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  • #RhodesHasFallen: 10 startup mistakes South African statues made

    #RhodesHasFallen at University of Cape Town and the graffiti is on the wall for many other South African statues as we struggle to contextualise the past and define a shared future as a nation. Other recently defaced statues include Paul Kruger in Pretoria, King George in Durban, Louis Botha in Cape Town, Mahatma Gandhi in Johannesburg and Queen Victoria in Port Elizabeth. If some local statues were startup entrepreneurs, 10 mistakes they made could have avoided their downfall… Read more on Ventureburn.

  • As tech takes over, we’re not always in control of our lives

    Technology has a rapid rate of change and with this comes new mechanisms for communication. Today, most people use these services to communicate on a daily basis from remote areas to urban centres and among individuals and corporate groups. One of the main challenges for remote areas is affordable access to the internet to enable communication mechanisms. If this is resolved, adoption rates and the ability of everyone to communicate regardless of personal circumstances will be far greater. That is why national policy for enabling internet access across the country should address this. Free WiFi services is one...

  • Don’t assume you know it all: lifting the lid on the hybrid enterprise

    Compared with IT even 18 months ago, we’ve come a long way. The hybrid enterprise is the new kid on the block – largely due to advances in ‘as-a-service’ solutions changing the way organisations approach their storage, application management and networks. It’s important to first clarify what we mean by the hybrid enterprise. In short, it is a mix of on-premise and cloud/SaaS apps that use MPLS and public Internet connections. The data and applications are located in a combination of data centres, branch offices or the cloud, depending on which location is most efficient for them to run and...

  • GetOne and ErgoPROP combo review: soothe my aching back

    Not all gadgets have sparkly screens or buttons that transform them into talking, walking robots. Some are more mundane and down-to-earth, but these can often be more important and detrimental to your life than those that sparkle. Ergotherapy Solutions, a South African company focused on turning the office space into a more comfortable environment, courteously gave us two of its new products to review, namely the GetOne ergonomic office chair and the ERGOProp ergonomic laptop stand. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Struggling with time on social media? Create a schedule

    It really doesn’t matter at all if you are a small business owner, medium sized or an big organization, find the right people, time, and money to carry out new innovative digital strategies is difficult. Most businesses are scared to try out new digital trends and technologies because they don’t have the resources and time to manage it successfully. Did you know that if you had a clear digital marketing strategy that focuses on social media to humanize your brand can increase your sales and also obtain new customers? I bet you will most likely make the time then. A...

  • iROKOtv gets pay TV distribution deal

    Nigerian video streaming service iROKOtv has inked a deal with StarTimes to have two new linear TV channels, IROKO Play and IROKO Plus included on the digital TV operator’s platform. The deal has the potential to substantially increase iROKOtv’s reach, given that StarTimes has 4.6-million subscribers across 14 countries. Subscribers will have the choice of two Nollywood channels. IROKO Play, available in the StarTimes Basic Bouquet, will showcase classic Nollywood movies from 2007 onwards, with a brand new exclusive movie added to the schedule each month. IROKO Plus, in the StarTimes Unique Bouquet, will reportedly show premium Nollywood movies...

  • First four Game of Thrones season 5 episodes leak online, HBO plants facepalm

    The latest episode of one of the world’s most watched series have just premiered after a year’s long, long wait. While television broadcasters may have gone the extra mile to curb piracy, illegal copies of HBO’s Game of Thrones season 5 have still managed to hit popular torrent sites like a Dothraki khalasar on steroids. Millions of paid subscribers across the globe sat glued to their screens to watch the first episode of GoT. Others flocked to popular, free torrent sites which are hosting the first four episodes of GoT season 5, weeks before their release. The shows are available...

