9 Questions and answers about successful startups – Harvard study

startup_office_facebook Ever wondered what makes one startup succeed while another fails? Well a team of brains from Harvard Business School has put together a fascinating working paper called Performance Persistence in Entrepreneurship which answers questions related to just this. We scoured the 35 page document and found the following pearls of wisdom. Question: Are serial entrepreneurs more likely to succeed than first time entrepreneurs? Answer: Yes. All things being equal, the paper states that a VC backed entrepreneur who succeeds in a venture (by ...

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10 Essential digital tools for budding authors

Digital Author Ironically, I experienced a great deal of writer’s block when writing this article. In fact, right now, all I can think of is Fatboy Slim's "right about now, the funk soul brother" which is of no help to any of us. But a deadline is a writer’s best friend, so I opened up Notepad, and went in search of a little inspiration. Where does a writer go to find apps that help you jolly well get on and write? The ...

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How to tell if your site should be concentrating on search or social

Social Media Every day I'm asked the same questions. Do I need a Facebook page? Do I need a Twitter account? Do I need some kung-fu search engine optimisation skills? There is an ongoing misunderstanding around what it takes to get more traffic to your website, or let's say, more targeted traffic to your website, through the search engines. If your company sells fly fishing rods and you would like to become more visible in Google, then there are ways to ...

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21 Tech brand tattoos: Yahoo!, Google, Apple body art

tech_tattoos Tattoos are badass, but a Cisco Systems tattoo? The company killed the Flip camcorder. Not cool. Having said that, I can still understand wanting to be the talk of the LAN party. Those 3900 series routers are hot. I struggle however, when it comes to trying to comprehend the motivation behind the Real Media tattoo. Apart from the music industry, I can't think of any other industry that begets so many evangelical brand fanatics as the technology industry. Check out ...

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New York VC invests in Fine Art startup

A New York-based early-stage VC fund called Founder Collective is taking an unusual bet on a niche online market: Fine Art. According to TechCrunch, the company is investing a cool US$4-million in Paddle8 -- an online marketplace that aims to provide people “With new access points to premier artworks”. Founder Collective is reportedly no stranger to investing in niche tech markets, having previously put capital into luxury vehicle hire app Uber and open-source hardware outfit MakerBot. Paddle8 says it hopes ...


Facebook wants to improve on social games in 2012

Facebook wants to use its Open Graph make it easier for people to build social games, particularly in the mobile space. The social network may, however, have to do a little more to convince developers disgruntled by the low conversion rate from free to paid users. At the Inside Social Apps 2012 conference in San Francisco director of product management at Facebook Carl Sjogreen spoke about the social network’s desire to make it easier for people to build cross-platform apps. “If ...


Indian eCommerce giant Flipkart buys out competitor Lets Buy

Indian ecommerce powerhouse Flipkart has bought out rival Lets Buy. That’s according to Indian tech site Medianama. The site reports that Flipkart could have paid anywhere between US$20-million and US$30-million for its rival. Medianama reports, however, that the terms of the deal are not yet known and that it had not been confirmed by Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal. LetsBuy investors, meanwhile, were reluctant to comment on any possible buyout. Vin Network co-founder Manish Vij, for instance, simply said: “LetsBuy is ...


Chrome 17 features safer downloads, smarter prerendering

Google has released version 17 of its popular Chrome browser. Given its rapid release schedule and its various beta and developer channels, there are no major surprises in this release. The new features in this update, however, are well worth the update. Aside from the usual bug and security fixes, Chrome 17 introduces Google's download scanner to ensure the executable files you download aren't known malware or viruses. In addition, Google's browser now features smarter pre rendering when you are ...

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Google ScreenWise pays you for your data

Google You're the product! I hear this over and over on all of the geeky sites that I tend to frequent. It's a direct response to every article that comes out describing how yet another "free" online service is gathering every last shred of data on its users, in order to gain access to some of that precious advertising revenue. Now, Google is finally acknowledging that your data is worth a lot of money. In fact, it's willing to pay you ...


Apps4Africa looks to tech for climate change solutions

Apps are important. After all, they're everywhere: on our smartphones, tablets, PCs and even TVs. There’s a reason people talk so enthusiastically about the so-called "app economy". One initiative is looking to recognise that with a global completion. Apps4Africa claims to encourage “individuals to develop technological solutions to environmental challenges” The latest iteration of the competition offers people the chance to win US$15 000 if they can provide a winning technological solution to the problem of climate change. So prominent ...






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