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  • Instagram is testing DMs for the web

    Instagram is reportedly testing a web version of its direct messages feature, according to TechCrunch. This means that, soon, Instagrammers could be chatting to their Instagram followers on the web, rather than through the mobile app. Reader Jane Manchun Wong tipped TechCrunch off about the test, and revealed a screenshot showing Instagram's Direct symbol at the top right of the web page. As the feature is still being tested internally, there is no confirmation of when Instagram Direct for web will go live. Feature image: Memeburn

  • Showmax and AFDA team up to release local student films

    Showmax and South African school for film and arts AFDA, have revealed a new deal that will give local film makers the opportunity to publish their work on the video-on-demand platform. "From 18 February, 18 of the best recent short films made by AFDA students from their Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth campuses will be live on Showmax," said the streaming company in a press release. According to Showmax, platforms like YouTube and broadcast TV do not give local talent the right kind of space for their work to be noticed. "Thanks to the growing popularity of video-on-demand services, there’s...

  • South Africa’s unemployment rate decreased in Q4 2018

    South Africa's unemployment rate dropped in the final quarter of 2018, Statistics South Africa announced on Tuesday in its Quarterly Labour Force Survey results. The rate decreased from 27.5% in Q3 2018 to 27.1% in Q4 2018, after an additional 70 000 citizens found employment during this period. In total, 16.5-million South Africans are currently employed. https://twitter.com/StatsSA/status/1095254861053128705 While this is a small win that should be celebrated, there are a multitude of negatives that should be highlighted. For one, this means that 6.1-million people remained unemployed in South Africa in Q4 2018. Additionally, the youth unemployment rate -- specifically looking at those aged between 15...

  • FNB Connect gets data transfer, monthly rollover and usage alert features

    If you're an FNB Connect user, you will now have the option to roll over your remaining data to the following month. In a statement on Tuesday, FNB revealed that the move is in response to ICASA's requirements on data expiry on mobile networks. FNB Connect will also introduce a free data transfer feature, allowing users to send data to one another on the network. This also includes data that has rolled over. The network is also adding an option for users to receive data depletion notifications at 50%, 80% and 100% "allowing them to actively track and manage usage". "This is part...

  • Gmail adds more options in right-click menu

    Google has added more actions to its right-click menu in Gmail that will allow you easier access to more of the platforms features. "With these new options, you can take even more actions, directly from a message, " the company said on its G Suite Updates Blog. The update will allow users to reply, forward, add labels, make related searches and even open emails in separate tabs, all from the right-click menu. The new options will roll out to all users over the course of February. Feature image: G Suite

  • SA still loves ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ more than Kevin Hart, ‘Aquaman’

    How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has retained its top spot on Southern Africa's box office chart for a second weekend, this according to data from Ster-Kinekor. The flick held off Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston's second place flick The Upside for a consecutive week, while Aquaman remained in third as the highest grossing flick on the chart with a haul of R52.9-million to date. In fourth place, DJ Black Coffee and Kagiso Lediga's Matwetwe continues its local popularity surge, jumping two places to fourth this week. Bohemian Rhapsody fell one place to fifth, while South Africa's other two movies...

  • Eskom implements Stage 4 load shedding

    If the announcement on Sunday that load shedding was set to ruin South Africans' lives once again for the next few months didn't annoy you, Eskom's latest announcement surely will. On Monday, Stage 2 load shedding was implemented from 9am, but by around 1pm, not enough load was being shed from the grid. In response, the company's spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe on Monday afternoon announced that the country is now facing Stage 4 load shedding for the remainder of the day. Stage 4 is the most severe level on its panic chart. https://twitter.com/KhuluPhasiwe/status/1094918900637200384 This will allow the ailing power utility to shed more than 4000mW...

  • Disney’s Aladdin trailer reveals blue Will Smith and Twitter doesn’t like it

    In a new special look trailer released at the Grammy Awards, Disney has given the world its first taste of Will Smith as the Genie in Aladdin. The short reveal shows a buff, blue and ever so slightly CG Genie coming out of his lamp to introduce himself to Aladdin. Will Smith Instagrammed the moment, saying "I told y’all I was gon’ be Blue!" https://www.instagram.com/p/BtuUnAoh8ER/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Fans however, seemed more shocked to see the actor as an entirely different colour, than excited for the live action classic. https://twitter.com/QuinnKeaney/status/1094777851738501120 https://twitter.com/JvJoeontheRadio/status/1094776887979720704 https://twitter.com/bradmiska/status/1094778279721140227 https://twitter.com/CaillouPettis/status/1094777489610629125 Let's face it though, can anyone really compete with Robin Williams? Ever? The movie will premier in May. Feature image:...

