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22 Apr, 2014 10:46 am CAT
HBO just wants Game of Thrones to trend on social media (no spoilers)
22 Apr, 2014 10:45 am CAT
7 incredible health tech innovations changing the way South Africans live
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15 Apr, 2014 6:05 am CAT
How to unlock 3 awesome hidden tricks in Google Maps [Video]
Popcorn Time: what the ‘Netflix you always wanted’ taught us about ourselves
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Nigerians are big on change through social media but not so much Facebook

Lagos-skylineSocial media has become a big deal in Africa and the more Africans get online, the louder their collective online voice gets. It seems Africa's most populous country is getting louder and louder. With an estimated population of just over 170-million, and an internet audience of more than 55-million, its 33% internet penetration means a lot of Nigerians are online. Social media is has become less incongruous in the country.A recent report by africapractice, a PR firm based in South ...

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Google and NASA’s floating space robots are all kinds of awesome

Google Space robots"The future is awesome," brags Google.NASA and Google plan to launch floating robots with 3-D mapping technology into our orbit, this will allow them to navigate by themselves for the first time. Yes HAL now can go around the ship as it pleases.Google is helping NASA make its space robots even more intelligent.You see, the current system relies on ultrasound and infrared light to navigate. The new system built with the help of Google utilises 3-D mapping technology to allow ...

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Lessons in the Streisand effect: SABC bans EFF ad as DA’s ‘Ayisafani’ gets half a million YouTube views

EFF, Julius MalemaThe SABC has refused to air a TV advert from the Economic Freedom Fighter's (EFF) one of South Africa's youngest political parties.The ban, confirmed today by party leader and former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema, comes just days after the Democratic Alliance's (DA) "Ayisafani" ad received the same blanket treatment.Both bans come just weeks before South Africa's national elections, scheduled for 7 May.The advert touches a few contentious political nerves, featuring photographs of the bloody Marikana massacre, where 34 ...

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Here’s why the web’s new domains will change everything… and nothing

Internet connectionFrom next month you’re going to start seeing a whole range of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) popping up online. Alongside longstanding ones like .com and .net, you’ll see geographic, special interest and brand name ones like .africa and .joburg, .sport and .radio, and potentially, .cocacola or .microsoft. Should you rush out and secure every possible permutation that vaguely relates to your existing site or business? Probably not.In the last few weeks I’ve gotten a number of emails telling me ...


4 modern hatchbacks that really didn’t translate well as sedans

Fiesta SedanWhen it comes to pure combining pure driving pleasure with great practicality, it's difficult to beat a good hatchback. How many other car forms would allow you to go tearing around corners like an irresponsible yahoo one day and help your mom move her dresser the next?Trouble is, there are people out there who like the badges associated with hatchbacks -- Civic, Focus, Swift -- but prefer to have conventional boots, for some reason. We've never actually met one ...

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Xolo Q900 Review: the best budget Android with ‘Retina Display’

Xolo Q900Xolo's an Indian smartphone brand which became famous when it launched the first ever smartphone with an Intel system-on-a-chip (SoC) and has been doing quite well in the Indian market for some time now, thanks to its value for money devices. Its Xolo Q1000 and Xolo A500S have been great hits in the Indian market.Now meet the Xolo Q900, the only smartphone with iPhone Retina Display-like sharpness, a quad-core processor and full HD video recording ability in its price range. So ...

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6 ways to effectively voice your opinion on social media

Facebook LikeNot so long ago it used to be the norm that if you wanted to voice your opinion about a specific brand, product or service, you had to phone their customer service department if they had any or send a letter to the company headquarters. Before Google was the entry point to anyone looking for information on a specific company, it really wasn't easy to figure out how to get hold of the right person.Those days are over and ...






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