Joey Logano wins Daytona 500: 5 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Logano-Daytona-500-2015 There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. We're in the midst of the rigourous preseason testing schedule and while not too much ever seems to be happening, it's always fairly important for engineers and drivers alike. The second Formula 1 test has just come to an ...


Sesame Street teaches kids more than maths with ‘House of Cards’ parody

House of Cards Sesame Street We're not sure kids will fully understand Sesame Street's House of Cards parody -- unless they've managed to figure out their parents' Netflix account -- but chances are, watching it will teach them more than just basic subtraction. There's also plenty to be learned about using double entendres to make points about political excess: "Some people say there's too much pork in this town," says Frank Underwolf as he embarks on his journey into the 'White House of Bricks'. "I ...

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Google’s on a quest to kill sexually explicit content on Blogger

Google products If you use Blogger to post dirty pictures or smutty video, your days are numbered. The Google owned blogging platform will no longer allow its users to post sexual explicit content, it has announced. Previously Blogger touted itself as a platform allowing for freedom of expression, stating on the Blogger content policy that “censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression”. That said, it did ask users to be explicit in how the labeled ...


Gartner: expect mobile disruption, strong wearable growth through 2015

nismo-watch Right now, the global smartphone market seems pretty set: Samsung and Apple are top of the pile and a bunch of Chinese players, including Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi, are fighting for what's left of the pie. But things can change very quickly. We're all well aware of the travails faced by BlackBerry in recent years. And Nokia, once the largest mobile player on the planet, doesn't even feature in the current smartphone landscape. So even though things seem pretty settled, ...

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The greatest SuzelleDIY parody, and why you should attempt your own

SuzelleParody The true success of a TV show, new idea or artwork can often be measured by the parodies it spawns. Think about it: Weird Al Yankovic has never spoofed an unsuccessful artist. Locally we don’t often witness good parodies of South African music or TV shows, partly because we’re incredibly sensitive about our ideas. That’s why when I first saw a YouTube parody of SuzelleDIY, I thought this should be a giant feather in Suzelle’s cap. She inspired someone to attempt the parody, ...

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3 massive trends banks will have to stay ahead of if they want to remain innovative

dollar-exchange-rate-544949_1280 Doing digital banking better is key, according to various banking trend predictions for 2015. But being fine-tuned to customer needs and behaviour, and consequently marrying human centricity with technology, could be the catalyst for true differentiation. Banking products and services have always been perceived as quite generic and it was inevitable that banks would catch up with each other in the digital banking space. Although launching innovative digital banking products and services that change the way we bank will continue to ...


Sony SmartWatch 3 review: substance over style

Sony-SmartWatch-3-review-lead The smartwatch is still an infant technology that hasn't yet decided what it wants to be when it grows up. Although there are a spate of Android Wear-based devices on the market, they're all really the same thing in different outfits. This is a market where differentiation is more difficult than most, perhaps even more so than the tablet space. Generally I complain that tablets are boring, mundane technologies, but smartwatches come pretty damn close too. Read more on Gearburn.


From LEGO to Star Wars, Oscars 2015 celebrates all things geeky

Oscar opening Neil Patrick Harris opened the Oscars last night with a tribute to some of the greatest movies of all time -- mostly Disney-owned movies since this year's Academy Awards broadcasting rights went to ABC. With Stormtroopers on stage and Patrick Harris superimposed into a Star Wars scene, Disney got away with free marketing for the December release of Star Wars: Episode VII. Samsung also got a mention although it didn't quite play as big a role as last year. Another lucrative product placement came in ...


Cape Town will never be Silicon Valley, and that’s a good thing

cape-town-344257_1280 As an American tech journalist who transplanted herself to Cape Town a year and a half ago, I get asked one question all the time: how do we compare to Silicon Valley? Now that I’ve travelled to Africa’s main tech hubs, interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs, tech execs, and investors and founded my own startup, CodeX, to train 100 000 coders in the next decade, I’m going to come out and say it. There is no comparison. So stop making it. But before ...

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3 things you need to remember about creating great digital content for your target audience

Target Your Customers Hand SEO is getting more hardcore and complex with every Google algorithm update. It's understandable because Google always wants to provide the best user experience to their users and by this they are filtering out all the content with lower relevance to the search query. What makes content relevant? Google has always been saying that quality unique content is key, but the problem is what is quality content. One issue with unique and quality content is that it takes more work, research ...






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