Amazon and publisher Hachette bury the hatchet over online book sales dispute

Amazon Kindle After months of bickering, pointing fingers, flinging accusations and calling each other names, it appears that Amazon, the international electronic commerce company, and Hachette, the French publisher, have buried the hatchet. All books from Hatchette will resume showing and selling on Amazon. The two companies have reached an agreement over online and ebook sales following months of fighting, a fight that had authors, agents and publishers colliding. The fight, especially Amazon’s attempt to stop customers from buying Hachette titles, received ...

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YouTube finally introduces its ad-free subscription service for music

YouTube Music Key Used by over a billion people each month, YouTube has finally introduced Music Key -- an ad-free music subscription service for your computer, tablet or smartphone. While the Google-owned service will only be available to the US, Britain and a selected few European countries, it's something worth looking forward to. Similar to what similar services like Spotify offer, by paying the promotional price of US$8 per month (discounted from US$10), you can jam YouTube songs in the background while you're busy ...

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5 amazing pictures tweeted by Rosetta and Philae

Rosetta Yesterday history was made when the Philae lander, launched from the Rosetta spacecraft, landed on Comet 67P. Its mission is to transmit data from the comet about its composition. The landing is the culmination of a 10 year mission lead by the European Space Agency. It hasn't just been quietly feeding information to the scientists behind the mission though. Both Philae and Rosetta have been tweeting up a storm throughout the mission. In among the tweets have been some amazing ...


This biodegradable drone made of fungi can disintegrate

Mushroom's_roots_(mycélium) A team of researchers from a variety institutions, including NASA's Ames Research Centre, has developed a biodegradable drone that can disintegrate when it needs to, destroying evidence of its spying activities in the process. The drone is made of mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi, and has already completed its first flight. According to Lynn Rothschild of NASA Ames, when the need for the drone to self-destroy arises, it need only dive into a puddle and "no one would know if ...

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Samsung, @iLab Africa unveil 8 new Kenyan developed apps

samsung logo Samsung Electronics in partnership with @iLab Africa, a research and incubation facility that supports entrepreneurship programs in apps and software development, unveiled eight Kenyan developed mobile applications during the second Samsung Apps Show N’ Tell event. The event brings together Kenyan app developers and provides them with a platform to showcase their innovations. This is part of a research and development programme run by Strathmore University’s @iLab Africa. Speaking at the event, Samsung Electronics East Africa Director of Mobile and IT, Manoj ...


10 usability elements that affect conversions

Usability If websites were human beings, usability would be their oxygen. They need it to survive (and thrive!) and they would only really notice its importance on smoggy days when they don’t get enough of it. As life-sustaining as oxygen is to the Homo-Sapien, such is usability to the website. We have conducted millions of customer experience experiments on elements that increase (and, in some cases, decrease) conversions on websites and we have found 10 universally proven elements that affect conversions. ...


Evolution of a startup: Mobicred one year on

Mobicred 2 Just over a year ago, we told you about Mobicred, South Africa's first online-only credit facility. The brainchild of Jason Sive, who is also the director of First Health Finance (FHF), the startup was aiming to attract the kind of people usually averse to buying online with their actual physical credit cards. As an added bonus, it would offer a centralised account that you can access across a number of merchants. The technology behind the facility would also ensure that ...

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Are your online marketing efforts missing the mark with Millenials?

dart-103020_1280 Millennials are an enigmatic target market. As a group, they carry much economic power, but are difficult to define, despite being constantly and actively pursued by both local and international marketers. Despite these marketers doing extensive analysis of this age group, a brief internet search shows how varied, and often conflicting, research results are about who Millennials are and what they want. There are, however, a few common characteristics that emerge. The net for defining Millennials is wide, with anyone ...


Tyre technology: 6 ways the future’s rubber will be better

tyre-lead Your car’s tyres have an awfully important job to do. Yes, these ring-shaped pieces of rubber do more than simply deliver the requisite traction to keep your vehicle facing the right way on the tarmac. They also protect your shiny new alloy wheels and, far more importantly, support the substantial weight of the entire car and its contents. Without air-filled tyres, effective basic driving actions such as accelerating, braking and steering would be pretty much impossible. Read more on Motorburn.


Round 1, fight: our top 10 MAME fighting games of all time

mame-1 Depending on your gaming preferences you will either feel a slight chill of excitement when hearing the word MAME or perhaps you’ll be wrinkling your brow in confusion. My personal proclivities tend towards the former, as I have a deep and abiding love for retro games. There are times when I love nothing more than firing up an emulator and playing a game from my childhood. Yup, we’re talking old school Eighties and Nineties games played on an emulator or Multiple Arcade ...






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