Conferences, News comes onboard as IAB Digital Summit sponsor

IAB summit, the global online presence of the British state broadcaster has come onboard as the headline sponsor for the 2015 IAB DigitalSummit, in conjunction with the Bookmarks Awards. With 76 million unique browsers each month, 72 million monthly page views in Africa and a billion page views per month worldwide, it's a big name to attach to an event that's looking to grow beyond being a mere awards showcase for the South African digital industry. Speakers will focus on a ...

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3 game changing trends and technologies for video surveillance in 2015 and beyond

Video surveillance With the Internet of Things (IoT) continuing to be a hot topic throughout 2014 and across all industries -- whether it’s about smart cars or intelligent appliances such as connected refrigerators -- more consumers and businesses are now aware of the advantages of being connected to the internet, and so should the security professionals and business owners who are trying to ensure the safety of their organisations. As many professionals in the security industry predict, the new HD standard ‘4K ...


The 5 safest cars crash-tested by Euro NCAP in 2014

Euro NCap Cars Crashing. Nobody wants to do it, right? Wrong. The clever folks over at the European New Car Assessment Programme (more commonly known as Euro NCAP) studiously put all manner of automobiles through their metal-mangling paces each and every year. And they quite likely enjoy the heck out of it. Of course, these collision boffins observe all that stomach-churning destruction from a suitably safe distance, instead subbing in full-scale anthropomorphic test devices to do their dirty work. Smart move, chaps. Read more on ...


From the horse’s mouth: 7 tips every startup needs to follow in 2015

Writing Notes Did you know that in 2014 the world hit 52% of its entrepreneurial capacity? That’s according to the Global Entrepreneurship Index, which hosted last year’s 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco. As this ecosystem of small businesses continues to grow and thrive, standing out from the crowd is going to become an increasingly difficult challenge. So, how can you do it? We gathered advice from some of Africa’s most innovative startups, who have either received grants from Microsoft or who have ...

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Social media marketing: creativity is not enough

social media channels Technology has transformed social media marketing into a science. Now, sophisticated algorithms determine impact and success rates of campaigns. Scientifically, content and message can be either subtly or overtly changed on the fly to ensure campaigns gain their highest levels of success possible. Social media marketing is no longer simply about clever creative content – it is now a science, and if the science is lacking from your campaign, your return on investment will be lower. Simplistically, consumers consume content ...

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Google launches Classroom mobile apps for Android and iOS

Google Classroom Google’s Classroom education initiative launched its own set of mobile apps yesterday. The initiative has been around for six months but only on the web where some 30 million assignments that have been submitted via the platform since its debut. The launch of the Android and iOS apps means that students and teachers can snap a picture of an experiment they are doing and attach it to their assignments. Google says that this is useful when students forget their homework ...


Guardians of the Galaxy gets the 8-bit treatment

Guardians of the Glalaxy 8-bit It was pretty much every geek's favourite movie of 2014, so it should hardly be surprising that Guardians of the Galaxy has received the 8-bit cinema treatment. Okay, technically it's actually rendered in 16-bit, but the point is watching the video will make you wish someone had actually made a Guardians of the Galaxy game back in the early 90s. Read more: Check out this awesome 8 bit re-imagining of ‘Pulp Fiction’ All the best characters from the film are ...


Bitcoin price is lowest in two years, here are 4 possible reasons why

Bitcoin on a circuit board Bitcoin's price continues to drop as it cruises past the US$200 mark -- US$180 less than one month ago and the lowest we've seen since January 2013. This aggressive drop started at the beginning of this week, and comes around the same time major bitcoin exchanges got hacked, mining operations have shut down and legal actions have been taken to deter access to related services. Whether these are all related is up to speculation. But then again, the bitcoin price is just ...

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Facebook begins testing ‘At Work’ enterprise product

Facebook at Work Facebook today confirmed that it has begun testing on Facebook at Work. The app, which blends elements of the Facebook experience into an enterprise level product, will be visible in iOS and Android App Stores and accessible to pilot partners only. Facebook at Work was first spied in November last year and is likely part of the company's efforts to expand its revenue base beyond the billion or so personal users it currently lays claim to. The product is meant ...

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Yahoo’s got a growing interest in the weather across South Africa, here’s why

Yahoo weather featured Two years after launching its acclaimed weather app, Yahoo is gradually taking interest in displaying weather from locations outside major cities. Up until now Yahoo Weather has only been successful in showcasing beautiful Flickr snaps from big cities. But what about Benoni residents who don’t associate Johannesburg’s Ponte Tower with what it looks like outside? Or surfers at Noordhoek for whom a cloudy Table Mountain looks different from that pic taken from Signal Hill? The Yahoo Weather Team is aggressively scouring ...






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