Not so secure PlayBook say crackers

Three security researchers have created a tool called DingleBerry that lets users get root access on their BlackBerry PlayBooks. The exploit is not yet public, but the three promised to reveal the technique via the rooting tool within a week or so. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is talking to the trio, and feverishly working on a fix. This is a major issue for RIM, as "jailbreaking" the PlayBook would threaten the firm's reputation for iron-clad security - the main differentiator ...


Microsoft launches Office 365 business cloud trial offering

120555-microsoft-office-365.jpg Microsoft has announced the South African trial of what it dubs “the next-generation cloud productivity service for businesses,” Microsoft Office 365. Hosted in the software manufacturer's data centres, Office 365 is Microsoft's business productivity platform. This trial will allow South African businesses and users to try Office 365 for free for up to six months, until the service's official South African launch in 2012. Microsoft explains that, with Office 365, people can come together from virtually anywhere and work together more ...

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Facebook’s 40 most shared articles of 2011

like-3d What do the Japanese tsunami, zodiac signs and a giant crocodile have in common? No, they're not the subject of a bad bar joke. They're all on a list of the 40 most shared stories on Facebook in 2011. The world’s largest social network has released the list as a note on its media hub page. Research from earlier this year by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism found that even though Google may still be the ...

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Olla condoms’ social media marketing campaign: creepy or innovative?

Olla conodoms Facebook baby friend request Olla Condoms has launched a new social media marketing campaign, conceptualised by advertising agency Age Isobar. Whether you think it's creepy or innovative, it is definitely one to remember. Looking to create awareness around unplanned pregnancies and its product, Olla -- probably breaking every rule Facebook has regarding marketing on the social network -- “targeted” a number of young men on Facebook, created Facebook profiles and sent them friend requests. The twist to the campaign was that the friend requests ...


Can YaCy be the new Google?

YaCy When Google was a mere babe among search giants like Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and WebCrawler, geeks across the world promoted its use thanks to its cleaner interface and the fact that it focussed only on the task at hand. In many ways, Google owes a lot of its success to IT professionals who quickly introduced it to the less IT-savvy as a less cluttered interface to finding the things they were looking for. Times have changed. Google's rise to world ...

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Five things you should know about intellectual copyright and online sharing

Law Rewind to 1999. Napster, the first major peer-to-peer networks is launched. Its goal? To allow internet users the facility to share and distribute music files freely to hundreds of thousands of network users. It wasn’t long, however, before record companies began to cry foul, citing that the network was aiding piracy and infringing on the copyright of music artists. Napster, or at least its first incarnation, was eventually shutdown in 2001 and overall, online sharing was considered by many corporations ...


Facebook finally settles its two-year battle with the FTC

Facebook has finally come to an agreement with the United States government over charges of misinformation around users’ privacy agreements. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accused the world's largest social network of a series of complaints over its inability to fullfil its agreement with users. The charges were lodged in December 2009 by privacy groups who claimed that Facebook engaged in a deceptive behaviour when changing its privacy settings. The groups are against settings which make aspects of a user’s profile ...

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Resolving the relationship between bloggers and brands

black-blogger When we think of bloggers, and this is especially true for large corporates, we tend to get the image of a bunny loving computer geek, typing away at their computers to a few followers who hang on their every word. But there is another side to bloggers: A side that lurks below the surface and has been exposed a few times to unwitting companies who have "done them in". Bloggers are business people too. What is the purpose of a blogger? I ...


Samsung wins Australian round of legal battle against Apple

Samsung has won the latest round in its epic legal war with rival tech giant Apple. An Australian court upheld the South Korean giant’s appeal against a temporary ban on sales of its Galaxy 10.1 tablet device. The ban was put in place after a ruling that Samsung had violated several of Apple’s patents in the manufacture of the device. The war between the two has spanned the globe, with suit following countersuit in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, and the ...


Mobile Fusion: BlackBerry’s latest move in comeback campaign

Blackberry Facing stalling sales and still recovering from the public relations nightmare which was the global BlackBerry services blackout, beleaguered smartphone manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM) has announced a new business service which, in a first, will also support rival hardware. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a new software platform, is currently in closed beta testing and will -- along with BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets -- allow for the management of Android and iOS phones and tablets. The company promises Mobile Fusion will make ...






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