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  • SA’s Geek Crate delivers games, comics and merchandise to your doorstep

    Brand new startup Geek Crate based in Cape Town, South Africa, looks to bring a range of geek products to the masses. It’s an idea sure to take off during the current Geek Chic trend, made popular by properties such as The Big Bang Theory and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. The company has been founded by full-time UCT students and friends, Grant Meeser and Jordan Lambis. What they lack in years of experience, the pair have in vision, foresight, and drive.

  • DIY geek-fest Maker Faire comes to Cape Town this August

    If you're into robotics, DIY drones, Arduino projects, space projects and 3D printers, listen up. Cape Town's first Maker Faire is coming to town. Taking place from 20 to 23 August, the world-renowned festival will bring together a motley crew of techies, tinkerers, hobbyists and makers. The event forms part of the third annual Open Design Festival in partnership with Trimble. Described as part science fair, part county fair, and part something entirely new, the Maker Faire is a celebration of the global Maker Faire Movement -- celebrating innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft. Omar Pierre...

  • Facebook introduces messaging on Pages: a new way for customers and businesses to connect

    Facebook is introducing a a new feature for Pages that aims to improve the way businesses and customers interact. The new feature has two main functions, which includes a way for customers to send private messages to businesses and tools for Page admins to easily manage and respond to messages. Gone are the days when a brand and its customers were complete strangers. The new send message button for local awareness ads allows customers to engage in private conversations with business Pages from News Feed ads. This way, Facebook says, customers have a personal channel to connect with businesses directly from ads....

  • Weekly Round Up #30: Geek Crate, Gamescom, 3D printing and Drone racing

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week on BurnCast, Jacques Coetzee, Andy Walker and Graham Van Der Made geek out about Gamescom, 3D printing, Drone competitions and an actual subscription service for geek merchandise. Ventureburn looks at a new ecommerce company in South Africa called Geek Crate, which sends you a monthly crate of all things geek, from comic books to actual toys. The team debates how the startup will satisfy its picky customers. Getting a car fixed is not a small matter, worse if the car needs to...

  • Nutrition, barcode-scanning app rates packaged food for South Africans

    In partnership with George Institute for Global Health and Discovery Vitality, nutrition app called HealthyFood Switch has just launched in South Africa. The mobile app lets you scan the barcode of a packaged-food item and provides nutritional information on the energy, total fat, saturated fat, sugar, fibre, sodium and calcium of the product. An algorithm rates the nutrient composition using a star rating system. The user is also shown healthier alternatives within the same food category, allowing them to make a switch to a healthier product before they head to the check-out counter. Discovery Insurance isn't shying away from hooking onto the...

  • Your new shoes are in the mail: how tech has changed customer service

    The invention of the telephone really was the beginning of competitive customer service. Telephones saved us from spending the morning away from work trying to resolve an issue that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and opened up the gates for efficiency in post-sales service. It was a revolution for customer service that would, years down the line, become a medium used by market-leading brands to instill loyalty and love around a seemingly unlovable object; a company. The Madmen-era of marketing in the '60s brought about call centres and soon these outbound sales machines began to become...

  • 6 reasons your customers hate your website

    You know the importance of having a business website. You may even have jumped on the ecommerce bandwagon decades ago. However, recently, your website traffic has dropped, and your conversion rates are abysmal. The Web is constantly changing — ‘tis the nature of the beast — and if your website isn’t changing with it, you are likely to find increasingly lower traffic. Here are a handful of common website problems that might be driving your customers away. 1. Your slow load It is 2015, and precious few Internet users still bother with dial-up connections. Because connection speeds increase every day, most...

  • 6 highlights from EA’s Gamescom 2015 briefing

    For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne’s gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here. The show floor is now open in Cologne, Germany and the public can finally sink their teeth into some of Gamescom 2015 exibitor's wares including hardware, new games and fraternizing developers no one has ever heard of. While Microsoft had a fairly positive conference last night, Electronic Arts tried to keep pace with Redmond, also hosting a briefing at E3 2015 and this week's Gamescom. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Startup owner? Here are 4 ways to empower your developers’ creativity

    There’s an old saying about service delivery: Your options are good, fast, and cheap -- pick two. For entrepreneurs trying to get ahead and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech industry, this aphorism rings true, and it’s why multi-skilled employees who are able to deliver two and a half out of those three are so highly prized. One of these is the rare “designoper” -- a developer with design knowledge. These all-stars are able to make decisions from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view, striking a balance between code-heavy visuals and simplicity while reducing the time...

  • Facebook launches live video-streaming feature for celebrities

    Facebook is venturing into live video streaming. The social networking app has launched Live, a new way for public figures and fans to connect. With Live, the company says, public figures can take their fans behind the scenes, host Q&As, share announcements and more. With Live users can also interact, watch the live broadcasts or choose to watch the video later on the public figure’s Page. Users comment on, like or share the video while watching a live broadcast. The celebrity in question is also able to see and respond to the comments. Users can see when their friends or other...

  • Barracuda: is this the ultimate stealth boat?

    The Ireland-based boat design company, Safehaven Marine, is well-known for designing a wide range of boats that all fulfill one requirement: they’re sturdy as hell. The latest beast to come from their work shop, the Barracuda SV11, is certainly no exception and might be their greatest design yet. Designed with specific clients in mind, such as the Polish Navy and the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, the Barracuda boasts the perfect blend of speed, maneuverability, safety and firepower. If Batman ever needed a boat, this would undoubtedly be his first choice. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Mango warns against fraudulent Facebook recruiters

    South African low-cost airline Mango has issued a notice warning the general public against fraudulent recruitment posts on Facebook. "According to the company, the post is targeted at aspiring cabin crew members and opens up to a link from an unknown third party. The advertisement is being posted on social media channels page by a third party,” says Mango spokesperson Hein Kaiser. “It seems to be a carbon copy of a generic advertisement for cabin crew recruitment leading to what seems like a registration website.” However, says Kaiser, the airline is presently not recruiting flight attendants. “Mango will always...

  • SNAPnSAVE: this new SA app lets you earn cash by scanning your till slip

    This is interesting. It's a new South African app called SNAPnSAVE and it allows you to earn cash by scanning your till slip. The app, developed in Cape Town, delivers the cash into an ewallet and is meant to be a way of circumventing problems presented by more traditional reward mechanisms such as paper coupons, plastic cards, expiry dates, and club points. As a SNAPnSAVE user, you select the offers you want, buy them in-store and, using your mobile device’s camera, send a snap of your till slip to verify the purchase. According to a press release sent to Memeburn,...

  • 4 reasons you should get onboard with an enterprise app

    Like most companies, yours is probably taking advantage of every possible digital asset out there to increase its reach and abilities. However, if you don’t have an app for your organization, you’ll be vulnerable to competitors that do. Luckily, all it takes is an enterprise mobility program to create one. Here’s how you find the best option. Easy to use The beauty of an enterprise mobility program is that you can create something as powerful as an app, despite having no track record of ever making one on your own. Most of us would love to have an app built custom...

  • 7 massive reveals from Microsoft’s Xbox Gamescom 2015 briefing

    For all related news, views and analysis from the heart of Cologne’s gaming epicenter, have a look at our Gamescom 2015 Hub here. Sifting through the good news for Microsoft's Xbox One customers is getting more and more difficult because frankly, the company keeps delivering humdinger after humdinger. Its Gamescom 2015 announcements were no exceptions either, with news regarding limited edition consoles, new hardware and exclusive titles all sharing stage time in Cologne. Read more on Gearburn.