Privacy and competition: Interrogating Google

Google Google’s been on the chopping block a lot lately with suggestions that it promotes anti-competitive behavior by serving its own self-interest and robbing consumers of alternative search and related services. It seems to be part of a broader move by many governments to ensure that massive digital conglomerates like Google, Apple and Facebook are held accountable for the data they collect each time we switch on a mobile phone or perform an internet search. Do we need specific legislation to ...


Memeburn gets exclusive sneak preview of new Daily Maverick site

New Daily Maveric vs Old Daily Maverick Memeburn has caught an exclusive sneak preview of the Daily Maverick’s new website. From what we can see, the new site is part of a re-imagining of the Daily Maverick brand. Gone is the royal blue and purple masthead. In its place is a white “Daily” on a turquoise background and a black “Maverick” on a white background. The font is exactly the same, if a little thinner. While the new site seems to have the same two column layout as ...

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Hello Google Glasses, bye bye Siri?

Google Glasses It's official, Google's Project Glass is here. This follows months of speculation about the project and what it would entail. In an official statement, the internet giant said: We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t. A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. We’re ...

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Snapdisk: South African startup enters cloud storage race

snapdisk We are spoilt for choice when it comes to cloud storage solutions, but we’ve yet to see an emerging market company truly stick it to big name services such as Carbonite, Mozy, DropBox , SugarSync, Box and Wuala. South African company, Motillion, wants to change that with Snapdisk, a secure cloud storage and file sharing service for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Depending on the package you choose, Snapdisk allows you to schedule backups -- think Carbonite -- and sync your ...

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Mobile and video are where it’s at with online advertising

mobile YouTube As media consumption habits change, so must the habits of anyone wanting to be found online change with them. As of 2012, the vast majority of online advertisers in the US are shifting their budgets to mobile and video because this is where most people consume their online media. This is what the US market looks like across the digital landscape for 2012 : According to a study by eMarketer; almost half of all US advertisers (49%) planned on boosting ...


YouTube gets serious about 3D

YouTube is going 3D in a big way. The world’s most popular video-sharing site has added automatic 3D conversion for short-form videos uploaded in 1080p. The new service follows on from a beta feature it launched last year that let creators convert YouTube videos into 3D with a click. Anyone wanting to watch videos in 3D simply has to select 3D viewing in the Quality settings (click on the gear icon) on the YouTube player, and pop on their 3D ...


#ArsenalLive: Arsenal ‘takes over’ Twitter, again

Laurent Koscielny1 #ArsenalLive is back. It seems the football team so enjoyed the attention it got from the first Twitter takeover that it decided to do another one. Hear hear. As before, players take the "hot seat" and fans pose questions. Each player has five minutes to answer the selected questions. Good luck with that boys. "We'll be at the training ground to catch up with some of the first-team squad and we want you to put YOUR questions to them via ...


Upset about Google killing SEO? Don’t panic, there’s a way forward

google piracy A recent post by Jonathan Houston about Google punishing sites with too much SEO motivated me to write an article about how to make sure your site doesn't suffer. Do not wither: there is still a way forward. Link building that won't get your website rankings killed Ok the trick is first to understand one concept: “Natural Links” or what I like to call them “Natural Popularity Contest Votes” is the most important type of link you want to your website. The SEO ...


18 Years on: Twitter remembers Kurt Cobain

A celebrity death was briefly the top trending topic on Twitter. Big deal, you might be thinking, happens all the time. Thing is, the celebrity in questions happens to have been dead for 18 years. People from around the world took to Twitter to commemorate the life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain on the 18th anniversary of his death. A number of people chose to commemorate the iconic singer by quoting from his famous suicide note: "I'd rather be hated ...


The new iPad — more of the same, twice as tasty [Review]

With little other than a display revamp, the new iPad is a little brighter, crisper and heavier. But is it equally as loveable? Retina Display is king If you’re an existing owner of iPad or iPad 2, you’ll certainly notice the difference between versions. Text and images are both clearer thanks to the 2048×1536 Retina Display which is four times the number of pixels than previous iPad models. Other hardware upgrades includes the back camera which has been bumped to 5-megapixal and ...






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