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From intro to wedding: 5 B2B online marketing steps that’ll help you initiate offline engagement

Wedding rings In my article titled "What you should be doing online to attract new business opportunities", one of the points I raise relates to building trust with prospective clients. People ask for advice or make purchasing decisions from trusted advisors, and trust has to be earned and takes time to develop. Once trust is lost, it is exceedingly difficult to regain, if at all. A good comparison that I will use for the purpose of this article is that of the dating ...


Ideas to Reality: 5 creative ways to quickly validate your product

notes Ideas to Reality is an article series where I take look at easy tools to help entrepreneurs can use to get their projects up-and-running. In the previous post, I highlighted a bunch of free tools that can help you build a product prototype. “There’s no marketplace for ideas,” Trevor Owens, entrepreneur and founder of the popular customer validation board Javelin says. So until your product is out there, you’ll never know its real worth. Read more on Ventureburn.


These PlayStation 1 ‘demakes’ by NeoGAF artists will melt your mind

TLOUL Over on gaming forum NeoGAF, something wonderful is happening. A thread called "NeoGAF turns modern games into PSOne-era classics!" has kicked off and talented artists have turned the clock back on some of the most popular games of our modern era. It began on a The Last of Us: Remastered forum, where user plainr jokingly posted "TLOU PS1: 240p edition" along with the following pictures: Read more on Gearburn.


7 reasons the Smart Fourtwo and Forfour might actually stand a chance this time around

New smartcars Mercedes Benz recently unveiled new versions of the Smart Fourtwo and Forfour city cars. Except this wasn't just another case of iteration, one model following the next. Instead it was more completely rebooting a marque that promised a lot early on but which has failed to deliver in the past few years. Sure all the ingredients that made Smart seem so appealing are all still there -- the size, the funky colours and tiny engines -- but the Smart Fortwo ...


SA’s information security skills shortage could come back to bite it in a big way

Hacker The Information Security field is extremely fast moving, however the scarcity of skills in South Africa remain at a critical state, and businesses are at risk of employing inadequate resources that could potentially leave their company vulnerable to cybercrime. The consequences of such an attack could include financial or reputational loss. Historically, Information security has been an afterthought for many organisations. For many large entities, their main business is generally mainstream information technology services, with the security business being a ...

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Samsung’s latest ad mocks the iPhone you don’t have

Samsung iPhone ad Samsung has never been afraid to mock the iPhone in its ads, not in the US at any rate. Until now though, it's mostly stuck to mocking existing iPhones or, at worst, the culture of waiting in insanely long lines for the Cupertino-based giant's latest product. But for its latest advert, the Korean tech behemoth has gone straight for the throat and mocked the fact that we've been waiting for an iPhone with a larger screen for some time now. ...

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Drowning in Newsfeed? Facebook now lets you save posts to read later

Facebook Save Ever flick through Facebook and spot an interesting post, only to be distracted and lose it in the ever-changing Newsfeed stream? Perhaps your friend shared something you want to follow up on when you have some spare time to sit down for a long read. If only there was some way to keep track of all those links... Well, there is. It's called Pocket. Or Instapaper. Evernote. Or even Delicious. But the latest news in read-it-later services is from social giant ...


Weeds! The evolution and unstoppable growth of ecommerce

Marijuana The world’s first online transaction occurred in 1971 or ’72, roughly three years before South Africa witnessed its first television broadcast and nearly three decades (or so) before anyone bothered buying anything online in the rainbow nation. That first transaction in the '70s was, of course, the sale of a bag of marijuana. Yes it was weed, dagga, ganja, green tree of knowledge or whatever name you know it by. The “illicit” transaction was arranged between a group of ...


The fast and the frugal: 7 quick yet fuel efficient diesel vehicles

BMW M550d The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the ultimate endurance racing test, requiring engineering teams to balance outright speed with consummate efficiency. And thus it’s no coincidence that the last nine winning vehicles have all been propelled predominantly by diesel (a couple have employed diesel-hybrid powertrains). Yes, the last time a petrol-powered car took the chequered flag at the world's oldest sports-car endurance race in France was way back in 2005. But, despite this rather telling statistic, the public still ...


‘Destiny’ Beta review: ambitious and fantastic fun

Destiny Beta Between the Alpha and Beta versions of Destiny, of which I've played both, more than Peter Dinklage's voice has changed. Bungie has created one of the hottest shooters of 2014 and on PS4, a genuinely impressive game that plays as "next-gen" as it looks. I played it all weekend, and then a little more before being forced into my work enclosure. And now, here's what I think of Destiny so far. Read more on Gearburn.






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