Meet the South African finalists for TNW’s Startup World

Here we go Africa. The African leg of the The Next Web's Startup World competition kicks off in Cape Town today. The startup scene has been abuzz with the announcement that four African cities have been included in Startup World's inaugural tour. The competition will be held in 36 countries across the globe with the specific aim of shining "a light on entrepreneurs in emerging markets." Regional winners will fly to Silicon Valley to "battle it out in front of a ...


FBI says it never had stolen Apple UDIDs

Well now. This is interesting. The FBI says it never had any of the Apple UDIDs claimed to have been stolen by hacker group AntiSec. The hacker collective said it had well over 12-million IDs that include personal information such as user names, addresses, device names and mobile numbers. In a statement released to AllThingsD, the FBI said it had no knowledge of the hack. In fact, it went so far as to say that it didn't even keep any ...

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WordPress unveils new live-blogging plugin

This is very cool, especially if CovertLive's move from free to paid had you distraught. Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has unveiled a new live-blogging platform, aptly called Liveblog. Once you've installed the plugin, all you have to do check a box and boom, you're live-blogging. WordPress says you'll even be able to turn existing posts into live-blogs. According to the company: Your readers want your updates as quickly as possible, and we think we provide the easiest and the most ...

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6 core principles to get people collaborating on social media

social media If you're reading Memeburn, chances are you get that social media is important. It's incredibly unlikely that you start talking about young people "always being on the Facebook" whenever it gets mentioned. You're probably also aware that the more successful a company is, the more likely it is to be using social media. But you could still be getting one vital aspect of it wrong. That one aspect is probably the most important too: it's the "social" part of social ...

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Joost van der Westhuizen: How an SA rugby legend is using Twitter for good

Joost After what can only be described as a tumultuous few years, Springbok rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen has turned to Twitter to garner support for his new charitable foundation. In February 2009 his private life was bared open in a scandal involving affairs and drugs which translated into a very public break-up with singer-star Amor Vittone. In 2011 Joost was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) which is incurable. In his fight against MND he has created a charitable foundation, the ...

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Android phablets are winning everywhere… except in the US

skate boarding androids Remember how, back in the day (i.e. a few years ago), all you wanted was a smaller cellphone? 'Bricks' were not cool: the more anorexic and petite the phone, the better. Skip forward to 2012 and you have people drooling over giant phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note and a fresh batch of statistics that show that more than a quarter of new smartphones sold in eight countries around the world have screens larger than 4.5 inches. Oh, and that ...

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6 tips for making meaningful business connections on LinkedIn

Linkedin iPad You most likely already have a LinkedIn profile, connected with a couple of people that you know, and joined a few groups - now what? Did you know that you can use LinkedIn as a source of leads for your business? LinkedIn is not the same as Facebook, Twitter or any of the other popular social media channels. Even though there are more than 175-million members on LinkedIn and two new members joining every second, many people are still unsure how ...

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Revolution, innovation, cyborgs: 10 top TED Talks from 2012

TED A taste of the world as we will know it, or a taste of the world we currently live in. TED talks are always innovative and refreshing. Here are 10 TED Talks that will make you think of the world a little differently. Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second A camera that can record at the speed of light? Who would have thought it possible? But here it is, a trillion frame a second femto camera. Watch as Ramesh ...

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Why Renren’s mobile and ecommerce pivot might just make sense

Renren It looks like Chinese social networking giant Renren is about to shift its business model in a big way. The Facebook clone is now looking to take on the mobile and ecommerce spaces. It might seem like an odd move, but it could well make a lot of sense. According to The Wall Street Journal, Renren has been battling to compete with China's microblogs (known as weibos) from Tencent and Sina. It hasn't been doing particularly well when it comes ...


5 of the latest, hottest iPad games

iOS Games Presenting five of the best, and most recent, games for iPad. All titles are valid for a purchase on the US App store. Bastion -- US$4.99 Stop what you're doing and buy Bastion. We gave it a great review when it released on Xbox Live earlier this year and the far cheaper iOS version is just as good, if not better suited to the touch controls. It controls well, looks and plays like a dream and is almost a third of the ...






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