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  • Uber partners with Bharti Airtel to allow Airtel Money payments in India

    Uber is making serious moves in India. After recently introducing cash payments, it's now partnering with Bharti Airtel to allow users to make payments for trips with Airtel’s mobile wallet, Airtel Money. The partnership between Bharti Airtel, the largest wireless carrier in India and third largest wireless carrier in the world, and Uber, the ride hailing service, is meant to allow for hassle free payments. Users in India can already pay with credit card and cash and now those with Airtel Money will have a third option. The partnership also extends further than payments for rides. Additionally, Mumbaikars, Uber says,...

  • Creativity unlocks the power of technology

    Today the bar for creativity is extremely high. It starts with people. Anyone can use the phone in their pocket to shoot and edit high quality video - something that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. Anyone with a mobile phone has a computer in their pocket -- from shooting and editing video on a smartphone to banking on a feature phone. Small businesses can shoot a video of their product, market it and accept payment all online. Brands and consumers now exist side to side, and often face to face, in a vast digital landscape. The...

  • Blend content marketing and SEO to reach more customers than ever before

    Great content helps you earn links that increase domain authority, improving your search rankings. It also helps you earn familiarity with your audience, building trust and connections. SEO gets your content noticed so that it can work on your behalf. Let’s take a look at how to get the most from content marketing and SEO by doing both at the same time. Analyse your audience If you haven’t put together buyer personas for your business, do it now. Buyer personas take into account both demographic and psychographic characteristics of your typical customer, creating profiles describing the people who make purchases...

  • What do you need to know about unlocking the power of social authority?

    Social authority online is not a nice to have anymore, but a must have. It's important to your own digital footprint, target audience, current customers, Google, the other top search engines and your personal and business brand. Your name is a brand and you should treat it as such. Before I purchase a new book, laptop or basically anything new, I visit my favourite online shop and other top quality channels where I read and review all the comments regarding the product or service that I'm interested in. My decision on purchasing the product or service is purely based...

  • Cracking the nut: An indie game startup’s mission to balance passion and profit

    Starting your own video game startup is a tough nut to crack. Given South Africa's relatively small online community and few investors looking at games as a potential gold mine, the nut is even tougher. These obstacles however aren't stopping game developers from starting their own ventures, and finding creative ways to help keep them afloat. One of these companies is Stellenbosch-based Clockwork Acorn. Ventureburn sat down with one of the founders, Francois van Niekerk (pictured middle), to share the startup's journey so far. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Sammy proves it has no idea what it’s doing anymore

    At the turn of the decade, Samsung made a bold move of launching a large screened smartphone just at the world woke with a thirst for pixels. Brilliant idea. It beat Apple to it. Hell, it practically built the "phablet" sub-genre by hand and owned it for many years after that. Roll on to 2015 and practically every smartphone above the R1500 price range has a screen larger than 5.0-inches. Naturally, screens are getting bigger and processing power increases, networking technology more shrewd and consumers media appetite larger. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Mobile, online transactions to reach 125bn annually by 2018

    The world is set to see an explosion in the number of mobile and online transactions, growing to 125-billion in 2018, an increase of 60% from this year's total. That's according to a new report from Juniper Research, which says that medium term growth would be driven by a variety of factors including a rise in “commuter commerce” (on-the-go purchases) which would itself be fuelled by greater deployments of Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity on public transport. The report also observed that digital transaction volumes would be further bolstered with the continued transition from physical formats (such as DVDs and...

  • Google trying out tool that’ll marry your foodporn with Maps

    Google wants your food photos. According to a report on Android Police, the internet giant is testing out a feature that will allow you to upload your foodporn to Google Maps. The feature will reportedly detect when photos are taken at restaurants and other places where food is served and offer to attach them to the establishment's location. Right now the feature is only available to "Level 3" and above Local Guides -- meaning people who've contributed more than 50 reviews as part of the Local Guides programme. The feature appears to borrow extensively from an experimental food photography...

  • ShowMax: what the Memeburn team thinks

    By now you're probably well aware of the fact that Naspers has launched ShowMax, a video on demand (VoD) service aimed squarely at grabbing the attention of the country's online population before Netflix's inevitable arrival (scheduled for some time before the end of 2016). At R99 a month, it's clearly designed to make South Africans think twice about using the semi-legal methods currently required to access overseas streaming services in South Africa. For one, it gives them some reprieve from the fluctuations of the Rand/Dollar exchange rate. For another, it comes with local and HBO content that Netflix doesn't have. But...

  • Why programmatic buying should be a core part of your marketing strategy

    Programmatic buying is sweeping across the world of marketing and advertising, bringing with it new opportunities for brands to improve customer engagement, enhance media buying efficiency, and achieve better performance from their digital campaigns. The world’s largest consumer brands – including the likes of Kellogg, Procter & Gamble, Netflix and Kimberley Clarke – have, for the past few years, shifted growing portions of their ad spend to programmatic buys. And this trend is only just beginning to shake up the market. Magna Global projects that the global programmatic ad market will grow from $12 billion in 2013 to more...

  • Pick n Pay blunders, ShowMax launches: 5 Memeburn posts you loved this week

    It's been an interesting seven days in tech. Internationally, headlines were dominated by the release of user data from dating site Ashley Madison. Locally meanwhile, most of the attention was on Naspers as it launched video on demand service ShowMax. Hardly surprising then that those also happened to be two of the stories you most enjoyed reading this week. The Ashely Madison hackers released the user data of millions of the site's users, including an estimated 175 000 South Africans, after previously warning the site that they were in possession of the data. The leak has seen people frantically...

  • Social media customer care – a job for marketing or the call centre?

    While most businesses today are employing some sort of social media strategy, many are still very slow to respond to customer support issues and complaints that come in through this channel. This might be due to poor monitoring of social media conversations, or it could be due to a lack of clarity around whose responsibility it is to respond to these posts and when. And of course, not everyone is equipped to answer every enquiry. A marketer, for example is unlikely to have the technical expertise to help a customer with a complex problem, and a junior employee may...

  • 5 upcoming games in 2015 we can’t wait to play

    The year 2015 has brought us some phenomenal video games titles so far. We got to parkour our way through the zombie infested street of Harran in Dying Light. We saw the remastering of a classic adventure masterpiece, Grim Fandango. We took a heartfelt journey through Nibel in Ori and the Blind Forest. And let us not forget our adventures with Geralt in the plethora of awe-inspiring landscape in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Springleap’s Trevor Wolfe talks agencies, startups, and pivots [Q&A]

    For a long time now the line between startups and agencies has been blurring. With tech and product becoming so incorporated into daily operations and often determining revenues, it's not unusual to see a startup act like an agency or the other way around. South Africa's Springleap fits the shoes of a startup-turned-agency rather well. While the company started out as a platform crowdsourcing T-shirt designs, it recently pivoted to leverage its global community of 800 000 creatives to fulfill other agency needs. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 7 ways the cloud will help African manufacturers enhance their competitiveness

    Whatever the size or specialty, manufacturing companies across Africa are under pressure to grow revenues, reduce costs and increase profitability. Yet many of them are constrained from achieving these goals by years of under-investment in technology. Struggling with legacy systems and manual processes, they lack the business insights, streamlined business processes, and supply chain integration that will allow them to accelerate growth while reducing their cost basis. With margins under pressure, many African manufacturers have not had the appetite for large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives. They have feared that the consulting and infrastructure costs would be prohibitive, that the implementation...