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African women in tech: Nkem Begho on being geeky and manly in the tech space
By Michelle Atagana: Managing Ed.

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Be afraid, be very afraid (or maybe not): why you should take advantage of Halloween and other holidays

Halloween I have to admit that the Halloween holiday passes me by almost unnoticed every year. Apart from my cynical “What’s the point,” reaction, I see it as just another opportunity for companies to make more money – especially off the already-pressured parents of kids who want this opportunity to collect sweets. It falls into the same category as Mother’s, Father’s and Grandparent’s Days, Secretaries’ and Bosses Days, Valentine’s Day and many others. And boy, is it profitable! There are no figures ...

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Exit stage left: lessons from reporting Africa’s tech scene

Mich Atagana Google Glass In the last four years I have learnt a lot about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. I have met Africa’s brightest and its bravest. I have walked the path of its past and seen the clearly marked walkways of its future. Erik Hersman from the iHub once told me that once you have been to deepest darkest Africa, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities for innovation. He was right, and you don’t have to search to far to find the ...

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10 hours walking around as a drag queen, Skyrim character and white man

White guy in NYC Earlier this week Hollaback -- an organisation which works to combat public harassment -- made a video of a woman walking around in New York City in order to demonstrate the amount of verbal abuse taking place on the streets. Using a hidden camera and walking around for 10 hours, the organisation counted over 100 incidents of catcalling, whistling and inappropriate behaviours. While this 2-minute video rallied up over 20 million views in just a few days, it doesn't compare to ...

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Mobile subscriptions and SMS messaging on the rise in Kenya

Kenya Kenya's mobile phone subscriptions grew by 5.6% to 32.2-million at the end of the fourth quarter ending June 2014. This translates into a mobile penetration level of 79.2%. The number of new subscriptions registered during the period was 416 390. According to a report by the East African country's Communications Authority, in addition to mobile penetration, data internet subscriptions reached 14-million, up from 13.3-million in March. Mobile data/internet subscriptions continued to dominate overall data subscriptions with 13.9-million subscriptions. Other data obtained from ...

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Burn Media Weekly Roundup #4: Tim Cook being gay, Wearable tech and Mich is leaving Memeburn for Google

Tim-Cook-gesting Welcome to our Weekly Roundup, our weekly podcast that discusses tech trends, innovation and news. Joining this podcast edition is almost everyone from the Burn Media group. Under pseudonyms (in the spirit of Halloween), sitting around the table are Clarke Kent, Wolverine, The Narrator from Fight Club, Hank Moody, the killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Miss Crazy-ass Witch. This week we saw some really interesting news in the world of tech. There is a bit ...

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Android founder will exit Google to incubate hardware startups

Andy Rubin Without Android Google would still be a pretty powerful company, but nowhere near as influential as it is today. In that regard, it owes a deep vote of thanks to Andy Rubin, the man who founded Android as an independent company way back in 2003. From now on though, it'll have to do without Rubin's vision. According to The Wall Street Journal, the former Google Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content is leaving to start a hardware startup ...


Mass protests put end to Hungary’s internet tax

Hungary Protests Hungary has agreed to drop a controversial internet data transfer tax in the wake of mass protests which have rocked the country this week. According to Reuters, Prime Minister Viktor Orban froze the proposed law in the wake of the protest, as well as, advice from the European Union, which called the levy a mistake. "This tax in its current form cannot be introduced because the government wanted to extend a telecommunications tax, but the people see an internet tax," ...






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