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3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing like a hard-nosed business

Che TunnelAs pessimistic as views of the future can get, the striking truth is that philanthropy is growing. Meanwhile, more than a billion people have risen out of extreme poverty, and the lines between for-profit enterprise and non-profits for social good are blurring as micro-lending organisations and fair-trade certified products enter the mainstream.Some have pointed out that modern marketing strategies more closely resemble grassroots movements than traditional marketing. With that in mind, what can non-profits learn from modern, brand-dominated marketing techniques ...


6 easy steps for turning that old-school PC into an arcade emulator

Arcade-machineTo truly appreciate the gaming world of today, we need to experience the gaming world of yesterday. Titles of the past play an enormous role in the evolution of gaming and are honestly just as fun as anything we are playing today.PlayStation is currently working on an emulation system that will enable you to play PS1/2 games on the PS4. This alone shows you how much of a demand there still is to play old school titles. While PlayStation is ...

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5 things you need to know about converting followers and likes into sales

Facebook LikeYour followers and fans on the social web consist of your blog readers, Google+ followers, LinkedIn connections, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and even your Pinterest followers. For business growth, it is important to make your digital footprint trustworthy. An over-advertised profile on the social web is really not what your audience prefers, because social media is transparent and it is a two-way communication medium.On the social web, social networking is about connecting with your target audience and maintaining your current ...


Shock jock Gareth Cliff looks set to start new show, including WeChat streaming

Gareth Cliff WeChatSouth African shock jock Gareth Cliff is set to make a return to broadcasting, but he won't be on radio, or TV for that matter. Instead, it appears that the controversial DJ, who recently left terrestrial radio station 5FM after 10 years, will instead make his return on WeChat.While there have recently been whispers that Cliff could be hosting a show on the instant messaging platform, his new site appears to confirm it.The site lets visitors know ...


Governance and startups: moving beyond the red tape

Red TapeFor the South African government to achieve its goal of creating five million jobs over ten years, the SME sector would need to grow by a staggering 40%. Pravin Gordhan, the Minister of Finance, emphasised the importance of SMEs in achieving this goal by stating that “about 70% of private employment is in firms with fewer than 50 workers”. This supports what we have always known about the SME sector: it has a critical role in supporting economic and social ...

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4 models that can help you unlock real value from the Internet of Things

Digital eraThe Internet of Things, loosely defined as the growing number of everyday objects that are now being shipped with sensors and are capable of connecting to the internet, is big business. How big? Well, according to research company IDC, the market was worth US$4.8-trillion in 2012, a number that's set to grow to US$8.9-trillion by 2020, with an install base of 212-billion objects.Just because something's growing though, doesn't mean you'll just be able to pitch up to the ...

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A Game of Social Thrones: here’s what the kingdoms of the web would look like

House FacebookWhat do you get when you combine the most pirated show on the internet with the web's biggest social media channels? This brilliant little video.The team behind social media management software HootSuite took advantage of the Game of Thrones hype, publishing a reworked version of the series' epic title sequence in the days before the season four premiere. In the video, which plays on the clockwork-style overview of the land of Westeros, the social media landscape is imagined as a ...


Marketing careers of the future [SPONSORED]

Memeburn_uct_gs_April_2014_800x430pxAccording to Forbes, the outlook is rosy for marketing professionals working in the industry as marketing managers, advertising and sales representatives, marketing film and video editors, graphic designers, and market research analysts. These role players, as well as many others, are essential in bringing together the vibrant marketing content found on television and in print. However, although marketing careers are expected to stay strong, there are a number of changes predicted for the future that could affect your skill set.For ...


10 things we’re really going to miss about Windows XP

Windows XPOn 8 April, Microsoft will finally cease support for its stalwart OS Windows XP. Released to manufacture back in August 2001, the company’s second most popular OS will be kicked out of Redmond well before its thirteenth birthday.But is this a premature move?Well, according to Net Market Share, XP is still used by a massive 29.5% of all PC users -- dwarfing Windows 8 and 8.1’s current share of 6.4% and 4.3%, respectively. This being said, in the natural lifecycle ...

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Here’s why using social ROI to measure relationships is just wrong

ROIWith social referrals increasing in the last quarter of 2013 according to the AdobeDigital Index, we've got to the point where businesses aren't so much asking about being on some social network or the other as much as they assume that they need to be on those platforms.However, as with the adoption of any new medium or service, the question of Return on Investment (ROI) is soon to arise, seeing as the decision of which medium to adopt hinges on ...






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