Where are you on the map of the internet?

Internet map This is very cool. It's a representation of the internet that maps each site according to its relative size, with the distances between them determined by the strength or frequency of the link created when people move from one site to another. The map's makers claim that it encompasses over 350 thousand websites from 196 countries and all domain zones. "Information about more than two-million links between the websites has joined some of them together into topical clusters," they ...

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Opera hits 200m mobile users, reports massive African growth

It may not be a big in the world of desktop browsers but Opera's mobile effort makes it a serious player in the browser wars. The Norwegian-made browser today revealed that its mobile browsers are installed on some 200-million phones across the world, up 47% from the same period last year. The company also reports that it's experienced massive growth in its African user numbers. Thirty six countries more than doubled their Opera Mini user bases in one year, with ...


Mountain Lion hits 3m downloads in 4 days

Apple os x mountain lion Wow. It looks like Apple owners are really keen on upgrading their operating systems. The Cupertino-based tech giant says that downloads of its latest OS Mountain Lion have topped three million in the first four days its been available. According to the folks down at 1 Infinite Loop, this makes is the most successful iteration of OS X in history. “Just a year after the incredibly successful introduction of Lion, customers have downloaded Mountain Lion over three million times ...


Mobile network, broadcaster team up for neat location-based game

This is clever. African mobile giant Vodacom has teamed with broadcasting house Primedia for a social, GPS-based game called Gotcha. The game will see listeners from the South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town chase down a virtual wallet, called Smart Money, in an attempt to win a share of R700 000. Here's how it works. You download the "Gotcha" app on your GPS-enabled smartphone. The app allows you to track Smart Money down to within 100 ...

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3 very important things you need to understand about user experience

China It’s safe to say that we have all heard the phrases “UX” and “user experience” being used in conversation. Although people are beginning understand the value of providing a good user experience, they don’t necessarily understand what it is or how it works. In a nutshell, user experience is a concept or approach that is applied at all interaction points with your customer. It’s all about putting the user first, understanding their needs, and building a positive relationship with them. ...


Is there really a solution to racism on Twitter?

twitter logo blue In the 1700s radical French journalist Jean-Paul Marat used the power of his pen and his influence in the media as a vessel to channel his political passion and to rally the masses, in effect contributing greatly to the French revolution. Today, 'Marat-figures' take on different forms. When social networks aren't used as leverage to topple governments or to keep valuable relationships intact, they also serve as an everyday repository of information. Social networks have been cursed by a degree of ...

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Understanding how politicians use Twitter: a case study

Helen Zille Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have fundamentally changed the nature of political discussion. They allow the common person to add his or her voice to the issues that are important to them and to connect with important decision-makers that might otherwise be out of their reach. Twitter has had a particularly profound effect on political discourse, even in emerging market countries like South Africa. In that country, this has been especially true for opposition leader Helen Zille, who ...


The gadgets and gear of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman EMP Batman’s toys haven’t always been well advised. Who remembers the infamous credit card from Batman and Robin? Or the ridiculous ice skates that miraculously appear during an encounter with Mr Freeze? Hell, let’s not dwell on the nipples the Batsuit sports during Joel Schumacher’s films. With Christopher Nolan at the helm however, Batman was became an icon we could actually believe in: a trained samurai who adopts theatricality and disguise to defeat his foes. His gadgets were similarly immersed in the ...


Business Day goes ‘digital first’, erects paywall

Business Day, a leading South African newspaper, is set to make the leap from "paper first" to "digital first" before eventually erecting a paywall around its content. According to the paper's editor Peter Bruce: Business Day will, very soon now, become a "digital first" news brand. We will begin to publish what we know when we know it on our newly designed website first, and make the newspaper after that. Then, a few months after that we’ll wrap a mesh ...


SA fashion retailer launches online store

Ecommerce in South Africa is gaining traction with new ecommerce plays entering and exiting the market more and more frequently. Last year retail outlet Woolworths launched an online store for its fashion line, becoming one of the first major South African retailer to enter the ecommerce space. Now another chain retailer has joined the party. Affordable fashion retail outlet Mr Price's online store went live today under the moniker MRP. We are live!! #mrponline Woohoooo— Mr Price Fashion (@MrPriceFashion) July 30, ...






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