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  • Weekly Round Up #44: WeChat wallet, Rush, Huawei Mate 8, ShowMax and the new 007 Spectre movie

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Gearburn Editor Andy Walker is joined by staff reporters, Jacques Coetzee and Graham Van De Made. The team discusses WeChat Wallet, Rush Courier, Huawei Mate 8, ShowMax and the new 007 Spectre movie. In What are you watching or playing, our weekly feature, the team talks about what they are watching and what games they are playing. And for Tweet of the Week, two of the biggest entrepreneurs in the tech industry throw shade at each other. Read more...

  • 6 online shopping tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales

    As South African consumers increase their use of online shopping and become part of the frenzied international Black Friday (27 November) and Cyber Monday (30 November) online sales taking place this coming week, taking advantage of the amazing deals and getting them back home to SA in a cost-effective and reliable way will make the difference between scoring a great deal or having your bargain dreams dashed. In the mayhem that accompanies these huge online sales, it is important for consumers to keep a clear head and do their homework before they head online and click the Checkout button. Some...

  • How Flickswitch is enabling Africa to become a continent of connected things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) — or the concept of connected devices — is becoming more prominent by the day. It’s estimated that there will be around 38 billion connected devices by 2020. While still in its infancy in South Africa, it’s growing fast. In fact, Kees Snijders along with his partners Hein Koen, Gerrie Swart and Kristien Wolmarans from South Africa’s Flickswitch are banking on it. And so far, it’s boded them well.

  • Visually wired: human physiology and content marketing success

    Photo: Stuart Miles The above image serves no other purpose than to prove a point. The point is this: the image was the first thing that drew your attention after you opened this link. You did not first scan through the opening paragraph of this article or even read over the heading. For the first couple of seconds, you focused solely on the image and your mind tried to decipher its meaning. In those initial moments, the image was more important than the words. This, in fact, is a common reaction and the question that we need to ask ourselves...

  • Why South African decision-makers must adopt mobile business intelligence

    In today’s competitive corporate environment, managerial decision-making processes require a wealth of information that can be enhanced and transformed with immediacy into effective action. Mobility in business is increasingly exercising an influence on core organisational business processes. The advances in wireless technology, coupled with the rapid growth of mobile devices, have spawned a new era in business computing: Mobile Business Intelligence (mobile BI). Increasingly, managers spend great portions of their day out of the office; travelling, attending meetings and visiting different company- or client sites. At the same time these managers are required to...

  • Africa should accelerate IPv6 migration now to avoid a scramble later

    The Internet community across Africa needs to prepare for the inevitable day when AFRINIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), will run out of IPv4 addresses to allocate to its members. This follows the news that ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) officially ran out of IPv4 addresses on 24 September this year. Africa is the only region that has not yet depleted its pool of IPv4 addresses. The RIRs in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America all no longer have IPv4 addresses to allocate to their respective members. Though AFRINIC still has IPv4 addresses to spare, it is time for...

  • CEO of Supermart.ng Raphael Afaedor on the state of Nigeria’s ecommerce

    The last time I spoke to Raphael Afaedor in person, he was still the co-founder of Jumia, his face and that of Tunde Kehinde’s had just been on Forbes and they were the focus of the foreign press including CNN. I was able to drag him aside in the hall where Jumia was celebrating its first year anniversary and when I asked him what was next for ecommerce in Nigeria, he said the focus will continually be on satisfying the customer — even if he or she expresses interest in buying cows online.

  • Report: Naspers’ Showmax to take on Netflix with global expansion plans

    According to reports, South Africa's media and internet giant Naspers is set to expand its recently-released video-on-demand (VoD) offering, ShowMax, to reach more than 15 million customers outside of its home country. ShowMax launched in South Africa in August this year, with 400 movies and more than 750 series titles. The package costs consumers R99 per month. The launch was followed by Hong Kong's VoD offering OnTapTV the next month. Both services launched amid rumours that the US-based Netflix is set to launch in South Africa and a host of other emerging markets early 2016. They joined the market with altready established...

  • Wait Extended review: suspenseful Lovecraftian storytelling

    Earlier this year I had the opportunity to play an Early Access version of Wait Extended, an indie horror game designed by German developers rest.less games. This wasn’t your normal horror game though. Instead of the now prominent polished 3D environments of usual horror titles, this was a simple 2D game created in the RPG Maker game engine. But that didn’t make it any less intriguing.

  • Deezer Family plan lets multiple users enjoy one music account

    Deezer, the music streaming service, has announced a new family subscription plan. The new plan is called Deezer Family and can have up to six separate profiles. Users can subscribe to the new family plan in Premium+ tier for US$16 per month. A normal subscription on Deezer is US$9.99 per month for one user. Premium+ customers have the option to upgrade their existing subscription for only US$6 per month. The company claims to have over six million subscribers in its 180 operating countries. Deezer family plan allows users to set up six different profiles, essentially allowing an entire family of six...

  • Mazda MX-5 vs Fiat 124 Spider: exactly how do these unlikely siblings differ?

    The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider draws its roadster inspiration from two distinct sources. The first, of course, is the most obvious. The revival of the nameplate takes us back to the original Pininfarina-designed Fiat 124 Sport Spider 2+2 convertible sports-car, which the Italian brand built from as early as 1966. Nearly 200 000 units were sold over a lengthy production run, making it a tremendously popular offering, particularly in the United States. Fitting, then, that the new model -- which doffs its cap at the original with a handful of smart styling cues -- was unveiled at the 2015...

  • Anonymous vs ISIS: the war is now truly underway

    Last week on Memeburn we reported to you that shadowy internet collective Anonymous had declared cyber-war on terrorist group ISIS following the horrific Paris attacks. Writing on its blog, Anonymous announced #OpParis, "an operation that’s focused in identifying the perpetrators of the Paris Terror Attacks, collecting intel from all who have involvement of the said tragedy, dig out the roots of the terrorist organization called ISIL, and finally getting our foothold in the battle against terrorism." A week later and it’s safe to say that the war is now truly underway and like most wars, it’s already getting messy. The...

  • Can we shrink the artist’s studio down to the size of a tablet?

    Technology has replaced the artist’s studio with a small, portable, and affordable tablet computer. Not only can digital artists produce high-quality publishable work, they can be more productive than with traditional media. When I landed my book contract with Greg LeMond for The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance, I was tasked with writing the scientific content, researching and referencing (240 citations), passing peer review, corresponding with authors and editors, compiling the index, and marketing the book. In addition, it was my responsibility to simultaneously self-illustrate the book with original art in the form of illustrations, anatomical sketches,...

  • 20 successful years of backing independent news — Q&A with MDIF’s Mohamed Nanabhay

    The media world has seen major disruptions since the advent of the web, especially when it comes to social media and mobile. While there are a handful of publications and platforms reaping the profits, most are struggling to keep their heads above water. This pressure is especially felt by companies that face unfavourable economic or political conditions, where government often use the internet as a tool for censorship, espionage and control of information. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • The Suzuki Vitara: first impressions

    Motorburn readers with a long memory might recall the original Suzuki Vitara, released nearly 30 years ago. Those with a slightly shorter memory might recall the Grand Vitara, the slightly larger, more well-equipped version that launched a little later. The current Vitara, recently launched in South Africa has little to do with those earlier predecessors, and that might not be the worst thing. Built on an entirely new platform, the latest generation Vitara is more of a compact crossover, and is Suzuki's attempt to take on the likes of the Nissan Juke and Ford Ecosport. Whether it manages to...