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  • Scott Dixon crowned IndyCar Champion: the motorsport roundup

    Fewer things are crueler than losing a World Championship on a tie breaker, but that's what happens occasionally in motorsport (and tennis). Think back to 2008, when Felipe Massa should've won the Formula 1 World Championship, only to be denied by Lewis Hamilton on the final corner of the final lap of the season. It was easily one of the most dramatic ends to any motorsport series season ever, and well, fits in perfectly this this weekend's IndyCar race at Sonoma. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 3 ways to improve teamwork in your business

    You can never do anything worthwhile alone without the help of your team. In order to thrive, a business needs team collaboration at its highest levels. This is why we need to build great teams at work. But what does it take to build a better team? Is team building an art or a science? Ask that to any management guru or business leader, the answer would be almost similar. It is a bit of both. Assembling different team members, motivating them and keeping your team members happy is easier said than done. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 5 family-friendly LEGO games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    I wanted to call this article “next gen LEGO round up”, but to be fair here this is no longer “next-gen”. The problem is I've called it that for so many years that habits are hard to break! Anyway, the point was that I've been playing a lot of LEGO games lately. Like, a lot! Why, you ask. Well the simple fact is I have a four-year-old son, and he loves LEGO games. Luckily, I do too so I figured I should share my ultimate LEGO video game list for current-gen consoles. Read more on Gearburn.

  • People are turning to Gumtree to satisfy their desire for Stikeez

    However you might feel about Stikeez, the collectible toys Pick n Pay currently gives out with purchases over R150, there's no getting around their popularity. It should hardly be surprising then that people are going online to get their hands on the brightly coloured blobs of plastic without having find more groceries to spend their money on. On eBay for instance, you can pick up a collection of Stikeez for anywhere from R59 to R119. And on online classifieds site Gumtree, individual Stikeez are going for as much as R10. Sure your collection isn't likely to bring in a...

  • Fatherhood app wins at Early Childhood Development Hackathon

    The SA Innovation Summit's Hackathon for Early Childhood Development (ECD) awarded top honours to an app aimed at encouraging fathers to be more involved in the children's early care and development. NappiDaddi, as the app's called, was developed over a period of 24 hours by a team of amateur programmers who competed against nine other teams. The winning team was awarded R10 000 to further develop their platform. In a press release send to Memeburn, Kanya Msila, who participated in the winning team, said that NappiDaddi will encourage dads with various childcare challenges and includes elements such as leaderboards, exchanging of knowledge,...

  • This JMPD officer is on her way to becoming a viral star

    When Johannesburg motorist Clive Naidoo was pulled over by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD), allegedly for jumping a red robot, and started filming he would probably never have guessed that he'd turn one of the officers into a viral star. Well aware that she's being recorded, the officer provides a number of cheeky quips to Naidoo's assertion that his taxes pay her salary. As well as asking for an "increase next month", she informs him that she also pays taxes. “I pay tax,” the officer quipped back. “Then my tax pays who? Your maid? Don’t do that. I...

  • Do you live in one of Joburg’s six new ‘fibrehoods’?

    Fibre to the home provider Vumatel has announced that it will be rolling out its offering in six new Johannesburg suburbs. According to a press release sent to Memeburn, the residents' associations of Hurlingham, Glenadrienne, Hyde Park, Northcliff, Sharonlea and Olivedale are the latest to opt for the company's offering. Those suburbs join the likes Saxonwold, Parkwood, Riviera and Killarney, where installations are currently underway, and in Victory Park, Linden, Bryanston South and Blairgowrie, where installations are set to begin in October. Read more: Liquid Telecom secures $150m funding for Africa-wide fiber network expansion “With these new suburbs we will...

