Chevrolet MyLink review: more than just a smartphone mirror

Chev MyLinkIf you've got pudgy fingers that tend to leave greasy smudges on glossy displays, best you get into the habit of regular hand-washing. Why? Because touchscreens are becoming increasingly popular in modern vehicles. Well, that and hygiene. Hygiene’s important, too.Cleanliness considerations aside, even technophobes have to accept that the latest infotainment systems are no longer built around the relic known as the CD loader, but instead centre on that roughly rectangular device seemingly glued to the end of your arm. ...


Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review: high end Android goodness

Xperia-Z-1-compactSmartphones are getting bigger every year and everyone excepts Apple to hop on the mega screen bandwagon. If you keep on asking yourself for a device which is high-end yet fits in your hand, your options are pretty limited. Until the launch of the Xperia Z1 Compact, there was no real competition to the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S which come under ultra-premium compact smartphone category with high-end features.Unlike other "mini" versions of flagship smartphones such as Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One Mini, ...


How SA’s SteadiDrone is bringing awesome flying copters to the world

SteadiDroneThe concept of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is one of those terms which has ruled the headlines over the last few years. These flying machines, also known as drones, have captured the imagination of Silicon Valley geeks and anti-NSA activists paranoid about their privacy, and caused the US military some controversy.Fitted with a camera such as a GoPro, commercial examples of media innovation include the ability to get top-view shots of chaotic protests. More lighter, friendlier examples include capturing monkeys ...

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Mass mobile marketing campaigns: why basic tech works better

Mobile phonesThe emerging markets mobile landscape does not, as yet, reflect those of more mature economies. Indeed, the smartphone penetration levels in a mid to high tier emerging economy still sit at approximately thirty percent. Moreover, the most popular mobile activities in those markets have nothing to do with downloading apps or making in-app purchases. To use the example of South Africa again, the most popular activity is still sending and receiving “Please Call Me” messages. Coupled with relatively ...

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New Pepsi football ad lets viewers take control of the plot

Pepsi interactive adExcitement for the Soccer World Cup is building fast and Pepsi is doing its bit to add to it. The soft-drink mega company has released an ad that celebrates both the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro and football while letting you take a few detours along the way.Starring footballing heroes like Robin van Persie, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Agüero, Jack Wilshere and Leo Messi, the ad features allows viewers to explore a series of scenarios with their ...


Emerging markets catching up slowly as digital adspend to hit $137.53bn

Digital marketing imageIf you're looking for a decent slice of the global digital advertising pie, you're still much better off being in North America than pretty much anywhere else on the planet. If you're in an emerging market country meanwhile, you can take solace in the fact that the market will grow in the next few years, but not all that quickly.According to online marketing research company eMarketer, adspend across desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets will reach US$137.53-billion this year. ...


The reason Facebook won’t roll out its swanky new News Feed? Netbooks

new news feedRedesigns are something Facebook doesn't take lightly. With more than a billion users, there is mass revolt every time the design team moves as much as a pixel. So when it organised an event last year to announce that it would be revamping its precious News Feed, people sat up and took notice. And the redesign was, well, very pretty -- lots of focus on photos and imagery, simple uncluttered space and functionality that just 'got out of the way'. ...

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Yes, Facebook’s killing your page… now grow up and stop moaning about it

Crying BabyThis may be something of an unpopular opinion, but I honestly don’t understand why everyone’s up in arms over Facebook’s decision to be what it always has been and always will be – an operation to make money.Since late last year, I’ve been amused to watch the gradual rise in hysteria as community managers and various other marketing types noticed that Facebook was getting serious about making money from brands. They’re doing this by essentially forcing brand pages to buy ...


Ghana’s Start Smart is a unique online bookkeeping service for entrepreneurs

Start-SmartA new Ghana-based startup wants to give small African businesses a leg up via an online portal that provides tools and resources for financial management.While studying Economics and Management Studies at Princeton University, Start Smart founder and CEO Juliana Taylor became interested in emerging markets and business development within those regions. "I enjoyed the prospect of being in an environment that was unpredictable and would constantly challenge me," she explains.Read more on Ventureburn.


5 cars that changed the face of racing forever

Audi_Quattro_A2If there's a way to make something competitive, humans will find it. Take the car for instance. It was pretty much built to stop us from drowning in horse poop, but just a few years of the successful construction of the world's first gasoline-powered automobile, we were racing them.According to the wise minds over at Wikipedia, the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal organized what is considered to be the world's first motoring competition on 23 July 1894.Read more ...






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