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7 costly social media mistakes you must avoid making

social media sign When it comes to the huge social web, various digital marketing professionals cannot help making mistakes with social media marketing. In their pursuit to promote their latest campaign, and to embrace this buzzing new medium, they keep on forgetting everything that they have learned about marketing. They are also ignoring the baseline rules and assume that this "one" time won't really matter. To be honest, it does. Especially to the audience they're trying to reach and engage with. With any new ...

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11 tips for using social media to find your next job

Job Search According to a recent report from ABC News, 80% of today's jobs are landed through networking -- social networking being the main reason for this. In recent years, we have all seen the rapid development of social media; from Facebook check ins to pinning your favourite interests. Everything about everyone seems to be available online. This has been the catalyst for a dramatic change in the recruitment process. From multinational organisations to small local businesses, the change has been evident ...

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Apple pays Proview $60m to settle iPad trademark case

The battle between Apple and the Chinese company, Proview, has finally reached its conclusion. According to a report by AP, Apple has agreed to pay Proview US$60 million to settle a spat relating to the ownership of the iPad trademark. "The iPad dispute resolution is ended," reads a statement by the Guangdong High People's Court. "Apple Inc. has transferred $60 million to the account of the Guangdong High Court as requested in the mediation letter." The quarrel turned to a brawl in ...

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Millenials and the resistance to tech’s creepy stalker vibes

people with mobile phones Love tech? Of course you do, you're reading Memeburn. Thing is, even if you were born after the mid 1970s, you're probably afraid of at least one aspect of technology. According to Melanie Sheffler, editor-in-chief of YPulse magazine, most millenials -- also known as Generation Y -- are afraid that technology is "becoming something of a creepy stalker". "There’s no question that millennials are tech-savvy -- they'’re even occasionally called '“digital natives'” because technology and digital media have been a ...


One second is all it takes to knock the ‘internet’ out of whack

All it takes to cause chaos on the internet, is adding a 'leap second' to the atomic clock. For a few terrible minutes, people the world over could not check-in on Foursquare, Reddit stuff and Instagram their pretty pictures. According to the online furore, it seems some of the internet's stalwarts which included the Linux operating system and the Java application platform just couldn't take the the extra second. After the scheduled extra second was added to the clock on Saturday ...


CheqOut set to disrupt African mobile payments industry

cheqout_swipe_reader CheqOut, launching today, will allow anyone with an iPhone -- and later an Android phone or BlackBerry — to accept credit card payments, by swiping cards through a plug-in card reader. While CheqOut is similar to Square (Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s juggernaut electronic payment service) CheqOut is tailored for the African market. “We've done our research and adapted the Square concept for Africa. Our main focus has been on catering for the rich diversity of mobile handsets. Tablets still represent ...


Must watch: Faux startup Vooza pokes fun at startup culture

vooza_disrupt Gameface solemnly shelved, Ventureburn takes a breath to celebrate two videos that brilliantly spoof our bizarre and wonderful startup culture. The first video, released recently, sees an anodyne narrator — tongue firmly in cheek — hazily describe its fictitious (we think?) company called Vooza, while bandying about buzz terms like “crowdsourcing”, acronyms like API and S3, and hip development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. There’s name dropping by means of tech investor slash celebrity, Ashton Kutcher and a mention ...


Samsung Galaxy S III sales set to top 10 million in July

galaxy s 3 Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, is a hit among consumers, and Samsung expects it to hit cumulative sales of 10 million units this July, according to the firm’s Head of Telecommunication Business Shin Jong-Kyun. Samsung launched the Galaxy S III — considered to be the Apple iPhone 4S’ main competition — on May 29 in Europe and 7 June in South Africa. Samsung is now planning to include more emerging markets as part of its global roll-out, ...


Tech wars: 5 battlefronts that show it’s more than just Google vs the world

Battle strategy It seems that with every mid-year tech product announcement, the battle lines become even more drawn out and GigaOm reckons it’s starting to look a lot like Google vs The World. Now that the Glass fanfare is starting to die down it’s plain to see that Google isn’t the only company that has quite a few battlefronts, against formidable foes, to cover. Let’s discuss a few: 1. The platform war Android vs iOS; and to a smaller degree vs Blackberry OS ...


4 ways to make yourself seem way cooler online than you really are

Nerd hides behind a computer The other day I received a tweet from an extremely beautiful woman. I followed her instantly, because the comment she had sent me was profound, of course, not because of her striking resemblance to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Imagine my surprise when my research indicated that this uncanny likeness was caused by the fact that the woman's avatar was indeed a pic of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and that the woman was actually an overweight middle-aged housewife. Her tweets instantly seemed ...






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