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Memebits: What we’ve been up to in 15 second Instagram videos

robot cropped We get it: you're busy. Social media is a never-ending stream of things demanding your attention, and sometimes you can miss the cool things while you're busy with real life. But do you have 15 seconds to spare? In our new video series, you can get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Burn HQ in neatly packaged 15 second chunks. We're releasing one video a day on our Instagram account -- and this week, we've reviewed ...


Google keeps on going with stellar Q2 results

Google campus Google released its second quarter numbers post the bell yesterday, they were very good. Revenues for the quarter were US$16-billion (an increase of 22%), operating income was US$4.26-billion, accounting for around 27% of its revenues. Nice. On a non GAAP EPS, excluding stock-based compensation (SBC) expense (what the hell?) that number was US$6.08. This is still an out and out advertising business. The volumes, or number of paid clicks increased 25% in the second quarter, two percent over the prior ...


Ukraine turns to YouTube as it pins Malaysian air crash on pro-Russian separatists

Malaysian Boeing The Ukranian government has uploaded an audio recording to YouTube which it claims definitively proves that Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shut down by pro-Russian separatists in the country's disputed Eastern region. The flight, which went down late on Thursday, was flying over Ukrainian airspace as it made its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 people on-board, including three infants, perished in the crash. In the immediate aftermath, the Ukranian government and the pro-Russian separatists blamed each other ...


Weird Al gets ‘Handy’ in the latest video from ‘Mandatory Fun’

Weird Al Handy Look, when you release eight songs in eight days, there's a pretty good chance not everyone is going to like every single one of them. And while the first three songs from Weird Al Yankovic's new album Mandatory Fun were all pretty damn solid, we're guessing that the fourth release "Handy" will be viewed by future critics as the weak-point of the album. The song, which takes on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" is pretty much an ode to DIY skills. No ...


Google celebrates Mandela Day with artful Doodle

Mandela day 1 Today is Mandela Day and all over South Africa and the world, people are taking 67 minutes of their day to help their community and those less unfortunate than themselves in honour of the late global icon. To celebrate what would been the stateman's birthday, Google has created a Doodle slideshow that takes users through Nelson Mandela's pivotal moments accompanied by insightful quotes from the great man. The doodle is a fun artful illustration that captures the life of South Africa's ...


Weird Al takes on conspiracy nuts with ‘Foil’

Foil The third single from Weird Al Yankovic's album Mandatory Fun has dropped (the renowned parody artist is releasing eight songs in eight days) has dropped and, like the two songs that preceded it, "Foil" takes on an internet mainstay. While "Tacky" used the viral infectiousness of Pharrell's "Happy" to get its point across and "Word Crimes" put a positive, grammar friendly spin on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", "Foil" uses Lorde's "Royals" to take on conspiracy nuts. So go on, watch ...


What do we really mean when we talk about SEO today?

SEO It may seem like a really simple answer. SEO is the process of optimising or improving a website to increase organic visibility. And to a large degree, that definition still stands...mostly. There is so much more to SEO that I felt the need to explain what it actually is so that we can really start doing Search Engine Optimisation. In the beginning… When the web started, there were a few search engines dedicated to bringing results to questions. Back in 1998 ...


7 improvements that would make Windows 9 the best Microsoft OS ever

windows-9-leaked-start-menu There's a myth around the tech world that Microsoft follows up its blockbuster OS with universally hated sequels. This theory seems to bear true when looking at its dismal track record. Starting at Windows 95, the crash-happy 98 soon followed. Windows XP, in turn, was ceded by the unstable and heavily bloated Windows Vista. And now, Microsoft's most successful OS of all, Windows 7, is overthrown by Windows 8, a version destined to become its most hated OS ever. It's not ...


This Peugeot is SO not 2008!

peugeot-2008-crossover-home-2 Wind the clock back a good few years and you will remember the Peugeot 1007 which debuted in 2004. The quirky little Pug was a hatchback-MPV-crossover wannabe featuring dual power sliding doors, swappable interior bits dubbed ‘Cameleo trim’, and an awkward name – the first Peugeot to feature a ‘double zero’ number on its bum – and perhaps the only Peugeot to attract the attention of the Bond franchise (one double oh seven?). In motoring circles it was generally hailed as ...


8Bit’s on a mission to empower SA’s indie publishers and beyond

8bit-media-cover 8Bit Media has been extremely busy in the past six months. In between 88mph’s accelerator programme, founder Tom Kennedy and his significant other having their first kid, and successfully pitching at Net Prophet’s SparkUp Live, the startup has been adding a host of new features and is constantly expanding its vision of empowering local independent publishers. With a cool new tool called 8Bit Engage, the company is currently helping local indie sites promote each other’s content and boost impressions, and ...






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