Of GOOGs and GOOGLs: getting to grips with Google’s stock split

Google logoIf you're Google stock holder, you may recently have found yourself wondering what's going on with the internet giant's share price. Well first off, you saw right, the price halved, but that does not mean that your value halved. Simply, because two years after announcing that, the founders and essentially controllers of the business, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, would split the shares and control the company through their special voting rights B shares, the stock has finally split.What you ...


5 absolutely awful video game sequels

DukeWe've all played a game that you know within the first five minutes is going to be a winner. It’s going to change your life. You know that it will be a game that you will forever look back on and think, that game was amazing.So imagine your excitement when you see that a sequel is being made. The anticipation! You lie awake at night for hours imagining how it will look, what new characters there will be, thinking about ...


Funding, partners, tax: how SA entrepreneurs can get the most out of their money

plant-money-growthBig match temperament is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship.As an entrepreneur you have to make big decisions on a daily basis that impact various aspects of your company. ‘Going with your gut’ is great for intuitive leadership and direction for your business, but when it comes to financial decision-making when steering your business, making sure that you have thoroughly thought through all the implications of a big decision greatly increases your chances of it being the right one.Read more on Ventureburn.

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Mozilla CEO steps down amidst social media outrage

Brenden Eich leadEarlier this week, the newly appointed CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, stepped down following internet outrage regarding his political views against marriage equality. Mozilla is the maker of the popular internet browser, Firefox. The controversy was sparked shortly after Eich assumed his role as CEO a mere 11 days ago, when Mozilla employees took to twitter and started calling out their new boss’ potential homophobia. Criticism over Eich’s political views were grounded in a six-year-old US$1000 donation that the executive ...

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Thinking about investing in Sina Weibo? Heed the warning of Renren

Sina WeiboSina Weibo, often heralded as China’s answer to Twitter, will soon IPO in the US. It’s a good chance for investors around the world to get a slice of the social network that’s the hive mind and collective voice of China’s web users. But it’s not as simple as that.If you look back to the spring of 2011, China’s biggest social media IPO to date gives us an omen of what could very well happen with Weibo. In May ...


Google sent an internet balloon around the world in 22 days

Project LoonAround the world in 80 days? Pssh. Google did it in 22... with a solar-powered balloon. Yep, the Project Loon team provided an update on what's been going on with the seemingly crazy experiment to bring internet access to the world's remotest regions -- and it seems to be going relatively well.The project, which was announced in June last year, involves floating giant balloons into the stratosphere to beam internet access around the globe. Back then, the team said ...

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Want to go to Apple’s WWDC? You’ll need to enter a lottery

WWDC 2014Apple's announced the dates for the 2014 edition of its annual Worldwide Developer's Conference and if you want tickets, chances are you're going to have to enter a lottery.The conference, set to take place between 2 and 6 June, is one of the most widely anticipated on the tech calendar, not least because Apple usually uses it to launch at least one headline device or piece of software.Any developers wanting to attend though, have to apply for tickets ...


Enterprise mobility conference aims to help big business take control of digital revolution

Big business has always been the engine room of global technology spending -- Gartner estimates that the global IT market will be worth US$3.8 trillion in 2014, with the enterprise software market alone on pace to total US$320-billion -- but it's become impossible for it to ignore consumerisation trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).While these trends can lead to security concerns, companies to adapt, or get left behind, negatively affecting company bottom line. Increased levels of mobility mean ...

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Facebook Messenger joins the free phonecall brigade

facebook messengerIf you're a Facebook Messenger fan, then you'll probably be relieved to find out that the social network hasn't stopped work on the app just because it's bought WhatsApp.The latest update to Messenger has seen it add free phone calls to its list of features.Anyone observing the various moves between the world's various mobile instant messaging apps will know that Facebook's messaging apps aren't the first to include this feature. WeChat and Viber for instance both allow users to ...

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Data journalism is changing the way we report elections: here’s how

DataWhenever there's an election in any democratic country, its -- and sometimes the world's media -- goes tends to be put on full alert. That said, traditional reporting is generally limited to the political issues in the campaign and to winners and losers. Data journalism tools open a new perspective, offering the possibility for in-depth reporting and analysis.As renowned professor of journalism Stephen Doig notes, data journalism is something like “social science done on deadline”. As is the case with ...






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