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Windows Phone up against the ropes as global market share slips

Windows Phone social media There was a moment, albeit a very brief one, where things were looking good for Windows Phone. Coupled with some great devices by Nokia, it was outselling the iPhone in a few key markets and it seemed to be racing ahead of the competition in the battle for third place. Now though, it looks as if a combination of indecisiveness on Microsoft's part and a total onslaught of cheap Android devices have seen it take a serious dent in sales. ...

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This company lets you listen to certain locations in 3D on Google Street View

Sounds-Google-Street-View Google Street View is awesome. You can visit everywhere from deep inside the Amazon jungle to the top of Mount Everest -- experiencing the world's foreign beauties on a rather attractive budget from the comfort of your office chair. Still, it's missing a crucial ingredient that helps shape our experiences everyday: namely sound. Using Google Street View's API, hearing aid company Amplifon has added 3D sounds to popular virtual tourist attractions around the world. Simply go to the website, put on ...


Watch the terrifying beauty of a robot swarm in action

Robot Swarm This is either incredibly cool or, if you're Elon Musk, completely terrifying. A team of Harvard University scientists has managed to recreate natural swarms using more than a thousand micro robots. Each of the Kilobots -- there are actually 1024 of them, following computer science definitions -- is little more than a completely harmless US$14 device. Put it together with its brethren though and it becomes part of a remarkable, self organising whole. The way they do it is pretty ...

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You can now buy Google Glass from Takealot… as long as you’ve R27k to burn [Update: someone did]

Google glass lead Critical update: someone has made the plunge and purchased Google Glass from Takealot. We don't know how many, just that it has happened. "We are pleased to confirm that we have made sales of Google Glass in the last 24 hours and we will continue to monitor our stock levels and to replenish when needs be," says head of marketing, Declan Hollywood. Dreams can come true. Original story: Are you a wealthy South African tech enthusiast? Then, one of South Africa's largest online retail ...

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Is the industry leader the best solution for your business? Three cases where the answer may be no

First place Those of us who work in the IT industry have all heard the old ad slogan from the 1970s: “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”. It sounds a bit old-fashioned now, but the truth is that many people still default to buying from the global industry leaders. It seems like the safe option and often it is -- but it’s also a choice that can slow growth or even actively harm a business. Here are three cases in which ...


Placing your bets: 5 BRICS startups making it big that you need to know about

Bricks-colour If I ask you to name one startup from each of the BRICS countries, chances are you will stutter Alibaba, maybe Vkontakte, and then try Google something (which you won’t find). So for you to shine at your next dinner party or just to fill your wealth of knowledge, here’s a guided tour of big startups from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Brazil’s Hotel Urbano: how to beat in one year only Read more on Ventureburn.


We dissect the brand-new Bloodborne gameplay trailer

Bloodborne-lead-image2 There are at least 10 quality games coming out for the PS4 in 2014 and one incredible game releasing "early 2015." That game is From Software's PS4-exclusive Bloodborne, the first true successor to the Dark Souls series. I'm a Souls fan-boy, and to say that Bloodborne gets my hemoglobins flowing is no lie. The developers of the Souls series (Demon, Dark), namely From Software and SCE Japan Studio, as well as Hidetaka Miyazaki have combined forced to create what will surely ...


7 crazy fuel alternatives that didn’t catch on

Tequila Utter the words “alternative fuels”, and most people will immediately think of hybrids, electric cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles. But what about potential fuel sources that are even more “alternative” than those? What about powering cars with substances that make traditional fuels – i.e. petrol and diesel – seem altogether uninteresting? Well, we had a scrounge around and found these seven entirely off-the-wall alternative fuels that haven’t quite made it in the mainstream motoring world. Well, not yet, anyway… Read more on ...


Everything you need to know about refurbished phones [SPONSORED]

Smashed iPhone Mobile technology is booming and I mean it’s really booming! It seems like everyone, young and old, has a mobile device of some kind these days. What’s more is they’re not some cheap, run-of-the-mill phone either, they are highly sophisticated pieces of technology. Being accessible at all times of the day and night through phone calls, SMS and the myriad of social network options has become the norm for most of us. Having the internet at our finger-tips has become ...


Mark Zuckerberg pours bucket of ice over his head, challenges Bill Gates

Mark-ice All in the name of a good cause, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has just poured a bucket of ice over his head. Zuckerberg was recently challenged by US Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to indulge in the non-profit ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge. In good spirit, the 30-year-old billionaire then posted a video of himself going all out philanthropic. What a sport. Zuckerberg has now nominated Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings ...






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