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Why Facebook’s revenue growth is dwindling

Facebook There may be a ton of competition in the social platform market at the moment with new entrants Google + and Pinterest making some serious waves; not to mention the likes of Twitter and old stalwart LinkedIn still going from strength to strength. None of this, however, seems to be hurting Facebook ad revenue growth too much. In the United States; 6.5% of all advertising revenue will be earmarked for Facebook. That means that Facebook’s ad revenue in the United States alone ...


6 Pinterest-inspired website designs

Pinspire Pinterest seems to be the latest social network to hit the big time, and its design has been heralded as an example of the layout which will grace many future web pages. Some designers cite a J-Query plug-in called Masonry as the source of the layout style which groups images together likes bricks in a wall and has been replicated on many websites. While you could argue the line between inspiration and duplication is barely noticeable in some of these examples, there ...


Facebook rolls out new brand pages, includes Timeline

Facebook Pages Timeline was big news when it landed on all our individual profiles, even if it took a long time to roll out to everyone. Thing is, brands with Facebook pages have been waiting even longer. Their wait ends today. Brands can upgrade their pages include Timeline immediately, although they do have the option to curate their timelines for 30 days before having to do so. The social network claims that the new Facebook Pages “help businesses, organisations and brands share ...


Eric Schmidt offers his vision of the future

Eric Schmidt Google's chairman Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to talk about the role of technology in the "world we live in today" and how it will shape the societies of the future. Schmidt, for example, noted that the number of people who use smartphones is still very small, but "think how amazing the web is today with just 2-billion people" and what will happen when another 5-billion get online. The future according to Eric Schmidt In ...

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Fabrication and manufacturing: The future of African hardware innovation

Manufacturing Across Africa there is a vibrant culture of people creating things. Hardware products. It’s rarely glamorous as our inventors and micro-entrepreneurs innovate on products due to necessity -- there simply aren’t enough jobs and they need to feed their families. Regardless of the reasons why they do it, what this has created is a culture of innovation. When you have a problem in Africa, there isn’t another option, you either improvise, adapt and overcome, or you die. You don’t give up, you ...

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Email or automated software: Which is best for getting your business out there?

For Joe Public, trying to determine the best service to successfully promote his small business, taking a highly detailed look at the different capabilities of specialised marketing software applications and choosing between them can be difficult. So what is he to do? There are two main roads to take: either one opts for email marketing software or marketing automation software, though many people mistakenly think that these terms are interchangeable or are just fancy ways of describing the same thing. As ...


What will a TED talk look like in 2023? [Video]

“Ideas worth spreading”. That’s the motto of the TED conferences. But what kind of ideas will be worth spreading in 2023, for instance? Ridley Scott offers a hint of what might on offer in a promotional video for his new film Prometheus. The film is intended as a prequel to his 1979 hit Alien. The plot reportedly follows the crew of the spaceship Prometheus in the year 2085, as they explore an advanced alien civilisation in search ...


Twitter brings promoted tweets to mobile

It seems that you can’t get away from advertising on Twitter -- even if you’re using its mobile app. Twitter announced yesterday that their promoted tweets will soon start appearing on their Android and Apple apps. Promoted trends and promoted tweets have appeared in search on the Twitter apps and mobile web for some time, and Twitter’s mobile site has included promoted accounts and promoted tweets in timeline for the last few months, but Android and iPhone users have had advertising-free ...


Real-name rules may force Sina to change the way it makes money

New government-enforced regulations may force Chinese internet giant Sina to change the way it makes money. According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is worried about an upcoming government edict that will force it to verify the identities of users on its immensely popular microblogging service Sina Weibo. The Journal reports that Sina posted a fourth quarter profit but that it had already noticed weaker advertising revenue in the current financial quarter. The government’s demand that Weibo accounts ...

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Social media is great for crisis management, just be careful

We all know social media plays an important role in the way businesses communicate with each other and the general public. That's old hat by now. It could, however, also play an increasingly important role in the way businesses deal with a crisis. Tech research company Gartner reckons that by 2015, 75% of organisations with a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions will include public social media services as part of their strategies for communicating in the midst of ...






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