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What social media has and hasn’t done for Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall StreetWhen the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement first began, it wasn't so much a movement as a group of a couple hundred people who had sent tweets out declaring 17 September to be the day that protesters would "occupy Wall Street" and stage demonstrations in Zuccotti Park, a few blocks away from the New York Stock Exchange.Now, it’s become a force of energy, and has moved from a hodge-podge of grievances and issues to an initiative with a logo ...


Google serves up Ice Cream Sandwich, Galaxy Nexus

Google gave its customers two launches in one when it unveiled its highly anticipated Ice Cream sandwich operating system, along with an all new smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus, which it says "takes the smartphone to beyond smart".The phone, developed in conjunction with South Korean technology giant Samsung, is also the first designed to run Android 4.0."Beaming a video with a single tap or unlocking a device with only a smile sounds like science fiction. Now, you can ...


Apple announces $81.1-billion hoard, lobbies for US tax-break

We all know that Apple is immensely successful. After all, it briefly overtook oil-giant Exxon to become the most valuable company on Earth earlier this year. During its quarterly earnings conference call, though, Chief Fininacial Officer Peter Oppenheimer revealed exactly how big the Cupertino-based giant's hoard really is.Oppenheimer announced that Apple has about US$81.1-billion tucked away in cash and investments, adding that about two-thirds of this is made up of overseas investments.The iconic company also reported a record-high ...


People with lots of friends on Facebook have big heads – Neuroscientists

sfo-brain-scan-final-2 (650 x 526) Boasting more than 800-million users across the world and only trailing China and India as the most populous "nation" on Earth, it's hardly surprising that people have started to wonder what Facebook does to the brain? A study whose results are to be released in leading British biological research journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, recently tried to answer this question.The results showed that in people who had more friends on Facebook, three areas of the brain, all linked ...


It’s official: Droid RAZR is Motorola’s stunning new comeback

Our predictions for the Motorola Droid RAZR were spot on it seems. Yesterday, Motorola teased a brand new RAZR, a smartphone will hopefully take on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S II and iPhone 4S’ of the world.The Droid RAZR is a beast of a phone, but we already spoke about the internals, so let’s highlight the features which Motorola officially released.Not quite bulletproofWhen we mentioned that the RAZR is Kevlar-coated, dreams of utilising the phone as a makeshift ...


PS Vita US launch date confirmed, will ‘redefine traditional gaming’

The United States and Latin America will receive the coveted PlayStation Vita on 22 February, 2012. That’s according to Sony chief executive Jack Tretton.Tretton believes the "PlayStation Vita will redefine traditional boundaries of gaming and blur the lines between entertainment and reality"."Its launch will serve as a pivotal point in the history of portable gaming and create a new fan base of PlayStation gamers for generations to come", he said at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.


BlackBerry unveils new ‘developer friendly’ OS, BBX

BlackBerryDevBlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has unveiled its next generation operating system BBX, which it claims takes the best of the BlackBerry platform and the best of the QNX platform to connect people, devices, content and services.The ailing smartphone giant unveiled the new OS at its ongoing Devcon Americas 2011 conference, where it is attempting to convince developers that its platforms are still worthwhile investments.Among the features lauded by RIM on BBX is an all new BlackBerry Cascades ...

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Pitching perfection to investors: A 10-step guide

handshakeEnthusiastic entrepreneurs looking to raise funding must realise that a great business case alone is definitely not enough to guarantee a favorable outcome. Not preparing adequately for a presentation to an angel investor or a venture capital fund is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing failure.The power of a strong, well polished pitch to funders cannot be underestimated and it warrants considerable time and effort to make sure that you hit the mark first off. Here are some tips on what ...

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Münchausen by internet — The little known but not uncommon illness

Munchausen By Internet We all know that one person. One who is either terminally ill, has some or other rare disease or that one who has tried to commit suicide numerous times, sometimes even giving us a blow-by-blow account of how they were doing it.We know these people, perhaps not personally, but we know their Twitter handles, their forum names, their blogs. What many of us don't know is that while these people might indeed be ill, it might not be in ...

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Five tips for reporting with Twitter

Twitter LogoReal-time communication over the web through Twitter has had an enormous impact on journalism. Twitter is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for reporting. It started out as a simple alarm bell. One tweet about an accident was a wake-up call for journalists to follow-up on the topic and/or get in touch with tweeps on location. Think, for example, about the plane crash on the Hudson River, or the tweets from Cairo's Tahrir Square.Journalists now have more and better ...






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