LG plays hidden camera trick to show how ‘lifelike’ its IPS monitors are

Remember those hidden camera shows where the producers would play tricks on unsuspecting members of the public? Remember how hilarious they were? Yeah, us neither. Anyway LG clearly remembers things differently, because it decided to use the format to show how lifelike its new IPS monitors are. The electronics giant arranged nine of the displays in a three by three grid pattern, stuck them on the bottom of an elevator and installed a hidden camera. Hilarity ensues, if that's your ...


What Alan Knott-Craig’s departure means for brand Mxit: An insider’s view

Mxit Until three weeks ago Frans De Villiers worked at Mxit as a special marketing project manager. He explains what life under Alan Knott-Craig Junior was like and how his departure could affect Mxit as a brand. Alan Knott-Craig Junior was Mxit’s Barack Obama. He rocked up at the scene at a time when the brand was certainly on the down. By no means am I implying that former CEO Herman Heunis was George W Bush, I regard him as a ...

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Worldsecond: the worldwide photo shoot at one point in time

Worldsecond, an app funded by aker of fine watches and pens Montblanc, aims to have a collective gathering of people from all over the world participate in what it hopes to be the largest amount of people taking just one photo at a specific time. It sounds pretty simple. The app, available only for iPhone and Android, automatically counts down to the next photo click and shares this image on the Worldsecond site, creating a unique online mosaic of globally ...

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The 15 most valuable emerging market technology companies on Wall Street

Wall Street bull Wall Street, home to Gordon Gecko, the Smurfs ringing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) bell and eye-wateringly large initial public offering (IPO) valuations. It is home to the two largest bourses in the world by capitalisation, the NYSE and Nasdaq respectively. Unsurprisingly, the 20 most valuable emerging market technology companies listed on either the NYSE or Nasdaq originate in Asia. (I haven't included the telecoms giants from South America -- which are listed as public utilities.) South Africa’s Wall Street ...


Google’s financial fiasco: No cause for panic

google apples The fiasco around the release of Google's Q3 financial results was plain embarrassing. From the company that is the king of search this is just downright wrong. On its website, Google says that its "...mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." I guess that there is nothing about a timeous and orderly release thereof. It turns out that it might not have been its fault, but rather its filing agent released the ...

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Big Data: 4 things you need if you’re going to mine it effectively

Data design With all the talk of “Big” data from vendors and their sale forces, consultants excited by new opportunities and business people grappling with whether or not their revenue will go up, it is vital to understand the “Big” picture and the best way to do this is see where architecturally everything fits together. Getting an understanding of the integrated architecture of Big Data is vital if any organisation is to understand how much of their current investment in their information ...

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From Kim Dotcom to the rise of dumb phones: top stories you have to read

Feature phones Did you ever think that the humble dumb phone may be the source of future innovation in emerging markets? Did you know that there's a significant chunk of social referral traffic that's difficult to track? Or that Jack Dorsey dropped out of university... twice? Or that Kim Dotcom's Megaupload was responsible for some four percent of all internet traffic at its peak? Well, maybe you will... once you're done reading our round up of top tech stories. Inside the mansion ...


Epson TW5500 review: quality is worth the cost

Epson Projector We live in an age where small things are able to do a lot quickly. The Epson EH-TW5500 Home Projector (catchy name ain’t it?) is not one of those things. It’s absolutely bloody hulking. Despite the Gearburn editor’s assertion that I just needed to spend some time in the gym, calling this thing portable would be like calling Stephen Hawking an Olympic athlete. Plug it in, baby If you’re going to have this thing in your house then, it’ll more than likely ...


Cisco to unveil ‘social media listening centre’ come 24 October

Social Listening Centre Networking giant Cisco has announced is set to launch a new product, which it is calling a Social Media Listening Center (SMLC) in the coming days. While the SMLC, set to be publicly unveiled on 24 October is not Cisco's first social product -- it has a number of collaboration tools and plays in the enterprise social networking space -- it is the first that attempts to bring in public social networks. According to Cisco, the technology behind the SMLC ...

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Pinterest to start blocking unwanted pins

Pinterest, the online content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects, will be enlisting users' help to block or report unwanted or tasteless content that exists on its virtual pin-board. This is in an effort to reduce hateful, unwanted or violent and "naughty" pins, as recently described on its blog. A "report user" feature will enable a Pinterest user to alert the site's vast community about an issue that is against the fast growing picture library's ...






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