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Uber will let you stream your Spotify playlists during rides

Uber Spotify2 Uber Technologies has announced a partnership with Spotify that will let Spotify premium users ($10 a month subscription) stream their music in participating Uber vehicles. Spotify has been having a rough few days. It got dumped by Taylor Swift and then released numbers around how much money it paid to her, which she then disputed. That said, we are in no way calling Uber the rebound. This is in fact a match that appears to be engineered in heaven. Uber ...

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What lessons can brands learn from Dr Oz, Bill Cosby’s recent social fails?

Social media storm Last week was pretty tough for actor Bill Cosby and television show host / cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Mehmet Oz. In what can only have been a fit of self-delusion, the celebrities went down a rather ill-advised path towards Twitter hashtag infamy as they tried to promote their respective brands. The results were calamitous to say the least. In the first attempt, Bill Cosby’s team created a #CosbyMeme generator on his website, inviting all and sundry to meme him using a collection ...

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Planned spontaneity: why great campaigns need more than just data

Planned Spontaneity When it comes to campaign planning, timing is a large part of the process. However, in this day and age, when your 15 minutes of fame is now a five second Vine or when a brand’s reputation goes from hero to zero in one day, agility and spontaneity is key. Planning in this environment requires a whole whack of assumptions and the key to campaign success is truly listening to your customer... all the time. If design thinking starts with ...


Meet the WooCommerce plug-in improving the way thousands of people shop online

Graphflow-logo-black Last year we wrote about how South Africa-based company WooThemes and its popular online retail theme WooCommerce were making waves in the online world. At the time, we termed it a true WordPress child revolutionising ecommerce the world over. Since then though, WooCommerce has grown up, quite a lot actually. In fact, it's fathering kin of its own these days. Started by Robert Elliot and Nick Pentreath, the Cape Town, South Africa-based company, Graphflow, is a big data and predictive analytics ...


Kevin Harvick is NASCAR Champion: 7 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Ford EcoBoost 400 There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. As a motorsport fan, you should be feeling quite cheated. This weekend was packed with so many Championships and series heading into their final events, that it just wasn't humanly possible to catch all of them live. The NASCAR ...


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review: a glorious assault on the senses

COD-Advance-Warfare-lead For over 10 years now the Call of Duty (COD) franchise has been the dominant force in war gaming and the FPS (first person shooter) genre. What started back in 2003 has now become a record breaking and award-winning gaming series and one of the most popular games on the face of the planet. But in recent times the COD recipe has become somewhat stale and stagnant and the last few titles seemed like a mere repackaging of their predecessors. Read ...

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Snapchat puts money where its mouth is with breezy cash transfer feature

Snapchat Snapchat seems to have beaten Facebook to the punch. After we spotted the telltale signs earlier this year, the photo chat messaging app has just partnered with the payments tech company, Square, to launch Snapcash -- a feature that enables its estimated 100 million active monthly users to send money to each other. Look no further than Snapchat's really bizarre introduction ad for Snapcash: Apparently inspired by Square Cash, the product is meant to be "fast, fun, and incredibly simple". For those ...

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Samsung will make fewer smartphone models next year

Samsung Galaxy Round Samsung executives have confirmed that the company is betting on a more streamlined range of smart devices as it looks to claw back some of the profits it lost in the most recent financial quarter. Before releasing its quarterly earnings report last month, the company warned of weak demand for phones and increased marketing spend. Still the announcement to streamline its range of smartphones is hardly surprising. Read more: Samsung profits fall as it gets squeezed at both ends of ...

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Facebook’s had to adapt its plans to give Africa free internet access

Facebook-Zuckerberg Rumour has it that Facebook is in advanced talks with Avanti, a UK based satellite operator, regarding a project that will see it provide free internet access across Africa. The project is part of the initiative, spearheaded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Though Facebook and Avanti have refused to confirm the rumour, the deal is expected to be announced in due course. Facebook turned to Avanti following a snub by mobile operators when Zuckerberg announced this plan earlier this ...

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Here’s what Springbok Willem Alberts does when he’s alone at the gym [Video]

Wilem Alberts A recent video posted on YouTube shows what Springbok rugby players really do in their free time at the gym. Professional South African rugby player Willem Alberts is currently off due to an injury he sustained in August. While this might be a tough loss for the national squad and the player, Alberts does seem to know how to kill time in style. Translated from Afrikaans, the big rugby forward opens the video asking what you really do early in the morning ...






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