Creepy employers want your Facebook password [Infographic]

Imagine this: you’re on your way to a job interview, safe in the knowledge that even though your prospective employer has probably been Googling you like a machine, there’s no way they can see anything you don’t want them to. You’ve double-checked your privacy settings, so you know your Twitter rants and crazy Facebook photos are safe from the interviewer’s prying eyes. Until you walk into their office and they ask for your username and password. No, this is not a ...


340m people to transfer money via mobile by 2016

Kenya gave the world hope for the future of mobile money with MPesa. After all, over 20% of the country’s GDP is moved through the service. Replicating that success outside Kenya has, however, been difficult. That may all be about to change though, with the number of people using their mobile phones for person to person (P2P) transfers expected reach 340-million by 2016, up from 84-million last year. According to UK-based tech analysis company Juniper Research, the most likely new ...


Google has a cracker of a first quarter for 2012

Google logo Google announced an amazing first quarter for 2012, with growth of 24% over the same period last year. Total turnover for the quarter was US$ 10.65-billion and its cash stockpile grew to US $49.3- billion. Of greater significance was the more than doubling of the search giant’s net income which rose 60% to US$2.89-billion, compared to the same period in 2010. That this performance came from a traditionally subdued quarter makes the results even more impressive Google surprised the market a ...

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Online music licensing: The good, the bad and the ugly

Music Rumour has it that Spotify is looking around for yet another huge round of investment, one that would take the company’s valuation from around US$1-billion to over US$3-billion. One might ask why a company that seems wildly successful to most always needs new investment. How, with over 2-million paying subscribers, does Spotify continuously end up far in the red? How much in the red you may ask? 2010 saw it post a reported loss of US$42 million... (up from US$26 ...

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5 Tips for using social blogging to grow your business

Blog "Why do we need a blog" is often the reaction when some suggests it as part of a business’ strategy. The thing is, your blog is your most powerful tool and a key driver of your social media strategy. Why? Well continuous updates and punchy messages can easily increase user heighten interest, provide ongoing regular information and give you a reason to engage with them on an ongoing basis. Social media is no longer an outcast in the business world ...

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Shifting from social media to social business thinking

Social Media The term social media refers to a set of web-based and mobile tools, technologies and platforms that enable connection, communication and collaboration in ways never before possible. Hopefully you’ve cottoned on to this by now. The problem is that this definition doesn’t encompass the undeniable impact social media has had on society and business. I’ve been saying for years now that social media is not about tools, but about people. I believe that companies that grasp the ethos behind social media ...


North Korea’s rocket fails, the memes roll in

You could sense a nervous tingle as North Korea announced plans to send a rocket into space. Was it real, or just a front for deploying intercontinental nuclear missiles? Then one of the world’s most isolated nations invited foreign press in for the launch. It was hoping to show off in a big way. It all suddenly seemed legit and, for some, a little more frightening. Then the whole thing blew apart less than a minute after take-off. While some ...

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Oooh, Julian Assange’s TV show is on the horizon

This was inevitable, in fact I am a little surprised it took this long. Wikileaks infamous leader will be coming to a small screen near you in a few short days. At least that's according to a tweet from the organisation's official Twitter account. THE WORLD TOMORROW:NEW ASSANGE TV SHOW AIRING ON Tuesday 17 April 2012Julian Assange has completed (cont)— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 13, 2012 Assange -- who has been under house arrest for 500 days -- has completed ...


Facebook rolls out merged email and Timeline addresses

Facebook announced that it will be updating the vanity urls of its users to match their Facebook email addresses. What’s that you say? Facebook forcing change on people without giving them an opt-out option? Queue the pitchfork-waving virtual mob. Before you go storm castle Facebook though, bear in mind that this change won’t actually do much more than give your timeline a url that actually makes sense. It’s also a not-so-subtle attempt by Facebook to push its email service, which ...


Apple: price-fixing allegations ‘simply not true’

Apple’s has rejected claims from the US Justice Department that it colluded with some of the world’s biggest book publishers to fix prices. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said the charges were “simply not true”. The US government has previously sued Apple, along with five other publishers, for conspiring to fix the price of ebooks. It later negotiated a compromise with three of the publishers, which could result in cheaper ebooks for consumers. ...






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