Awkward: new Twitter looks just like Facebook

channingtatum_profile2 So Twitter has been whispering a redesign since February and it seems that the social network is about to unveil its new look, which looks a tad familiar to us.The company announced the change today saying that "moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are".So the network decided to make that a little easier and more fun apprently."Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through ...

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Apple and Google have already won the smartphone wars, now what?

android appleLast year, Android and iOS devices accounted for 93.8% of global smartphone shipments. That’s 94 out of every 100 shipped to operators and retailers. And the trend is accelerating… in 2012, the number was 87.7% (according to the IDC). By the fourth quarter of last year, it was 95.7%.During 2013, shipments of smartphones hit one-billion for the first time, and also surpassed shipments of feature phones. The line between the two categories is blurring - Nokia’s Asha range of ...

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A modern relic: why I won’t be buying Neil Young’s Pono player

PonoAt last month’s SXSW Neil Young took to the stage to announce a Kickstarter crowd-funding project for PonoMusic, a digital music player and accompanying online store and app that promises to deliver high quality audio from a wide range of artists at competitive — or at least industry-standard — prices. Though, as a former (read: recovered) music journalist, the Pono Player and ecosystem appeal to me, and I hope it does as well as Young seems to think it will, ...


Built in Africa: Olivia Mukam on solutions for Africa’s micro problems

Olivia-MukamBuilt in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that are affecting the continent and empowering African people.Non-profits are important and harnessing the power of a community to power a business is key in building ecosystems. Empowering Africa's youth and training them with the right tools for the 21st century is also important. In this, the third installment of our “Built in Africa” series, we feature Olivia Mukam, a self-professed "solutioneur" from Cameroon, her community and youth driven NGO and ...


4 high-tech helmets that could change motorbiking forever

ForciteUnless you've got one of those BMW scooters from a few years back, chances are the closest you're going to come to a windscreen while traveling on two wheels is your helmet.As long as the safety of the rider isn't compromised, it's also the most natural place to put any serious motorbike tech. Thankfully, the people trying to cram as much tech as possible into helmets seem to have figured this out.From what we can see, they seem to ...


5 reasons why almost all ‘Game of Thrones’ games suck

GOT-leadI'm a huge fan, nay, disciple of the Game of Thrones universe and I love gaming, but my two passions have never mixed. Many have tried, and most have failed to capture the spirit of the show in a gaming format. The games below have tried, and failed to bring Game of Thrones into the gaming mainstream.Blood of Dragons (PC - 2007)The first officially endorsed GOT game ( as in, George RR Martin approved its existence) is perhaps the ...

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How to unlock 3 hidden Google tricks on your mobile phone [Video]

hidden google tricksWelcome to the very first episode of our new YouTube show MemeTV -- a weekly show where we'll share social media, online marketing and tech tips, how-to's and anything that we think will bring value to you, our readers.Google is notorious for its Easter eggs. From doodles to hilarious Google Maps' directions, the tech giant has always had its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.Today we've rounded up our favourite Google Easter eggs on mobile, so pick up your phone, ...

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LiveStream app lets you broadcast live with Google Glass

GlassThere are probably a lot of Glass users out there who've been waiting desperately for this app. Built by, the app lets you broadcast events in real-time to other people using Glass.Simpler than the company's mobile apps, Livestream's Glass app also allows users to view comments from others. To begin broadcasting, all you have to do is say "Ok Glass, Livestream" and tap the side of the device to start recording.Anyone wanting to watch a broadcast ...


Windows update: Microsoft finally kills XP, refreshes 8.1

Windows 8.1Tomorrow is a much bigger day for Microsoft than many experts dare to admit.This month's edition of "Patch Tuesday" will see two important moves from Microsoft. Firstly, Redmond will shift the final security patches for Windows XP and Office 2003 before their developers move onto more meaningful endeavours. Secondly, and more crucially for those not living in the past, the long-awaited "Windows 8.1 Update" will arrive to users' universal chants of glee.Therefore Windows 8.1, at least in its current guise, ...

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3 ways non-profits can do digital marketing like a hard-nosed business

Che TunnelAs pessimistic as views of the future can get, the striking truth is that philanthropy is growing. Meanwhile, more than a billion people have risen out of extreme poverty, and the lines between for-profit enterprise and non-profits for social good are blurring as micro-lending organisations and fair-trade certified products enter the mainstream.Some have pointed out that modern marketing strategies more closely resemble grassroots movements than traditional marketing. With that in mind, what can non-profits learn from modern, brand-dominated marketing techniques ...






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