First person to buy the iPhone 6 drops it: internet has a chuckle [video]

dropped iPhone 6 Well this is unfortunate. Buying a new phone is a great thing and a wonderful experience, but not for Jack. For this iPhone fan, who camped out waiting for the new iPhone 6, it turned into the worse day ever. Poor Jack waited in line overnight to get his hands on the first iPhone 6 in Australia only to drop it in the middle of a TV interview, ouch. What did the internet do upon learning this? It had a "we ...


Alibaba officially registers biggest ever US IPO

Alibaba Alibaba has raised US$21.8-billion ahead of its stock market debut, meaning that it is responsible for the largest IPO in US history. According to multiple sources, the ecommerce giant, its executives and early investors split some 320-million shares up at a value of US$68 a share. The value of Alibaba's IPO puts it well ahead of the US$16-billion Facebook managed to raise in its IPO a couple of years back. It's even larger than the US$17.9-billion Visa managed to raise in ...


Altech Node preview: all-in-one home and content control, at a price

Node-keyboard Altech’s Node is smart. Well, it’s packed with a lot of smart ideas, but will this all-in-one home automation device, available 19 September in South Africa, manage to make a dent in a pretty fickle market? It all depends on expectations. Do you expect a home entertainment device to totally control your residence, from lights, to security cameras, even topping up your prepaid airtime? Then Node’s for you. Do you expect to score the “Netflix” of South Africa, streaming the ...

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Polygamous publishing methods keep swinging readers engaged

Buzzfeed-iPhone Some publications are born digital. Others become digital. And then, there are those that swing both ways……To grow revenue, digital and traditional publishing worlds need to ‘co-habit’ and benefit each other. The debate as to whether print publications have a place in the consumption habits of today’s consumer, continues to rage. Nowhere is this debate louder though than when discussing the merits of traditional vs online advertising. Both print and digital publishing realms rely heavily ...

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It’s Loeries time again: here are some predictions on who could take home the bird

loeries exhibition So it's time to honour some of South Africa's best creatives and campaigns again. Yup, it's Loeries time again. The good folks at ‘i did that ad’.com, a resource for agency creatives to find the right talent, gathered up some industry folks and asked them who they think will win. So into their crystal ball they gazed and came up with some pretty interesting thoughts on who will take home the bird, or, several birds. We picked out some of the ...

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7 ways to make a dumb home smarter

Nest The buzzword "smart home" fits nicely alongside terms like "The Internet of Things". But the smart home is tangible, it is something. Best of all, it's something well within the reach of us, the little people. First off, what is a smart home? Explaining  A smart home is home automation. Remote surveillance, WiFi-enabled stoves, automated porch lights, flush-aware toilet bowls, stuff like that. With an internet-enabled device connected to a smart home appliance, the possibilities are fairly endless. Think of a remote ...

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$400m for the startup scene in Lebanon raises more questions than it brings solutions

Cash (1) How to be innovative in a country where two decades of civil war and rather noisy neighbours such as Syria keep the focus of media on bombings, turmoil and refugees is a tall order. This is the task the Central Bank of Lebanon tries to answer with its circular 331, which put US$400-million on the table earlier this year, just for startups. This is one percent of the GDP and, as attractive as it may look, it doesn't go without ...

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What communication channels are the decision makers in your industry using?

social media channels If you speak to any good marketer they will tell you that the first thing you should do before anything is conduct research. For online marketers, you need to know where your clients and prospective clients are, what platforms they prefer, what they use to consume content, what type of content interests them and the format of the content they find most appealing. I am sure you will agree that if you were armed with this information, you will be in ...

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Tim Cook aggressively reiterates Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security

Tim Cook Fuel band Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, does not sleep. At night he is haunted by naked photos of celebrities. He has not admitted to this, and probably never will, but his behaviour of late seems to suggest he's trying to make up for something. Shortly before the launch of the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, Cook announced that Apple will improve iCloud security password settings. He has not stopped there, he has now written an in-depth letter ...


5 ways Seinfeld has squeezed its way back into our lives

Seinfeld DVD Hands up anyone doesn't love Jerry Seinfeld? Yup, we all love Seinfeld. We watch him and his band of misfits on reruns and laugh to our hearts content. Truth be told the show is kinda dated and we have new comedians trying to make us laugh on a daily basis. Yet, Seinfeld seems to be squeezing past the noise to grab our attention. Seinfeld is popping up everywhere, on social media and in our news streams; it's all over the place, ...






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