  • The biggest B2B ecommerce mistakes to avoid

    B2B ecommerce marketing has rapidly grown over the last few years, offering plenty of potential as a sales channel for traditional industries. B2B sales are slowly and quietly catching up to B2C sales, as the industry continues to grow. This market caters to the large number of businesses around the world who are seeking and selling anything and everything from software and hardware to medical equipment, electrical components, specialised equipment, and other niche products. According to a 2017 Forrester Research report, B2B transactions will reach $1.2-trillion by 2023. A report by Frost & Sullivan estimates that the number may be as high...

  • Google reveals the most searched love questions ahead of Valentine’s Day

    With Valentines Day just around the corner, Google has released a "Romance Report" of its most searched love-related questions. The list is long, and comprises of relationship advice about everything from advice on exes, to how to kiss. Here are some of our favourites, all part of the top five most asked in each category. How to set boundaries with your significant other for quality time? How to say happy birthday to an ex? How to kiss well? What is cuddling? DIY valentine decorations. The Romance Report also revealed the top ten languages "I love you" was translated to,...

  • Netflix’s Smart Downloads features heads to iOS

    Netflix's Smart Downloads feature is now available on iOS, the company announced on Thursday. Smart Downloads was first released to Android in July 2018. The feature allows users to download new episodes immediately after the previous one is complete. It will also delete the older episode automatically. To use the feature, users will be required to connect to WiFi. Smart Downloads are also entirely opt-in, and can be switched on or off from the app's Downloads section. Feature image: Netflix

  • Instagram to stop showing graphic self-harm content

    Instagram has announced a new mental health and suicide prevention strategy where it will prevent self-harm related images from being seen by users. This comes after Facebook consulted experts on the matter of whether or not such images negatively affected users. "We will not allow any graphic images of self-harm, such as cutting on Instagram," the company said on its blog. Images related to self-harm that are not graphic, "such as healed scars" will also not be shown across the platform, even through hashtags. "We are not removing this type of content from Instagram entirely, as we don’t want want to stigmatize or...

  • South Africa’s 2019 elections will be held on 8 May 2019

    South Africans will vote for their new national and provincial leaders on 8 May 2019. The date was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa during Thursday's SONA. The 2019 General Election will be the second time the event is held in May since democracy, and will fall almost exactly five years since the previous election, held in 2014. Citizens who are registered or partook in the final registration weekend in late January will be eligible to cast their vote. Feature image: screenshot, IEC South Africa

  • South Africa just crowned its best dressed politician at #SONA2019

    Looks like Twitter's found its most fashionable candidate of SONA 2019. Thanks to a viral tweet by TV personality Lelo Boyana on Thursday, ANC MEC Vatiswa Bam-Mugwanya is now famous after a still from an ENCA broadcast was snapped of her in Parliamentary glam relaxing in the chamber. Her outfit was anything but ordinary. https://twitter.com/MsLeloB/status/1093569588154060806 Donning fabulous head wear and even more spectacular glasses, Twitter instantly stanned the National Assembly member. Her chill posture also resonated with South Africans sitting back listening to President Cyril Ramaphosa's second SONA. https://twitter.com/TheeFela/status/1093572243609788416 Thankfully, one Twitter user blessed us with her entire outfit, which is nothing less than wonderful. https://twitter.com/Maunanaa/status/1093574527097933826 See people?...

  • #SONA2019, ‘Afrikaans’ is trending on Twitter worldwide right now

    So #SONA2019 is currently trending worldwide on Twitter, and it's pretty obvious why. But if you gaze further down the social network's top trends on Thursday night, you'll see "Afrikaans". Yes. "Afrikaans" is now trending worldwide on Twitter. Not just in South Africa. Worldwide. As for why, well, it might be because of this little incident at SONA 2019 earlier... https://twitter.com/Zaahidah_M/status/1093554820726865920 During the national anthem, the EFF took a seat in Parliament when the Afrikaans section began. The third stanza of South Africa's current anthem is taken from the country's former anthem called Die Stem, used by the country during the apartheid...