a leading actor? But all is not lost as Universal Pictures has picked up the biopic and will produce it after Sony dropped it after two years of development. Incredibly, the picture was dropped without any explanation from the studio. A spokesperson from Universal Pictures confirmed that the studio ...


Yup, people really do use their smartphones for video calls

Smartphone call Ever since we first decided to stick a camera on the front of a smartphone, manufacturers have been touting the ability to make video calls as one of the major selling points of their devices. But how many of us have actually made the switch? How many of us, unhesitatingly, pick up our phones to dial and consciously decide to make a video call? Well if the latest numbers from the US and Germany are anything to go by, it's ...

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If print is really dead, why are people still launching magazines?

Magazines Print is dead. It's a refrain we've heard so often over the past few years that it has to be true, right? When it comes to ad revenue that statement might well be true. In the US, print revenue has been in free-fall, going from US$47.41-billion in 2005 to just US$17.3-billion today. Things aren't about to get any better either. Both the New York Times and Time have forecast further cuts in their own print ad revenue. So why, in ...


Amphora review: eccentric, enchanting shadow theatre for gaming purists

Amphora-3 We break away from the plethora of AAA titles released this week, to bring an indie game that has remembered what gaming is all about -- mystery, fun and engrossing gameplay. Amphora transports you to a mysterious and magical world where the borders of fantasy and reality no longer exist. Immerse yourself in the colourful adventure of a girl’s life, told through the ancient storytelling medium of shadow theatre, while solving fantastically unique and engaging puzzles. Read more on Gearburn.


Two very important things to remember before migrating to the cloud

Cloud-concept-by-architizer The South African digital economy is booming – with rapidly decreasing prices of connectivity, coupled with more and more cheap and cheerful entrants into the smartphone game, the average South African is now more exposed to cloud computing than ever before. We are using cloud services, such as Facebook, iCloud and Gmail, often without realising that these are cloud services. Yet, while the average consumer has fast adopted cloud technologies, business adoption is a little slower. Read more on Ventureburn.

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Focus on writing content for real people, not robots

Robot I have been in the digital marketing space for many years and often I get this brief: "I need you to write me a 1 500 word article or blog post with loads of keywords in it so that I can get the attention of Google and get great rankings." Now bear in mind that my aim with any online marketing campaign is to get results, nothing else. But if you think or believe that a 1 500 word article ...






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