When it comes to Wi-Fi safety, schools need to take the corporate approach

classroom-467730_1280 Schools around South Africa are increasingly looking to technology to enrich learning and make school administration more efficient. Those with ample resources already have in place their own IT systems, IT administrators and strategies to incorporate mobile technologies into the classroom. But, as is the case within any organisation, security has to be of paramount importance within school networks. The risks within a school wireless network are essentially the same as those within any corporate network, although some of the potential ...


Apple CEO Tim Cook received compensation valued at $9.22 million in 2014

Tim Cook Fuel band Apple, as a public company, is obliged to divulge its financials. According to its latest financial reports, CEO Tim Cook received compensation valued at US$9.22-million in 2014, more than double his pay in 2013 which was valued at US$4.25-million, as belief in Apple new products pushed the iPhone maker’s stock to a record. The CEO’s compensation last year included security expenses of US$699 133. Cook’s package includes salary of US$1.75 million and US$6.7-million in non-equity incentive compensation for the fiscal year that ...


DDoS dilemmas: how far can you predict attacks, and what can be done?

Code Despair Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are back in the news; it seems that barely a month goes by without media reports of a website or service being brought down by a DDoS attack. Sony’s PlayStation Network again became the victim of such an attack recently, while hacking group Anonymous is on a disabling offensive of extremist websites. DDoS attacks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, the aim of a DDoS attack is always the same: ...


Dear Kitten: Buzzfeed’s pre-Superbowl ad is totally adorable

Dear Kitten In the US advertising space, no day on the calendar is as big as Superbowl Sunday. Even agencies from countries where people only have the loosest idea of what American Football entails will probably end up using the ads shown during the multi-hour sporting extravaganza in their case studies for the year. In the second decade of the 21st century though, your Superbowl marketing efforts have to start long before the actual game. And by the looks of things, Buzzffed ...


Weekly Round Up #11: Windows 10, Uber and WhatsApp for the web

HoloLens The spate of tech announcements that's characterised January 2015 looks set to continue unabated. Don't believe us? Well, just consider how much the Burn Media team had to talk about this week. The really big news, of course, was Windows 10 announcement in which Windows revealed its desire to be a brand people love and not need. Microsoft also surprised pretty much everyone, with the launch of HoloLens -- an augmented reality device that puts Google Glass to shame. ...

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Uber and Zomato tie-up to simplify booking taxis to restaurants, even during load shedding

Zomato Uber South Africans are lucky enough to be some of the first experiencing a new partnership between Zomato and Uber. The partnership benefits both the restaurant finder and car-hailing app making it easier to find a ride to your favourite restaurant and simplifying the process of having to clumsily type where you want to go. Zomato helps you find a restaurant in and around your city based on reviews from other users. To get to one of these restaurants you would have ...


Ship Your Enemies Glitter site sells to anonymous buyer for $85 000

Glitter Two weeks ago, the founder of the site that offered customers the service of sending their enemies glitter asked users stop buying his product. Ship Your Enemies Glitter, a single purpose website that lets customers anonymously send their enemies glitter, has now been sold for US$85 000. The founder, Matthew Carpenter, an Australian, was so swamped with orders that he decided to stop the website and put the business up for sale. He posted on Product Hunt, a startup news site, ...

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BlackBerry says apps should work on all mobile operating systems

Blackberry-9720_03 Do you ever feel limited by your Apple, Android or Microsoft ecosystem? Well, you're not alone. BlackBerry CEO John Chen feels that exclusive applications and content for different mobile operating systems are discriminatory, and should thus cater for all ecosystems if true net neutrality is to be achieved. In a blog post Chen uses the analogy of a train system, saying that most of the discussion involving net neutrality focuses on the carriers which represents the tracks. The railway cars, Chen ...

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WhatsApp’s new attempt at taking over your desktop isn’t bad, but it’ll kill your phone’s battery life

whatsapp WhatsApp can now be used on your computer, offering a new way to communicate with your existing group of contacts saved to your mobile device. WhatsApp, and its owner Facebook, hopes users will now choose not to divide their time between different instant messages services, but rather restrict it to WhatsApp (and Facebook's Messenger) on all devices. WhatsApp built the new web client to mirror conversations on your phone. Messages, photos and contact details will still live on your phone, meaning conversations on your computer ...

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How to use digital communities to target your buyer personas

smartphone and laptop One of my favorite things about content marketing is the prevalence and effectiveness of digital communities. They are a fantastic place to reach a pool of people interested in the niche that your business, product or service falls in to. Communities—especially on LinkedIn and Google plus—are based on niches, not genres, which means you can target consumers on a fairly granular level. For example there aren’t many communities on overall marketing. Rather, there are communities for social media marketing, PPC, even ...






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