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  • Technology: added value or added admin?

    In a world where Digital is the new playground, has the industry lost focus on what is truly important? Organisations are chasing the digital dream, building mobile applications and responsive websites with advanced functionality, improving their customer touch points, operations, logistics, and the supply chain. Understandable though this Digital journey may be, a question that must be asked is, are we chasing the technology and letting technology dictate the way business is being run, or are we using technology as an enabler to do business better? A recent experience caused me to think about our Digital endeavours. In an attempt to...

  • Google Photos update lets you free up space, downgrade photos

    Out of Google’s annual event this year, Google Photos, bundled out of the underwhelming Google+ was an impressive innovation. Over the months since its launch it has served users well. To follow up on that success, Google Photos is today receiving an update. The latest update to Google Photos brings features to the Google Photos app, SD-card enabled devices and the web. Google Photos users on the web will now be able to downgrade photos from original quality to high quality. This feature downgrades already uploaded photos from original quality to high quality. This can be done by visiting the Google...

  • Why Cape Town has emerged as the biggest startup hub on the African continent

    Cape Town is fast cementing itself as the biggest continental hub for tech startups. It’s a growing trend, confirmed by a number of research surveys and articles over the past decade. The Mother City is rightfully living up to monikers such as “The Silicon Cape” and the “Digital Gateway to Africa“. However, the reasons why the South African city is ranked where it is are a bit more complicated, and therefore debatable.

  • How Africa’s 1bn+ population will transform telecoms sector

    Africa has earned itself many titles over the years and one of which is that it is the untapped market, with much potential. During 18th annual AfricaCom 2015, which is currently on its second day of the three-day conference in Cape Town, the continent has been branded with another title -- that of being the untapped telecommunications market. Against a slowing subscriber growth around the world, Africa is showing a 47% market penetration and offers 500 million potential mobile subscribers. “Africa’s telecoms sectors will continue to undergo huge transformation. While over the last decade this has largely been fuelled by a series of...

  • 10 of Africa’s most innovative apps of 2015 you should know about

    Pan-African competition AppsAfrica has concluded earlier this week, announcing the continent's ten most innovative mobile applications of 2015. With entries stretching from Nigeria to Togo and South Africa, the awards recognised a variety of platforms, that include live video and radio streaming to e-readers and many more. "Our mission is always to promote and honour the fantastic innovation across the mobile and tech ecosystem in Africa," AppsAfrica wrote in a blogpost. "We had diverse entries from 21 countries and both the finalists and winners are a testament to how technology is being used to disrupt business models, empower people and drive...

  • Carvana just opened up an automated Car Vending Machine in Nashville

    From 3D printed supercars to self driving vehicles, the world of automobiles has always come with its share of eccentricities. But now Nashville, the city of country, blues and honky tonks, adds another entry to that list of oddities in the form of a “Car Vending Machine”. This rather unique approach to the used-car sales game was conceived by Ernie Garcia, CEO of Carvana, one of the largest online motor sales companies in the world and listed by Forbes as the fifth most promising American company of 2015.

  • How will new technology transform Africa? [AfricaCom]

    Technology has already had a massive effect on Africa. So much has been said, and so many words have been written, about how the continent has leapfrogged more developed markets (especially when it comes to mobile) that it's become cliche. While there's still truth in those cliches, the vast majority of those developed markets have caught up with, and in many cases overtaken Africa in areas where it once led. That doesn't mean that the rate of technological change in Africa has slowed down -- the top 10 connected African countries already represent half a billion internet users for...

  • Internet, be prepared to be broken again: here comes Adele’s second single ‘When We Were Young’

    Although Adele’s new album 25 is still a few days away from launching, she’s teased out the second single today. It’s called When We Were Young and the version now hitting the interwebs is recorded “Live at the Church”’. The video sees Adele relaxed and in total control, performing with the band and ending with her delightful sense of laid-back, self-deprecating humour. The song was written with Canadian musician Tobias Jesso Jr, a former bassist for the band The Sessions, who released his first solo album Goon this year. He’s a relative newcomer and not a well established writer but...

  • WorldRemit users can now send money to Tigo Cash mobile wallets

    WorldRemit, a UK-based global online remittance service on Tuesday announced a deal with Tigo that will allow its users to make instant transfers to Tigo Mobile Money accounts in Rwanda. According to WorldRemit, the service effectively means that people from more than 50 countries can send money to Rwanda as easily as they would an instant message. Tigo Cash in Rwanda offers digital financial services to over 2.6 million people in Rwanda – the main services includes sending and receiving money, merchant payment, Electricity bills and Pay TV, as well as airtime recharging. The Rwandan remittance space is fairly big...

  • Facebook, Airtel launch Free Basic services in 17 African countries

    Facebook and telco provider Airtel on Tuesday announced a partnership that will see two companies launch Free Basics in 17 African countries. Free Basics, part of Facebook's Internet.org programme is a set of basic websites and services to introduce people to the internet and demonstrate how it adds value to their lives. They include providing free health, education and finance-related information to people in developing countries so that they can make informed choices and decisions to improve their lives. In the first phase, Free Basics will be launched in Airtel Nigeria, DRC, Gabon and Niger followed by other...

  • Is QA dead?

    Test automation is not a new practice. Most software teams are trying to automate testing in some way or another, especially as a replacement for long, manual regression testing cycles. If you’re a QA, you’ve probably wondered what this means for your job. In the world of ‘automate everything’ – where do you fit in? Is the role of the QA dead? Let’s start by talking about the obvious benefits of test automation. Computers test faster than humans One of the first benefits people see from test automation is that it drastically reduces the time it takes to test a system....

  • Virtual Reality will take your wife, your kids, and your heart

    Stacy, my wife, is an exceptionally grounded individual. She’s responsible, sensible, and disciplined; of the two of us, I’m the one far more likely to binge on Netflix, social media, Reddit, video games, and YouTube. Stacy just isn’t the type of person who gets impulsively addicted to technology. That was before I introduced her to virtual reality. Now, all Stacy wants to do is explore underwater habitats, travel through outer space, walk among dinosaurs, and lead armies into battle with a vigor that, to be perfectly frank, is a bit intimidating. VR is incredibly immersive; in its clutches, your...

  • Proline XM-502 review: LTE on a budget

    If you hate the privilege of choice, it’s a horrible time to be a smartphone shopper. Hell, below R2000 there must be over 20 manufacturers in South Africa all sporting phones with extremely similar specs. So like it or not, it’s often the brave that differentiate their devices in the tiniest of ways that get noticed.

  • 3 ways China’s position in Africa is good news for other foreign investors

    Nothing good can come from Chinese investments in Africa — at least that’s what naysayers would have you believe. Critics suggest that China’s African projects lay the groundwork for neocolonialism and leave poor communities vulnerable to exploitation. But as a recent Quartz article put it, when it comes to Africa, “Chinese investment is everywhere.” And with polls showing more than 50% favourability of China in a number of African countries, many people on the continent don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  • Activist group Anonymous vows to wipe ISIS out from the web

    Activist hacker group Anonymous has declared war on terrorist organisation ISIS. This follows the recent attacks in Paris last Friday where a total of 129 people were killed. ISIS has since allegedly claimed responsibility for the attacks. A video posted on YouTube via the official Anonymous account shows a person wearing the Anonymous trademark Guy Fawkes mask and a black hoody. "Expect massive cyber attacks," the person said in French. "War is declared. Get prepared. Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go." Make no...