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5 things you need to know about protecting your child from cyber-bullying

Child tablet In our fast-paced world of smartphones and always-on connectivity, bullying has taken a quantum leap from the playground to the world of social media, making it harder to track and more complicated to resolve. According to a recent survey by consumer insights company Pondering Panda, the increased use of mobile devices has contributed to the prevalence of bullying amongst school children. According to reports, a shocking 50% of all SA students admit to being a victim of bullying, at some point ...

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This is the easiest method to create a social media marketing strategy

strategy-390307_1280 Social media marketing is a great way to engage and find new customers online, but what you do is far more important than just having a presence. Creating a social media marketing strategy for your business might sound easy, but think about it for a while. Do you really know what you are going to do with your campaign plan? Are you going to post random blog posts and status updates just to publish something? It's important that you have ...

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The dangers of machine learning, AI can be mitigated through strong partnerships

Machines sparks Recent reports about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) have painted a dark picture of the future. According to some of the leading thinkers in the technology and science arenas, the very machines that serve such a fundamental part of our daily needs today could one day subject us to slavery and even extinction. Considering how pervasive technology has become, and how it is set to become even more so under the new wave of connected devices and automated systems, ...

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US, India lead government requests for Facebook user data

Facebook Govt requests Facebook has released its latest report on government requests for user data and while Western countries are making fewer requests, they still very much lead the way, along with India. Between July and December 2014, the social network received 35 051 requests for government data, up from 34 946 in the first half of the year. Of those, some 14 274 came from various entities within the US government. According to Facebook, the requests concerned 21 731 user accounts and ...

Interviews’s David Kibuuka travels to hipster mecca SXSW, reveals he owns 5 iPods

16193631144_b74e4ba4bf_z "If you go to Cape Town there's a lot of coloured people, right," David Kibuuka replies after I ask what he makes of all the SXSW hipsters. "But I wouldn't say Cape Town is a coloured place. There just happen to be coloured people too. In the same way when you come to Austin there's a lot of hipsters. So if you came here and asked me if this a hipster place, I wouldn't say that. But if we were going to discuss hipsterness ...


SXSW Highlight: Biz Stone admits defeat in post-Twitter foray, asks ‘Does anybody want Jelly?’

Biz Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is looking for someone to take Jelly off his hands. During a talk at SXSW in Texas, Stone admitted to a massive group of fans that Jelly is dead. (Gasp). “We built Jelly as we figured mobile devices are humanity's hyperlinks so we can democratise info to bring knowledge online,” Stone told a packed hall at the Austin Convention Centre. But in less than a year his great idea flopped, bottoming out of the App Store within ...

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SXSW Day 1: New media challenges in a world (still) dominated by traditional media

IMG_0388 This week Snapchat’s value jumped to US$15-billion after Alibaba invested some US$200-million in the mobile messaging company. It’s something that on day one of SXSW came up in talks across the city because Snapchat is the latest and greatest disrupter. You might not even think about it when using Snapchat, but as media companies are fighting to gain more real estate on the platform, they are simultaneously having to consider how their standards should adapt to the unknown corners of Snapchat. ...


Do’s and don’ts in Austin: why the internet loves to hate SXSW

austin Driving into Austin feels like entering an episode of Portlandia. I’ve been told the place is overrun by hipsters but didn’t think it could outdo Portland. “Austin has way too many young, white and myopic hipsters for my taste,” says a dear friend and resident of the city. Now consider that this is an opinion of the city in its quiet months, which makes the arrival of 30 000+ people for a "five day flurry of buzzwords and gamification" in ...

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3 massive digital trends and how South Africa can use them to its advantage

Pic of David Silverstein on Memeburn - jacques@memeburn Financial markets are in flux, cyber crime is on the rise and millennials are taking over the business world. That's according to David Silverstein, the CEO of global consulting firm BMGI, who says that while these trends are not necessarily the biggest, they're certainly ones we should all take heed of and keep in our back pockets. 1. Anticipate chaos In terms of reacting to markets, companies should stop trying to prepare for the worst or the best. Instead, they should prepare ...

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Airline apps review: the best, the worst, and the one that makes you feel good

Airport There’s actually no reason whatsoever for anybody in this day and age to walk around with paper boarding passes. When airport companies came up with the bright idea of introducing self check-in kiosks it didn’t make the experience any easier either. Meanwhile most of those travelling by air are carrying smartphones these days. So why not invest in an app? It’s mostly been American airlines which have commissioned some incredible apps these last few years. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be ...






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