Twitter time machine: What the first 30 tweets looked like

A little over six years ago, an idea that started out on a scrap of exam pad became reality. Twitter was born, its creators probably unaware that earth changing events would soon come to us in 140 character-sized chunks. In fact, judging by the messages Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and company sent out, they had absolutely no idea. If you saw their tweets today, you’d probably judge them for being so banal. The only one to show any ...


Previewed: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung did well with its range of tablets, and continues to do well as it pumps out slightly upgraded iterations of its hardware. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is no different, but represents a slight bump in hardware specs, as well as being one of the first tablets to offer a stylus interface option. Follow us as we weave you through the highs and lows of Samsung’s latest offering. Hardware, more of the same Let’s start with the design of the Note ...


My my, TweetDeck how you’ve changed… again

Twitter got bored again and decided to do some tinkering with TweekDeck for Mac, Windows and Chrome. The official Twitter client received a major upgrade this week, with a host of new and improved features. The upgrade looks to be a major enhancement to TweetDeck’s functionality, solving the problem of features that were found wanting in the previous upgrade. The Twitter client has been tweaked so its features align more closely with Twitter’s own goals for its future. Possibly the most appreciated ...

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ForgetMeNot Africa eTXT Apps Challenge: Win big in Zimbabwe

Apps-Challenge-Zim If you’re a Zimbabwean tech entrepreneur, this might be of interest to you. A competition launching next week at the Harare Club of JumpStart -- the community driven initiative for tech entrepreneurs -- will enable developers to launch their apps and earn revenue from them on Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s biggest cellular operator with an estimated 6 million subscribers. The competition is called the ForgetMeNot Africa eTXT Apps Challenge. ForgetMeNot Africa (FMNA) is the company that partners with mobile operators to provide ...


How to hitchhike across the US in 162 seconds [Video]

How do you condense a year of hitchhiking around the US into 162 seconds? Well, if your name is Benjamin Jenks, you take a load of photos, making sure your camera is at exactly the same angle for each one, stitch them all together and set it to a funky dance beat. It’s sort of like one of those videos that were really popular a couple of years back. You know, the kind that had someone taking a photo of ...


One in 10 to pay bills via mobile by 2016

Hey, remember when online banking came along? Suddenly you were spared hours in bank queues and dealing with bank employees. Thing is you were largely tied to your desktop. The next logical step was mobile banking. Smartphones have seen mobile banking take off in a big way. Banks even have apps that take you pretty damn close to the full online experience. Small wonder then that nearly one in 10 mobile users (in other words, pretty much all of us) ...


Tablets aren’t taking off in emerging markets? Think again

Ipad stuff As the new iPad goes on sale in Apple’s 10 priority markets, the excitement around the world is palpable. Not because this people can't wait to be in line for the first tablet featuring something called Retina Display, but because of something far more important. Lurking among many features of the new device announced by Tim Cook two weeks ago was a golden nugget for this market: the previous version, the iPad 2, would remain in production, and its price would ...

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All aboard the StartupBus: The pressure cooker startup incubator on wheels

startupbus Bottle the following ingredients: the electric buzz of a Red Bull fueled hackerspace, the interpersonal caterwauling of a reality show and pressure, loads of pressure. Now, let it loose on a bus travelling at 60 miles an hour and you get StartupBus. StartupBus has been around for over two years now and it continues to bring together intrepid tech entrepreneurs, designers and developers who present ideas and develop working prototypes while in transit. Buses carrying these enterprising tech geeks meander towards ...

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How to avoid hidden agendas on Pinterest

Pinterest-3 Unsurprisingly, many retail and fashion brands are jumping on the Pinterest band wagon. Fast. The latest brand I’ve noticed penetrating this space is GUESS. Interestingly, I came across the competition on Facebook. This is a nice example of a brand cross-pollinating to drive traffic to their Pinterest platform, but not all brands, and users, out there are using Pinterest for the greater good. Integrity vs. Originality? I think type of competition works well for GUESS in that their encouraging engagement between the user and ...


Memeburn’s best moments from SXSW 2012

sxsw With South by Southwest Interactive now all but forgotten in the wake of the tunes from the 2 000 or so musicians who took to stages all over Austin for the music portion of the festival and conference this past weekend, organizers and tech enthusiasts alike are reflecting on another year gone by. For ten days, role-players involved in the tech, film and music fields gathered at the annnual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, with an eye to ...






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