Why Facebook stumped up $1bn for Instagram

To paraphrase the punk band Anti Flag, 1-billion dollars “could buy a lot of bling”. Or, if you’re Facebook, it could buy you Instagram. But why did the world’s largest social network splash out so much for the photo-sharing app? Is it because it’s so addictive? Has Facebook suddenly got penchant for vintage photo filters? Or is it more interested in digging its claws into the info Instagram has on its 30-million plus users. According to tech research company Ovum, ...

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Emerging markets are killing when it comes to mobile social networks

Instagram’s a pretty big mobile social network. A user base now sitting somewhere north of the 30-million mark is nothing to be sneezed at. Thing is, big as Instagram is it’s nowhere near the biggest. In fact, emerging markets are killing when it comes to mobile social networks. Around half of the world’s top ten mobile social networks don’t have developed countries as their home bases. That’s according to social media consultant Tomi Ahonen who has compiled a “preliminary” ...

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5 Ways to grow your email list to tap into emerging markets

'@' mentions I’m sure you’ve heard the term BRICs and the hype surrounding these and other rapidly developing emerging markets. Your company may already be doing business with companies in these countries, or thinking of entering them. They can offer great return on investment and growth to businesses in saturated, mature and post-recessionary markets. Internet penetration is growing at an extraordinary pace in these markets which makes it easier for marketers to reach companies and contacts via online marketing. Email marketing Email ...

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Top tips for taking your blog mobile

Blog It’s time to take that last step and go mobile. Your competition is already there with nice, neat, accessible and entertaining blogs. Just because you’re online doesn’t mean your readers are compelled to visit you from their smartphones. You have to make it simple and enjoyable for them. Why go mobile? There is a reason people use mobile apps instead of opening clunky browsers on their phones and looking up information as they would on a desktop computer. People turn to mobile ...


Waze: the app that saves you from traffic and fines [Review]

Let’s be honest: I drive a car. I hate traffic. I get lost a lot. So when I heard there was an app that combined GPS navigation with traffic updates, it was installed on my phone within the hour. I was willing to try anything. Fortunately, as it turned out, Waze is actually pretty darn good. What is Waze? Waze is an app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian -- basically, pretty much everyone with a GPS function on their ...


Why Google’s Project Glass is actually a brilliant business strategy

google glass Google's augmented reality glasses are the key to a killer business strategy: how to provide Google to its users 24/7 -- it's instant search on steroids. You'll be able to Google reality anytime, and all the time. Facebook can keep the social network space and the ten and more hours a month that its users spend there; Google has its eyes on the biggest prize of all -- reality. Forget social, 24/7 is the new battleground. Google is ready and able to ...


Iran denies internet shutdown

With reports that Iran is set to restrict access to the internet by August, equally fervent denials are beginning to circulate. According to news agency AFP, the initial statement -- which supposedly came from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology actually had nothing to do with it. In a statement, the ministry said ”The report is in no way confirmed by the ministry”. It added that it was “completely baseless,” and that it served only, “the propaganda wing ...


HalfArsed-a-chef goes all Kenny Kunene with sushi challenge [Video]

Sushi’s tricky enough to make as it is. But when you have to make it look good enough to eat off a half-naked model, well that’s when things get really complicated. In this week’s HalfArsed-a-chef, the contestants were challenged to dish up the Japanese speciality a-la Kenny Kunene. For those not in the loop, Kunene is a South African businessman -- and former convicted criminal -- who rose to prominence after serving platters of sushi off half-naked models in his ...


‘Iran-ternet’ reportedly set to roll out fully by August

Iran plans to completely block its citizens from accessing the web by August. By then it hopes to restrict access to its own sanitised, internal Intranet. According to the International Business Times, the first phase of the project will be rolled out in May, during which services from the likes of Yahoo!, Google, and Hotmail will be replaced by Iran Search and Iran email. According to Reza Taghipour, the Iranian minister for Information and Communications Technology the changes are in ...


Instagram for Android goes past 5m downloads in six days

Twitter may have been abuzz with users claiming they were ready to leave Instagram after it was bought out by Facebook but it might not matter. Why not? Well for one thing, some 5-million users have downloaded the Android version of the app since it went live six days ago. According to TheNextWeb, this makes it one of the most successful Android launches of all time. In fact it puts the performance of the OS app completely in the shade. ...






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