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  • Uber launches in Accra, Ghana, its 13th city in Africa

    Uber's march across the African continent continues at a serious pace, with the ride-sharing app officially launching in Accra, Ghana's capital and largest city. Accra has an estimated urban population of 2.27-million as of 2012. Accra takes Uber's footprint in Africa to 13 cities . The service will be officially operational from 11 June 2016. “We see Accra as a natural fit, because its people are willing to embrace innovation and technology and love products that are cool, exclusive and offer a new experience," said Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa at a press conference. "We are able...

  • Help us find the most influential people under 30 in digital marketing [Digital All Stars]

    The South African digital marketing space is exploding, with online adspend (excluding spend on Google and Facebook) going past the R1.5-billion mark in 2015. It's got to that stage on the backs of a group of pioneers, many of whom continue to do incredibly innovative work. But who are the people who'll take the industry even further forward? Who are the ones who are lighting up the industry, or are about to take off in a big way? That's where our Digital All Stars series comes in. For Memeburn's next Digital All Stars piece, we will be focusing on...

  • 5 geeky ways CSIR’s Lengau supercomputer will aid researchers

    Petaflops. Cores. Terabits per second. Cool terms, bro, but what do they actually mean in relation to day-to-day life? Yes, Lengau - the CSIR Centre for High Performance Computing's (CHPR) new supercomputer - is the most powerful in Africa (and will eventually boast enough processing power to rival Dexter's Laboratory) but how does the publicly-funded system help ordinary South Africans? Related: CSIR’s new supercomputer is Africa’s fastest, aptly named Lengau This is a pressing concern for the general populace, especially since a 24 000-core supercomputer doesn't come cheap. So while some might think the new computer will only aid CSIR staffers and...

  • Fintech’s cyber risks are totally worth the reward

    When US$81-million disappears from your account, you might be tempted to think it was a one-off disaster. SWIFT, the international banking transfer system however says it’s just another cyber-heist, part of a global network of attacks on its service -- US$81-million from Bangladesh, and just last month, US$9-million from Ecuador. As fintechs increases financing potential around the world, risk also increases. And since fintech is boosting global financial inclusion, more people and more money are at risk, especially those in emerging markets. In developed markets, there is a robust network of cyber defenses, but emerging markets might lack security networks....

  • 10 ways to become efficient and productive, like a data-driven company

    Over the past few years, the time organisations have at their disposal to make crucial decisions has been drastically reduced. According to a study by IDC, 42% of managers have just 24 hours to make an important business decision and yet, in many cases, they don’t have the access to data to help educate these decisions. This issue is a common one and, for a lot of organisations, it’s imperative they find a solution to the problem -- a way for anyone in any business to tap into the huge volumes of data available and gain an insight into what’s happening...

  • Drone sports photography is on a power play

    Casual sports fans -- not to mention people who couldn’t care less about the home team’s record -- are invariably surprised to learn that professional and collegiate athletes lend their talents to a very high-tech business. Scientists and physicians have been pushing the boundaries of human endurance and resilience since the dawn of the modern pro sports era. As the athletic economy’s growth continues to outpace that of the broader economy, the stakes are getting higher -- and the pace of innovation is accelerating. Broadcasters and content networks are getting in on the innovative action, too. In the past few...

  • Mirror’s Edge retrospective: a story of Faith

    I’m sure most of us can recall that auspicious day in late 2008 when the gaming gods blessed us with the original Mirror’s Edge. It was like nothing we had ever seen before, a captivating experience that kept us on the edge of our seats and provided us with us with one of the greatest female leads in gaming. Now, almost a decade later, we can once again wear the nimble shoes of Faith with the release of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

  • What should we make of the Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid hack?

    Over the past few days, the motoring community has been abuzz with news that a team of hackers managed to wirelessly hack a Mitsubishi Outlander, taking control of its electric charging and alarm systems. While this is far from the first time a car has been remotely hacked, it has raised fresh fears about just how easy it is to break into contemporary vehicles. But just how worried should be?

  • 3 tips to ensure your communication objectives are aligned with your business vision

    I’ve seen technology companies shifting their business goals three to four times within an eighteen-month period. This is understandable, as economies change, markets become more competitive or are disrupted by startups, new investors come on board, target audiences change… no matter the reason, being forced to shift business goals can be taxing on your business. While you are focusing on business strategy and product enhancements or new product developments… consider how your communications team can support this process? How can they back the product and sales team and provide peace of mind when you are ready to go to market?

  • The Conjuring 2 movie review: nuns have never been this scary

    The original Conjuring movie is an absolute masterpiece. Its pacing, story, characters, and effects elevate it above so many other films in the supernatural sub-genre of horror. Its prequel film, Annabelle, completely missed the mark a year later. Can The Conjuring 2 prove that a worthy sequel to the phenomenal movie is possible? Much like its predecessor, The Conjuring 2 is a haunted house film following a case file of husband and wife paranormal investigators Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren. The film takes place in England and recounts the Enfield Poltergeist incident. It also includes a sub-plot...

  • The IAB wants to know how much digital adspend there is in SA

    Getting a realistic gauge on how much money is spent on digital advertising in South Africa is no easy task. Aside from some people on both client and agency side occasionally refusing to share numbers, digital's encroachment into every sphere of advertising means it's become increasingly difficult to know where to draw the line. But it's also an important one. It allows the local industry to gauge its growth against the rest of the world. It's worth noting then that IAB SA, in collaboration with PwC, has launched its third study on digital adspend in South Africa. “As the...

  • Are you Memeburn’s next managing editor?

    Multi award-winning online publisher Memeburn is seeking a talented and driven editor for all of its properties, including Ventureburn, Gearburn, and Motorburn. We’re looking for someone dynamic and dedicated; someone who is keen to become a key part of our fast-growing start-up company in Cape Town on a full-time basis. You must be passionate about online media and all things digital. You need to be a geek as well as a journalist. Technology, digital media and innovation subjects must be your passion and obsession. In addition, you need to have a keen interest in the tech startup ecosystem in South...

  • Do you love startups? Ventureburn is looking for a startup writer

    Ventureburn.com is seeking a talented and driven web-savvy startup writer who is passionate about the online media and all things startups. We’re looking for someone young, dynamic and dedicated to become part of our exciting startup company based in Cape Town, on a full-time basis. Go ahead and tell your friends, family and followers. Applicants to mail their CV and cover letter to matthew@creativespark.co.za.

  • WarCraft movie review: a big screen raiding party

    After all of these years, gaming studio Blizzard Entertainment has finally released a full-length movie based on one of its properties. For this inaugural event, the studio decided to focus on its WarCraft series, a game series that is rich in lore from three full titles and one genre-defining MMORPG. Is WarCraft a video game adaptation you should see though? The movie follows the events of the first orc invasion following the desolation of their home world. The leader of these green-skinned beings, Gul'dan, plans to invade the world of Azeroth to claim it as their own. The dark portal used to...

  • Uber introduces waiting fees, instant payments and more

    Uber has detailed new features that it's introducing for drivers. The changes include paying drivers for waiting over two minutes, showing ride requests going in the same direction as you are when changing shifts, instant pay, pausing requests and a new website dedicated to drivers. The company says that its reasons for introducing the changes include improving the driver's trip experience. Uber is introducing in-person assistance in over 250 locations around the world, making its communication process with drivers a lot more immediate. Read more: Smirnoff tries to lure people to app with free Uber rides One of the new features will enable...