Pepsi to stream live concerts to Twitter followers

Pepsi and Coca Cola have always had what one might generously call a competitive spirit. Now the two soft drink giants appear to be duking it out to see which can provide the best online music experience for its fans. Pepsi has announced that it will be streaming live video of concerts to its followers on Twitter. According to The Next Web, the deal is part of a global advertising campaign that will also feature a television spot with singer ...


Google admits Street View engineer told colleagues about collecting Wi-Fi data

A Google engineer who wrote a program that collected private data from people’s unsecured Wi-Fi networks told at least two colleagues he had done so. That’s according to the full version of a report detailing the FCC’s investigation into the internet giant. The issue caused uproar in the US and Europe when it was revealed that data had been collected as Google’s Street View cars drove around capturing images. The program was first written in 2006, and the internet giant ...


Mobile sensors to be worth $6bn by 2016 [Report]

Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are crucial pieces of equipment in our smartphones and tablets. You might take them for granted, or might not even know what they are, but 4-billion are set to be built into our mobile devices by 2016. MEMS include accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and others such as pressure, humidity, and temperature sensors -- some of which are crucial to the Augmented Reality and Location-based services found in so many of today’s devices. Thing is, those 4-billion ...

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Prometheus international launch trailer is new and spoiler-riffic

You've been bombarded with Prometheus trailers, viral campaigns and Twitter teases but still you want more. Today, your gift is the Prometheus international launch trailer, all 2-minutes and 54-seconds of it. A warning before you watch it. The trailer pretty much gives away 90% of the plot. Ridley Scott fans will be able to pick apart the Aliens references with a fine-toothed comb. The video is just shy of 100 000 views, with most of the comments bemoaning the plot being laid out for ...


Egypt to supply 10k university students with tablets

Egypt is set to give out free tablets to some 10 000 university students. According to Cairo-based newspaper Al-Ahram, the project is a collaboration between the ministries of education and communication. It was announced at Cairo's ICT conference. It is unclear how precisely the government will decide who the tablets go to, but they will be distributed over the next six months according to who needs them most. It also unclear what the specs for the tablet will be, ...

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Phandroids, meet your dream bar accessory: KegDroid [Video]

Hey, are you geek who loves beer? Do you ever wish you could combine the two aspects of your personality? Well one Googler named Paul Karff might just have the perfect product for you. It’s called the KegDroid and it lets you select and pour beer from a couple of Kegs using an Android tablet. Okay, that’s might actually complicate things a little and the lay-person might find all the wires and gadgetry behind KegDroid a little confusing. The real ...


Zuckerberg joins Viddy, sparks Instagram comparisons

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has joined video-sharing service Viddy, potentially providing a massive boost to the company. Under the username Zuck, the young billionaire also posted a video of his dog Beast playing around the house. According to The Next Web, the video has generated some 1 200 likes. The tech news site speculates, however, that it could get a lot more were he to share it on his Facebook page, which has over 13-million subscribers. Although there isn’t anything ...

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SEO jobs to ‘suffer’ but mobile, open source jobs to fly

iStock_000017236140Small If you're in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game, you may need to think about a career change. A recent report from suggests that SEO jobs in the future will "suffer". Why? Well, says, Google has "intensified its fight against low quality content". SEO is the practice of ensuring that a site occupies the highest position possible in Google, effectively the largest gateway to the quality web. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this but it does mean that if ...

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Google Drive is out, but where is your privacy and ownership?

Google Drive "Ok so the new Google Drive is out, but what about ownership of your files and the privacy that comes with it?" This was my first reaction when I heard about the launch. I have a great understanding of Google and I am sure there is more to the purpose behind this new product than meets the eye. Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox are the two largest online storage services today, and yes Google took its time to join. As Google already ...

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Nando’s delivers final word in ad battle with Santam

nandos-logo-with-barci copy The advertising battle between Nando's and Santam has been one of the more entertaining ones in recent history. And just when you thought it was over the fast food chain decided to deliver one final salvo. After Nando's ripped off an ad from the insurance company which illustrated how easy it was to miss the details, Santam fired back with a challenge: Nando's was to drop off a very specific order of food at a children's home. As we reported ...






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