DroneScan: the startup using flying ‘copters to manage your stock

Stock-take Data management can make or break a business. Especially when it comes to big companies, refining a simple process could save you millions. It's all about maximising efficiency. A few weeks ago we featured Big Inja -- the data management startup that explained how important it is to visualise your business processes in order to make the right decisions. Now, Durban-based software startup DroneScan is taking it to another level. Literally. The startup is using drones to scan barcoded items in ...


Jamie Whincup wins again: 6 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Red-Bull-Holden-V8-Supercars There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. Another weekend, another painful lack of motorsport action. As the series conclude and the action dries up, we become thirsty for pitstops and hungry for discarded rubber. But at least there's still one series going strong. Read more on Motorburn.

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Thumbtom is an app that pays you to look at advertisements

bmw Currently trending on South Africa's Google Play store is Thumbtom -- an app that pushes ads to your smartphone's lockscreen in return for vouchers and airtime. What the app does is it turns your phone into an advertising hub, channeling brands straight to the palm of your hand. But it also ads a dash of incentive by giving people the ability to earn points for buy vouchers and airtime. The company claims the app to be the first South African app that ...

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YouTube now allows users to check copyrighted music before uploading a video

YouTube Music Key Google has launched a new feature in the YouTube Audio Library which allows content creators who use copyrighted music to see what will happen to their videos before they upload them and not as it has been, after. Before this there was no warning at all, all that happened was that if the song had been taken down, one would be confronted by a blank video. Beginning yesterday, when users uploads a video to YouTube, its Content ID system will automatically ...


Mobile messenger 2go now has 2-million Android users

2Go Android App Spend enough time at African tech conferences and you'll inevitably hear, or possibly get involved, in a debate about where African mobile developers should be concentrating their time. Should they focus on the now and build for feature phones, which still make up the majority of devices in the country? Or should they look to the future and build for smartphones? Well if mobile messenger and social network 2go is any indication, the answer lies somewhere in between. While the ...

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Think loadshedding’s ruined your day? At least you’re not Joburg City Power’s social media head

Candles Over the past couple of weeks, South Africa has been subject to the worst bout of loadshedding since 2008. Productivity has slumped, with large areas of the country plunged into darkness for hours at a time. It's been pretty bad for everyone, but a single tweet has escalated the horrors for Joburg City power. You see, the organisation was probably trying to be as helpful as possible when it posted a PDF link to the current loadshedding schedule. Someone had ...


Thync is a headset device that uses electrodes to cheer you up

Thync Logo Colour On Friday afternoons, one can file out of the office and grab a beer until the late hours of the following day, knowing well that they will have time to sleep it off. The anxiety from the other weekdays is a lot tricky to deal with. Hangovers are universally hated at work offices, with good reason. Enter Thync, a headset that will cheer you up by using electrodes to stimulate your head. Isy Goldwasser, the CEO and co-founder Thync, a ...

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5 ways to rock social media without making it feel like a chore

Stressed Even though many small to medium size businesses are realizing the power of social media and how it can be used to create awareness for their products and services, how are you going to integrate social media into your busy day? If you have a small business or working solo, it may feel at times that you are physically working around the clock with your busy schedule to get things done. How on earth and when are you supposed to update ...

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The networked economy: why ‘massive’ data is vital to unlocking its true value

system-71228_1280 Big Data? That’s so last decade. What we live in today is an era of Massive Data - and it’s growing by the second, as we connect everything from our businesses to our coffee pots to create a giant networked economy. The real challenge that companies are facing is how to make sense of this data, and to use this newfound network to create connections that make a real difference. They won’t necessarily admit it, but most companies are sitting on ...


Guns and Rain: an art gallery that inhabits the contours of online space

Guns-and-Rain Guns and Rain founder Julie Taylor's oldest art memory is of drawing dinosaur stencils. That memory, wrapped up as it is in the imagination of a child, re-imagining creatures that are extinct and inking them back to life, is at least in part what inspired her to found the contemporary online art gallery. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Guns and Rain sells artwork by fine artists from across Southern Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana online. The gallery's ...






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