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All posts tagged "Ecommerce"

  • Good Buy Jo aims to unify South Africa’s messy online retail space

    If you think of price comparison websites or product directories, you'll likely think of PriceCheck. But PriceCheck is getting a new competitor in the form of Good Buy Jo. The site, which sounds like the perfect name for a folk indie band, "offers consumers a place where they can search for things they want across multiple online stores in one location," according to a press release. "It is where customers begin their online shopping journey, where they have choice, browsing power in one central place and access to deals and promotions, based on their unique interests." The site lists merchandise from the...

  • Alibaba sold goods worth $476bn in fiscal year 2015

    For the fiscal year ending 30 March 2016, Alibaba's China retail marketplace platforms sold goods worth more than 3 trillion yuan, about US$476-billion. This is according to Alibaba's Group Executive Vice Chairman, Joe Tsai. Writing on Alizila, the company's blog, Tsai claimed that the company has seen a growth of about 23% in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from the previous year, 2015. The growth, according to Tsai, is not only reflective of an impressive year by Alibaba but a shift in China's economy trend. Tsai proposes that Alibaba is seeing the emergence of a new economy, one driven by...

  • Building an ecommerce store? We look at 6 solutions for you

    With ecommerce constantly gaining traction in South Africa, it may be time to start that online store you've always dreamed of. While larger retail chains are jumping on the ecommerce bandwagon and moving into the digital space to be all-in-one solutions, there is still plenty of room to launch your own venture. You might not be technically inclined, working on a budget, or what unsure of what to do next. We've got you covered. Memeburn takes a look at either different ecommerce solutions to see which is right for you. For this list, we've looked at two add-on ecommerce solutions, two...

  • 6 online shopping tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales

    As South African consumers increase their use of online shopping and become part of the frenzied international Black Friday (27 November) and Cyber Monday (30 November) online sales taking place this coming week, taking advantage of the amazing deals and getting them back home to SA in a cost-effective and reliable way will make the difference between scoring a great deal or having your bargain dreams dashed. In the mayhem that accompanies these huge online sales, it is important for consumers to keep a clear head and do their homework before they head online and click the Checkout button. Some...

  • CEO of Supermart.ng Raphael Afaedor on the state of Nigeria’s ecommerce

    The last time I spoke to Raphael Afaedor in person, he was still the co-founder of Jumia, his face and that of Tunde Kehinde’s had just been on Forbes and they were the focus of the foreign press including CNN. I was able to drag him aside in the hall where Jumia was celebrating its first year anniversary and when I asked him what was next for ecommerce in Nigeria, he said the focus will continually be on satisfying the customer — even if he or she expresses interest in buying cows online.

  • India’s ecommerce giant Flipkart introduces social network feature

    India’s ecommerce company Flipkart has introduced a social network component to its app. The social network component is called Ping and it allows users to have a real time conversations with friends and help each other on what to buy. Ping allows users to drag and drop drag and drop products or offers directly into conversations, share their screen so that you can browse together, ask friends what they think and get instant feedback and share products directly from your cart, wishlist, camera and gallery. Using Ping, users can share pages of the items they want to buy with friends. Read...

  • SA’s Geek Crate delivers games, comics and merchandise to your doorstep

    Brand new startup Geek Crate based in Cape Town, South Africa, looks to bring a range of geek products to the masses. It’s an idea sure to take off during the current Geek Chic trend, made popular by properties such as The Big Bang Theory and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The company has been founded by full-time UCT students and friends, Grant Meeser and Jordan Lambis. What they lack in years of experience, the pair have in vision, foresight, and drive.

  • Weekly Round Up #21: Elon Musk has battery power, &Threads, Autonomous trucks and Microsoft Build

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, and Christopher Wilton speak about Microsoft Build, Elon Musk's amazing battery power announcement, &Threads, a new boutique startup, and Autonomous trucks, a safer way to move goods arrival the web. After a keynote address in which Elon Musk sounded like poet with an audience eating out of the palm of his hand, the entire world was speaking about Tesla Energy. Tesla Energy offers possibilities for third world countries but is it affordable. The greater...

