Has iPhone 5 production begun?

gsmarena_0012 The world wants the iPhone 5. It's a fact as solid as the aluminum Apple likes so much. And as long as it hasn't been released, rumors true and far-fetched will fly through cyberspace. The rumor mill has produced its latest tale thanks to a Digitimes report. An insider in the industry claims that production of the new iPhone has already begun. This, before any official release of the iPhone, suggests that the 7 August release date rumor could prove to be true. Unlike ...


New Superman trailer is all kinds of gritty

Boom. Superman is back and judging by the tone of the new Man of Steel trailer he's about as dark and brooding as Batman with a hangover. That's hardly surprising when you consider that Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is producing the film. Its director Zack Snyder isn't exactly a stranger to edgy treatments of comic book characters either. His previous credits include work on 300 and Watchmen. The titular role will be played by British actor Henry Cavill who previous ...

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SA presidency suffers serious Twitter gaffe

new twitter logo blue The official Twitter account for the Presidency of South Africa suffered a major gaffe after the person manning it cursed the fact that they were missing a TV talent show. The account administrator tweeted out a message expressing disappointment at the fact that it was missing the South African version of international hit reality TV singing contest Idols: OH NO!! I'm missing out on @IdolsSA. I'm far away in another timezone.#sadness— PresidencyZA (@PresidencyZA) July 22, 2012 It then recanted, saying the ...

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5 aspects of the hunt for Kim Dotcom that make no sense

online piracy In January 2012 the United States confiscated the domains (and servers) of MegaUpload, a file-sharing and storage site based in Hong-Kong a few days after arresting Kim Dotcom, the owner of the multi-million dollar business. In short, the sites were shut down by the US on the indictment of the owners for running a criminal organisation centred on copyright infringement. Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz) has recently taken to Twitter to raise his objections to not only the way he ...

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4 reasons why I’m glad Madiba never used Twitter

Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela -- father of the nation, freedom fighter, an example to all of humanity. But sadly, like other equally historically important iconic heroes such as Lil Wayne and Kim Kardashian, sometimes following someone as important as Madiba on Twitter can be a little bit of a disappointment. The struggle could never be reduced to 140 characters or less, so maybe it's just as well Madiba had already retired from politics by the time Twitter became popular. We can only ...

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The Olympic Games: losing money on social, but not for the reason you think

Olympic Rings The Olympic Games, to be held in London from 27 July, are being heralded as the first social media games, where the ubiquity of platforms like Twitter and Facebook will enable competitors, attendees and viewers around the world to share their experience in ways never dreamed of even a decade ago. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has reacted to this by putting together a set of draconian rules governing what entrants and attendees can and cannot do when sharing this once ...


10 African news innovations with serious potential

New Machine If you’ve been following the Knight News Challenge, the US headquartered Knight Foundation’s multi-million dollar initiative that rewards innovation in the news media industry, you’ll find the African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) equally compelling. With ANIC’s maiden voyage this year, it became Africa’s largest fund for supporting digital news startups and encouraging new media experimentation. The challenge will award prizes totalling US$1 million to startups that create innovative solutions in fields such as “data driven journalism, investigative reporting, newsroom management, audience ...

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Don’t count social media followers, measure engagement rate

social media text Look, social media is important for business, we all know that. But being on the right platforms is just the tip of the iceberg. It's becoming increasingly important to be able to analyse and understand how your brand is performing on social media. Socialbakers, a global social media and digital analytics company, recently released a timely infographic, that addresses the issue of engagement with social media. According to the company: “Because social media involves a great deal of human interaction ...


Marissa Mayer’s sweet $71 million pay package from Yahoo!

marissamayer Marissa Mayer is up for a seriously big pay-day. Yahoo! has just filed its regulatory documents with the SEC, disclosing how much it will pay its newly appointed CEO. Mayer, who joined the company after leaving Google only a few days ago, will earn an annual salary of US$1-million. According to the documentation however, she will earn a considerable amount of equity on top of her US$1-million annual salary. This is how the money gurus at CNN broke it down: Mayer's ...


Twitter shocked at Batman premiere shooting

At least 14 people have been shot dead during a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in the US state of Colorado. According to UK newspaper The Independent, there may have been two gunmen, wearing body armour and was wearing a gas mask started shooting people in the theatre about 30 minutes into the film. One has reportedly been arrested while a hunt is on for the other. According to Sky News reporter Brenda Stuart, the scene is still chaotic, and ...






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