Web traffic from tablets to beat smartphones by 2013 [Report]

Look, we all know tablets are selling in their droves. What you might not know though is that they’re about to eclipse smartphones as a means of connecting to the web. According to the latest report from Adobe’s Digital Index, tablets will generate more web traffic than smartphones by 2013. In fact, web usage on tablets has grown nearly 10 times faster since they were introduced a couple of years ago than it did when smartphones first came out. This growth ...

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Twitter’s newest feature? A weekly news letter

The latest feature being touted by Twitter comes in the form of a staple of traditional online media: the weekly newsletter. Yup that’s right, if you feel like you don’t get enough emails from the social network, you can now get a weekly summary of what went down. You know, just in case there was something you missed in the five seconds you averted your eyes from it. Twitter claims that the newsletter “features the most relevant Tweets and stories ...


Want $4m? Come up with the next big idea in energy

Innovation We need to fix energy. That much is obvious. Fossil fuels are slowly choking the planet, nuclear is falling out of favour and although the alternatives are getting more efficient, the scope for improvement is massive. One way to get people innovating is to give them an incentive. About US$4-million sounds good. The Zayed Future Energy Prize is offering exactly that amount of money for companies, individuals, organisations and high schools that think they can change energy for the better. Held ...


This great spoof app highlights Niger Delta oil nightmare [Video]

Royal Dutch Shell is frequently blamed for turning the Niger Delta into the conflict-ridden ecological disaster it is today. Its apparent solution: the Live With it App. Actually, it turns out the video is part of Friends of the Earth Netherlands' latest campaign against the oil giant. The campaign, called Worse than Bad, aims to highlight the devastation that drilling for oil has caused in the region. Worse than Bad claims that over the last 50 years "Shell has helped ...


Iran bans international email providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail

iran In another example of the censorship that lead to the country being declared the biggest enemy of internet freedom, the Iranian government is reportedly banning access to international email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. According to AFP, the Iranian telecommunications agency has ordered that banks, insurance firms and telephone operators in the country switch over to email providers with .ir domains, and cease contacting clients who are using international email providers. If people want to communicate with these ...


Shutterstock aims for $115m IPO

So just how much is a stock image site worth? Well US$115-million is apparently a reasonable enough assumption. That’s the maximum value the US-based site Shutterstock is looking to get out in its Initial Public Offering (IPO), after filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today. In its filing it said the IPO would be managed by Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank Securities and Jefferies. At present, it is unclear how many shares will be put up for sale ...

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Privacy vs Social: Cool solutions to help you cope

Private Sign I've been advocating a stronger approach to privacy for some time now. My biggest concern is that we share so much private information using social media, that identity theft and other security issues are only just beginning to become apparent. Aside from this, we are caught between the need to take advantage of the social networks that the majority of our peers share and simply giving in to the terms and conditions that come as part and parcel of these ...


Why Microsoft blocking third-party browsers is no cause for panic

Windows 8 startscreen Go to most boardrooms today and you’ll see less and less people with laptops and more people using tablets and smartphones. As Android and iOS have firmly cemented themselves into the on-the-move computing via tablets and smartphones, Microsoft is yet to make its cautious leap into the fray. While Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system still dominates in laptop sales, the truth is that more people are looking to tablets for running around. Enter Windows 8. Microsoft has already partnered with Nokia to introduce ...

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Zando: The Germans are here

Zando Zando has hit the African continent. The ecommerce outfit has been building a presence in South Africa for the last three months. The local stores in the country, like the Naspers-owned Kalahari and the newly relaunched Takealot are about to get some serious competition. Zando is an online shoe and fashion retail outlet that apes the model pioneered by US-based company Zappos and it's been making serious waves with a massive advertising campaign in print, online, and radio. ...


Gearburn gets real with Max Payne [Q&A]

Gearburn’s Ronan Steyn got a chance to exchange some candid words with Max Payne: the star of the hotly anticipated Rockstar Studios’ game. Gearburn: So Max, thanks for taking time to chat to us today. Now we all know the old Max Payne, but tell us a bit about the new you. Max Payne: Like a bad soap’s storyline, mine keeps going. I had to leave New York City after Mona died, and Sao Paulo seemed as bad a place as any.






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