  • Google predicts massive growth in African ecommerce by 2017

    Google South Africa is seeing considerable growth in Africa’s ecommerce space and expects 2015 to be another growth year. Luke Mckend, country director for Google South Africa, spoke at the eCommerce Africa Confex in Cape Town this week, where he shared stats on how Africans are increasingly Googling with the intent to buy. “We see a story of growth,” says Mckend. “Search is growing much faster than in mature internet economies.” Despite 2014 being a “tough year” for online businesses, Google has seen a 37% increase in query volume for South Africa, 49% in Nigeria and 33% in Kenya. “What’s particularly...

  • Pargo’s pick up points hope to innovate South Africa’s growing ecommerce

    Dutch founders Lars Veul and Derk Hoekert recently showcased their ecommerce solution called Pargo at the eCommerce Confex Africa. We caught up with them to see what all the fuss is about around pick up points. Both have a strong background in ecommerce and have over the last two years help grow the online classifieds site Groupon SA. While trying to sort out Groupon’s ecommerce strategy, the pair immediately saw a gap.var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • Mirror mirror on the wall: eBay to put interactive mirrors in fitting rooms

    eBay wants to reach the brick and mortar world, and it is doing so with the flair that is to be expected of a tech savvy store. The company wants to erect interactive mirrors in its stores too enhance the shopping experience. The feature is already being modeled at the Rebecca Minkof store in New York and San Francisco with other partnerships in more cities in the pipeline. When walking into the store, shoppers are greeted with large mirrors that double as touchscreens. No longer will it be a must to physically search for clothes whilst messing up neatly packed clothes...

  • Leveraging the omni-channel is critical for etailers this festive season

    The same way a customer gets confused and overwhelmed by choice walking into an aisle in a grocery store, browsing online for products is not much different. Retailers need to use the technology at their disposal to guide customers more efficiently. As the market intensifies in the build up to the festive season, retailers in particular, are needing to communicate more intuitively and intelligently to connected consumers. It would seem that investing in mobile-driven solutions such as apps would be a no-brainer. Yet, worldwide research is indicating that retail apps, that solely offer basic brochureware, are failing to deliver...

  • Is the Kalahari, Takealot merger really in everyone’s best interests?

    Early on Tuesday news emerged that two of South Africa’s ecommerce giants, Takealot and Kalahari, would be joining forces. But just how good is the deal for ecommerce in South Africa. Until now, the Tiger Global-backed Takealot and Naspers-owned Kalahari have probably been the fiercest rivals in the South African retail ecommerce space. Speak to people who buy online regularly and they’ll give you myriad reasons for choosing one over the other, ranging from delivery times to customer service and even the respective corniness of their advertising. That competition has helped drive innovation in the space, to the point where...

  • Alibaba officially registers biggest ever US IPO

    Alibaba has raised US$21.8-billion ahead of its stock market debut, meaning that it is responsible for the largest IPO in US history. According to multiple sources, the ecommerce giant, its executives and early investors split some 320-million shares up at a value of US$68 a share. The value of Alibaba's IPO puts it well ahead of the US$16-billion Facebook managed to raise in its IPO a couple of years back. It's even larger than the US$17.9-billion Visa managed to raise in its 2008 IPO and falls just short of the US$22.1-billion raised by the Agricultural Bank of China in what...

  • Ecommerce is changing: where to from here?

    Like any industry, eCommerce is just beginning to mature, so what are the next opportunities for disruption? The barriers to entry are no longer technology or software Most retailers now understand that a multi-channel approach is the minimum required, and have a technology stack, where some will be better than others. Most smaller businesses will outsource this cost, most medium businesses will have in-house teams, and the very large will have a combination of in-house, outsourced and agency teams all working on their eCommerce proposition. The emphasis on constant adaptation will increase as the competition heats up, so stagnant websites will...