City Soirée is SA’s crowdfunding site for live music, creatives

City-Soiree-4 It's a Tuesday night at the The South African Slave Church in Long Street, Cape Town where about 200 people gather to support trendy local artists Toya Delazy, Fever Trails and Nakhane Touré. The get-together is one of many driven by City Soireé, an initiative that's been crowdfunding live music acts for the last three years across the country. The concept of crowdfunding has stretched people's imaginations -- resulting in the funding of anything from freakishly popular potato salads to smart watches. It's ...

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What does the Internet of Things mean for your business and your network?

eye-669157_1280 You’ve heard of the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything) by now, I’m sure. It’s things like your fridge telling you when you’ve run out of eggs; your shoes telling you how far you’ve travelled; your car keeping you up to date on local traffic so you know which routes to avoid; your house telling you how much water or heating is being used, that kind of thing. For businesses, the focus is very much on data: Cisco reports ...


Hilary Clinton’s 404 page is totally awesome

Hilary Clinton 404 Page It's only been a few days since Hilary Clinton announced that she would be contesting the 2016 US presidential election, but the news has already thrown up a couple of internet gems. One was her logo, which the internet has picked up and run with. The other, far more intentional gem, comes in the shape of her campaign site's 404 Error Page. Look at it and marvel at how awesome vintage Hilary, Bill and Chelsea look in their matching Donald Duck ...


Using cars, a daughter delivers a message to her dad in space

Message for dad in space2 There are many options for getting in touch with your loved ones, ranging from the ancient to the hyper-modern. If they're in space however, some of those options are still available, but somewhat more limited capacity. Just because you can make a video call to someone in space, doesn't mean you shouldn't occasionally engage in the odd grand gesture. And that's exactly what the 13-year-old daughter of one astronaut, in conjunction with Hyundai, decided to do. The ...

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This company compares its investment strategy to the Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle In the pantheon of great sporting occasions Mohammed Ali's epic 1974 fight against George Foreman stands tall. Known as "The Rumble in the Jungle", the fight saw Ali appear to take a beating from Foreman for several rounds. Once he'd worn Foreman out however, Ali began to fight back and knocked him out in the eighth round. And if financial group Sanlam is to be believed, that's the approach we should all be taking to investment too. In its latest ...

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Just Drake it: could this awesome new search engine give Google a run for its money?

drake it Have you ever thought of a search engine that you would rather use than Google? I mean there were a lot of search engines in the 90s that tried to keep up with the trend like; HotBot, AltaVista and AskJeeves. And at present there are plenty of attempts to provide a biable alternative to the world's largest search engine. But let's be honest, when's the last time you actually used DuckDuckGo? But there's a new player that, if nothing else, ...


#RhodesHasFallen: 10 startup mistakes South African statues made

Rhodes #RhodesHasFallen at University of Cape Town and the graffiti is on the wall for many other South African statues as we struggle to contextualise the past and define a shared future as a nation. Other recently defaced statues include Paul Kruger in Pretoria, King George in Durban, Louis Botha in Cape Town, Mahatma Gandhi in Johannesburg and Queen Victoria in Port Elizabeth. If some local statues were startup entrepreneurs, 10 mistakes they made could have avoided their downfall… Read more on ...

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As tech takes over, we’re not always in control of our lives

Computer frustrations Technology has a rapid rate of change and with this comes new mechanisms for communication. Today, most people use these services to communicate on a daily basis from remote areas to urban centres and among individuals and corporate groups. One of the main challenges for remote areas is affordable access to the internet to enable communication mechanisms. If this is resolved, adoption rates and the ability of everyone to communicate regardless of personal circumstances will be far greater. That ...


Don’t assume you know it all: lifting the lid on the hybrid enterprise

servers Compared with IT even 18 months ago, we’ve come a long way. The hybrid enterprise is the new kid on the block – largely due to advances in ‘as-a-service’ solutions changing the way organisations approach their storage, application management and networks. It’s important to first clarify what we mean by the hybrid enterprise. In short, it is a mix of on-premise and cloud/SaaS apps that use MPLS and public Internet connections. The data and applications are located in a combination ...


GetOne and ErgoPROP combo review: soothe my aching back

GetOne-1 Not all gadgets have sparkly screens or buttons that transform them into talking, walking robots. Some are more mundane and down-to-earth, but these can often be more important and detrimental to your life than those that sparkle. Ergotherapy Solutions, a South African company focused on turning the office space into a more comfortable environment, courteously gave us two of its new products to review, namely the GetOne ergonomic office chair and the ERGOProp ergonomic laptop stand. Read more on Gearburn.






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