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A salesman that never sleeps: the persuasive power of video
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Facebook’s rising stock price makes complete sense: here’s why
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The ultimate guide to enjoying Fifa World Cup 2014 online [Video]
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These are the 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB NART Spider For most of us, the purchase of a motor vehicle comes pre-packed with a hefty expectation of rampant depreciation. Drive that shiny new car off the showroom floor and its value starts to fall faster than a poorly co-ordinated fat kid from a particularly tall tree. But there are a few vehicles out there that do, in fact, serve as worthwhile investments. Yes, these rare automobiles rapidly gain value as they age, and when they do finally go to auction, ...

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OnePlus One review: two good to ignore

OnePlus-One-Product-Image-0016 OnePlus One are the words on every phone fanatic's lips. Made by a new company that was later revealed to be wholly owned by Oppo, the OnePlus One is the best performing Smartphone in the industry at a sub-$500 price point. It beats Google at its own game by offering a Nexus competitor that is faster, offers more storage, is more beautiful, has a better camera and costs far less, to top it off. Priced at US$299 for the 16GB version ...


Taking Nigerians cashless: Q&A with PayPal’s business lead for Africa

paypal_logo Nigeria’s 170-million plus population has an estimated 60-million internet users, making it the largest potential market for PayPal of all the countries it has entered in recent months. Before now, attempting to use PayPal in Nigeria would have lead to the blocking of your PayPal account, with the service hardly viewing the service in the most favorable light. However it seems all that is changing as the country's young professionals with disposable income come online in search of places to spend ...


11 mobile stats you absolutely have to read right now

Mobile icons Unless you've just woken up from an extraordinarily long coma (in which case, there's so much we have to tell you), you're probably well aware of the massive impact mobile technology has had on the world. You just have to look around you, or reach into your pocket and compare the astounding technology in your smartphone to what was inside the brick-sized devices we were all carrying around less than 20 years ago. Quite aside from the technological shifts, mobile ...


This clever documentary was made entirely out of stock footage and emoji

Emoji Yes, they're back... and this time, they're armed with emoji. Stock imagery site Dissolve has put together a clever video which tells the story of the growing influence of emoji on our world. Presented as a scientific Sir David Attenborough-style documentary, "Emoji Among Us" explains how emoji have permeated classrooms and boardrooms and influenced how we communicate. The best part? It's made up entirely of emoji superimposed on stock footage. In addition to the footage, Dissolve has shared links to ...

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10 steps to your career makeover [SPONSORED]

Memeburn_gs_July_2014_800x430px Career envy. It's that feeling that creeps up when you hear of someone who has taken the leap you're too scared to take, or grabbed the opportunity you've always wanted. It's the feeling you get when you hear of the colleague who left a secure job and successfully started his own business; or the friend who followed her passion for design into a booming career. You start to question your own career, and your potential. You may want to make ...


Microsoft’s LMFAO parody to promote the Surface Pro 3 is super awkward

Microsoft One Note parody Okay, Microsoft is no stranger when it comes to troupes of dancers and snapping keyboards into place when promoting its Surface tablet... but this is another level. The tech giant's OneNote engineering team has put together a parody video of LMFAO's "Sexy and I know it" to promote the note-taking software and the latest iteration of the Surface which is, how do I put this... a bit funny. As in, not so much humorous as it is weird. While good parodies ...






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