The life wireless — are we ready to cut the cord?

I hate wires. For every piece of technology I own, there seems to be at least three cables that come along with it. A work colleague often refers to the daily routine of plugging our laptops into the monitor, keyboard, power source, mouse etc. as putting it on life support. It feels as if wireless technology is still trying to catch up with all the cool gadgets that are created every year. Why isn't everything wireless yet? Read more on Gearburn.


Facebook director Peter Thiel unloads shares in the social network

This is big. Facebook director and early investor Peter Thiel has unloaded the majority his stock in the social network. According to CNBC, Thiel sold around 22-million of Facebook shares. Although he did so at the first possible opportunity, it was reportedly in keeping with a plan he had formulated prior to the company going public. That means Thiel's decision to unload so many shares was not in reaction to Facebook's stock market woes over the past few weeks. It's ...


Did Facebook steal Timeline? This Chinese social network thinks so

The Chinese online space is renowned for its clones of Western social media sites, but at least one company thinks copying goes the other way too. According to Beijing-based consulting company Marbridge, Chinese social network plans to sue Facebook for stealing the idea of Timeline. CEO Xiong Wanli claims that his company launched its Timeline feature back in February 2008, connecting all the functions and features on the site in a chronological history of each user's activity. Xiong says ...


Is Apple really the most valuable company ever?

apple_eclipse Go to any tech aggregator right now and you'll see headlines loudly proclaiming Apple to be the most valuable publicly traded company ever. The Cupertino-based giant's stock today reached US$660.73, giving it a market capitalisation US$619.37-billion. That means it slunk past the US$618.89-billion capitalisation Microsoft hit in 1999, which many believe to be the previous record. That makes it the most valuable publicly listed company in history. Except it doesn't. Don't get me wrong, it's a compelling story. ...


Followergate: gaming the system to boost follower count

new twitter logo blue Here we go again. Another storm has been brewing on the South African social media scene. This time, big digital agencies are accused of buying Twitter followers. The thing is, the issue of fake followers is actually been around since 2009 when the Telegraph wrote a piece exposing Maz Nadjm, then head of social media at Sky TV for artificially boosting his Twitter following. Nadjm claimed to be "responsible for social media at Sky TV" and was named by PR ...


SMS to drive mobile messaging ad revenue past $7.14bn by 2017

SMS Think mobile messaging services like Whatsapp are killing SMS? Think again. In fact, the use of location-based SMSes to deliver relevant ads will see mobile messaging ad revenue hit US$7.14-billion by 2017. According to UK-based tech analysis company Juniper Research, targeted SMSes have significant benefits for anyone looking to push their brand. While they may lack the rich media content of other advertising formats, they are very familiar to consumers and have a much higher chance of being opened, even ...


Got a Whatsapp request on Facebook? Don’t open it

If one of your friends sends you a Facebook request asking you to connect on Facebook don't open it. It's spam of the very worst kind. The request seems fairly legitimate in its design, but if you actually take a look at the URL it leads you to, there's absolutely no evidence that the product has any ties to the mobile messaging service. According to The Next Web, the goal of the scam is to get hold of your Facebook information. ...

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If content is king, can $1 buy you royalty?

King of Clubs Content is King. There's no doubt that great content brings all the users to the proverbial yard, but at what cost? And to whom? 1DollarArticle is now offering 500 word articles for US$1 and, while it's safe to say that the internet has disrupted a few traditional businesses, surely the price of good quality content is much greater than that. If we take a closer look at some of the examples that 1DA has on-site, its clear to see the articles ...

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Social’s great, but without search you’re up the creek

Search This is not another social media article. This is however an article that talks about how and where search and social need to find a home within your online strategy. Ok, let’s take a step back. Before social media took off at a rate of knots; it was search marketing that captured the world's attention. There were certain methodologies that you could (and should have) employed to ensure to a large degree that your site would appear high up on ...

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Test driving Zeen: the new platform from YouTube’s founders

Zeen3 I know what you’re thinking: oh no, another social platform guaranteed to eat my life. Zeen is the brand spanking new content curation platform from the creators of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. One look at Zeen’s homepage will tell you all you need to know: “discover and create beautiful magazines”. It sounds good in theory right, but what is Zeen like hands on? Zeen recently opened in beta, so I took the opportunity to test-drive it. I reserved ...






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