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Why regionalised Yahoo! portals make sense

Yahoo!Yahoo! has been rolling out regionalised and localised versions of its portals for years.This year it rolled out portals in emerging markets like South Africa and Romania. The multinational online publisher also has a presence in key emerging market BRIC countries, including Brazil, Russia, India and China. It does not have a dedicated presence in any other part of Africa, besides South Africa and some North African countries.The veteran internet player, the old man of the internet, serves hundreds of ...


What America’s piracy act means for business and innovation [Infographic]

America’s proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), if passed, has massive ramifications. Any website deemed to be hosting copyrighted material stands the chance of having access to its domain name blocked. That means a whole slew of mashups, fan tributes and unauthorised remixes would disappear from the internet forever.Sites that depend on online advertising could also have their revenue completely cut off, as the act would empower the Attorney General to ban them from using online payment facilities such ...


Facebook fixes bug that gave access to private photos

Social networking giant Facebook has fixed a bug in its photo sharing system. The bug allowed users to view pictures that other users, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, had made private.The bug was first spotted noted on a body-building forum and involved Facebook’s system of reporting inappropriate content.When a user reported a member’s profile picture as inappropriate, they were asked if they had other photographs to report. This then gave them access to other private photos."We discovered ...


Citizen news anchor with Flud 2.0

You’ve heard of Citizen Journalist? Well how about Citizen News Anchor? Content-curation, the favoured buzzword of Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson comes to life in Flud, a Flipboard-like news aggregator app for iOS. While Flipboard captured the hearts and minds of iPad owners (and now iPhone), the very similar Flud 2.0 attempts to add a distinctive news aggregation flavour of its own. From the beating heart of San Diego where its corporate offices are based, Flud 2.0 promises “an information ecosystem where ...

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The future is social, local, mobile, says Google’s Eric Schmidt

Eric SchmidtGoogle Chairman Eric Schmidt says that all the "interesting applications" of the future are going to be a combination of social, local and mobile."All the best engineering is going into mobile apps," he said at the LeWeb conference in Paris.The fundamentals of social, mobile and local have been a fundamental truth for human beings for years and we're now using technology, specifically internet-connected phones, to enhance that.The social part is what we do as human beings -- we speak ...

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A new global revolution: Music streaming with Deezer [LeWeb]

Facebook's partnership with Spotify alerted the world to the growing popularity of music streaming services. A new global wave is coming to this dynamic space.French music streaming service, Deezer, has challenged Spotify by announcing that its service will now be open to the world, with a 200-country launch.Deezer is a web‐based online music streaming service that gives users instant access to music without the hassle of downloading an app. Users are able to listen to music on their ...

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‘Silicon Valley needs a competitor, get your act together’ – Eric Schmidt

ericschmidt_lewebGoogle Chairman Eric Schmidt threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the world, saying "Silicon Valley needs a competitor"."Competition is good. Get your act together," he said at the LeWeb 2011 conference in Paris.Schmidt said that Silicon Valley had shown the world a "model of innovation" and that there are a number of cities in the world that could be a tech hub to rival that in San Francisco. There are developing tech hubs in Paris, London, Berlin and ...

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Six innovative mobile apps to keep your eye on [LeWeb]

Here are six mobile apps that are making waves right now -- some are really well known and have been around for a while, others are brand new and hot. At the LeWeb conference in Paris, fast-becoming one of the hottest web tickets outside the US, we got a bit more insight into them:1. Uber - your private driver Uber is the taxi of the future, all governed via slick iPhone and Android apps. It's a company that has received US$32-million ...


YouTube launches localised Nigerian site

Online video-sharing titan YouTube has launched a dedicated localised site for Nigeria. The announcement comes just days after a similar launch in Uganda.According to YouTube, the new site will "promote content that is most relevant to Nigerians"."Content uploaded by Nigerian users will show up as “browse pages” on the YouTube Nigeria site, creating a new virtual space for the national community and giving Nigerians the opportunity to increase their exposure online,” it claims.One Nigerian channel already making waves ...


Witchdoctors go online and get Social Media-tastic

Picture 12 If there's one thing scamsters love, it's a new way to hawk their tawdry wares. While it’s not nearly as ancient and powerful as black magic and voodoo, the internet has a powerful juju. And Google AdWords. Welcome to online witchdocters.If you live in a developing country (and who knows, maybe even in some neighbourhoods in the developed world) you occasionally find flyers stuffed under your windscreen wipers offering the services of "traditional healers", witchdoctors and suchlike. They’re normally cheesy ...






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