Indian non-profit launches app to help fight sexual harassment

An innovative smartphone app that allows women to immediately alert friends and family if they feel threatened launched in the Indian Capital, Delhi. The app is aimed at curbing the rising number of sexual assault cases in the city. The app, called “Fight Back” was created by Indian non-profit organisation Whypoll. Should a woman feel threatened, all she needs to do is tap a single key and Fight Back will reportedly send out an SOS message via SMS, Facebook, and ...

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5 places to find Santa Claus online this Christmas

Santa Claus If your kids or you (I don't judge) haven't sent your letters to Santa Claus by now then it's a little late (Christmas is only a few days away), I am afraid. Or is it? It seems the man in red really wants to be reached this year, so he has made it possible for good boys and girls who were too busy, say...chasing deadlines, to send in their requests. It would be silly for the age of social media ...


‘The Hobbit’ trailer generates massive online buzz

The release of an official trailer to Peter Jackson’s long-awaited return to Middle Earth has caused enough online buzz to briefly become a trending topic of Twitter. Ian Mckellan, who will reprise his role as Gandalf in the movie, had his tweet linking to the trailer, retweeted hundreds of times: The Hobbit follows the story of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo’s erstwhile uncle and the first Baggins to go adventuring. The story sets up much of the background and mythology for the Lord ...


Kim Jong Il death trends on China’s weibos

The recent death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il trended globally on Twitter. It was also, however, the most talked-about topic on China’s microblogs, or weibos. Some 10-million messages were posted across the various weibos, most of them critical of the deceased leader. This criticism was also in stark contrast to the stance taken by China’s official media, which hailed Kim Jong Il as a close friend who dedicated his life to his country. "Although I am a Chinese ...


‘Radical’ female Bahrain blogger freed, refuses to leave prison

Zainab al-Khawaja, a female blogger from Bahrain who was arrested for anti-establishment comments on Twitter, has been released on bail. Unfortunately for Bahraini authorities, Al-Khawaja refuses to leave captivity. Al-Khawaja tweeted, “Down, Down King Hamed,” before her violent arrest which was captured on YouTube. The video has garnered close on 200 000 views. Al-Khawaja's Twitter handle is "Angry Arabiya." Another tweet before going dark read: Sitting in a roundabout on budaiya street, shouting down down Hamad. Until now riot police don't seem ...

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YouTube unveils biggest videos of 2011

YouTube2 YouTube has released its official list of the most watched videos of 2011. Mirroring the results of Google’s Zeitgeist -- which revealed the most searched terms of 2011 – the official video for Rebecca Black’s Friday heads up a top ten made up of music videos, adverts and, of course, cats. The world’s most popular sharing platform has some pretty impressive stats behind it. For instance, 48 hours of video were uploaded every minute in 2011 and YouTube received more ...

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Coca Cola’s winter wonderland happiness machine [Video]

Coca Cola loves Christmas and has specialised in creating ads that tug at one's heartstrings during the festive season. The soft drink giant has released another viral Christmas video as part of its happiness machine, this time in Argentina. The video, though mostly in Spanish, spreads a universal message of happiness and the magic of Christmas. It follows encounters at a Coca Cola machine on a street in Argentina, passersby who press a button on the machine are shown a ...


HTC wounded by Apple patent lawsuit

Apple now has exclusive rights to use “one-tap screen commands” for its devices. This lays an all-mighty smackdown on HTC, which is now forced to end deliveries of “offending units” to the US by April 2012. A limited exclusion order now places HTC in a tight corner. Is the loss of one-tap screen commands a blow for HTC phones running the Android OS? Yes, as features such as calling a business via a mobile web page, sharing content and running embedded ...

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Social media and the evolution of the fourth estate

The Fourth Estate With the spread of internet access, and of social media use,journalists have had to deal with two identity crises related to their role as the "fourth estate". The first identity crisis relates to their own positions of power as the other estates of power (which number far more than three) no longer rely on the media to communicate with citizens, diminishing the power of the media as middleman. Secondly, the 'people formerly known as the audience' have become an important source of ...

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Regulation, education and ‘high impact entrepreneurs’: Q&A with Anthony Farr

anthonyfarr Entrepreneurship cannot thrive if it is not given the right environment to do so. That’s according Anthony Farr, CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation -- a non-profit organisation that looks to assist young entrepreneurs through learning programmes and educational scholarships. "Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned, and is not entirely dependent on natural ability or talent,” he says, “However of equal importance to the skill of the entrepreneur is ensuring an environment that encourages and rewards high-impact ...






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