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Apple nabs Samsung, LG security provider for $356m

This is interesting. Apple has just forked out US$365-million for security company AuthenTec Inc. In an 8-k filing the company says that it entered into an agreement with the Cupertino-based tech giant that gives Apple non-exclusive domain over its hardware, software, and patent portfolios. The company, which specialises in fingerprinting technology, also does work in secure networking, content and data protection. According to its Fact Sheet: AuthenTec’s award-winning smart fingerprint sensors provide multiple touch-powered features that extend beyond user ...

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Instagram hits 80 million users, but loses access to part of Twitter API

instagram Instagram has been on a roll recently: it followed up its popular iPhone app with an Android version, agreed to sell itself to Facebook for US$1-billion and expanded its community to 80-million users. Wait, what? Yes, the team behind the photo sharing app recently announced that their community has grown to 80-million users who have shared almost four billion photos since the company started in late 2010. But if you hop along to the Apple App Store or Google Play ...


Google’s Olympic doodle is kind of disappointing

Google Olympic Doodle Google's done some pretty epic doodles in the past. The one it's done for the 2012 Olympic Games is not one of them. We were really hopeful when we saw the picture on the Google home page. A load of cutesy looking Olympians with the Google letters arranged them, what would happen when the mouse hovered over them. Would they start enacting their perspective sports? Nope. All you get is a line of alt-text saying "London 2012 Opening Ceremony". Bear ...

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Facebook’s first earnings report exactly as expected, stock price falls anyway

Facebook Like Well there's one for the books. The analysts were pretty much dead on the money when it came to Facebook's first earnings call as a publicly listed company. The social network pulled in US$1.18-billion with a profit of US$0.12 per share. Analysts were predicting US$1.15- billion, also at US$0.12 profit per share. If you were looking for any spectacular revelations from CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, sorry no luck. The message from the hoodied one was more or less the ...


Which global leaders are winning when it comes to Twitter?

Twitter logo blue on grey Twitter's important. Most of us get it, and it seems the vast majority of politicians do to. At least, they get that being on Twitter's important -- some of them just aren't sure what do once they're there. In fact, according to a study released today by PR company Burson-Marsteller, nearly two-thirds of the world's leaders are now on the 140 character-or-less social network. Bizarrely though, less than half follow their peers from around the globe. The company claims that ...

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It’s not just you — Google Talk is down

Google logo No, it's not just your computer or your phone or your tablet -- it's everyone. Google has confirmed that its messaging service is offline, and that it's working on the problem. Visitors to its app status dashboard will be greeted by a comforting red dot, and the following message: We're aware of a problem with Google Talk affecting a majority of users. The affected users are able to access Google Talk, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behavior. We ...

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Google now lets you search with handwriting

This is very cool. Google search now recognises search queries via handwriting. The new service, officially announced today, allows you to hand write your searches on tablets and mobile phones. Here's how to get started: Go to in your mobile browser, tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen and enable “Handwrite.” Note that after you've saved the setting, you may need to refresh the homepage to see the feature. On tablets, the Search settings are available as ...

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Facebook rolls out Recommendations Bar, claims tripled click-through rates

Facebook ipad Looks like Facebook's taken a leaf out of Twitter's "search and discovery's where it's at" book. The world's largest social network today announced that it was rolling out a recommendations bar. The new social plug-in is aimed at helping people find articles based on what their friends like and share from your site. As a person reads an article, a small pop-up surfaces at the bottom of the screen highlighting recommended articles and prompting them to like the page. Recommendations ...

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Why Google display advertising is like dating

lovekeyboard Ever wonder what makes display advertising work? Ever wonder what makes for the perfect date? Well you're in luck! Here are some of my tips and tricks to keep in mind when looking to win those moments that matter! Context/ Environment -- Even if your personality doesn't sparkle with rays of sunshine, with the right environment even you stand a chance at romance! Category -- Do you go for quaint dinner? Do you go for a playful day out? Your ...


10 things you need to know about the way we use mobile phones

SMS The mobile phone is the future. It’s prosperity, hope, development and empowerment all rolled into one handy device with a camera and an FM radio. What we do with our cellphones matters, wherever you are. Given all of this, it was hardly surprising that the meeting room tech media were gathered to hear the latest results from the Mobility 2012 survey conducted by research company World Wide Worx and sponsored by financial giant First National Bank (FNB) was so crowded. ...






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