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JK Rowling crashes Pottermore with a new update on Harry Potter’s life

Quidditch World Cup article Desperately missing updates on Harry, Ron and Hermione but not satisfied with the ending of JK Rowling's last book in the series? Of course you are -- after following the life of the boy wizard for seven years, the author left us with a ton of questions: did Harry ever become the auror he wanted to be? What happened to Luna Lovegood? Do they all really live happily ever after? Well, we finally have some answers, in the form of a ...

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Can tech help us turn neighborhoods back into communities? OurHood thinks so

OurHood_Screenshot This is interesting. It's called OurHood and it's a mobile and web platform trying to cover a slew of hyperlocal needs, starting with Green Point in Cape Town. Part social network, part hyperlocal news service and part civic engagement enabler, the platform also claims to be a crime and infrastructure problem reporting tool and a place where people can get special local deals or connect to borrow or trade goods. The Green Point City Improvement District is one of the first ...

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4 content marketing mistakes you absolutely have to avoid making

Four A detailed content marketing strategy can be defined in plain English as the planning, writing, delivering, and measurement of informational content online. A good content marketing strategy helps businesses achieve their goals such as an increase in sales or new customers by getting a wider presence on social media channels and on Google search. In simple terms, it is about generating targeted traffic to your business and to make your business stand out from a noisy digital world. These days with ...


Audi A8 L 4.2 TDI review: It may not be an S-Class, but…

audi-a8-1 The latest generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class – boasting heaps upon heaps of staggering tech and lavish luxury – arrived on the scene with all the subtlety of a limo-shaped sledgehammer. This is THE ultimate luxury saloon, the motoring world swooned, instantly seduced by the swoopy Merc’s brilliance in virtually all areas. Trademarked terms such as “Magic Body Control” and “Distronic Plus” rendered technophiles weak at the knees, while even full-bore petrol-heads were left nodding in approval at the range of tasty ...


Alcatel One Touch Pixi review: cheap, cheery and useful

Alc-lead There’s something refreshing about the Alcatel One Touch Pixi. It’s a feature-rich phone that packs a great deal into its small frame, and by skimping on bells and whistles, it costs about as much as a trip to the supermarket. Indeed, at R550, this is one of the best value buys I can remember reviewing. There’s definitely a market for this sort of smartphone too. I can imagine an elderly grandparent – one who’s scared of spending money on technology (ooh, ...


The big gorilla doesn’t always sit where he wants: why small businesses shouldn’t ape their big counterparts

Gorilla The first time I ever heard the expression about where the big gorilla sits, I became irrationally angry. But of course, that’s how it’s always been, for thousands of years now. The powerful do what they want, and the small people just have to fit in, right? Maybe not. As someone who has occasionally been bullied, I’ve always been most resentful when I’m unable to fight back. We accept that life is just what it is, and we need to make ...

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Marketing in Africa? SMS is definitely not worth writing off

SMS The relatively low penetration of smartphones in Africa, paired with high data costs, means that the humble SMS remains the best way for organisations to reach a mass market with targeted marketing messages, alerts, statements, and other information. SMS remains a powerful channel because it can be used to reach nearly anyone with a GSM handset -- in Africa that is nearly every person, considering that there are more than 650-million cellphone users continent-wide. Even as smartphone penetration ramps up, it will ...


5 very important questions the CIA answered on its ‘Twitterversary’

CIA Twitter Look, we get it. The idea of a big, scary, secretive government entity like the US' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) being on Twitter can seem a little weird. This is, after all meant to be the place where you go to share awesome links and irreverent thoughts. It's sort of like your teacher coming to the massive house party you helped organise, if your teacher occasionally eliminated anyone they perceived to be a threat. Thing is, it's hard not to ...


Bye bye cover babes: Stuff bids farewell to ‘lad mag’ imagery

Stuff April cover In a victory for common sense, Stuff -- one of the world's largest tech magazine franchises -- is ditching the models that have graced its covers since day one and will instead use gadgets (you know, the stuff it actually writes about) to attract readers. The move, which was first announced by Stuff UK last week, is being matched by its subsidiaries around the globe. Among those markets is South Africa, where editor and publisher Toby Shapshak called the use ...

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South Africa’s cashless future relies on localisation, not innovation

Mobile wallet The recent article by Memeburn senior reporter Stuart Thomas titled ‘Don’t burn your wallet: why SA hasn’t reached its mobile, cashless future (yet)’ gave terrific insight into one of South Africa’s most exciting technology sectors. I would like to add to the discourse by providing some additional insight as a mobile transacting platform provider to our country’s largest retailers. Global context South Africa’s perceived ‘failure to launch’ in respect to mobile money needs to be put into a global context. In ...






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