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Smartphones set to change mobile banking for good

mobile money The way we do banking on our mobile phones is changing rapidly, very rapidly. While most cellphone banking in emerging markets like South Africa is still conducted via text messages, people are increasingly also using phone browsers for their banking. In fact, the latest survey results from tech research company World Wide Worx suggest that more than a third of South Africans now use their browsers for mobile banking. That said, only five percent of cellphone bankers exclusively use phone ...

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Online insanity: will the web leave us all in straight-jackets?

striaghtjackets We all jokingly confess our own internet-addiction sins: how we always find ourselves lost in a black hole of Lolcats the night before a big deadline, how we send off 20 emails before we get out of bed, how we only know what’s going on in our partner’s life by following their Twitter feed. But more and more research is mounting up to suggest that it isn’t a joke at all, and that our internet dependences actually might be making ...


10 must-follow rules for getting people to engage with your brand on Facebook

Social Media It has been widely established that the success of a Facebook Page is not its size, but rather the amount of people engaging with it. This is indicated by the amount of people “talking about this”. The reason why you want a higher percentage of people “talking about this” is to ensure that the brand’s content remains in peoples’ newsfeeds. That is why a high number of “likes” means much less. If only a very small percentage of fans ...

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Forget social media, it’s boring

I love my computer Oh, so you've got a startup that's going to change the world using social media? Tell someone else about it. I'm not listening any more. Here's why: social media got boring. Yup, it's boring and its lost the luster that made it so revolutionary in the first place. I can pinpoint when it happened too: The Evolution of a Social Media Professional: 2007: Holy crap, this is so cool. 2008: This is really cool. You should check it out. 2009: Why won’t anyone listen ...


TrashCanKidz: socially conscious gaming with a big heart, giant ambitions

Following in the footsteps of socially conscious toys and games such as Karito Kids and Xeko, TrashCanKidz is taking an everything but the kitchen sink approach with a unique game and retail product one-two punch that contributes 20% of its revenue to charity. The startup hailing from Mauritius is seeking funding via Kickstarter, hoping to raise US$100 000 to bring the project to life. The aforementioned game Xeko also took to Kickstarter for funding and succeeded in reaching its target of ...

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Apple by the numbers [Infographic]

Apple by the numbers infographic Well now. If you had any doubts about Apple's financial status, this infographic will eradicate them: Apple is coining it. The Cupertino-based giant announced its latest results yesterday -- a cool US$8.8-billion in profits this quarter thanks to the sale of 26-million iPhones and 17-million iPads -- so it's clear the company is not exactly filing for bankruptcy. But a yearly revenue equal to the GDP of New Zealand? Ef. Ok, so some sources put the GDP of the Australasian ...


Shanghai to introduce free city-wide Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi The eternal hunt for free Wi-Fi is about to get a lot easier for residents of Chinese mega-city Shanghai. According to the Oriental Daily, the city's municipal government is embarking on a massive push to make Wi-Fi freely available to all its citizens. The programme, called i-Shanghai (a pun on the word love) will see a test batch of Wi-Fi hotspots going live in the next few days. According to the Oriental Morning Post (translation via Sina Tech), authorities are ...


Foursquare finally serious about making money

oldnavy-foursquare1 In what seems a natural succession its recent series of updates, location-based social network Foursquare has launched a revenue-generating product. Following the same route as Twitter and Facebook, the service launched "Promoted Updates" to help selected merchants promote their products and business. "This is the first time ever that we’re allowing businesses to pay to promote their business in Foursquare," product manager Noah Weiss told Venturebeat in an interview. "It’s obviously a very exciting milestone for us." Promoted updates which work ...

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Apple rides high on back of iPad, iPhone sales

Ipad and iphone Apple has just released its latest financial results and it looks like the Cupertino giant is healthier than ever. Well it was hardly going to be disaster at every turn now was it? This is the world's most valuable company we're talking about after all. Things look especially good for sales of Apple's signature iDevices. This quarter saw it ship 26-million iPhones, representing 28% year on year growth and 17-million iPads, representing 84% growth from the same period last year. ...

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60% of people are stressed out by technology [Infographic]

digital technology and stress infographic Does technology stress you out? Apparently you're not alone. Technology is supposed to make your life easier, but because of all the real-time information and multiple screens you're suddenly expected to deal with every day, your brain is becoming overloaded and you're losing the ability to concentrate or even be polite. Your cellphone has become a chunk of plastic and glass you check obsessively, as technology becomes a slightly creepy stalker. Add this to the stress of dealing with never-ending 'improvements' ...






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