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Social capitalism: the real winners will be able to engage with ‘the 99%’

Occupy Wall Street "We are the 99%!" was one of the more popular refrains at the #Occupy protests which took place around the globe in 2011. The term 99% refers to the vast majority of the global population who don't hold wealth and power and, if capitalism is to thrive in the coming years, it will have to drastically change the way it talks to them. While some old school business types will feel threatened by the 99% and their ability to use ...

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SoundCloud is moving on up with its ‘Next’ version [LeWeb]

soundcloud leweb Things are looking good for audio startup SoundCloud. Just a few months ago, the founder and CEO of the company told the world at LeWeb London that he hoped to make the web more emotional through sound. Today Alexander Ljung returned to the LeWeb stage (this time in Paris) with some big news and announcements. According to Ljung, users are now uploading up to 10 hours of audio every minute with a reach of eight percent of the internet population. It ...

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Evernote launches new business offering [LeWeb]

evernote ceo Evernote is fast becoming a towering success, no one can deny that. Taking the stage at LeWeb Paris, CEO Phil Libin announced the company's new offering: Evernote Business. The note-taking service, which just got a new round of funding, was originally developed as a consumer product but has seen increased usage in business, says Libin. He believes that the enterprise experience shouldn't be "crappy" when it comes to software but have the same feel as "business class". Evernote Business is ...


Facebook Messenger now allows signups with just a name and number

Well now. Rumours that Facebook was poised to buy social messaging service WhatsApp may have been false, but the social network looks set to take the little green messaging app head on. Starting today, a select group of Android users will be able to sign into Facebook Messenger using only their name and phone number. That saves the hassle of having to sign into your Facebook account just to message people, and will also allow people to message Facebook users, ...

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Why monitoring is key to using social media for customer service

Social media Social media is all about communication. It's an instrument that facilitates social behaviour online. It's about engaging with your target audience and growing your network. Social media consists of many channels that make use of different forms of content to transfer ideas. The power of social media is that you can syndicate a single piece of magnetic content and it can reach thousands of people instantly. Did you know that how your brand chooses to communicate on the social web, and ...

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Meeker files: emerging markets own web growth, mobile on top

Mary Meeker People around the globe are still coming online on the for the first time in their millions. That much of that growth comes from emerging markets is to be expected. More surprising is that some of the highest rates of internet adoption come from authoritarian states. Most famously, China has the world's largest online population despite its citizens' internet access being severely curtailed by a series of controls known colloquially as the Great Firewall of China. Iran meanwhile has threatened ...

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Voice assistants: who actually wants to talk to their phone?

people with mobile phones In a world of communicating with our devices, voice control seem to have gotten a lot of attention. But is that really what we want? The voice focus in products Looking at Siri in iOS, Voice Actions for Android, Google’s Project Glass and much more, there’s an amazingly strong focus on conversing with your phone/device. There is, or about to be, voice commands for any action you can think of, and more and more are added as we speak (sorry, not that ...


A new Yahoo! is nearly upon us, here’s what it might look like

Yahoo! Yahoo!'s home page is set for a radical redesign. And, according to AllThingsD, it's nearing completion. The design reportedly borrows heavily from Windows 8 as well as Flipboard and Pinterest, and could launch as early as next week. That a new home page was high up on new CEO Marissa Mayer's to do list. She was, after all, responsible for designing Google's iconic search page. The new Yahoo! page won't be nearly as minimalist, retaining the extensive dashboard its users ...


iTunes Music Store available in 56 new countries

Apple iTunes 11, which launched on 29 November, has added 56 countries to its music store, including South Africa, India and Russia, according to a press release from Apple. This doubles the number of countries that can now download DRM-free tracks from both local acts and major artists. Russia, Turkey, India and Indonesia may now also download movies from major distributors like 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. And more countries could ...

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Google search app ads: one home run and a strike

Tech companies often seem to try too hard with their ads for new products. We saw it with Apple's attempt at using celebrities to market Siri -- it didn't work out so well. Then we all marveled at Samsung's cleverness when the Korean tech giant mocked arch-rival Apple in a series of ads demonstrating the apparent superiority of its devices. Let's face it, those ads were pretty cool. Microsoft also played the celebrity angle and used some choice Tinsel Town ...






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