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Nigeria needs a mind-shift when it comes to activism [#Highway2014]

Yemi Adamolekun Anyone who has spent any time in Nigeria will know about the many problems the country has as well as its massive potential. With an estimated population of just over 170-million and an internet audience of more than 55-million, its 33% internet penetration means 67% opportunity. One such opportunity lies in the field of governance and listening to the multitude of Nigerians taking to the web to air their issues around injustice. This is what Enough is Enough is trying ...


Hamilton benefits from Rosberg’s blunder: 6 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Rosberg-Hamilton-Silverstone-2014-650x350 There are just too many wonderful motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. The weekend wasn't quite filled with as many series as last weekend's frenzy, but Formula 1 and the World Superbike Series were back in action. Alongside them, the Blancpain GT Series rolled into to Portimao, Portugal and a ...


Facebook goes past 100m African users

Africa Everyone wants a slice of Africa. That's hardly surprising given its young population, fast-growing economies massively high mobile penetration. And given Facebook's domination of the global social networking space, it should hardly be surprising that it's claimed a larger chunk of the continent's population than most. The big blue social network today announced that there are now more than 100-million registered Facebook users in Africa, accounting for about half of the 200-million or so Africans connected to the internet. Given ...

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It’s time for publishers to stop building apps: here’s why

iPad publishing app I’m tired of Apps. I think it’s time online publishers stop building apps and focus more on building responsive sites that gives their users the best mobile experience available. Mobile accounts for 80% of South African web traffic I live in Cape Town, South Africa so my view on the 'PC vs Mobile' debate may be different to yours. It’s no longer a case of mobile starting to overtake Desktop traffic. Mobile is by far the biggest traffic source for almost all online ...


6 tips for giving your startup’s customer service efforts a good spring-cleaning

Spring cleaning We always enter spring with a renewed sense of optimism and hope, and it’s a time of rebirth, renewal and new growth. While you are putting away your winter clothes and cleaning out all the accumulated dust from winter, make sure to take time to do some spring cleaning around the office or business too. Spring’s a great time to re-energise your startup and a good time reorganise and spruce up what your customers experience. Here are six top tips to ...


Dead in a flash: 5 of the most difficult Flash games you can play today

meatboy The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. But not everyone owns the means, such as a proper gaming PC or console, to experience the latest releases in gaming. Thankfully, almost every home has access to the great invention we know as internet, which in turn means that they have access to a form of gaming known as Flash-based web browser games. Even avid and experienced gamers find themselves playing these games. The more experienced ...

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Monitoring social media for market intelligence: beyond getting started

Electric brain In a post I wrote more than a year ago, I explained that one of the core values of social media is to monitor the conversations on the social web for market intelligence. The information that you find can be very valuable because it will provide you with discoveries and insights that will help you to respond effectively, and ultimately increase your chance of success with your social media marketing campaign. In that piece, I gave an explanation on how ...


Back from the dead, sort of: Microsoft rebrands Bing apps to MSN

New-MSN-1-640x476 We're willing to bet that, by now, you'd probably forgotten about MSN or assumed that Microsoft had quietly buried it somewhere in the deep dark woods of the Pacific Northwest. It turns out though that the Redmond-based giant still has plans for the brand. In an official blog post, the company announced that it would be rebranding several of it Bing apps as MSN products across iOS and Android. Alongside the newly rebranded apps, Microsoft is also launching a new ...


Facebook wants you to know it’s rocking video, adds view counts

Facebook video Facebook is killing when it comes to video and it wants you to know it too. The social media giant announced that it now delivers more than a billion video views a day. It's accelerated its efforts in getting to that point too. The company says that it saw more than 50% growth in video views from May through July of this year. Given the consensus until relatively recently was that Facebook was battling with mobile, it should also be ...

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YouTube is opening a school and it has an easy curriculum: listen, laugh and give

School of YouTube YouTube is opening a school and wants you to listen, laugh and give. The School of YouTube will open from 8 to 12 September. Though YouTube has, since its inception, been a school for many things, it is now taking advantage of its use as a learning portal and they are doing it for a good cause. Who hasn’t gone to YouTube to find a video on how to install a program or how to set up a game? Ever ...






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