HTC One Mini 2 review-in-brief: smaller than an M8, but not as good

HTC One Mini 2 Lead If phone sales were based solely on device quality, then HTC would be sitting right near the top of the smartphone pile instead of scrapping a bunch of has-beens for the minor places. A case in point is the HTC One Mini 2. Not so long ago, if you wanted a smaller version of a flagship Android device, you had to resign yourself to the fact that you were going to end up with, well, less. Less features, less storage capacity, ...

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4 ways real-time data is disrupting the way we do business

profits-544953_1280 Real-time monitoring and experience tracking have become buzz words in the digital era. Ostensibly companies that have access to this type of data ultimately have a greater understanding of their current and future consumers’ behaviour. If used effectively, this can inform business strategy resulting in measurable bottom line results. However, merely getting your hands on this form of data is not enough – it is about how it is contextualised and used across your business that makes the real difference. ...


Toyota Yaris Hybrid review: Just how frugal is SA’s cheapest hybrid?

yaris-hybrid-4 Buying a hybrid in South Africa isn’t easy. In fact, if you’re dead set on owning a petrol-electric vehicle, your local options are severely limited. Of the small handful of hybrid models available, most are distinctly premium products, and thus priced well beyond the R700k mark. Only Honda (with its paradoxical CR-Z “sport hybrid coupe”) and Toyota offer examples that can be thought of as anything even close to affordable. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid, however, is the cheapest of them all. ...


Get married and 4 other tips on getting off the ground as an entrepreneur

Hold-hands We all know that running a business can be a rather personal affair. As in any relationship, you'll go through ups and downs, celebrate here and grieve there. While the analogy might be apt, mixing one's personal life with the professional might seem like a recipe for disaster. Apparently that's not entirely the case. At the Western Cape Funding Fair held this week, Project Isizwe founder Alan Knott-Craig Jr laid down five tips budding entrepreneurs should take into account. Essentially, he ...


When choosing a cloud backup provider, it’s vital to ask the right questions

Question Data backup is a little like buying car insurance. You may never need to claim but it is statistically likely that you may have to. When that happens, you want a quick settlement so that you can get back on the road or, in the case of data backup and recovery, get back to business. Most businesses will lose valuable data at some point. This could be through hardware failure, accidental deletion, file corruption, viruses, hackers, stolen equipment or natural disasters. ...


Microsoft might be killing Internet Explorer, but it’s far from dead

Internet-Explorer-7 Microsoft's Internet Explorer really should doff its cap and take a bow, because it has been one of the most influential pieces of code ever written even if it is the most maligned. With news that Microsoft will soon be killing the Internet Explorer brand after a long struggle with its waning brand image, we're not quite sure if Internet Explorer will go out with a bang, or fade away like Microsoft's other legacy headache -- Windows XP. So, what does ...

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5 levels of ethical programming that determine how well smart machines will behave

Hal 9000 People are going to have to get used to living and working alongside smart machines. With Gartner estimating that 1.1-billion connected things will be used by smart cities in 2015, there's no escaping the fact that pretty much every object we interact with is getting smarter. There's a lot of hope about the future those smart objects could allow but also plenty of fear. Both Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have, for instance, warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence. ...

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Impact 2015: why ambiguity may be your brand’s best friend

Ambiguity The first session of Impact 2015 (the MRS annual conference for insights and data bods) got off to an interesting start by Unilever CEO Paul Pollman, who challenged the members of the audience to change themselves in order to change others after a particularly climate changed focused speech. One interesting takeaway was his obsession with the new generation beyond Millennials -- Generation Z, a generation who "are not anti-business solving problems or getting get involved and let them ...


Sapa: content deletion requirement not ‘devious or manipulative’

Newspapers Yesterday Memeburn broke the news that wire agency Sapa had sent a letter to its subscribers requesting that news sites across the country delete Sapa content from their archives. Today Sapa editor Mark van Velden confirmed the decision, justifying it as "a logical and required step". The 77-year-old Sapa is closing its doors on 31 March, apparently in the face of severe financial pressure. The requirement for sites to delete its content, Sapa says, "is as a result of Sapa ...


Phishing, exploits and botnets: how they can affect your business

eye-319668_1280 More and more often companies -- regardless of their size -- are the targets of cybercriminals. The attacks usually end with sensitive information being stolen, leaving the business in a very difficult situation. In fact, ransomware cases have multiplied over the last few months. The attackers encrypt the information they get from companies in order to demand a ransom afterwards, threatening to destroy all data if it is not paid within a specified period of time. It is necessary to distinguish between the ...






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