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  • The IoT Focus: 4 ways the Internet of Things is changing the way factories work [Native Content]

    About this content. Depending on which source you consult, factories either date back to ancient Egypt or the earliest parts of the Industrial Revolution. Either way they've been with us for a very long time. Of course, they've had to adapt. The people who worked in John Lombe's water-powered silk mill at Derby in the 17th Century would not, for instance, recognise a contemporary smartphone factory. Today, factories aren't just spaces where things are built, but smart connected spaces capable of adapting on the fly and producing constant streams of data. That change is at least in part due to...

  • The Tech Behind #1: Principa, data analytics company, talks about its Rugby World Cup predictions

    The Tech Behind is a new podcast series that looks at the innovative ways in which tech is being used in our everyday lives on topical stories. This is the first episode of the The Tech Behind series and to kick it off Stuart Thomas talks to Rob and Johan from Principa, the data analytics company, about the its predictions during the Rugby World Cup. During the Rugby World Cup, Principa made use of data and information from what a team's recent performance was, bookie odds, each team’s current world rankings, previous number of tries to even the value of...

  • On remakes and remasters: all for the money, or some for the gamer?

    Remasters have garnered a bad name over the last decade as old games are re-released on new consoles and systems with increased regularity. Many people have a number of incorrect assumptions concerning remasters that ought to be addressed. Now just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, a remaster is different to a remake.

  • incuBeta merges with DQ&A in massive R1.5bn deal

    incuBeta, the South African-based digital marketing group, on Thursday announced a merger with the Netherlands-based DQ&A in a deal worth more than R1.5-billion. Founded in 1995, incuBeta has steadily grown its presence in the digital marketing space and, according to well-placed Memeburn sources, has annual revenues in excess of R500-million. Prior to the announcement of this merger, the group was reportedly looking to go past R1-billion in revenues before launching an initial public offering (IPO). Specialising in search marketing, the most well known agency property in incuBeta's portfolio is Clicks2Customers (founded by celebrity entrepreneur Vinny Lingham), although it also...

  • The 3 basics of unparalleled content marketing

    The days of just pushing product are over. Of course, companies can still make a decent buck by "focusing on product and sales only", but the high operating margins are mainly found in companies that add value beyond the product itself; companies that stand for something, that inspire, that have a meaning and a purpose. Enter content marketing. We’ve all heard the flashy term and thoughtlessly used the hashtag, but what’s the meaning of the word behind the buzz? The uncool truth is that “content marketing” has been around as long as the advertising industry itself; it simply refers to...

  • 4 things this year’s Tokyo Motor Show tells us about the future of driving

    Most major motor shows are dominated by the official unveilings of new production vehicles – essentially models you’ll very soon be able to buy. But not a certain Japanese event… No, the Tokyo Motor Show rarely bothers itself with production car reveals. Instead, this biennial exhibition showcases the possible future of the industry via all manner of weird and wonderful concept cars. The 2015 version, of course, didn’t disappoint. Indeed, this year’s show featured as many impossibly long bonnets, incredibly large alloys, and eye-searingly bright paint schemes as usual. Read more on Motorburn.

  • Broforce review: you’ll never bro this hard again

    Broforce proudly boasts almost every single stereotype that has become synonymous with American culture, and does it with a glorious side-scrolling retro swagger. From an endless symphony of massive explosions to perpetual pixelated bloodshed, this title will more than satisfy your inner-patriot. For a game that exudes so much American spirit, it might come as a surprise to know that it actually hails from the tip of Africa, developed by Cape Town-based studio, FreeLives. But don’t let that deter you from indulging in this wonderfully blood-soaked title. These guys do America better than Americans. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Successful customer engagement management demands planning, personalisation and optimisation

    In a digital world, marketers have access to the tools and channels that allow us to engage with customers and prospects in increasingly personalised and relevant ways. But to harness these touch points in a manner that will deliver the best possible return on investment, we must map out customer journeys for our target markets and then gather data that allows us to understand each customers’ preferences, needs and behaviours. I’d like to show, by means of a practical example, how marketers can smoothly transition a customer through the various phases of the journey - awareness, consideration, engagement, conversion,...

  • Display advertising drives branded search volume

    As a paid search campaign manager, clients frequently ask me why more of their budget isn’t going towards branded search campaigns as those have the lowest Cost per Acquisition (CPA). The answer is typically that their brand campaigns are saturated in terms of ad impressions served -- interest in the brand is limited; there are only so many searches for branded keywords that we can serve ads on. Increasing the volume of searches for brand terms can be quite a difficult proposition – especially for companies offering needs based services and products for which brand names might not be commonly...

  • The IoT Focus: 9 African startups shaping the continent’s IoT industry [Native Content]

    The Internet of Things (IoT) industry as a whole has been touted as becoming a US$7.1-trillion giant by the year 2020. And around the world companies are more and more looking to this sector in becoming the next trend-setters of our world's true data revolution. An everyday, easy-to-understand example of IoT in action would be the Apple Watch -- a fashionable device that's strapped to your wrist and tethered to your smartphone. With a tiny display, you can send emails, hail an Uber, track your heart rate and do all sorts of cool things unimaginable a decade ago. Also unimaginable...

  • Facebook Results: social network crushes Q3 as WhatsApp nears a billion users

    Facebook on Wednesday announced its Q3 results and while they were financially impressive -- revenue for the quarter was up 45% on the same quarter a year ago -- they were important for a whole host of other reasons. For starters, the social network now has more than 1.5-billion monthly and 1-billion daily users. According to at least one source, that means that Facebook has more daily "customers" than any company has ever had. Now you could argue that Facebook's real customers are the companies it sells advertising to, but still how many other products can offer advertisers the...

  • Building a mobile app? We look at 11 of the best frameworks for you

    When developing your mobile app there are several methods you can use. These methods include native, web apps, and cross-platform development. In this article, we'll be looking at cross-platform development. The best, yet more difficult way to develop a mobile app is to go native. The native development process involves writing the application in the desired program's native language, such as Object-C (SWIFT) on iOS, which is them compiled into machine code. The main advantage of developing a native application over hybrid is the performance gained by utilising hardware and software features directly. The biggest disadvantage comes at the price...

  • Top tips on how your startup can attract the right clients

    Building and maintaining a client base is an on-going, and often full time job; particularly for startups that are finding their feet and testing the waters in their industry. A report released by PwC earlier this year on South Africa's emerging companies found that 22% of entrepreneurs find having access to markets and customers as their primary challenge. Here are a few top tips on how your startup can attract the right clients: Read more on Ventureburn.

  • DEBUNKED: content marketing vs social media marketing

    In my escapades in this digital landscape I have too many times heard that content marketing IS social media marketing, and that is TOTALLY untrue! Although content marketing does involve some heavy investment in social media and the two may overlap somewhat, infact better said that they work in tandem, but there are a few very distinct differences between these entities. They have completely different processes, focal points and goals. Let’s look at the 2 biggest differences that are pertinent to a good content marketing strategy. FACT: If you publish anything online, be it social or a blog post,...

  • We should treat disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat: here’s why

    Disruption, more specifically digital disruption is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, with new competitors in a range of industries and sectors using technology to challenge long-established business models and entrenched players in their markets. For example, Uber has upset the applecart in the personal transport sector and Airbnb is rapidly reshaping the hospitality industry. This process of disruption started nearly two decades ago with Amazon pioneering ecommerce and Napster shaking the foundations of the music industry, but it is picking up pace as broadband and mobile devices become ever more affordable and accessible. Now, marketers at traditional brands in South Africa...