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Hogwarts is here: you can now enrol to study witchcraft and wizardary online

Hogwarts is HereWeren't one of the lucky few to get a Hogwarts acceptance letter when you turned eleven? Fear not, muggle -- the premier school of witchcraft and wizardry is now available for everyone with an internet connection. Yep, Harry Potter fans around the world can now get a little bit closer to the magical world of the series thanks to a fan site which seeks to bring Hogwarts into the age of online education. Hogwarts is Here gives muggle-borns the ability to ...


What Barry Roux and Neknominations teach us about the power of memes

Barry RouxLet me put it to you: “The dominant media at any given time in a society strongly shapes both the individual and collective life” – Marshal McLuhan What has dominated the South African social media space especially in these last few weeks, was not the elections and the long awaited release of the Public Protector’s Nkandla report. Instead it’s been humorous constructs around Advocate Barry Roux in the Oscar Pistorius trial and the trend of NekNominations evolving into RakNominations. Known ...

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These people applied for the world’s toughest job; what they got stunned them

fake jobThe job market is tough these days and people have to work extra hard to beat out the competition.Mullen agency in Boston put together a cool project for one of its clients. The idea: a simple job ad for "director of operations" position at a company called Rehtom Inc. The requirements were kinda of insane:Must be able to work 135+ hours a week Ability to work overnight, associate needs pending Willingness to forgo any breaks Work mostly standing up and/or bending down Must ...


BurnCast: The quantified self and wearable tech in Africa’s healthcare system

Welcome to BurnCast, our weekly podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news. Hosted by Mich Atagana and Stuart Thomas.Wearable tech, the quantified self and health. Unlike the rest of the world, Africa hasn’t really gotten into the trend. Perhaps it is time investors started thinking about wearable tech more seriously.On this week's BurnCast our hosts discuss the role wearable tech could play in Africa's healthcare system and where data monitoring gathering for diseases across the continent is needed. ...

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Just how vital is Gareth Cliff to making WeChat relevant in South Africa?

CliffCentral WeChat TVCIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the basics of Gareth Cliff’s next independent venture, CliffCentral. Cliff -- arguably the most well-known broadcast personality in South Africa -- is promising ‘unradio’, and while that may have more to do with giving the heavy-handed regulation of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission a wide berth, the format will probably be very different to what we’ve come to expect from commercial FM radio.The link with WeChat, where Cliff has an official ...


5 mind-blowing technologies that will shape the future of medicine

Doc-BrownThe field of medicine is rapidly evolving with the emergence of new technology in the health sphere. Consequently, patients are able to better engage in their own health while doctors are able to more effectively treat conditions and perform less invasive procedures. New developments in 3D printing and prosthetics are enabling individuals living with disabilities to experience the world in whole new ways.On the horizon, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology is set to change the future of medicine, literally ...


Built in Africa: Via Afrika wants to use technology to educate the continent

Via-Afrika-Test-YourselfBuilt in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that are affecting the continent and empowering African people.About 12 years ago, I made my final trek through the dreaded world of high school, I crammed everything I possibly could, retaining what my brain would allow in order to cement my future and ticking off that box in my education journey. High school only seems easy when you have left.The education system in Africa isn't where it ought to be. If ...


8 legendary, ludicrous and utterly lorn Formula 1 innovations

F1Since as far back as the invention of the wheel, humans have felt the need to travel faster and faster, preferably in competition with someone else.In today’s world of Formula 1, this insatiable appetite melds both arcane methods of exploding fossil fuels, extraordinarily talented drivers and bleeding edge technology. Innovations are, and were never too far from the sport.That’s not to say all of these innovations were successful.Read more on Motorburn.

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Reinventing the cardboard box: simplicity, innovation and a viral video

Rapid Packing BoxIt’s one thing when a video goes viral for a few minutes of fame and then disappears into the ether of the Internet; it’s quite another when that video has the ability to change an every-day object used by people all over the world. At this year’s PSFK Conference, the two students behind the Rapid Packing Container, gave a physical demonstration of their new design for the cardboard box -- an idea that’s won them fans all over the world. ...

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US Airways’ massive, pornographic social fail has the internet in stitches

US AirwaysThis is just spectacularly bad...and also hilarious. US Airways has committed the social media blunder every community manager fears by tweeting out an extremely pornographic image to its 430 000 plus strong Twitter following.The image (very NSFW) features a naked woman with a model plane, featuring the US Airways livery, inserted into her vagina and remained on the airline's Twitter feed for about an hour.The airline has since apologised, but is yet to provide any explanation ...






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