The Oatmeal wants to save Nikola Tesla’s tower [Update]

This may be the most ridiculously geektastic thing we've ever seen. The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman is raising funds to save a historic landmark used by history's greatest geek Nikola Tesla. Wardencliffe Tower -- built in Long Island, New York -- was intended an early wireless transmission tower designed by Tesla and intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting, and to demonstrate the transmission of power without interconnecting wires. Yep that's right uninitiated Tesla fans, the man wanted to wirelessly transmit ...


4 inspiring tablets from Africa for Africa

With mobile and internet access increasing dramatically over the past decade, most prominently in Africa and other emerging markets, it is without a doubt an after effect of engineers and entrepreneurs to adapt to their potential markets. The digital divide that exists in developing countries, together with weak educational systems, is what the future of these countries rests on. In recent years though initiatives focusing on producing cheap tablet computers and providing learning platforms have been risen up with at ...


Tencent coughs up $27m for 49% stake in Singapore game company

It's no secret that Chinese social media superpower Tencent sees gaming as a big part of its future. So it shouldn't be all that surprising that it was willing to spend US$27-million for a 49% stake in Singapore gaming company Level Up. According to TechNode, the deal was confirmed in Tencent's semi-annual report, after first being penned back in January. The acquisition adds to the company's arsenal of gaming properties, which includes a minority stake in Epic Games, the studio behind ...


Top international ad man heads speaker line up at IMC Joburg

Nowadays, everyone's trying to sell something, even if it’s only ourselves. That also means we all fall into that dirtiest of categories "marketer". Very few us have traditional training in the field though, so it pays to get all the help we can. Enter the fourth Integrated Marketing Communications Conference (IMC). The conference, set to take place on 15-16 October, will be headlined by international speaker Joshua-Michéle Ross of Fleishman Hillard Europe. The ad man currently runs the global digital account ...

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Medium: Twitter co-founders’ new venture has an identity crisis

Medium There's a certain breed of entrepreneur that just can't sit still. They're always thinking about the next big thing, the next industry to disrupt. Medium, the new publishing platform from Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, is a case in point. As FastCompany notes, Medium is essentially a blogging platform which, at the moment, is only open to a few select authors. It's not exactly short on ambition either. In a post introducing the platform Williams essentially states that ...


Mxit Money: new mobile money service from Africa’s largest social network

MxitMoney_iPhone_Electricity What’s the future of banking? Well we know that in the future our mobile phones will replace money, and even our credit cards. Why? Because this is the device that is with us all the time and is always connected. But who is going to make this play? The banks? The cellphone operators? The phone manufacturers? Or a mobile social network? Mxit is taking mobile money and payments quite seriously. Earlier this year the popular instant messaging service rolled out ...


Reuters blog hacked, Syrian cyber war suspected cause

Ouch. You do not want to be the person in charge of Reuters' online security right now. The renowned news agency's blogging platform has been hacked for the second time in two weeks. This time the hack saw a fake story about the Saudi foreign minister dying posted on the platform. Apparently on high alert after its 3 August attack, the agency pulled the post fairly soon after it went up. "Reuters did not report the false story and the ...


Mobile payments to be worth $1.3tn by 2017

You many have noticed a fair few players trying to get in the mobile money game recently. There's a very good reason for that. The field is about to explode. According to tech analysis company Juniper Research, transactions made using mobile payment services are set to be worth US$1.3-trillion by 2017, growing nearly fourfold in the next five years. The research company reckons that these transactions -- which will account for 54% of the total value of mobile payments by ...

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Survivor of the great dotcom crash: Q&A with Brent Hoberman

brenthoberman Brent Hoberman is remarkably busy. It took three months and a couple of million emails to peg him down for 20 minutes to answer a few questions. Then again, that probably comes with being a pioneer of the dotcom era. The late 90s were a turbulent time for the web: the burst of the dotcom bubble left many online companies in shambles, but there were survivors. One such survivor was, the online travel and gift business Hoberman founded ...

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Could AR drones be the future of journalism?

img_5570 guillaume tunzini We've all read stories about how remote control drones have been used in war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Some of us may even know that Barack Obama has doubled the number of drones attacks, resulting in between 1 492 and 2 378 deaths between 2004 and 2011. Obviously drones are incredibly efficient when it comes to automated warfare, but what if we used them for journalism? Good news! You can buy one for about 300 Euro. The AR-Drone is a quadricopter, ...






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