Vodacom: SMS on the decline, 35% increase in smartphone uptake

Vodacom For the first time in Vodacom's history SMS revenue is on the decline driven, it seems, by increased use of data. The African mobile giant today released its interim results showing a decline in SMS between September 2011 and September 2012. The decline comes amid significant growth in data. Vodacom says that data traffic grew by 42.5% as its average effective price per megabyte dropped by 24.2%. Then again, it can probably afford to drop those prices a little, given ...

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The online freedom of speech pickle: it’s only getting more complicated

internet censorship Figuring out when trolling becomes dangerous abuse or when a deeply held political opinion comes hate speech is difficult. Add in factors like anonymity the interference of government in a space that was philosophically intended to be open and you can see why freedom of speech online is such a muddy issue. Things aren't about to get any clearer either. Previously Memeburn has reported the concerns of Vint Cerf -- one of the fathers of the internet and Google’s ...

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Content marketing: getting the basics right

marketing The modern media consumer has developed quite a talent for zoning-out marketing messages intended to engage them across pretty much all platforms, be it television, radio or digital. Lives are busier and the choices are seemingly limitless. The trick for business now is to stop shouting at their consumers with intrusive and interruptive advertising and focus instead on building relationships with their consumers. This ‘conversational’ non-interruptive approach has seen the rise of what’s become known as content marketing. Earn ...


HTC Desire C: a decent little budget Android

HTC Desire C The HTC Desire C is an odd creature. Its looks are reminiscent of the higher-end devices in HTC’s smartphone alphabet, and it runs the same version of Android that comes pre-installed on flagship phones like its big brother, the One X, and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Yet the phone is a chubby little plastic construction that creaks when you squeeze it too hard and the fixed-focus camera makes anything you photograph look un-artistically blurred. But it’s not trying to be a ...


Alibaba’s Tmall, Taobao see US$3bn in sales in 24 hours

Alibaba Tech in Asia recently suggested that China’s biggest e-commerce sales/discounts day could beat America’s Cyber Monday in value -- and that’s precisely what happened during yesterday’s “Double Eleven” online shopfest. Indeed, two of China’s biggest sites, Tmall and Taobao (both owned by Alibaba Group), beat out all US e-tailers by themselves, seeing sales transactions worth RMB 19.1-billion (US$3.043 billion) during the 24-hour promotional period. That makes Tmall and Taobao’s Double Eleven sales worth more than double America’s entire Cyber Monday shopping ...


YouTube invests more in original content, some channels cut

YouTube iPad YouTube is intent on making its original programming work, so much so that the video sharing site is about to pour more money into it, reports Ad Age. Less than a year ago the site invested US$100-million to give its original channels a kickstart with partners including the likes of Madonna and Ashton Kutcher. This new round of funding for the project will see the Google-owned site increase funding to its partners by between 30 and 40%. "Our biggest objective ...


Apple and HTC play nice and settle differences… something for the future?

Apple and HTC's more than 20 patent infringement cases around the world seem to be a thing of the past, as the two companies came to an agreement. According to The Verge, all charges have been dropped in favour of a 10-year patent cross-licensing agreement. Jeff Gordon, an HTC representative, said that HTC "does not expect this license agreement to have any adverse material impact on the financials of the company". That's basically hidden speak for "at least it won't cost ...

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Two of a kind: new iPad mini ads showcase iBooks, Photos

Wow, Apple's really determined to push this whole "concentrated iPad experience" thing with the iPad Mini. Case in point: the two latest ads for the 7.9-inch tablet. Both adverts feature the iPad Mini next to the larger iPad. The first is meant to show off how comparable the Photos experience is on the two devices and is set to “Two of a Kind” by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer. The second meanwhile, shows off iBooks and shows the devices ...


Apple to dole out $21m to Swiss Federal Railways for clock icon

Swiss Railways Clock Apple has agreed to fork out US$21-million to the Swiss Federal Railways for the new clock design on the tablet versions of iOS6. The design is a more or less exact copy of that used by the railway service. The clock type, designed by Hans Hilfiker, has been in operation since the 1940s and is considered a national icon by the Swiss. Apple was initially accused of copying the design back in September. Initially the Swiss Federal Railway threatened legal action, ...

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Microsoft set to unleash celebrity assault in Windows Phone 8 promotion

Looks like a fair chunk of Microsoft's massive marketing drive for Windows Phone 8 is going toward celebrity endorsements. After the Redmond-based company's CEO Steve Ballmer had his turn at a video, it's decided to trot out the celebs. UK tabloid The Sun reports that some of the stars set to appear in Windows Phone 8 adverts include rapper Jay Z, singer Gwen Steffani, and Gavin and Stacey star James Corden. In the UK, reports The Verge, the company is already using ...






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