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  • What does the Skye Grove plagiarism incident tell us about ethics in social media, journalism?

    Chris Roper is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Mail & Guardian. He is currently a Senior Knight Fellow at the International Center for Journalists, and the data editor for ICFJ’s Code for Africa (CfAfrica) data journalism initiative in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. Memeburn recently broke news that Skye Grove, a prominent member of the South African Instagram community, had been caught out plagiarising other people's images. Over a number of years Grove, a communications professional, had taken and edited other people's photos before posting them as her own on Instagram. She went on to sell some of those...

  • 5 South African social media numbers you need to know right now

    South Africa's social media explosion shows no sign of slowing down, with Facebook now used by a quarter of all South Africans, while Instagram has seen the fastest growth of any social network in South Africa over the past year. That's according to the latest South African Social Media Landscape 2016 study, released today by World Wide Worx and Fuseware. The study is based on access to consumer data from seven major social networks and a corporate survey conducted among more than a hundred of South Africa’s leading brands. Here are the numbers you need to know: 13-million That's how many South Africans...

  • What should we be teaching our kids to equip them for a tech-fueled future?

    We are 15 years into the 21st Century: what should we be teaching our children in the 12 years they are in school that will enable them to thrive in this fast changing world? The world we live in is changing faster than ever, and it is within this rapidly evolving reality that young people need to find their way. How can the schooling system help them? Learners need to be taught to think. They need to acquire the ability to use knowledge—in examinations, the workplace, in life—to their own advantage. The simple question for educators is how will we manage...

  • 5 tricks for translating email tidiness into real life organisation

    There are two types of people in the world: Those who keep a tidy inbox and those who don’t — and the latter category rarely succeeds in business. More likely than not, your email inbox is the picture of perfection, with carefully curated folders for different problems and projects, and chronologically ordered queries for future fulfillment. Indeed, you could stare at your pristinely uncluttered digital workstation all day long — which is sadly not true of your physical workspace. If you suffer from a disorderly desk even while your email is absolutely immaculate, here are five ways you can...

  • #GenMobile: there’s no bail out for this banking industry problem

    The finance sector is in agreement: there’s a major global threat to the success of the banking and finance industry, one that ignores boom and bust cycles, doesn’t care about stock market fluctuations and wouldn't bat an eyelid if interest rates suddenly jumped ten points. But this threat is also an essential and highly successful ingredient in the revival of the finance industry’s fortunes. What is this unwitting, non-malicious threat? It’s your mobile-tech carrying employees themselves. Which ones? You’ve heard of Generation X (you might be one yourself), Generation Y (you probably employ a few of these) and Generation Z (the Internet’s digital...

  • Ware of the Week: ShowMax

    In our weekly series, Ware of the Week, we showcase our favourite organised lines of code from the world of mobile and desktop computing. In today’s edition, we look at an app that comes courtesy of Naspers’ new streaming VoD service — ShowMax. If you missed our previous Ware of the Week, catch it below.

  • 11 ways to spot a big-time Silicon Cape startup guy

    You can spot a big-time Silicon Cape guy or gal from a mile away. And it just so happens that we here at Ventureburn have seen our fair share of them. Whether it’s the copious amount of skinny lattes, the regular fireside chats at tech conferences or just constantly debating whether or not South Africa’s Cape Town is really the next Silicon Valley, we know who you are.

  • Yup. Facebook is getting a ‘Dislike’ button

    For a long time, many Facebook users have suggested that the social media giant should have a Dislike button. Facebook has been reluctant, however, stating that such a feature might be used inappropriately but it appears to have finally caved in to the demands by its users. At its monthly Q&A held at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, revealed that the company is working on a Dislike button or something similar to it and it will ship a test of it soon. “If you’re expressing something sad, it may not feel comfortable to...

  • Marquez wins manic Misano GP: the motorsport roundup

    This weekend saw a plethora of motorsport action from all disciplines. In a way, it’s fitting that it got everything out of the way before the Rugby World Cup. And if the latter is anything as exciting as some of the action we’ve seen this weekend, we’re in for quite a tournament.

  • Super Scouts is like LinkedIn for prospective rugby pros

    If you have any interest at all in advancing your own career, chances are you're on LinkedIn. It just makes sense, and it makes just as much sense that professional sports people looking to improve their prospects should have their own online platform. Enter Super Scouts. At present, the recently launched network is aimed solely at rugby players, allowing them to upload vital elements of their playing CV, from the basics like position, height and weight, to their 40m dash time and 1 rep squat and bench press max. The network, which aims to be the "only database...

  • Users can now order, pay, track OrderIn orders within WeChat

    A few weeks ago, OrderIn, the popular online food ordering service, ran a promotion on WeChat where users could order three meals and get R50 discount with each order. Today, that has been revealed to have been a prelude to a bigger partnership between the two platforms. It was announced today that OrderIn has become an official channel within WeChat. Users can now easily and securely order and pay for food from their favourite OrderIn’s more than 650 restaurants, fast food outlets and corner café’s in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Port Elizabeth. “Partnering with OrderIn is just another...

  • You can’t even begin to comprehend how big the Internet of Things is about to become

    The extent to which the Internet of Things (IoT) is about to change our lives in the coming decades is difficult to fathom. For all intents and purposes, houses and offices will become computers. Every device will be connected to every other device and perform a multitude of functions either at your command or according to the settings that you captured on the system. Although many aspects of the IoT are not yet with us, the applications are very similar to what we have already seen on devices such as our mobile phones, so the transition will not be...

  • 4 reasons people hate your website’s content

    All businesses trying to make a buck online quickly learn that content is king. The content you put on your website or share through social media is the lure that draws people to visit you and buy your products and services. But not all content is created equal, and many people make the same mistakes with their content again and again. Being Boring The first and easiest mistake to fall into is to be boring. There are two types of boring. The first is just a bad, bland, or uninteresting writing style. The second is to copy the same material that...

  • 3 new iPhone 6S features Apple haters would love to have

    Smartphone manufacturers are naughty kids glancing at each others’ answer sheets during final exams. While they all hate to admit it, technologies developed by others are soon imitated by competition, or redeveloped by the remainder. Apple has been accused of indulging in this act, and the iPad Pro is probably the best example (it’s practically a Microsoft Surface with a Samsung Galaxy Note stylus). But is has also released some of the most innovative items we’ve ever seen, including the iPod, the original iPhone and (even) the iPad, when tablets were just kicking off.

  • Here’s why SMEs should be wary of information security

    If you run a small business, you may think that data breaches and cybercrime are concerns mostly for big banks, retailers and telecoms companies. But in the worst case scenario, a data breach or a loss of customer information can be expensive to rectify, result in your business losing customers, and hurt your company’s reputation for years to come.