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SA retailer set to launch social book selling programme

Exclusive Books is set to launch a new, more social, way of selling books called "Stickers". The new programme will reportedly be integrated into the South African-based book franchise's existing website, and will launch late next week. Users will reportedly be able to earn achievement points by sharing and rating products either as an individual or a group. With enough points people will be able to earn discounts on books. These can be earned faster in groups. “To start with ...

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Why WordPress’ Facebook plugin is actually a big deal

One of the key success factors of blogging is the ability to share. Facebook are the masters of sharing. Small wonder then that on 12 June Facebook launched its latest blogging application. By downloading the Facebook for WordPress plugin bloggers and administrators can now publish content to WordPress directly from Facebook. Nice. “The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social -- no ...

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Nando’s takes dig at SABC after studio fire

SABC studio fire Nando's must be thinking that Karma, that female canine herself, is very much on its side. A studio at the South African Broadcasting Corporation, which recently banned the fast food franchise' diversity ad, burned down in the early hours of this morning. Nando's responded to the incident with one of its trademark poster-style ads, playing on its banned ad. It also took the opportunity to deny responsibility for starting the fire. Full Size No one was injured ...


New video shows 4-year-old, older girl having sex, goes viral

A new video, depicting two children performing sexual acts on each other, is reportedly going viral. According to South African news agency Eyewitness News, the video shows an older girl of around 10 and a boy around four, and is circulating rapidly on cellphones in that country. Women and Men against Child Abuse spokesperson Vincentia Dlamini said, “I saw the older girl going to the younger one [the boy] and leading him. It seems like he understands what ...


Microsoft partners with Yelp in Bing Local search deal

Looks like Google isn't the only one looking to bring social to its local search results. Microsoft today announced that it is partnering up with Yelp in a bid to push its Bing Local search content. Yelp will reportedly surface content including, review snippets, photos, and business attributes to Bing users. This content will be featured Bing Local pages, presenting information to help consumers do more with businesses near them. "Whether it's discovering the right restaurant, planning the evening's entertainment or ...

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Why domain name expansion will cause mayhem on the internet

questions A year after ICANN announced its plans to expand the TLD (Top Level Domain) namespace, we are finally able to see the application list for new TLDs. There are nearly 2 000 applications, each costing US$185 000. ICANN believes that each suffix will cost owners about US$25 000 per year to maintain and they will be required to commit to a 10-year maintenance agreement. Among the applications are many variations on a theme and conflicts over potential ownership. As a ...

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Geek out your home with these 10 awesome accessories

geek pillows Have you ever thought your home could do with a smattering of app icons, a science fiction artwork or two and a doormat covered in binary code? Did you just cry "it's like you're reading my mind"? Then this list may be the answer to your never-ending quest to make your home look as awesome as your smartphone. 1. Slide to unlock doormat: You may be used to sliding to unlock your phone -- but can you slide to unlock your front ...

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Branson vs The Crimson Bandit: Social skullduggery or advertising genius?

Crimson Bandit On 13 June Richard Branson, world-famous founder and leader of the Virgin Group, wrote on his blog that he had lost his diary. In a couple of simple paragraphs, he explains how much he enjoys using a diary, travelling with it and recording his thoughts and he ends by saying “I’ve been travelling a lot recently so I can’t be sure exactly where I left it, and I know it’s a long shot, but if anyone happens to find it ...


iOS6 brings out the claws in Apple

Apple iOS6 In case you haven't heard, Apple's recent and much-anticipated iOS6 launch at WWDC sounded the alarm for third-party app developers. It's not the small app developers either: Google, Skype and, my tech bunny, RIM, also take a beating in the update. Google Maps got ditched for Apple's own mapping system which is now using Tom Tom's data as its map provider. Where Apple's maps product could fall short is in accurate traffic prediction via crowd sourcing, something Waze (despite its ...

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Privly: Organise your next coup online, in total privacy

privly There's a Kickstarter project I want you to know about. It's called Privly and it's a defiant kick to the face of oppressive governments. The Privly proof of concept works as a browser plugin and will allow you to view and post encrypted content on any website -- Twitter, Facebook, Google+, even Gmail. Let your imagination run wild. Taking Twitter as an example, you write a tweet -- 140 characters or more -- right click and select "Post to Privly." ...






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