Reddit needs you to help teachers and classrooms in need

reddit Reddit is more than just a place that users go to share articles and discuss politics and Kim Kardashian. The Reddit community can be very generous, not only with their time, but also their money. Last year the community gave more than US$325 000 to help teachers set up their classrooms. This year Reddit is once again calling on its community to help teachers in need through its Gift Exchange programme. According to the platform, the donations and care packages ...


Could e-tail turn out to be retail’s ultimate saviour?

Going out of business A recent visit to the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago emphasised how important ecommerce has become as a sales channel for established markets such as the United States. According to BI Intelligence, a research company owned by online retail tycoon and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, most of the big retailers in America are facing a massive challenge; brick and mortar retail growth figures are plummeting or stagnating and retailers are being forced to look at alternative methods to ...

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Twitter pauses to remember Robin Williams

Robin_Williams_2011a Legendary actor, comedian and entertainer Robin Williams has died age 63. The star of films like Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin, Williams was found dead in his California home with authorities treating his death as suicide by asphyxia. Williams had been battling recurring depression, alongside relapses into drug and alcohol abuse with his most recent return to rehab taking place last month. In a statement released by his publicist, the actor's wife Susan Schneider said she had "lost my husband and ...


5 reasons why South African entrepreneurs should think twice before entering the local Dragons’ Den

Dragons Den SA South Africa is getting its own version of the hit reality series Dragons' Den. Business giants Lebo Gunguluza, Vusi Thembekwayo, Polo Leteka Radebe, Gil Oved and Vinny Lingham will be dragons staring down the hopeful entrepreneurs, all of whom think they have a world-changing idea. Great, you might find yourself thinking, you've honed your skills at pitching competition after pitching competition. You could use a little investment and the exposure couldn't hurt, so why not enter? Well, we're not saying ...

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Personalisation should always be the number one goal in all your digital marketing efforts

Odd one out In a 2013 SAP-sponsored, Forrester thought leadership paper "Delivering New Levels Of Personalization In Consumer Engagement", it was stated that: “Personalisation will enable firms to achieve their future strategic marketing goals.” It's a short message with so much depth. Isn't that the goal of all firms? Of yours? Picture this. You've been invited to the grand opening of the Amazon Rainforest Cyber Cafe, where fresh, hot meals are delivered to customers via drone. After your first 10 meal orders, the cafe's digital servers ...


O Captain! my Captain: bidding farewell to Robin Williams [Videos]

Robin Williams Many years ago we met a man who woke us up every morning with a roaring good morning. He introduced us to host of interesting and deeply passionate cast of characters. They taught us to laugh, love, feel and fly. At 63 Robin Williams, the celebrated thespian, took his final bow on the world stage. Williams had been battling recurring depression, alongside relapses into drug and alcohol abuse with his most recent return to rehab taking place last month. But that's not ...


5 really innovative cars built by students

Alérion Supermileage I don't know about you, but most of my student years were spent trying to do as little as was humanly possible. Long blissful periods of procrastination were interrupted only by the inevitable brief outbursts of panicked productivity. Ask most of my peers and they'll tell you that their experiences were broadly similar. It's therefore a little disconcerting to discover that some students actually put their student years to productive use and build amazing things. It's even more disconcerting when ...


14 of the most spectacular gaming tattoos you’ll find online today

game-tattoo-lead Those of us who are gamers know what it’s like to be a super fan of a certain game, and if you’re like me (occupying the space of both gamer and tattoo addict), you’ll have considered a gaming tattoo at some point in your life. For the record, I don’t have any gaming tattoos, mainly because I haven’t yet found a game that remains such a firm favourite that I would consider having it forever etched into my skin. There are however, ...

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How has the effectiveness of different kinds of Facebook post changed in the past 3.5 years?

Facebook Like Using a database of 11.4 million posts published by just over 24,000 of the most liked Facebook pages, dating back to 2010 and earlier, I was able to analyse the performance (in terms of likes) of the four most common post types: Photo, Video, Link, and Status (text only posts) over three and a half years. My earlier research showing that Photo posts typically receive the most likes was confirmed by this newer, larger study, but I also found a few ...


Live in Cape Town? You can check out these autonomous quadrocopters in person

Quadrocopters Over the past few years there have been plenty of videos floating around online showing quadrocopters doing incredibly cool things, like playing the James Bond theme. In a lot of cases, the videos purport to show drones operating autonomously but it's always a little bit difficult to fully believe unless you can see them in person. Well, if you live in Cape Town, South Africa you can do just that. There is a free demo on 29 August at 16:00 at ...






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