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Gangnam Style hits 90m views: Understanding the viral phenomenon

Gangnam style I was amazed the first time I read a post on Facebook from a friend back home in South Africa spreading the viral video that has become Gangnam Style. At first I thought that the Psy's Gangnam Style was just another Korean Pop (K-Pop) one hit wonder in South Korea. The catchy song is a satire concerning current Korean consumerism and has soared past the 90-million views mark on YouTube. K-Pop is part of Korea's much sought after K-Pop soft-power image ...

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Is Facebook a social network for narcissists? [Infographic]

Facebook ipad Log into Facebook and what do you see? Your cousin squealing about her promotion, or posting photos of her kid who has (finally) learnt how to walk. You scroll down to see your friend from school, who has just changed his relationship status to "engaged" and is subsequently tagged in 50 perfectly-Photoshopped photos in his fiancé's "Our Engagement


Windows 8 RTM — love at first sight

Like it or not, Windows 8 is about to take the world by storm. I had the chance to play around with the latest RTM build for a while and I have to admit Microsoft did a very good job. It’s been a year since I got my hands on the Consumer Preview, and every build after that improved a lot. When I got the first Preview back in September 2011, the first thing I complained about was the overall look ...

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‘The Age of Context': A glimpse into Robert Scoble, Shel Israel’s new book

A little while ago I interviewed Robert Scoble and one of the key things that came out that interview was his belief that we are about to enter an age of context. The way he sees it, we are shifting away from the "age of social into the age of context" where information will based on the context of where we are and who we are with. The idea that the world is moving from a social world to a ...


Spanish film takes first YouTube ‘Your Film’ festival honours

YouTube's come a long way from being just a platform for sharing frivolous online videos. Heck, it's now somewhere that serious filmmakers can share their work, and win awards while they're at. The world's most popular online video-sharing platform has announced The Guilt, by Spannish filmmaker David Vitorri as the winner in its inaugural 'Your Film' festival. The victory, announced at the Venice Film Festival, sees Vittori walk away with a US$500 000 YouTube original production grant to work ...


Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in Cambodia

Pirate Bay It seems the hunt is over. Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was arrested in Cambodia late last week -- reportedly at the request of the Swedish government. It issued an international arrest warrant for Warg in April, after he failed to report for the start of his one-year jail sentence for copyright infringement. According to The Guardian, the 27-year-old was apprehended in the capital city by Cambodian police, even though the country doesn't have an extradition agreement with Sweden. ...


Baidu launches ‘super-fast’ HTML 5 Android browser

Looks like Chinese internet giant Baidu is making good on its plans to completely dominate the Asian superpower's mobile space. The company today released an HTML 5 Android browser that it reckons could seriously compete with similar offerings from Opera and Android. According to The Next Web, the product has been in development since 2010, with Chinese and English versions now available for download. Baidu is the predominant search power in China and consolidated its position after Google moved its Chinese ...

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Roelof Botha on startups: Ditch the polish, it’s about ‘raw authenticity’

Roelof Botha As a regular feature on the Forbes Midas List of top tech investors, Roelof Botha is a big deal. As a partner at venture capitalist company Sequoia Capital, Botha has helped fund some of the great names in tech today. Sequoia has funded heavy hitting tech players such as Apple, Google, YouTube, PayPal, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Kayak, Meebo, Admob, Zappos, Green Dot and LinkedIn. Before joining Sequoia Capital in 2003, Botha was the Chief Financial Officer of ...


Should we really worry about Google taking another slash at SEO?

Search So now that I have the attention of everyone involved in SEO; let’s unpack the idea that Google is going after the SEO industry a little further and see exactly what all of the hubbub is about and what patent Google has that could disrupt your SEO strategy. SEOBook ran an article on which spoke about “ranking modifyers”. The article centres around a Google patent that has been unearthed. The patent called “Ranking Documents” is concerned with when webmasters alter a ...


5 simple steps for making your blog posts kick ass

Blog Blogs are lame, right? Everyone on earth has had a blog before. At one point your auntie from the sticks had a blog. Except it was just a Word document that she had been typing in and she kept referring to it as a “blob”. Anyway, the point is, you feel like you shouldn't start a blog because it has been done before. But, if you chose not to do things just because people on the internet said it was ...






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