Apple stock goes past $500, one share now more valuable than an iPad

Apple shares went past the US$500 mark for the first time. That means a single share in Apple is now more expensive than an entry level iPad. Stock in the Cupertino-based tech giant has been on a continual growth trajectory ever since it announced stellar first quarter results. Apple posted quarterly revenue of US$46.33-billion and record quarterly net profit of $13.06-billion. Highlighting its increasing global dominance, the company reported that international sales accounted for 58% of its revenue in the ...


Is MySpace on the comeback trail?

Think MySpace is dying a slow, torpid death? Think again. A new report from the New York Times suggests that the social network has turned its fortunes around and is actually growing again. That’s fairly impressive given the position it was in when it was sold by Newscorp in June last year to Tim and Chris Vanderhook for just US$35-million. A couple of months earlier, the social network had lost 10-million users and people were left wondering how Rupert Murdoch’s ...

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ZiNG wants to shake up the Mobile IM space

The mobile Instant Messaging (IM) space already has a number of big players -- think MXit, WhatsApp, Facebook chat... the list goes on. But at least one new player thinks it can make an impact by playing to the business world. A company called Blazingchilli is looking to utilise the opportunities inherent in the mobile IM space to leverage its new enterprise level messaging platform -- ZiNG. The technology at the heart of ZiNG is called Multiple Group Messaging (MGM) ...

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Sky News, trust your journalists with Twitter

Sky News Sky News has come under immense criticism after it was reported that it had banned all employees re-tweeting information provided by rival journalists and the general public. In an email issued to all employees on Tuesday, the news organisation stated that in order to maintain its credibility, new social media guidelines had been put into place. In the policy, journalists are no longer permitted to re-tweet stories which originate outside the organisation, nor are they allowed to comment ...

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4 Hot tips for making sure your email gets to where it needs to

'@' mentions Email delivery is a highly important consideration; after all, nobody can click on a link in an email they never see. Unfortunately though, there are a number of obstacles each email must overcome before reaching its intended destination, ideally avoiding the spam folder of course. According to Return Path's Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report for 2011, only 81% of global email reaches the inbox. Email deliverability in the Unites States is the highest with about 86% of emails making it ...

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The US elections: A case study in political spam

US Flag We all know that spam is the bane of modern life. More and more of the email we receive on a daily basis are adverts for stock investing, controlled substances, cheap Viagra and a conglomeration of phishing scams that try to get to your personal information. But as the battle lines are being drawn in the USA for the 2012 Presidential election, to be fought on 6 November, more American registered voters will start receiving email messages from prospective candidates. And they ...


RIM looks to expand Indian footprint

RIM is looking to expand its BlackBerry sales presence in India to 160 cities, more than doubling its current retail footprint. According to the Times of India, the Canadian-based manufacturer will also be bringing out a slew of new devices onto the market. Although RIM has struggled in established markets in recent times, it is still a force to be reckoned with in emerging markets. India is no exception as RIM looks to tap into a rapidly growing demand for smartphones. ...


App of the Week — Reader X

This week I take a look at Reader X, a brand new, cleverly designed and simple to use Google Reader client for the iPad. As I've probably mentioned in one of my previous articles, I'm a big fan of Google Reader. I love the simplicity, the ease of use and just the whole idea behind it, although the design does lack a little here and there. Regardless, I love getting into the office early and opening it up for a few ...


Apple accused of cashing in on Whitney Houston death [Update]

As news of Whitney Houston’s death spread like wildfire over social media, at least one big tech player has been accused of trying to cash in. A number of the singer’s fans say that Apple increased the price of Houston’s albums for download on iTunes, just hours after death was first reported. According to Digital Spy, the price of Houston’s greatest hits album Ultimate Collection rose from GBP3(US$4.7) to GBP7.99(US$12.6) in the space of 30 minutes. The UK news site ...

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GigaOM buys paidConent in expansion bid

GigaOM, the San Francisco based tech news publisher has acquired ContentNext, the publisher of the media industry trade publication, paidContent, from the UK's Guardian Media Group. Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, wrote about what this means to the company: In his post Why we are buying paidContent he writes that the deal will create GigaOM East a ready-made entry into New York City, his "spiritual home," and Europe. Over the past few years we have started to see the transformation of ...






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