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Photo-based MXit app shows impressive growth — 400k users in one month

An app inside mobile social network MXit is showing some fairly impressive growth. The app, called JudgeME, was developed by mobile social network builder Motribe and reportedly helps people meet each other by uploading and browsing photos. The South African-based company claims the app has gained over 400 000 users less than a month after launching and that it is “already generating enough revenue to cover its costs”. The company says this growth happened faster than it could scale the technology to manage ...


The pursuit of justice: A history of hacktivism [Infographic]

Hacktivism is at its peak. Anonymous and groups like it have made sure we are aware of hacking activists. In 2011 hacktivism became a powerful virtual weapon, and hackers found their way onto high-priority most wanted lists. How do hacktivists differentiate themselves from cyber criminals, who hack websites for financial gain? Simple: a Hacktivists's goal is to make political statements through hacking. Every day more hacktivist are cropping up and it seems that no government has the power to stop ...

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The problem with iMessage

IMessage iMessage doesn't work. Well, that's not entirely true. It works perfectly well as a traditional text messaging replacement. To a point. The first problem with iMessage is its lack of awareness. It's a simple broadcast bus (think back to parallel connectors used to transfer data between components or computers). At its launch, Apple admitted that iMessage runs on top of its notifications engine (based on XMPP). But that's the problem: it's treating messages -- two-way communication - as what seems to be ...

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Sick of Skype? Try these 9 alternatives

Facetime Fed up with Skype possibly snooping into your life? There are plenty of alternatives to look to and all of them are free. We look at nine Skype-like apps for getting your chat on. 1. Messages (OSX) Apple’s answer to chat is Messages, the upgrade from the fairly useless iChat app. Currently in beta, Messages has much to prove. Starting with OS X Mountain Lion preview, Messages features text, voice, video calls and screen sharing. Predictably, Messages offers cross-platform compatibility with iMessage, ...

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How Brazil became an internet advertising powerhouse

brazil Brazil is a making waves in the tech world. A growing number of tech startups are emerging from the Latin American country and it's investing heavily in tech infrastructure. Small wonder then that online advertising is also on the rise. In a 2011 survey, IBOPE (a large media and marketing firm in Brazil), sheds some light on why Brazil is showing a surge in advertising spend within their home market. Total advertising spend in Brazil rose 15.8% year-on-year when ...


How hot cross buns caused a social media storm

Which seasonal food do you think is capable of working people into an emotionally fuelled social media frenzy? Christmas gammon? Thanksgiving turkey? Actually, it turns out the answer is hot cross buns. Well, it’s a little more specific than that. The real controversy surrounds South African retail outlet Woolworths putting Halaal stickers on its hot cross buns. Owing to the baked good’s association with Easter, a group of Christians took to social media and email to protest Woolworths declaring them fit ...


Review — Verbatim Bluetooth Audio Cube

Verbatim’s Bluetooth Audio Cube is utter tosh. It’s too bulky, the buttons are too fiddly and it needs 4 AA batteries to run if you want a cord free music experience. But, it sounds decent. Stuff the positives. Let’s tear it apart I say. Boxy sound For roughly US$35, the Audio Cube pumps out 2 Watts of pure portable power. Whether corded, connected to your laptop or mobile phone via the A2DP Bluetooth standards, the Audio Cube smoothly rubs out audio, pumps ...


Turn a Twitter feed in toilet paper? Sounds…cathartic actually

Shitter Ah, your Twitter feed. It amuses, angers, and sometimes even inspires you. Surely there should be a way for the tweets on it to live on beyond the time you spend reading them. Well there is. Sort of. It comes in the form a brand new service from a company called "Shitter" that turns "one or more feeds from your Twitter account" into four rolls of toilet paper, delivered straight to your door. Given the product’s blunt name, it’s probably ...


Draw something: The latest smartphone craze [Infographic]

The recent purchase of new mobile game, Draw Something, by social game giant Zynga shows just how much of a sensation this game, launched earlier this year, really is. Draw Something creator OMGPOP is rumoured to have sold to Zynga for between US$180-210-million in cash and employee retention payments. That is a lot of change for a game only two months on the market. Then again it is a sensation. The game has been downloaded 37-million times since going live. ...


YouTube goes wild for Anchorman sequel announcement [Video]

Quick, what’s the most anticipated sequel of 2012? A few days ago titles such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy would've been the obvious answers. That all changed last night with the announcement of Anchorman 2. Will Ferrell made the announcement in full Ron Burgundy mode on Conan O'Brien's talk show. YouTube’s hit counter is stuck on 883 views, but the 10 000 plus likes suggest the video is a hell of a lot more popular than ...






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