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Blurred lines: stop trying to define a journalist in the age of social [#Highway2014]

HA14 In 2014, is it still important to discuss and compartmentalise what a journalist is? Dan Gilmor, author of We The Media, reckons that the question of what a journalist is shouldn't be an issue in the age of digital. The question he reckons we should be asking is what is journalism? Speaking the 18th annual Highway Africa conference, Gilmor says there is a massive supply of media information. The citizen journalists have risen and they are producing as much, if not ...

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(Ice) bucket loads of attention: how South Africans fell into the latest slacktivism trap

ice-bucket-challenge If you’re a regular user of the connection machine known as the internet, you would have come across some bizarre videos of people pouring buckets of ice onto themselves in the name of charity. You, like many others, may think this unnecessary to carry out in tandem with simply donating to charity – either because you already do on a regular basis, or because the idea of pouring an icy bucket of water over your head in this weather (Winter here ...


AOC 29″ UltraWide Monitor Review: wide, beautiful but expensive

AOC Widescreen The Philips 29" P-Line monitor spoiled me in terms of the ultra widescreen experience, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to review a competitive model, the 29" AOC Q2963PM UltraWide. I had only vaguely heard of AOC to be honest, and had never used any of their products, so the opportunity to explore yet another brand I hadn't much experience with was a welcome one. You wouldn't think you would need something as big as a 21:9 widescreen until ...

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On the changing nature of memory: what the brain forgets, technology will remember

Digital Brain Storage card manufacturing companies continue to push boundaries with their inventions, creating massive memory card space, in doing so, allowing users to store more of everything. Earlier this year, the SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, announced the release of the 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 memory card, the world’s largest capacity microSD card. The card stores 16 hours of Full HD video, 7 500 songs, 3 200 photos and more than 125 apps, all on a ...


Facebook finally rolls out Privacy Checkup for a universal audience

facebook world We're in the midst of a social media privacy boom, where users of various online platforms are more concerned with their content and shared information than ever before. With this firmly in mind, Facebook has now rolled out its Privacy Checkup feature for all using the desktop site. The Checkup allows users to review specific posts' audience, the selection of apps used and the privacy of what Facebook calls "key pieces of information on your profile." Paddy Underwood, Product Manager at Facebook ...


From diapers to grilled cheese: WumDrop’s curious on-demand courier service takes on SA

WumDrop-crew A few months ago, we at Burn Media HQ discovered a curious new courier service in our neighbourhood: you can tweet to get a grilled cheese sandwich delivered straight to you face. Needless to say, it sparked our interest as much it did our appetite. It turned out that the Grilled Cheese Club is run by local entrepreneur, Simon Hartley, as a trial service fitting into his bigger vision of a cheap, efficient on-demand courier service in South Africa. It's ...

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Vice Media lands $500-million in investments: what’s it doing right?

Vice-TV Vice, the once free indie punk mag from Montreal, Canada is today valued at more than US$2.5-billion. While everyone's looking at what the young tech company BuzzFeed is doing right with its massive 40-million monthly users and US$50-million investment, Vice Media is cropping up over 150-million users and just got a fresh injection of US$500-million. Silicon Valley based Technology Crossover Ventures recently pumped in US$250-million (and is also a big backer of Netflix and Facebook) while the other half of the Vice's ...

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Not just for magazines: why digital publishing is a smart business decision

Businessman iPad Time and money are the two key components of running and maintaining a profitable business. Another factor that’s key to a business’ success is always looking for new and innovative ways to stand out by offering clients business solutions that are savvy and that guarantee them time and money savings. In a digitally-inspired world, engagement is everything, and is something that normal print solutions don’t always offer clients. Digital publishing can be used for various things. The most obvious being ...


Listen up folks, we really need to start taking encryption seriously

Security screen Just like backup is something every business owner knows has to be done right but often isn’t, data encryption is emerging as another essential requirement which is routinely ignored. And just like backup, many business owners find themselves shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted – and suffering the consequences of a breach in confidentiality as a result. The necessity for encryption is heightened with the increased mobility of data, whether on smartphones, laptops or USB thumb drives. ...

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Apple to add security alerts for iCloud users, says Tim Cook

Tim Cook Fuel band After the nude celebrity photographs leak Apple CEO Tim Cook, denied Apple’s part in the mess and placed the blame solely on users. Cook blatantly said, “iCloud accounts were compromised when hackers correctly answered security questions to obtain their passwords, or when they were victimised by a phishing scam to obtain user IDs and passwords”. He also refuted all the reports that suggested that there was a glitch in iCloud’s security and insisted that Apple was but only a victim ...






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