20 of the most (and least) connected words on LinkedIn

I’ve studied data from a variety of social media platforms, but never LinkedIn. So a few days ago I got around to playing with it a little bit and found a few interesting things.First, I looked at the words in the title and summary of more than 40 000 randomly selected profiles and how they correlated with the number of connections those profiles have. I found that there are a handful of highly connected positions (unsurprisingly investors and recruiters) as ...


The evolution of videogame advertising

zelda2 In the 80s and early parts of the 90s, commercials for videogames were few and far between. When you did see them, they looked something like this:Aside from the fact that it exuded 80s “radness”, for which there is no cure, the commercial itself was just disparaging of gamers. But that’s not really a surprise, ad agencies at the time were trying to sell a product to a demographic that they couldn’t relate to. Playing up the stereotype was a ...

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Start-up co-founders: 10 tips for choosing your significant other

Wedding rings They say that starting a business with a partner is like a marriage. What they don't tell you is that if your marriage does really well it's like having a few hundred kids too. When things go wrong they can go really wrong, so here are ten tips for picking the right startup co-founder.Do not marry Lorena Bobbit The first and probably most obvious part of the selection process is to try avoid starting a tech company with a ...


When does a dumb phone become a smartphone?

nokia-asha-series The line is blurring. A year ago, perhaps even six months ago, it was pretty easy to define the difference between a smartphone and a feature phone (or "dumb" phone).You could point to an Android device or an iPhone and say: "There. That's a smartphone." Similarly, you could label any phone that retailed for less than US$100 (or R800) as "dumb".Today, it’s not so simple. Sure, ultra low-end phones without internet access are easy. But what about devices like the ...


Anonymous reveals IP addresses of alleged paedophiles

anonymous Infamous online hacktivist group Anonymous claimed on Wednesday to have published the IP addresses of more than 190 visitors to child pornography sites.In a statement posted on file-sharing site, Anonymous said it was exposing the IP addresses as part of a campaign dubbed "Operation Darknet."The group is most famously known for hitting corporate and big-business sites with DDoS attacks, briefly taking over operations or scraping information. The most well-known of the radical group's hacks involved taking down websites belonging ...

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Guzzle, a specials aggregator with heart

Online coupons have their place, primarily as colossal repositories for random bargains. Guzzle, a self-funded South African venture wants to be your new favourite shopping companion by offering true value as it roots out discounts and product specials from newspapers, catalogues and other forms of print media.Guzzle is a "specials aggregator" which focuses on products offered by major South African retailers such as Game, Pick 'n Pay and Makro. The team collates information from the retail stores, lists the various ...


YouTube adds South African languages — isiZulu, Afrikaans

YouTube banner Google has announced that, as of today, YouTube will be available in isiZulu and Afrikaans, two of South Africa’s most widely spoken languages. The internet giant says the move is part of its ongoing effort to localise services.The announcement comes shortly after the one year anniversary of the launch country's own YouTube channel. .According to Google, localised YouTube channels like the South African one, have made it "faster and easier for...users to find and view the videos most ...


Google’s Gmail iOS app crashes on launch day

gmail-iphone Gmail users will have noticed that Google has made some dramatic changes to the look and feel of the web-based Gmail interface.Unfortunately, news of the Gmail overhaul was rather overshadowed by the withdrawal of the Gmail App on both the Apple Appstore mere hours after its release. The email application was designed to work on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch."We've created a new Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We've combined your favourite features from the Gmail ...


Yahoo! continues fight back to the top with new iPad magazine

yahoo Despite facing innumerable rumours and speculation about possible buy-outs, releasing a free news magazine for the iPad, Yahoo! is continuing its slow but steady attempt to re-summit the internet business. Speaking at an event to announce new offerings including the magazine, which is called Livestand, chief product officer for the former search giant Blake Irving said, "With all the swirl out there, the impression is that it must be defocusing [for Yahoo!]," but stressed that, "there is little confusion".Since the Yahoo! ...

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Twitter launches ‘Twitter Stories’ — How tweets help people

twitter stories Twitter has launched the first in a series of what it calls, Twitter stories a new site that shares stories about people who have used the social network in an interesting way and positive ways."Read about a single Tweet that helped save a bookstore from going out of business; an athlete who took a hundred of his followers out to a crab dinner; and, Japanese fishermen who use Twitter to sell their catch before returning to shore. Each story ...






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