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Social Good Summit: US Ambassador to UN Susan Rice on Twitter, foreign policy

Susan Rice Ambassador Susan Rice joined the panel at this year's Social Good Summit to talk about how she's using social media in her role as the US's permanent representative to the United Nations. Rice, with over 190 000 followers, admits she may be comfortable using Twitter now, but she was initially wary of it, a self-confessed sceptic, and wondered how she would be able to "responsibly conduct foreign policy in something that looked like haiku". Rice has since found Twitter to ...

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10 reasons why your next campaign absolutely has to include mobile video

mobile YouTube Like it or not, mobile is fast becoming the predominant way many consumers access the internet. It also goes without saying that visual content is a lot more engaging and has a much higher share rate than plain old text. So what happens when you combine the two? Well you get mobile video content. Here are 10 reasons why it’s so important to your digital strategy. 1. Booming audiences The saying “fish where the fish are” applies here, and mobile audiences ...


Black Mesa: Half-Life reborn

Gabe Newell must be smiling. He is a man who has always placed community before commerce. Having made his millions at Microsoft he left to found Valve Software, a company that would make games without compromise. His Half-Life series prioritized quality over time constraints and financial concessions. The series protagonist, like Newell, truly was a free man. Indeed Newell is conceivably videogaming’s auteur -- a creative soul who has no patience for publishing houses that assume dogmatic rule. Read more ...


Meet the new, ‘cool’ Myspace

New MySpace The once wildly popular Myspace has released a teaser video showing the new direction its owners are looking to take it in. Best put a jersey on, because it's pretty damn cool. According to the company, which now includes pop superstar Justin Timberlake as one of its heads, the service has been rebuilt “entirely from scratch.” Gone are the messages from Tom, the insane backgrounds and, it seems, the music that starts blaring as soon as you enter a page. In ...


Eric Schmidt: no Google Maps for iOS… yet

If you're an Apple user who's pissed off with the Cupertino-based giant's new maps offering don't hold your breath for an alternative from Google just yet. Speaking to a small batch of reporters in Tokyo, Japan Google chief Eric Schmidt said, "We have not done anything yet." "We've been talking with (Apple) for a long time. We talk to them every day," he added. The important part of that statement is the word "yet". It signals that the internet giant hasn't ...

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Iran’s government starts censoring Google search and Gmail

iran flag In the wake of the anti-Islam YouTube video that has led to widespread protests in the Muslim world, Iran has announced that it intends to restrict access to Google products like search and Gmail indefinitely. Iranian citizens were informed of the government's decision via a message on state television and SMS over the weekend. According to the BBC, Abdul Samad Khoramabadi, an adviser to Iran's public prosecutor's office, said that "Google and Gmail will be filtered nationwide, and will remain filtered ...

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iPhone 5 opening weekend: 5m sold, factory workers riot

iPhone 5 front and back Apple announced that it sold five-million iPhone 5s on its opening weekend in retail stores, signalling its most successful iPhone launch ever. The announcement was tainted however by news that workers in one of the Chinese factories building the device had rioted, leaving 40 injured. Demand for the thinner, slightly taller new device was so great that some orders have been pushed back a couple of weeks. “Demand for iPhone 5 has been incredible and we are working ...

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Does wearable tech like Google Glass signal the age of ‘leaning in’?

glass_photos3 Tablet computers aren't the first piece of technology to disrupt the industry: since the 1980s we've seen considerable advancement from computers the size of rooms to the one I'm clutching and writing an article with, on the train home from work. Twenty years ago we could never have envisioned that mobile phones would shrink to the size they did, and then elongate to the size they’re currently at. Companies that have faced this disruption have either evolved or become extinct while ...

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Truth in real-time and the end of Apple: the week’s top tech stories

apple logo Last week, it was all about the iPhone 5... the hype hasn't quite died down, as the first round of reviews were published, the mocking ads hit YouTube and the queues started forming in front of iStores ahead of today's release. But it was also a week for comical iOS 6 Maps problems, discussions around #muslimrage and envy about the free smartphone programme at Yahoo! Here are our picks for the best of the week. Everyone shoots first: reality in the ...

Future Trends

Moving beyond touch interfaces to perceptual computing

Humans can typically understand spoken words, hand gestures and facial expressions at an early age. Yet computers, even after decades of evolution, still struggle to interpret them. That's about to change, according to tech industry experts who see so-called perceptual computing as the next step in controlling computer devices. Touch interfaces are changing the way people interact with computing devices, but hand gestures and voice recognition will make interactions even more human. "Touch is dramatically changing the way we interact with our devices, ...






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