Logitech M280 wireless mouse review: the perfect office sidekick

Logitech M280 Like it or not, if you're stuck in an office from nine to five that computer mouse beneath your hand is a rather integral part of your life. Both a seriously depressing and real fact, it means that you should really spend some time deciding what you want and need in a mouse, how comfortable it is and how well it performs. After all, it's about as close a friend you have -- at least that's how I feel about my ...


Uber shrugs off controversy, is today worth $40-billion

driver-hero-1-1440-900 The cool and controversial Uber, which is taking over the world's transportation industry one ride-along at a time, just got US$1.2-billion investment. This means that the five-year-old company carries a US$40-billion price tag which is six times bigger than 12 months ago. The backing comes at an interesting time as Uber's been facing a lot of flak from media and its users. Within the last year, the behemoth scaled from operating in 60 cities across the globe to 250, including Johannesburg, ...


Google introduces Work & Education partner programme

Google products The year is winding down and so is everyone, except for Google. This week alone Google has launched Game Kids and Google for kids. While everyone is concluding projects, compiling annual reports, counting losses and celebrating victories Google is going ahead and launching projects, the latest of which is aimed at bringing its work and education programmes up to speed. Over the last few years, the company has run a reseller programme for Google Apps For Work, as well ...


Mobile search could overtake desktop as soon as next year…in ad dollars that is

Google logo Stop for a moment and think about how many searches you do on a mobile device, as opposed to a desktop. Now think about the fact that there are about 2-billion smartphone subscribers around the globe. It should hardly be suprising then that, as of 2015, ad-spend on mobile search will likely overtake desktop. That's according to a new report from online marketing research firm eMarketer, which shows that majority of spend, organic traffic and paid clicks comes from smartphones ...

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Here’s what 8 top social networks would look like if they were male models

instagram Have you ever wondered what the social networks you spend so much of your day on would look like if they were ridiculously good-looking male models rather than lines of code? Well thanks to the work of fashion photographer Viktorija Pashuta, you can stop wondering. The collection, entitled, "What if Guys Were Social Networks" is just the latest tech inspired series to come out of Pashuta's imagination. Last year, the photographer brought a similar project -- called "What If Girls ...

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This website brilliantly takes the mickey out of an exclusive Cape Town party

So happy in Cape Town The Enigma Mansion in the exclusive Cape Town suburb of Camps Bay is a monument to excess and any time someone throws a public party there, it's bound to draw some attention. Just ask So, Happy in Cape Town, which runs what it calls a "limited series of exclusive, bespoke pop-up events". It's inspired a parody website with a strong social message. According to So, Happy in Cape Town's Facebook page, the events "bring together the elite of ...


Watch Lion’s Head ablaze in this beautiful but haunting timelapse [Video]

Lions Head fire timelapse Although we love to braai as a nation, as a city, Cape Town simply loathes fires. Since the dramatic blaze of 2006 that came close to claiming the city centre, and in the end, claimed much of Table Mountain, the city has taken extended measures to prevent wildfires in the hot and windy season of summer. Sometimes even the best human efforts are fruitless in the face of nature. One example was this week's blaze on Lion's Head. It was eventually extinguished ...


Apple deleted music from users’ iPods without their knowledge

steve-jobs-logo A US antitrust suit against Apple has unearthed something pretty disturbing: The Cupertino-based giant deleted music from iPods if it was purchased from an Apple rival. In a case that has Steve Jobs’ posthumously testifying via emails Apple appears to be backed against the wall. It is claimed that Apple scanned for music purchased from rival services such as Amazon and forced users to delete all music from their iPods between 2007 and 2009. The jury heard from attorneys representing ...

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10 digital trends you have to know about for 2015

Digital future Trends are a bit like spending a dreamy, sunny day at the beach. The next thing you know you have a drenched towel and phone. High tide and trends work like that. Here are 10 things you need to know before the water hits you in 2015. 1. Power of brand individual People are their own brands and as such stand for a point of view and attach value/values to themselves. Often that runs counter to the experience they receive from corporate brands. ...


2015 Dakar Rally: here’s how the Peugeot 2008 DKR could surprise everyone

peugeot-2008-DKR-3 The Peugeot 2008 DKR has plenty resting on its hulking shoulders. Yes, this highly modified off-roader has been developed specifically for the French automaker’s return to the gruelling Dakar Rally after an absence of some 25 years. And it’s a mean-looking thing, isn’t it? But is anyone really expecting the plucky Pug to have any hope of ending MINI’s recent domination of the famous endurance race? Well, despite Peugeot’s undoubted rally raid pedigree -- the manufacturer claimed four consecutive Dakar wins ...






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