Iceland goes open source in a big way

Iceland has a bit of a history when it comes to using tech in innovative ways. In 2011, for instance, it crowdsourced its new constitution using social media. Now the mid-Atlantic island wants to take a number of government departments open source.According to project leader Tryggvi Björgvinsson, the migration project will involve the three biggest public institutions in Iceland: all of the ministries, the city of Reykjavik and the National Hospital. "These are setting a good migration example", he ...


3 Great free iPhone games of the day — Save $4

Check out these great iPhone/iPad games that have been reduced to zero dollars. Snap them up and save four smackeroos. Enjoy.Geared -- US$0.99 FREEGeared is a really addictive puzzle game where you have to place different sized gears with the aim of reaching and turning each level’s blue gear. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels and you’ll find yourself having to deal with no drop zones, new obstacles and turning multiple blue gears at the same time.Geared ...


Google lets you explore the Amazon with Street View

Rio NegroWe love Google Street View, especially when it crosses over from being a useful tool to delivering stunning images. A series of recently released images from the Amazon basin are a case in point.Google released the images for World Forest Day after travelling along the river, through the forest, and to the communities in the Rio Negro Reserve in August 2011.In official blog post, the internet giant claims you can:Take a virtual boat ride down the main ...

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Is the flying bird man real? [Video]

weightlessA video’s been making waves around the web today. It purportedly shows a man achieving flight using nothing but a pair of wings, some muscle-boosting gears, an Android-powered smartphone, and some Wii controllers, but is it real?The flying device’s supposed inventor is a Dutch chap called Jarno Smeets, who claims to have built the prototype over the course of a year and to have been inspired by his grandfather’s design for a flying bicycle.In an official press release, ...


Amazon next step forward: Buying a massive robotics company

Amazon LogoAmazon has announced that it is going to buy Kiva Systems for US$775-million, in order to help further automate many of the processes within its large warehouses. Kiva Systems develops a fairly unique robotic shelving system, where hundreds of mobile robots can plug themselves into various shelves and move them around a warehouse. In fact, the system is so advanced that shelves literally deliver products to the shipping department from around the warehouse as orders come in.Kiva Systems was ...

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Are social networks really killing the web?

Social NetworksOccasionally I stumble on blog posts describing how social networks are killing the internet. The claim is that people are becoming locked into social media so much that they no longer surf the web like they used to. Instead, they rely on information shared within the closed environment provided by sites like Facebook.These articles annoy me. To begin with, the internet is really the underlying infrastructure on which everything online, including the social networks themselves, exist. But pedantry aside, and ...


Google lands a harsh blow to sites with too much SEO

google piracyAnyone who has made sure their sites are as search engine optimised as is humanly -- or mechanically -- possible should be quaking their boots right about now. Google has announced a major algorithm change that is going to penalised overly optimised websites. (Are you sweating yet?)This change comes on the back of another algorithm change made recently where Google blocked search results from the domains.Google Engineer Matt Cutts explains the change as follows: “We are trying to make ...

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AngelHub uncorks a heady bottle of Real Time Wine

real_time_wineLast month, Memeburn got the scoop on AngelHub’s latest investment, Real Time Wine, the no bullshit 140-character social wine review site.Real Time Wine recently disclosed some more information about the deal.AngelHub’s investment in Real Time Wine is the angel investment group’s second paid out deal in six months and it concludes Real Time Wine’s first round of successful fundraising. Real Time Wine secured private angel funding from angel investors such as Michael Jordaan, owner of Bartinney Wines and ...


Want to kill the status quo? Innovate

innovationI was recently asked, “how do you find innovators?” It’s an odd question really, one that I hadn’t thought about before, but one that is valuable to think through. You have to dig deeper and think why innovations happen at all, and what the power structures are that make them be identified as innovative. After all, innovation is just a new way of doing things than what is currently the norm.In any industry, society or business there are status quo ...

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Low Orbit Server Stations: Is The Pirate Bay trolling, or could it work?

md4-1000_droneTrolling, probably. You've heard The Pirate Bay's annoucement that it will be experimenting with low orbit server drones to make its service impervious to Hollywood’s threats. Oft-facetious, it wouldn't surprise us if The Pirate Bay were just scaremongering, but could it actually work?Maybe, but putting such an idea into practice is still a ways off. The world record for a battery powered hover drone in laboratory conditions is currently held by the md4-1000 hover drone which managed to hover for ...






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