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Nokia results confirm that it is in big trouble

Nokia It looks like Nokia isn't about to stop hemorrhaging any time soon. The release of its latest quarterly report highlights just how bad things are, for the once mighty mobile company. The bright point for investors is that this bad news was anticipated, and mostly factored into the share price. Overall net sales fell by 19% year on year but were a smidgen higher than the traditionally bad first quarter, up three percent. The overall loss was close to US$1-billion ...

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Apple ordered to say that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad

samsung galaxy tab apple ipad Someone needs to give the judge in Apple and Samsung's UK patent case an award for all the entertainment he's given the tech press. First he said that there was no way the Galaxy Tab was infringing on the iPad's design, because (among other things) the Tab is just "not as cool" as Apple's tablet. Now he's ordered the Cupertino tech giant to publish a notice on the UK version of its website and local print media declaring that Samsung ...


Google teams up with Tate Modern, lets you collaborate on animations

Google logo Aspiring artists of the world rejoice. Google and renowned British art museum the Tate Modern have teamed for an HTML 5 and Javascript-based online art experiment that lets you collaborate with others to create animations and stories using a web-based drawing tool. Called This Exquisite Forest, the experiment features short “seed” animations from the likes of Bill Woodrow, Dryden Goodwin, Julian Opie, Mark Titchner, Miroslaw Balka, Olafur Eliasson and Raqib Shaw. From these seeds you can add new animations that extend the ...


Use social media to join a band for one night at London’s 100 club

100 club The 100 Club in London attained legendary status in modern British music, having played host to some of the most influential artists on the planet since 24 October 1942. Now you have the power to get one of ten bands a gig there using a Facebook app. What's cooler is that by voting you and a friend stand a chance to join them in London for the gig. Renowned shoe brand Converse is looking for South Africa’s best unsigned talent to ...


Mobile money in emerging markets: where to next?

mobile money We recently identified some of the main challenges that have faced mobile network operator (MNO) mobile money (MM) products, and why the concept's overall impact in emerging markets remains a bit of a mixed bag. This week, we look at whether the shift to interoperability heralds a new deal between banks and operators that offers a sufficiently compelling model to make services practical and affordable for the vast majority of the poor and unbanked. The aid and donor community has always ...

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How big tech companies keep journalists under their thumbs

News Image David Weidner, a 15 year veteran reporter on the Wall Street beat, recently wrote an interesting article about the time he spent reporting on some of the world's biggest companies and financial institutions. He notes that much has changed and a lot hasn't in his time among America's financial elite. Presumably to mark each of his years covering the financial services sector he came up with 15 "takeaways." The one that caught my eye was number three: Too cozy for comfort: It's ...


Why nurturing creativity is necessary for innovation

Innovation Without creative individuals, we would not be able to enjoy the innovation that punctuates our lives on a daily basis. How can organisations retain this valuable skill while driving productivity? Creativity has always been the driving force behind human innovation. This unique quality is recognised as the primary contributor towards the ‘spark’ that has brought us each and every basic necessity, creature comfort and technology that we take for granted on a daily basis. Without it, the human race would be ...

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Google+ to allow third party apps for brand pages

Google Plus Black Late last year Google+ launched Plus Pages as a way for brands to connect with users on the social network. The problem was that these pages couldn't be managed with third party apps. But it seems Google+ is about to change all that. "With Google+ Pages, millions of businesses and brands are now connecting with their followers in meaningful ways online," writes Googler Eduardo Thuler in a post. "... many brands use third party tools to manage their social media ...

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Nelson Mandela’s birthday: the online conversations [Infographic]

Mandela Day social media You may have seen what Nelson Mandela's life story could have looked like if social media had been around since before the fall of apartheid, but what did internet users really have to say on his 94th birthday yesterday? His name trended world wide on Twitter and the YouTube tributes poured in -- and all the while, online reputation management company BrandsEye was monitoring the buzz. Birthday wishes and stories of how people were spending their 67 minutes on Mandela Day ...

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YouTube launches first video sharing anonymity tool

youtube blur YouTube has launched a "face blurring" tool that allows users to protect the identity of people in videos. "As citizens continue to play a critical role in supplying news and human rights footage from around the world, YouTube is committed to creating even better tools to help them," said the video sharing site on its blog. This service is a first for online video sites -- according to the international human rights organization, "no video-sharing site or hardware manufacturer currently ...






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