  • These are Africa’s 10 most successful brands on social media

    Africa is an increasingly social continent. In 2014, announced that it had more than 100-million African users, accounting for more than half the continent's internet users. More than 80% of those Facebook users also access it via mobile. And while Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest, there are any number of other social platforms available across Africa. As the continent's bandwidth capacity continues to explode, the number of people using those platforms will only keep growing. That in turn means that it's more important than ever for companies not to just be on those platforms, but to use them in...

  • 3D printers, cardboard and a giant robot: Omar-Pierre Soubra on the magic of Maker Faire

    Cape Town recently hosted its very first Maker Faire Cape Town. Calling those involved makers, the event saw some 4 000 attendants and over 40 different exhibitors over the weekend, which is a good number for Cape Town. It took place at the Lookout in the V&A Waterfront. The makers showcased a variety of 3D printers, electronics, artwork, and all manner of things created by the exhibitionists. Some of the exhibitions included Arduino Cape Town, the Cardboard Challenge, and a gigantic robot. Besides food stalls outside, nothing at the stands was for sale. This allows the event to be an experience and not...

  • Untangling Inbound: what should you look for an inbound marketing agency?

    Untangling Inbound is a four part series exploring the basics of inbound marketing. In this, the first article in the series, we explore what you need to know when looking for an inbound marketing agency. Most of us have a handle on how advertising in the conventional sense works. After all, we're bombarded by ads across a variety of media on a daily basis. That kind of advertising's great for letting people know you exist, but what happens when they want to find you? And how do you attract the kind of lucrative business that dealing with other businesses...

  • Q&A: What Africa needs to do to build the next Facebook

    I recently sat down with Seedstars World’s Marcello Schermer (pictured middle) and Gregory Pepper (pictured left). We spoke extensively about the startup pitching competition and how it's supporting emerging companies from all over the globe. We then dissected the startup ecosystem in Africa, focusing on what it will take for Africa to launch the next Facebook. Sourcing tech startups from around the globe, Seedstars World is currently making its rounds through 16 African countries. The top company from each country will stand a chance of winning a US$500 000 equity investment in Switzerland next year. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Building a digital business? Don’t sacrifice your agility

    The benefits of taking your business digital are mostly about agility -- and newcomers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), need to safeguard that agility carefully. One aspect of agility is mobility. If your employees aren’t chained to their desks but can access all the systems and information they need, from wherever they are, that can increase productivity dramatically. If you can’t check your stock, place an order and confirm a delivery date before the end of a meeting with a client -- be sure that one of your competitors can. Cloud computing is another aspect of agility. Moving as much...

  • Proline A933L tablet review: a basement Windows bargain

    Tablets are slowly becoming the jack of all trade devices we all thought they would. They've murdered netbooks and have made large laptops even more obsolete beyond the boardroom. And what's particularly interesting is the lack of bigger brands in this sector. Sure, Sony and Microsoft have tablets that can be transformed into ultrabooks, but in the South African market, these two companies aren't as prominent as a few others. Proline, one of Pinnacle Africa's local brands, definitely is. Read more on Gearburn.

  • What you need to know about becoming an industry brand advocate on social media

    Brand advocates -- another buzz term making the rounds online. You'll find plenty of articles, blog posts, white papers and ebooks explaining that social media is all about the soft sell approach and that you should focus on engagement with your target audience. Most of the content about this will explain that if you want to see real success with social media, you need to become part of the conversation online and invest quite a chunk of time and effort to see results. Even though this is true to a certain extent, what I have seen over the last few...

  • Tech innovations diagnose healthcare, offer cures in the form of mobile and web based solutions

    In remote areas, a visit to the clinic, doctor, and hospital, can entail a serious and expensive trek. That's just one reason the health industry needs to be hacked, so to speak, and made accessible to all. This is exactly what happened recently at the Innovation Hub at Groote Schuur Hospital. Over 50 healthcare workers, academics, software developers, entrepreneurs and designers gathered for a day to co-create mobile and web-based solutions to address healthcare challenges. The event, dubbed The Health hackathon, was hosted by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ Inclusive Healthcare Innovation. The event was hosted in...