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  • Fallout 4 on PC: here’s what you should know before buying it

    Before reading this piece, we’d like to point out that this isn’t a critical commentary on Fallout 4, but is simply a how-to guide for those picking up a disc for the first time. There are some out there, and good for you if it happens to be you. With that said, the below piece sums up what you should take into account before purchasing the game. Do you have a few concerns about performance, specifications, and internet queries? We answer all below.

  • Zomato now lets you order food online from your favourite restaurants

    Restaurant listing service Zomato has introduced online ordering capability to its app and web for its users in South Africa. The online ordering capability was introduced in India, Delhi in April this year. With this feature, Zomato users can now order from within the iOS, Android app and on the web. Users not only to see restaurant listings but can make and pay for their food orders within the app, without having to leave their humble abodes. Orders can be followed with real-time notifications. “We do believe it is applications such as this one that will see more restaurants moving in...

  • Weekly Round Up #42: Uber’s deal with WesBank, Xiaomi in SA, PriceCheck sale and Apple Music

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas talks to Gearburn Editor, Andy Walker and Staff Reporter, Jacques Coetzee. The team discusses major ride-sharing service Uber's deal with South Africa's WesBank, China's mobile giant Xiaomi's arrival in the South African smartphone market, local price-comparison PriceCheck sale by Naspers to its original founder Kevin Carter, and Apple Music finally arriving on Android platforms. The team talks about what games, television series and movies they are currently enjoying. Stu is trying to catch up on sleep,...

  • Everything you need to know about the West African startup landscape [2015/2016 Update]

    Update: Are you a venture capitalist or an angel investor looking to invest in a company? Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital or other opportunities? Are you an aspiring startup owner looking for assistance? Well, you have come to the right place. Ventureburn presents an updated guide to West Africa’s startup scene. This article is the most comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get involved with, or have a better understanding of, the region’s fast-growing startup space. It’s the second of our inaugural series, with others focussing on South Africa and East Africa.

  • 3 elements every digital store needs

    Customisation. Personalisation. Collaboration. According to technology research house Gartner, those are the three elements every digital store needs to succeed. "The digital store (see Figure 1) is not just about futuristic digital technologies, but is the store of the past, present and the future,” said Miriam Burt, research vice president at Gartner. “This is because customers expect the quintessential elements of all three to co-exist in the digital store. Here's how those three elements break down. The store must deliver the customer essentials – the basics. These translate into the age-old elements from the past which make up the essence...

  • Times Media bolsters digital division with 3 new appointments

    Times Media on Thursday announced that it had bolstered its digital division with three appointments at the senior executive level. The new hires see Riaan Wolmarans appointed Head of Audience Development, Percy Goetsch Head of Product, and Dan Calderwood Head of Multimedia. They will form part of the team directed by Lisa MacLeod, Head of Digital Publishing at Times Media. Macleod herself was poached from Media 24, where she served as GM for Digital Publishing, in June this year. The team will form a core part of positioning Times Media for an increasingly digital future. Their focus will be on...

  • Facebook introduces Notify, an iOS app that pushes notifications to locked screens from publishers

    Facebook has released yet another app, this time aimed at pushing notifications from a user's preferred content sources to their mobile screen. Notify is an iPhone app and is currently only available in the US. Facebook has not said anything about a release in other markets and when the app will come to Android. "Notifications are becoming one of the primary ways people first learn about things wherever they are" Julian Gutman, Facebook Product Manager, said on a blog post. Facebook has partnered with more than 70 partners, including Bleacher Report, Bloomberg Business, CNN, GQ magazine, The New York Times,...

  • From Aristotle to AI: the evolution of storytelling

    Story is the organizing principle of reality. The world around us is made of atoms - protons, neutrons and electrons – but it is with story that we give them their shape and their meaning. Story is the primary tool of self-awareness and as such the basis of our humanity. From the creation myths that form the foundation of every civilization, to the rich mythologies that define our culture, story sits at the heart of what it means to be human. Aristotle to Artificial Intelligence Two and half thousand years ago, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle added structure to...

  • 10 reasons it’s time for South Africa to wake up to programmatic buying

    Programmatic media buying is enjoying exponential growth in North America and Europe, but the concept is still relatively new in South Africa. We’re seeing some confusion among brands about what programmatic buying is, and many brands don’t know where to begin with introducing it to their digital marketing strategies (read this article for a primer). However, we believe it is the next big wave in the digital marketing landscape, and will rapidly follow trends such as social media and video into the mainstream of advertising practice. Those that start experimenting and understanding the benefits now can get a lead on...

  • Confused by Merc’s new model-naming system? Let us break it down for you…

    Way back in 1994, the heavyweights at Mercedes-Benz HQ decided to shake up the brand’s model-naming system. And so, determining the designation of each new derivative came to involve halving the age of the chief vehicle designer’s second-born child, multiplying by 13.74, and tacking this rounded-down number on to the end of whichever letter – or three – happened to be pulled out of Heinrich’s traditional Alpine hat that day. Read more on Motorburn.

  • ‘It makes all the sense in the world’ — former PriceCheck CEO on Naspers sale

    Last week emerging markets media and internet giant Naspers sold its award-winning South African price comparison site PriceCheck back to original founder Kevin Tucker and Silvertree Internet Holdings. Launched in 2006, the price comparison website was quickly snapped up by Naspers four years down the line. Under the leadership of renowned entrepreneur and ecommerce expert Andre de Wet, the platform has grown to become Africa's largest sites of its kind. It's grown its staff to over 40 members, expanded to Nigeria and is clocking in 25 million unique annual visitors. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 5 ways 5G could unleash your creativity

    Digital designers are often hampered by the constraints of the network they’re working with. A mobile app can only include so many features, a website only so many videos before the load time slows down and the user experience suffers. At the moment, web and mobile app design involves the careful balance between user experience and innovative features. But could a new, lightning-fast 5G network change all of this? Proponents think so, seeing it as a way for designers to unleash their creativity without any of the usual constraints experienced today. Here are five ways that 5G could boost...

  • 6 travel apps to make your holiday journey a pleasure

    Travelling is many things: an incredible adventure, and an invaluable education, a journey into yourself, and so forth. But after having been shouted at by a taxi driver in Istanbul who apparently hated nothing more than being paid, I have realised that it's not relaxing. If anything, travelling is extremely stressful. Booking flights, finding accommodation, figuring out whether you are being charged honest prices or not, winning the fight with the taxi driver… Surely it doesn’t have to be this tricky all the time? Read more on Gearburn.

  • WPP’s Group M snaps up mobile marketing specialist Yonder Media

    WPP's slew of South African agency acquisitions shows no signs of slowing down. The massive holding company on Wednesday announced that it had acquired mobile marketing specialist Yonder Media through its Group M division. Yonder Media's unaudited consolidated revenues for the year ended 28 February 2015 were approximately R20-million, with gross assets at the same date of approximately R18-million. Being a media-focused agency though, its billings are much higher at around R100-million. While Yonder Media CEO Rick Joubert refused to comment on the value of the deal, Memeburn sources and calculations put it in the R45-million to R50-million range....

  • Apple Music now available for Android on Beta, missing some key features

    Apple Music has finally made its way to the Android ecosystem. The arrival on Android comes a few months after it launched on iOS. Apple is hoping to win over the Android market to its music streaming service. On Android, the app will have a three month free period, in which the Android users can test and then after choose to pay the monthly subscription fee when the period expires. In addition to having access the catalogue of Apple Music, Android users will be able to listen to Beats 1 radio. When we used Apple Music, during its three...