5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Apple launch events

Tim-Cook-gesting Apple is probably one of the most secretive companies in the world while simultaneously being one of its most popular brands. Its events are also the most glamorous and certainly the most talked-about. What can startups learn from this? Ever since the introduction of the iPhone back in 2007, tech companies have turned their launch events into rock concerts. What Eddie Murphy did for stand-up comedy, Apple did for Silicon Valley. Whether your startup is pitching an idea to a group of ...


Twitpic fails to find buyer, will shut down

Twitpic It must've been an emotional past couple of weeks for the staff at Twitpic. First it was shutting down, faced with the weight of legal pressure from Twitter. Then it wasn't, but was instead looking for a buyer. Indeed, the company proudly announced that it had been acquired and would be saved. That however all appears to have fallen through and now, it seems, it's really shutting down. According to an official blog post from the photo-sharing service, it ...


Listen to your favourite jam while you tweet with Twitter Audio Cards

twitter-audio-cards Twitter has always been the tool for spreading the news. Whether it's a Tumblr post, an Instagram or an audio track, you're always prompted to link out, away from your timeline. This is starting to change, a little. Starting with the popular audio distributor, SoundCloud, you can now embed audio clips into your Twitter experience. Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices. Throughout your listening experience, you can dock ...


Here’s everything you need to know about the software Apple launched today

iOS 8 While most of the attention from today's Apple event was aimed squarely at the new iPads and Macs being launched, there was plenty for Apple's loyal legion of fans to get excited about on the software front too. From a new developer kit for the Apple Watch to a brand new update for iOS and (finally) OS X Yosemite's long-awaited arrival, there was a new breath of software for each of Apple's devices. Watchkit Almost inevitably it took Apple launching a smartwatch for ...


Apple launches iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, 5K Retina Display iMac and new Mac Mini

iPad-Air-21 Apple kinda launched this event on us with little notice. Today marks the release of the iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. Their components may not even be that much of a surprise this time, as information regarding both the new Apple tablets have been seemingly leaked by the company itself. Here's an image, as obtained by 9to5mac. Both have the TouchID fingerprint recognition sensor, as well as Burst Shot mode. It's not a revolution, but we also expect ...


3 key takeaways from Wired 2014 day one

Wired 2014 Wired 2014 kicked off this morning with a ballsy session ("Decoding The Body") -- considering the time and lack of caffeine -- that sought to explain quantum computing, DNA sequencing, autodesked viruses and 3D printed bones. Among the many speakers for the second section "Technology without Limits" were several new faces from the Innovation Fellowship Wired started for young people who are doing extraordinary things. First up was Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu, a Romanian 20-year-old who last year hacked his way ...

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Apple says iPhone 6 smashed 30 day sales record, gives no actual numbers

iPhone 6 sales Everyone barring the most stringent pessimists knew that the iPhone 6 was going to sell well, but just how well it's sold in its first 30 days on the market appears to have surprised even Apple. The Cupertino-based tech giant wouldn't provide exact sales figures, but CEO Tim Cook did take some time at during its iPad launch today to say that it was the biggest iPhone launch in history, "by a lot, a whole lot." Given that the phone is ...


6 things you need to know about protecting yourself from the latest online scams

keyboard-142332_1280 With credit card fraud and internet scams an ever-present threat across the globe, as with other types of crime, incidences of banking card fraud tend to increase over the festive season. For this reason internet users should be particularly cautious during the run-up to the 2014 festive season. And while there is ongoing coverage in the media of the various scams taking place locally and internationally, in my experience many internet users are still at a loss as ...


How can government support South Africa’s startup ecosystem?

parliament South Africa's National Development Plan hopes to see 11-million new jobs by 2030. That's a hell of a lot considering the country currently sits at an estimated 25.2% unemployment rate. One way of dealing with this staggering statistic is developing a playing field where small businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish. Read more on Ventureburn.


8 cool cars that went from concept to production virtually unchanged

peugeot-rcz-prod If you’ve immersed yourself in the motoring world for even a short length of time, you’ll know that very rarely do off-the-wall concept cars make it through to the production stage virtually unscathed. No, the overwhelming majority of bravely styled show-cars that eventually do become “real” vehicles available to the public end up losing all the bits and bobs that made them exciting in the first place. In fact, we identified a number of such suspects – which look suspiciously unlike ...






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