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Between: the world’s most popular private network for couples

Between 1-horz If you are among those who think social networking is becoming too noisy and intrusive, then there is a solution. It's a private social network that allows you to communicate with your partner in a private, intimate way. No it's not Pair. In fact, it predates the cutesy social effort that's been grabbing headlines in the tech press. Between is an app developed by South Korean startup VCNC. It provides a quick chat option between couples, as well as photo ...


SA to host majority of SKA: Twitter celebrates

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA) of telescopes is to be split between South Africa and Australia and New Zealand. That's according to an announcement made by the nations belonging to the SKA organisation at an airport in Amsterdam today. The 1.5-billion Euro project has massive financial and tech implications for both countries. As we've previously pointed out, in order for the 3 000 radio dishes to operate effectively in real-time, they will need some pretty impressive networking and processing power. They ...


Extra shares could spell more bad news for Facebook’s Wall Street gamble

Facebook Like Facebook's IPO is considered a failure in that the share price was too high to attract retail investors. There's more bad news. More than 1.7-billion shares owned by insiders, such as employees, etc, will be "unlocked' over the next six months and will be eligible for trading. That's a huge overhang considering that Facebook floated 421-million shares in its IPO. It's equivalent to an additional four Facebook IPOs. The largest block of shares, about 1.3-billion, unlocks in six months time. Also, the late ...


SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft captured successfully by ISS

History has just been made. Space X's Dragon Capsule has docked successfully with the International Space Station. It is the first privately built spacecraft in history to do so. After launching earlier this week, the spacecraft gradually made its way to the space station, eventually flying in formation with it. Before the Dragon docked, it turned its engines off, signalling that it was ready to be brought in on the space station's robotic arm. Here's the moment it happened: ...


Eskimi: A social network for feature phones crosses 7m user mark

Mobile social networks have a habit of thriving in emerging markets. You only have to look at the likes of Mxit from South Africa -- with over 50-million users -- and China's Tencent QQ mobile, with over 200-million users, to see that. One relatively new contender making waves is the Lithuanian-based Eskimi, which recently went past the 7-million user mark. Bear in mind that half of those users are from Nigeria, and that it's only available on feature phones at ...


Twitter geeks out for Towel Day

What is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything? Don't Panic if you notice your colleagues and friends carrying towels around with them today. It's not because they've gone crazy. It's just Towel Day. And the answer to the question, the ultimate question is 42. Every 25 May fans of science fiction writer, Douglas Adams, honour his memory by celebrating Towel Day. Towel day is being celebrated around the world with various events according to The ...


Logitech iPad Speaker Stand [Review]

In swag-factor alone, Logitech's iPad Speaker Stand succeeds. The iPad (or iPhone if you're daring or stupid enough) cradles into the dock, charges and blasts music out of the ultra-loud speakers. For US$60 or so, it is a worthy purchase. Best part, the click when the iPad is rotated in place. Here, I've filmed it for posterity. Why's my arm so hairy? The speaker is stable, pumps out incredibly loud music without distortion and turns the iPad into a hot, sexy ...

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Africa Gathering: London event to celebrate African startups

People tend to get excited around startups. It's probably something to do with the manic energy and will to succeed possessed by the people running them. And if the reaction to articles like this and this are anything to go by, people are really excited by African startups. In fact, people around the world are starting to talk about startups on the continent in a big way. One example of this is the Africa Gathering annual conference to be held in ...


Facebook launches camera app that’s totally different to Instagram, promise

It takes great photos that you can instantly share, comes with a range of cool-looking filters and is owned by Facebook. But it's not Instagram. The 900-million user strong social network today announced the launch its own social camera app, which it claims was built before it shelled out US$1-billion for Instagram. According to Facebook the standalone app allows you to upload multiple photos to your albums rather than having to do them one at a time. You can also ...

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China hits 1 billion mobile phone users

china-flag Yes, there are over a billion mobile phone users in China. Considering the population of the country is around 1.3-billion, that means that more than 76% of Chinese citizens have one. Wow. The latest stats, released by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), show that there are approximately 1 030 052 000 mobile users in the country. The new information, reported on Chinese language site Sina Tech and later picked up by Tech in Asia, confirms previous ...






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