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New startup 22seven under fire from banks [Updated]

The high-profile launch of new financial management startup 22seven has faced some early criticism, from the very institutions it relies on: The banks. Prolific tweeter and CEO of First National Bank (FNB) Michael Jordaan tweeted yesterday that he thought 22seven was a "cool concept", but warned "against disclosing password(s) to any 3rd party". He ended his tweet with this ominous warning: "Risk all yours". Getting tweets re 22seven. Cool concept but have to advise against disclosing password to any 3rd party. Risk ...

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A woman’s world: How social media has changed gaming

gaming girls When one mentions gaming, your mind is generally flooded with images of washed-out nerdy white guys, sitting in a darkened room, hunched over their computers for days on end. But if recent research is anything to go by, the stereotype is changing, as more and more female gamers enter the fray. A recent study conducted by PopCap Games (most famous for Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled) found that women were the most active gamers on social networking sites, making ...

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Could Daily Feats reward the web into doing good?

Daily Feats I recently came across an online rewards programme called Daily Feats. It got me thinking about how being rewarded for completing a task makes us feel as human beings and how that experience translates into the online space. Most people like being rewarded when they do something good. Whether it is performing well at work, in sports, helping a friend, academic or just doing a good deed, it boosts our confidence and makes us feel damn good ...


Twitter changes its policy on global censorship

Twitter announced on Thursday that it would be implementing the ability to withhold content from users in a specific country. Before the announcement, Twitter’s only option was to remove the content globally. Despite being held by critics to its lofty ideals, the manner in which Twitter is implementing its geographic censorship is rather elegant. For a start the company is being honest and open about the change. While some argue that Twitter should draw a line in the sand, the ...


GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards nominees announced

The GSM Association(GSMA) has announced the nominees for the 17th annual Global Mobile Awards, a ceremony that honours "excellence and innovation in mobile communications". The GSMA, founded in 1995, is an association of mobile operators and related companies devoted to supporting the standardizing, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system. Out of the 600 entries received by the GSMA a total of 158 nominees have been shortlisted for this years Global Mobile Awards. "Reflecting the intensity of competition and innovation ...

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Die Antwoord parody proves you can’t beat the original

A teaser for Die Antwoord's second full-length album Ten$ion -- set to drop on 7 February -- has been viewed nearly 250 000 times (correct at time of writing) since being uploaded a few days ago. The widely anticipated album is a follow-up to 2010's $0$, which featured the hit song Enter the Ninja. The teaser video features singer and rapper Yolandi Visser made up in white body paint and sporting pointed ears and a snow-white wig. Uploaded at much the ...


Gearburn’s pick — top 16 multiplayer iPad games

The iPad is custom-made for full-screen, HD multiplayer titles. Casual titles work exceedingly well on the world’s most popular tablet and, given the lack of physical controls, these “pick-up-and-play” games work even better with swipes and flicks. There are four types of multiplayer: same device (where two or more players share an iPad), local multiplayer (via a wireless ad-hoc or Bluetooth connection), online multiplayer (peer-to-peer, where one user remotely hosts a gaming session) and massively multiplayer (one server which hosts a ...


PowerTrekk — Power anywhere, just add water

So this is interesting. Swedish fuel cell technology company, myFC, is bringing the world’s first portable hydrogen fuel cell charger to market. It’s called PowerTrekk and it’s aimed at outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid. It’s actually a 2-in-1 charging solution combining a fuel cell and a portable battery pack. The fuel cell is called a PowerTrekk Puck and converts hydrogen into electricity. The puck remains dormant until water is poured into the fuel cell’s water tank ...

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IBM still world’s top tech brand. Where will Facebook rank?

In October of last year, Interbrand released its annual report of best global brands. IBM came out on top as the most valuable tech brand, with Apple making the biggest jump from #17 to #8. Facebook doesn’t appear on the list since its not a public company, but with Facebook’s IPO looming, one wonders where it would place. The report’s methodology takes into account the ways in which a particular brand affects its organisation and it focuses on three key ...


Why Apple shouldn’t be reining in its legal team

Apple vs Samsung Apple has been waging legal battles against a number of its rivals. Its chief judicial opponent in these wranglings has been one time manufacturing ally Samsung. Apple and the South Korean tech giant faced off against each other in court rooms across the globe. Suits were followed by counter suits and court orders by appeals. Thing is, lawyers cost money. They're renowned for it. It turns out Apple may have spent more than $100 million on legal bills in 2011. Tim ...






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