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YouTube could spell ‘the extinction of TV as we know it’

YouTube2 YouTube isn’t going to fundamentally change the way we view video entertainment in the future, it already is. That was the message of the video sharing platform's Vice President, Global Content Partnerships, Robert Kyncl's keynote at CES International 2012 in Las Vegas. Kyncl isn’t alone in this kind of thinking either. Anthony Zuicker, creator of the hit CSI franchise, reckons that YouTube turns the people producing content on it "not only into the future but possibly the extinction of TV ...

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Online security trends to watch out for in 2012

Lock Perhaps two of the biggest computing trends that have gained momentum in the past year have also opened up some of the biggest security problems that the internet has faced in its entire history. Cloud services and Mobile internet afford us maximum flexibility and ease of access to the information that we want and need on a daily basis. That ease of access and flexibility has also increased our vulnerability. In this article, we look at recent security trends and ...


3 Ways brands can fail every day on Facebook

Consumers today expect brands to be active online -- and that doesn’t just mean placing pointless banner ads. Does anyone still do that by the way? No. consumers expect your brand to be engaging and interactive. they expect you to have a facebook page with regular updates. Anything older than a week is shameful. They expect you to tweet regularly about interesting and newsworthy content. Tweets like "I posted XYZ in album ABC" just don’t cut it. Personally, if I ...


Facebook to reach one billion users thanks to emerging markets

Facebook is set to reach one billion users by August 2012 thanks to emerging markets according to digital marketing firm iCrossing. The firm, made its projection based on the social networking juggernaut's recent growth. "Using a process of linear regression on the data from the end of 2008 onwards we expect Facebook to hit a billion active users around August 2012. Looking at the data from 2006-mid 2008 it looks like Facebook was growing at an exponential rate, however more ...

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5 Solar gadgets at CES

Not so long ago, your choice when it came to solar-powered gadgets was pretty much limited to calculators and seriously expensive wrist watches. Here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, however, there’s a plethora of solar gadgets on offer. Here are a few that Gearburn came across. Solar lighted cover for Kindle The Kindle’s e-ink technology is great for your eyes, but it’s not so hot if you want to read at night without turning on a light (to avoid ...


Zeebox and BSkyB combine to create social TV

TV and social media. The perfect combination? British Sky Broadcasting and startup Zeebox would like to think so. While Zeebox launched last year October as part of an iPad, iPhone and web app, BskyB has now taken a 10% equity stake to further cement the importance social TV. The Zeebox service mixes tweets and status updates, plus a “living” TV guide to show users who is watching what. An undisclosed sum The service was launched by those behind the BBC iPlayer and has ...


Freelancer.com outlines best jobs of 2011

The 50 fastest-growing online job categories for the fourth-quarter of 2011 were recently announced by Freelancer.com. Known as the "Fast 50", this current list of jobs highlights the best and brightest positions in the online industry. 114 000 jobs were posted in the third quarter of 2011. By the fourth quarter, over 134 820 were posted, according to Freelancer.com. Trending fourth-quarter jobs in 2011 SEO content writers jobs were destroyed by the Google Panda update (which effectively "rewrote" the rules for content writers). ...

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Ericsson CEO says networked society will connect ‘everyone, everywhere’

hans_vestberg_1h The growing pace of connectivity is going to fundamentally change the way we function as individuals, businesses and humanity as a whole. So much so that we're all going to be part of something called the networked society. That was the message behind Ericsson CEO Hans Vestburg's keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Ericsson is a company with a long history. Its vision in the 135 years since its founding has been to connect the world. ...


Google’s personalised search: Your world…or is it?

Google Google+ continued to defy its critics by growing 55% in the US in December compared to November according to Experian Hitwise. It’s no wonder the social network is growing at such a rate, considering that during the holidays all sorts of new Android devices landed with Google+ preloaded. Users were asked, upon switching on their phones, if they wanted to link or create a Google+ account and this links nicely with the idea that Google+ is about knowing your identity ...

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CES 2012: Escort lets you avoid fines using the cloud

Speed limit Memeburn recently wrote about Ford's vision for a future in which cars have permanent cloud connectivity. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we learned that real time cloud connectivity in your car isn't some distant vision of the future. It's here now and ready to go. At least that's according to John Larson, president and CEO of Escort, a company that produces peripheral devices for your car. One of the company's flagship products is called Escort Live, and ...






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