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  • Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 5, vast improvement over Note 4

    South Korean electronics company, Samsung officially unveiled its latest smartphone device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is an obligatory yearly hardware upgrade and includes some interesting features. The internals are similar to that of the Galaxy S6. Both devices share the Exynos 7 Octa 7420 CPU, but the Note 5 has been given double the RAM, bringing it to 4GB. Bearing in mind Samsung positions the Note range as their top hardware spec smartphone devices. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 21 of South Africa’s best mobile campaigns [Smarties Awards]

    The Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa has announced the winners of the local edition of the Smarties Awards, with digital agency Liquorice among the big winners on the night. The awards, which aim to recognise the best in mobile advertising, are tied to the global Smarties Awards. This year they also form part of the festivities at The Loeries, South Africa's premier awards showcase. This is the second year in which a local version of the awards has taken place. The South African edition of the awards was launched in 2014 as part of the global Mobile Marketing...

  • SA’s keenest Instagrammers to gather for long weekend in the Karoo

    If you love Instagram, hanging out with other people who love Instagram, and taking photos of quaint towns for your Instagram feed, then you'll be pleased to learn that South Africa's first weekend-long Instameet is set to take place in September this year. The event, which takes place between 24 and 27 September in the Karoo town of Graaf Reinet, is the result of a collaboration between Cerebra founder Craig Rodney, the @southafrica account, and South African Tourism. According to the event website, the idea is to get as many people as possible "to travel across our beautiful country,...

  • Weekly Round Up #31: Alphabet, Bic’s fail, Naspers’ Netflix, M4JAM buys Pondering Panda

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee and Graham Van Der Made discuss Google's new parent company Alphabet, Bic SA's Women's Day fail, Naspers' attempt at opening a Netflix competition, and M4JAM acquisition of digital market research company Pondering Panda. This week started with a bang as Google announced that it was starting a parent company called Alphabet. The news caught the world unawares and as a result a lot of confusion ensued. Some people thought Google had changed its name but...

  • Samsung’s big launch: does the Note even matter anymore?

    When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note back in 2011, it helped kickstart the phablet phenomenon. Earlier today, it announced the launch of the latest in the series, the Note 5. But is it enough for it to claw back some ground on Apple? And perhaps more importantly, does the Note still matter? The latest version of the device, which hits shelves on 21 August, certainly looks impressive. Available in black and gold, it comes with a glass back and has includes design elements both from its predecessor, the Note 4 and S6. It's also borrowed some features from...

  • Code for Africa gets $4.7m boost from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation

    Data journalism and civic technology organisation Code for Africa has received a US$4.7-million investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. According to a blog post written by Code for Africa head Justin Arenstein, the funding will be used to help the organisation's civic technologists work with newsrooms around the continent. "The three-year programme at Code for Africa (CfAfrica) initially targets newsrooms in three regional ‘hub’ nations, in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa,"Arenstein writes. "It will expand to include Tanzania in 2016, and will also tap into CfAfrica’s digital experimentation in newsrooms elsewhere in Africa". A part of the grant...

  • Naspers’ Netflix competitor to be called ShowMax

    Naspers' soon-to-be-launched video-on-demand service has a name: ShowMax. That's according to a story published today on the Naspers-owned Channel24 website. The offering is believed to have been in the works for some time now, with the acquisition of Dubai-based streaming service Icflix, which services a number of countries including Morocco, Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. John Kotsaftis, who became the CEO of DStv Digital Media after the merger of DStv Online and DStv Mobile, will reportedly head up the Naspers VOD venture from Dubai. Read more: Naspers reportedly working on Netflix competitor According to TechCentral,...

  • Online democracy needs a secure data centre: here’s why

    Another day, another headline about government hacking of sensitive data. This time it’s allegations that Chinese authorities hacked the Office of Personnel Management network, accessing information belonging to millions of US federal employees in what has to be seen as an act of cyber espionage. It is thought that the hackers gained access to “all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees”, including social security numbers. And of course, revelations about government snooping detailed in secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden continue to emerge. The Snowden documents revealed huge,...

  • Amazon set for big South African hiring spree

    Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud-computing division is set to go on a big hiring spree in South Africa. The ecommerce and internet giant today announced that it has opened a Johannesburg office, with plans to hire more than 250 engineers over the next 12 months. The new office joins the established Amazon Development Center Cape Town, which has been in operation since 2004 and develops technology for several Amazon businesses, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the office is already open and operational. Read more: Amazon’s very busy 2014: more than five-billion...

  • 5 electric scooters that show automakers are finally taking congestion seriously

    The world’s major cities are becoming more and more congested. The resulting lack of space is hitting motorists hard, forcing them to spend more of their precious time stuck in traffic. And, of course, pottering around searching for the inner city holy grail: an unoccupied parking bay. Yes, there are simply too many cars in too congested (and too polluted) a space. And that’s a strange problem for automakers to face up too, seeing as they – like virtually all businesses – tend to focus on the bottom line. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Google launches Android Experiments to showcase app creativity

    If nothing else, it appears that apps are going to make us magicians who can flatten landscapes with a tap on our device screens. This is only seems like a far-fetched idea if you have not seen what the new Android Experiments launched by Google yesterday look like. The apps feature are not at all new but they are a blueprint of what apps can become. Android Experiments is a platform to celebrate the creative, experimental Android work of developers everywhere. It is also a way to inspire more developers to get creative with technology and code. Read more: Wits...

  • It’s a jungle out there: ValueForest wants to help you find the best online classifieds deals

    A few months ago, software engineer David Kaplan quit his full-time job, stepped out into the wild, and joined an incubator. Today, the 23-year-old spends his days at JoziHub working on his startup called ValueForest. ValueForest is a platform that aggregates deals from South Africa's various online classifieds, such as OLX, Gumtree, Junkmail and bidorbuy. When searching for an item, such as a Xbox One controller, the website will list all of the active listings from various websites. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • New approaches to media planning required to keep pace with a multitasking customer

    It’s near-impossible to capture the undivided attention of today’s consumers, who routinely multitask across a number of devices, media and channels during the course of a given day. They might do online banking on a tablet with the radio on in the background; send tweets and post on Facebook while watching television; or flip through a magazine while watching some video clips cued up on YouTube. Whether switching between devices and media over the course of a session, or using two or more at the same time (usually, one in the foreground and another in the background), this customer can...

  • 7 smartphones under R1000 you can buy right now

    Food is expensive. Internet connectivity is expensive. Life is expensive. Frankly, living in South Africa is pretty expensive. Luckily, your smartphone doesn't have to be. While we do love dropping obscenely large wads of cash every six months to purchase Sony's latest and greatest Xperia or Samsung's next Galaxy, there are other, much cheaper devices that can make calls, send messages and play the odd game every so often. These might be basement crawlers, but they're definitely not the bottom of the barrel. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Periscope now has 10 million registered accounts

    Just four months after its launch, Periscope claims that it has 10 million registered accounts. The Twitter-owned service says that as of last week, it saw over 40 years of video watched per day. Periscope was launched in March by Twitter as a direct competitor to Meerkat, even cutting Meerkat off from using Twitter data on its path to dominate the live video streaming market. Over the four months the app has been updated with some good features. Launched on Android and allowed users to sign with their mobile numbers and not their Twitter account. Periscope says that it...