Driving with Siri [Comic]

Driving with Siri I was browsing through The Joy of Tech, a popular webcomic site, earlier when I came across this hilarious comic. Siri's abilities have amazed us since Apple introduced her to us last year. She can do almost anything and if she is unable to do it, she will find a way to get it done. She's a dream, she doesn't argue too much and you don't really feel the need to argue with her because Siri knows best. She could ...


How your desk job is killing you [Infographic]

“Each hour you spend watching TV increases your risk of death by 11%.” The average person has a 100% chance of dying, so if you watch an hour of TV after work today, you’ll increase that to a 111% chance. Watch out, your flatscreen is deadly! This is just one of the shocking statistics in a recently released infographic. It’s pink, it’s an infographic, it has meat cleavers scattered throughout... what’s not to like? It also contains some pretty scary statistics ...


Is China really set for an online advertising boom?

China’s has the largest online population on the planet, over 500-million people by most estimates. Add in 300-million people with accounts on its various microblogging sites (called weibos) and you can see why advertisers might be clamouring to go online. That drive for online advertising is only being fuelled by the fact that authorities are placing restrictions on broadcast advertising. According to online research company eMarketer, the Chinese government is making it increasingly difficult for companies to buy prime time ...


TV watching on tablets to hit three hours a month by 2014

So you have a tablet. It’s great right? You can do all sorts of cool stuff on it. But could it ever hope to replace your TV when it comes to viewing video content. I mean sure, it’s great for the odd YouTube clip, and it’ll just about do for series when nothing else is available, but serious viewing needs a serious screen. Right? Think again. Tech research company Juniper Research reckons we’re increasingly falling in love with mobile TV. ...


Win tickets to Social Media Bootcamp 2012

This competition is now closed and the winners are... cohensarah, CopyWriterCPT and calvyndutoit. Congrats! Social media is one of the primary reasons people spend time on the web. Even in an emerging market country like South Africa, 80% of all people have an active Facebook account which is visited twice daily. Social media is a form of instant communication, so would it not make sense that you understood it better? The Social Media Bootcamp is your answer. This course, which will run in ...

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How your company’s attitude to social media is changing

Social Networks There was a time, not so long ago, when social media was viewed as a productivity killer. Companies banned their employees from visiting the likes of Facebook and Twitter, fearing that they would spend hours on these social media sites instead of working. But that attitude is rapidly changing. More companies are starting to see the value in giving their staff access to social networks. In fact, tech research company Gartner reckons that only 30% of large organisations will ...

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Man kills vendor over fake iPhone

Police have arrested a man in Zhengzhou, China, for attacking a group of cellphone vendors after being sold a fake iPhone. Identified only as “Mr Feng”, the 29 year old killed one vendor and put another in the hospital. Photos of the attack, murder weapon and fake iPhone surfaced on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo and online community QQ soon afterwards. Feng said he was approached by a vendor while shopping at the city’s 27 Plaza, who offered to sell him an ...


Apple App Store hits 25bn downloads

Another day, another Apple record broken. Today the 25-billionth app was downloaded from the Apple app store. The 25 billionth app downloaded, Where's My Water? Free, was downloaded by Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China. The company reckons that apps are downloaded by some 315-million, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices worldwide. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services thanked all of Apple’s customers for downloading so prolifically before commenting on how rapidly the store had ...


Syrian government blocks access to WhatsApp

The latest mobile tool to suffer at the hands of a dictatorial regime isn’t a social network, or even an inflammatory mobile site. It’s SMS killer WhatsApp. The instant messaging service sent out a Tweet from its official account, stating that it had been banned in Syria: We are told that WhatsApp is now being blocked in Syria. A blow to free speech and open communications everywhere. Sad day for freedom.— WhatsApp Inc. (@WhatsApp) March 5, 2012 According to TheNextWeb, killing ...


Google’s privacy policy: ‘This stuff matters’

google piracy Google's new privacy policy is probably pretty old news to you by now. After all, for every search that you do, you get a nice notification from Google that its privacy policy is changing and that "This stuff matters...". If you've bothered to read it, you will know that Google intends to amalgamate all of the data that they collect about you into a single account profile. Unsurprisingly, the new policy has divided reception across the internet. Google fans can't see ...






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