Millions of Chinese vent online over Beijing smog

Millions of Beijing residents are going online to vent their anger over thick smog that has blanketed the Chinese capital in recent days. Conditions in the already polluted city have become so bad that hundreds of flights in and out of Beijing’s main airport -- the world’s second busiest -- have been cancelled. Health fears have been raised with the US embassy ranking Beijing's air as "very unhealthy". China’s popular microblogging platforms, called weibos, have been at the forefront of ...


Win the Steve Jobs biography

Steve Jobs biography THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED Memeburn together with Penguin are giving away three copies of the new Steve Jobs biography, written by acclaimed biographer Walter Isaacson. Want to win a copy? To stand a chance of winning, see below for more details. How to enter: Tweet @memeburn and your favourite Steve Jobs quote. Use the hashtag #MEMESTEVE. Please note that you MUST be following Memeburn on Twitter to qualify for the competition.The competition runs for two weeks, from today. Tweet About Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography From bestselling ...

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Advertising is out ‘catvertising’ is in [Video]

Want something you've created to go viral online? If you plan on starring on the video, it’s not going to be easy. Not everybody has the time to get hit by a buck while out on a bike ride, or rescue a calf from an irrigation canal, or fall painfully off a skateboard. There is, however, another way. Be warned, though, it involves cats. It’s an almost universally accepted truth that the internet loves cats. Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat, Monorail ...


Gowalla is at Facebook

Gowalla Surprisingly not through a check-in at Facebook’s Palo Alto office, founders of location-based service Gowalla announced that they are winding down the location-sharing service and joining Facebook. "We're excited to announce that we'll be making the journey to California to join Facebook!" Josh Williams, a co-founder of the Texas-based company said in a blog post. Facebook confirmed that Gowalla co-founders Williams and Scott Raymond and other members of Gowalla would join Facebook's design and engineering teams in January. As is the norm with ...


New Study: Facebook, Twitter played no role in UK riots

London-Riot A new study has revealed that Facebook and Twitter played no significant role in organising riots that rocked cities across the UK earlier this year. The is a collaborative effort by UK newspaper the Guardian and the London School of Economics, called "Reading the Riots". The study casts doubts on a number of popular perceptions around the riots, particularly around the role of social media. "Contrary to widespread speculation that rioters used social media to organise themselves and ...


Assange granted legal lifeline as deportation order stayed

Julian Assange leaving Royal Court of Justice 13 July 2011 Julian Assange has been given another lifeline in his fight to not be extradited to Sweden, with British courts ruling that he may take the fight onto the UK Supreme Court. Last month, the Wikileaks founder’s battle to not be extradited to face questioning over allegations of rape was dealt a blow when a UK court ruled that he must be deported from the UK to face Swedish authorities. By convincing two High Court judges that the case was of "general ...


Aussie pop band brings popular games to life [Video]

A relatively unknown Australian indie-pop band called Hey Geronimo have brought their favourite iPhone games to life in a music video for the title song off their debut album 'Why don’t we do something?'. Some of the popular games featured in the video include Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Flight Control and Fruit Ninja. The band’s unique “real-life” version of these games is fast on its way to viral status on Youtube with almost 200 000 views in just a ...

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The unstoppable rise of Google Chrome

google_chrome_by_eliasdesigner Earlier this year I reported that Chrome was destined to become the default web browser for Ubuntu. At that time, Chrome still had a fair way to catch up to Firefox's userbase. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Internet Explorer was holding out strong as the preferred browser on the internet. These stats are changing fast. This month, StatCounter suggests that Chrome has finally stolen second place from Firefox if viewed on a global scale. Chrome usage has been growing steadily throughout the year, ...


Why big time CEOs are tweeting up a storm

Black Twitter In August 2008 Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported 18 CEOs on Twitter. One year later, it put the number at 50 and now it appears it is no longer counting. Chief executives around the world have picked up on the value of Twitter for business, and also for bringing a human touch to the title of CEO just as they are being cast as Hollywood villains and targets for #Occupation. In emerging markets like South Africa, the numbers of tweeting CEOs are ...

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13 great social data tools for journalists

Social Data The nature of communication has fundamentally changed in the age of the network society. We are in contact with people via an email address, Twitter or Facebook name, or LinkedIn handle, even if we never have met them in real life. In the more traditional society of the past century our contacts were limited to people we knew face-to-face from our circle of family, neighbours, colleagues, and friends. Now our contacts are in a huge network of connected nodes. Some ...






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