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Africa finally pays its own way — with a mobile phone

Africa Mobile is big. Even bigger than you think. No technology in the history of mankind has achieved the reach and penetration globally that rivals that of the mobile phone. According to the International Telecommunications Union, at the end of 2011, there were approximately six billion mobile phone subscriptions. This is equivalent to 87% of the world’s population and a huge increase from 5.4-billion in 2010 and 4.7-billion mobile subscriptions in 2009. Initial excitement about the rise of the mobile phone was ...


Enter the Nexus: How Jelly Bean saved my life

I like being right on the cutting edge of whatever is happening in the Android universe and the only way one can do that is by using a Nexus device. I recently acquired my second Nexus, and have had to say goodbye to my trusty Nexus S. When I got my Nexus S it was running Gingerbread and it ran it very, very well. Then the jump came to Ice Cream Sandwich and I was left slightly underwhelmed, but I am ...


Vodacom CEO to step down in 2013

Pieter Uys Vodacom CEO and über geek Pieter Uys will step down as head of the African mobile giant in 2013. Uys will be replaced by current Vodafone Spain chief Shameel Joosub, who was previously the managing director of Vodacom's South African division. "On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Pieter for his many achievements in establishing a great business.... We are grateful for his vision, leadership and commitment over the past two decades," said Vodacom board chairman Peter ...


Win a Nokia Lumia 800 with Memeburn and Springleap

nokia lumia 800 We recently told you about how you could win R20 000 just by designing a T-Shirt. If design's not your forte, relax, we've got your back. Together with design site Springleap, Memeburn is giving away a Nokia Lumia 800. We love this phone and we reckon you will too. Here's how to get your hands on it: 1. Check out the designs entered at the Nokia ‘Pimp our Devs’ contest so far. 2. Click on a design that you like ...


Higgs Boson: Twitter compares to tech launch, slags Comic Sans slides

Twitter logo blue on grey Tech events these days are big, glamorous, and full of spectacle. Just look at the Glass demo Google pulled at its recent I/O event. It had everything: skydivers, BMX riders, and abseilers. Small wonder then that the geek world was looking to inject a little bit of tech drama into today's Boson particle announcement at CERN. Parody account Hal9000 probably took the most techie stance on the announcement: The size of the applause Fabiola Gianotti just got ...

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21-year-old gives Microsoft a serious, if hypothetical, facelift

Microsoft Rebrand featured Take your average 21-year-old design student, now give them three days and a brief to completely rebrand a massive company's corporate identity. Most would end up nervous wrecks, but when Andrew Kim took it upon himself do exactly that with Microsoft, the results were astonishing. One of the early points in Kim's conception involved him taking the comparing people's perceptions of Microsoft to those of its big rivals: Apple and Google. This led him to decide that Microsoft "needs to ...


If ACTA is a nuclear sub, the European Parliament just sank it

The European Parliament has rejected Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a proposed piece of internet legislation that threatened to apply restrictions to online freedom. ACTA is an international blueprint for handling intellectual property infringement. More specifically, it provides guidelines — subject to tweaking by a signing country’s own domestic laws — for dealing with counterfeit goods, generic medicines and most importantly for us netizens, copyright infringement on the internet. Designed as a trade agreement by the US, it was signed in ...


Apple gets its lawyers out, goes after iPad

Ipad stuff It's becoming even more difficult to predict what that fruity company will do next. Early this year, we were all waiting in anticipation for the iPad 3. At the launch, we found out that we were calling it the wrong thing: Apple had decided the new iPad was not the iPad 3, but just the new iPad. So why on earth does it want to become the owner of For the same reason it owns and is often accused ...

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Hitler displeased about revelations concerning SA internet radio stats

If you thought you've heard the last of the internet radio racket caused by IT sleuth, Shaun Dewberry's sensational exposé on listenership stats, think again. A German radio station conglomerate with radio stations in South Africa has now caught wind of the revelations and thanks to a tipoff, we have a video depicting the drama as the station's boss comes to terms with the station's true listenership numbers. Take a look as its moustachioed boss prepares for the ruin of the station ...

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User-generated content: How customers form opinions

Online Shopping Anyone who regularly shops online knows how influential customer reviews of products have become. This form of user-generated content (UGC) shows up on the e-commerce sites of internet giants such as Amazon as well as up-and-coming web entrepreneurs across the globe. And there's good reason why businesses have encouraged the growth of customer reviews. These little nuggets of opinion do more than company-produced content to help people make up their minds about products. Consider these statistics from a recent MarketingSherpa case ...






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