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Reachocalypse: is Facebook really trying to screw your brand page’s reach?

ScrewSo I’m sure that it’s not news to anyone that Facebook’s recent changes to its Newsfeed algorithm have left many a marketer in a bit of a flap. Hate pieces are being written on an almost daily basis about Facebook’s apparent greed and arrogance -- the latest one making the rounds is Eat24’s “Dear John” letter. Now as funny and witty as I found this letter to be, I think there are some realities that marketers need to face if they ...


7 car gadgets you shouldn’t be caught dead buying

LED EmoticonIf you own a vehicle that’s well past its prime (or, indeed, one that’s simply a little too low-tech for your liking), you may be tempted to spruce it up with a spot of aftermarket gadgetry. And although there are some useful and even ingenious automotive-flavoured additions out there, they are unfortunately about as common as an honest second-hand car salesman.But if you simply can’t shake the hankering, then our advice is to at least tread carefully. Very carefully. Why? ...


Can features like Chat Cards and Newsfeed make Mxit cool again?

Mxit 7Not so long ago, Mxit appeared to be caught in something of a malaise. Alan Knott Craig Jr, the man who promised to change the company from the ground up had parted ways with it, the board appeared reluctant to appoint a new CEO and its product was stuck in pretty much the same place it had been in for years. No one can accuse it of that now.In the space of a few months and under new CEO Francois ...


5 reasons why Sony’s Xperia Z2 will beat Samsung’s Galaxy S5

Sony Xperia Z2 and accessoriesAt Mobile World Congress 2014, almost every smartphone brand showcased what it had been busy with during the past 12 months. Samsung showcased the Galaxy S5, Sony demoed the Xperia Z2 and LG displayed the G Pro 2.These are powerhouses devices, but we think the real battle would be between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2. So if you're planning to buy the Xperia Z2 or the Galaxy S5, here's five reasons why Sony's device will beat Samsung's latest ...


How tech solutions could save Africa’s energy and natural resources sectors

africa energyRight now, the energy industry in sub-Saharan Africa is at a crossroads. Faced with booming demand from a growing industrial sector, urbanisation and an impatient consumer base, the region’s energy utilities must deal with a unique set of challenges that can ultimately drive away both local and foreign investment and affect entire economies if they are not overcome.We’re all too familiar with some of these challenges: ageing infrastructure that breaks down at inconvenient times; the need to optimise assets; the ...


To make you download Messenger, Facebook’s killing chat in its mobile apps

Facebook stickers AndroidChange is coming... again. Yes, Facebook is getting more aggressive in its mobile strategy -- by making sure you have to download its standalone Messenger app if you want to talk to your friends on your phone.In an effort to slim down the many functions of its main mobile app, the social media giant is stripping the messaging function out and requiring that users install the companion app. At present, messaging is one of the options in the official ...

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Microsoft still king of enterprise software, go figure

Entrance to Microsoft Redmond CampusWhen it comes to the software business Microsoft is pretty much untouchable, this according to the latest Gartner report on worldwide software revenue in 2013According to the tech research and advisory company, the worldwide software revenue totaled just over US$407-billion in 2013, a 4.8 per cent increase from 2012 revenue of US$388.5 billion. Developed markets saw significant growth in the past year offsetting the relative sluggishness in emerging markets. According to the report, the software industry is in the ...

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Tumblr blog ‘Humanitarians of Tinder’ showcases smug side of dating

HumanitarianIf there is one thing the internet has excelled at, it's pointing out the absurdity of human behaviour — and then making fun of it. The latest craze of cyber-shaming comes in the form of Tinder profile scrutiny.A Tumblr account launched in February showcases Tinder profile pictures of misguided hipsters posing with the various persons they've helped abroad. Aptly named Humanitarians of Tinder (hilariously abbreviated to HoT), the blog has garnered some internet attention lately — and rightly so. ...

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Does Facebook, like, have a like problem?

Facebook LikeA heart-wrenching photo of a Syrian orphan appears in your Facebook News Feed, having been shared by one of your friends. The status update challenges you to like and share as a show of support and love for this child who feels unloved. With 1-million likes then that child will finally know that he or she is cherished. Are you in or are you out? We’ve all encountered that moment and we’ve all clicked like.Remember the old saying that ‘if ...


Squeeze Facebook to boost your ecommerce profits: here’s how

Facebook logoA billion people on Facebook translate to a billion reasons for businesses to be there. Any business – big or small – now finds the need to be on Facebook and tap into the ever-increasing appeal Facebook has for businesses.Now, Facebook might not be everyone’s favorite. Yet, it has potential. It has user base, and it allows myriad applications and tools to interact with it. Friends trust friends and Facebook goes a long way to help translate that fact into ...






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