Facebook’s IPO — Uncharted waters

facebook banner Facebook is growing up. As soon as today or tomorrow, Facebook will become a public company with grown up things like quarterly earnings reports and analysts poring over its fiscal growth (or decline). By now you know the numbers being tossed around. A US$5-billion IPO. A US$80-billion+ valuation. US$500-million in fees to be collected by securities firms for arranging the IPO. But all the details will be released really soon. Many in the technology industry have been debating over whether or ...


Google+ hits 100-million users, watch out Facebook

Google Plus Black Following the anticipation around Facebook's imminent IPO, analysts report that Google's social play, Google+, will hit the 100-million users mark on Wednesday evening. Paul Allen, a Google+ analyst and founder of Ancestry.com, believes the social network later comer will hit "100.8-million users by the end of the day". The most recent Google+ figures have it sitting 90-million, which Larry Page announced earlier this month while presenting Google's quarterly report. Page noted in his report that Google+ was "growing tremendously" and ...


First American-Chinese startup incubator launches in Silicon Valley

A brand new incubator has opened up in Silicon Valley with the aim of fostering cross-border US-China startups. The facility will reportedly cover a “broad range of technologies” including mobile, software, health, and renewables. The incubator claims to be the first operation of its kind "to focus on nurturing American and Chinese start-ups to expand beyond their home countries". It believes that this focus "will increase technology development, commercialization, investment and job creation in both countries". The incubator, which is ...

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3 Stages of the web as a storytelling medium for brands

DarkKnightViral The best brands are built on stories. No-one huddles around the proverbial water cooler and talks about Product XYZ's incredible new feature. But they will talk about Nando's "The Last Dictator" ad, or Coca-Cola's "Reasons to Believe" campaign. For decades, there's been an assumption in advertising that if you want to tell a grand story for a brand, then you do it in a TV commercial. But all indications are that this could be changing, and the web might be ...

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Niche social networks: Too focused or a playground for smaller brands?

Playground For a while now it has been the general belief that bigger brands with all the budget are making it nearly impossible for smaller brands with less budget to cut through the clutter and get themselves heard in advertising spaces. But how true is this statement when there are a lot of smaller niche sites out there? Where are the major brands advertising? The major consumer brands are spending a lot of advertising and marketing budget on the major social networks -- ...


Racy, romantic or drunk dialler: What your phone says about you

It seems Android is trying to overtake iPhone in every way possible. A recent survey from Match.com says that Android users are quick to get a little action, reports Venturebeat. The online dating service revealed that Android users are more likely to have sex on the first date than iPhone or BlackBerry users. It arrived at the results after running a survey on a sample of 1 068 Canadians. Kimberly Moffit, Match.com's "Relationship Insider" and psychotherapist, said the survey shouldn't ...


New Die Antwoord video looks set to repeat viral success [Video]

Fresh off making their new album Ten$ion available for download on iTunes, Die Antwoord have dropped a brand new video for the single "I Fink U Freeky". Since going live, the video has had upwards of 40 000 views and counting. Shot entirely in black and white, it features Ninja and Yolandi in a variety of gritty domestic scenes -- including Yolandi flicking a cockroach out of a messily fried egg. These household ...


Twitter heads defend new censorship policy

Twitter heads are defending the company's new censorship policy, which was announced last week. Executive Chairman and co-Founder Jack Dorsey said that the new censorship policy will not harm Twitter's ability for change and that, if anything, "it actually censors less" reports TechCrunch. The new policy allows Twitter to withhold content from users in a specific country. Before now the social network's only option was to remove the content globally. Dorsey was speaking in an interview after accepting an award for ...


What if we designed houses like web apps?

House plans David Galbraith has embarked on a fascinating journey, exploring the notion that the flow of people and their interactions inside buildings, is similar in design to the flow of data and user interaction of Web apps. Could best practices in web app design be applied to architectural design? Galbraith is a buddy and he belongs to what is a very small group of people I know, who are both insightful and foresightful, about the tremendous changes that our digital technologies are creating ...


Hands-on with Nokia’s Lumia 710 and scorching Lumia 800

At a recent launch event in South Africa, we got some hands-on time with Nokia's new Lumia 710 and 800 handsets. Read on for our first (or second) impressions. Hardware Both the Lumia 710 and 800 are powered by 1.4GHz processors, 512MB RAM and run Windows Phone "Mango". Both handsets also use micro-SIMs, so be prepared to do the SIM swap shuffle. The main differences between the mid-range Lumia 710 and 800 are related to display type, flash memory, camera and build quality. The ...






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