  • New Avengers: Age of Ultron clip shows why The Hulk is smashing Iron Man

    If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see Avengers: Age of Ultron (South Africans appear especially keen to see Johannesburg getting smashed to pieces). One thing that’s remained unclear so far however is why The Hulk is angry enough at Iron Man for Tony Stark to have to build the Hulkbuster suit. Well the latest clip from the for the blockbuster, which aired at the MTV Movie Awards over the weekend gives us a clue. Get More: 2015 MTV Movie Awards, 2015 MTV Movie Awards, Latest Movie News, Full Episodes From the clip it’s evident that The Hulk is...

  • 5 ways to create a seamless digital marketing experience

    When it comes to digital marketing, user experience is everything. Today’s consumers are quick to judge your digital presence, and if your online experience is outdated or clumsy, they won’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere. I recently experienced this firsthand. While booking a flight, I visited the website of one of the world’s largest airlines, but the page wouldn’t load. Frustrated, I purchased tickets from another company. A few weeks later, a visiting relative was flying on the same airline. But pulling up her flight status was a nightmare. It took five attempts to load the information on my...

  • Yield optimisation: the term online publishers need to learn about, fast

    Yield optimisation is a skill buyers apply on technology platforms to ensure the best possible performance for campaigns. This enables them to optimise the reach and success of their campaigns, in other words, to spend money on inventory that performs well, and have a high chance of conversion. On the seller side, publishers can define certain parameters which ensure that inventory sells at an appropriate (and usually higher) Cost per Thousand (CPM) rate to buyers and that indirect inventory which serves specific campaign objectives is sold at a reasonable selling rate. For buyers, yield optimisation could be as simple...

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 bendgate and ‘Game of Hyrule’ trailer: the TGIF Video Roundup

    TGIF, and we really shouldn’t be at work, but that won’t stop us from gandering through the week’s best tech, gadget and gaming videos, now will it? If you missed our previous roundup, catch it below. It has been a brilliantly short week and an extraordinarily long weekend, but that doesn’t mean that this work week has been reduced in stress, or suffering at the hands of the mouse, keyboard and the almighty monitor. The past fortnight has seen some awesome videos grace the internet, with a few people destroying phones, others crafting epic trailers and others totally winning this “cosplay”...

  • 10 baby gadgets that every expecting mom needs

    When you’re expecting for the first time, it’s hard for you to know what you need for when your little one arrives. Every mother wants the best for their new born baby once they arrive, and that’s completely natural. Technology might have an obstacle mothers will face as children discover the joys of bright screens to fixate on and buttons to vigorously mash, but before baby does arrive, technology can help your final trimester an absolute joy. Read more on Gearburn.

  • SnapScan rolls out ‘frictionless’ payments feature called SnapBeacons

    SnapScan is today announcing its first major update since its QR code payments feature was popularised in 2013. The new payment channel feature, called SnapBeacons, is meant to provide users a frictionless alternative payment solution. Instead of just being able to pay scanning a QR code, customers can simply tap a button in the app to initiate the payments transaction. A message on the customer’s phone will alert them when the option is available. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Digital may be obsessed with numbers, but advertising’s still a people game

    An advertising sales rep trying to convince you to purchase premium space always leads with their traffic. Of course they should, but their traffic shouldn’t be presented as a figure. Advertising in 2015 is not a numbers’ game. Many companies are happy to pay to assemble an audience – the bigger, the better – and then to broadcast a message at them. In theory, you have a better chance of being spotted using this approach, but you choosing visibility over connectivity. You might be getting clicks, but are you making sales? Mobile technology has changed our world. Communication has moved into...

  • Here’s how Africa’s mobile money players fit into the global landscape

    Think Africa and technology and chances are one of the first things that come to mind is mobile money. In conference talk after conference talk, you’ll hear Africa referred to as “the mobile continent”. There’s a good reason for that too. This year for instance, the use of mobile financial services in sub-Saharan Africa to perform tasks like pay utility bills and send money to relatives could produce an estimated US$1.5-billion in fees for mobile-money providers by 2019. Even Bill Gates reckons that “digital banking will give the poor more control over their assets and help them transform their lives...