Analysts predict ‘no iPhone 5′ in October

Until October, news regarding the release of updated or new iPhone models is going to fly thick and fast. Memeburn reported yesterday that 4 October would be the launch date for the iPhone 5.Today, Brian Blair, an analyst from Wedge Partners has said that when Apple holds its special event between 28 September and 5 October it will reveal new iDevices. Apparently, only one iPhone will be released and will be an upgraded model of the iPhone 4, rumoured ...

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Bozza: A mobile startup aimed at township mobihoods

Bozza plans to add the phrase "mobihood" to our lexicon.The new startup, funded by Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa (HP Ventures) is a mobile social networking service aimed at township users. Its primary focus is to give a voice to the Pan-African market. HP Ventures is a €29-million (about US$40-million) venture capital fund based in South Africa. The intention of the fund, it claims, is to "invest in promising innovative technology companies, allowing local players to broaden their perspectives by ...


iPhone 5 revealed on 4 October

applestore_beijing2Apple fans, mark down 4 October on your calendars as this is the day that Apple will most likely reveal the iPhone 5.Sources close to Apple have said that 4 October is the date that the company has picked to present the iPhone 5 to the public, further adding that the anticipated smartphone will be available for purchase a few weeks after the announcement.The iPhone 5 is not the only hot item on show at the company showcase. ...

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Down and out in Silicon Valley: The dark side of easy VC access

Silicon Valley The Valley is the tech centre of the Universe and you're unlucky if you're not based there. That's what popular culture will have you believe. The image of Mark Zuckerberg waltzing into Case Equity in his night gown and slippers and telling Mitchell Manningham that Sean Parker says F You is what pop culture will have you believe a tech founder on his way to business success must look like.There are many businesses like oil drilling and bio-tech that need ...


South Africa’s 30 biggest Tweeters

twitter-bannerThough it’s said time and again that the number followers one has on Twitter really means nothing, be it ours or another's, it's a number no one can resist checking on.With more than 13-million followers worldwide, Lady Gaga, without a doubt is the worldwide Queen of Twitter. It's interesting, however, to know what’s happening in your own backyard.Which South African tweeters are the most followed?To check this out, one could easily look to sites like Twitaholic, which list ...

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Opportunities in growing mobile entertainment market

mobile marketing Anyone who still believes that mobile gaming is the domain of the spotty teenage boy urgently needs to update their thinking.All age groups are now engaging in regular and immersive mobile entertainment activity on their mobile phones, and the proportion of women playing mobile games is rising fast.Those agencies and brands that understand the new dynamics of mobile entertainment can take advantage of this powerful channel to reach mainstream consumers with “byte size” commercial or branded messages.Mobile entertainment ...


App of the week:

turntable-fm-feature This week I take a look at, a cleverly designed app version of an awesome idea that puts a really innovative spin on streaming radio and music sharing.Let me start off by saying that I am an absolute music addict. I spend the majority of my waking hours (and a lot of those I spend sleeping) with earphones firmly in place listening to an extensive and highly varied music collection that has taken years to accumulate and that I ...


Online furniture sales on the rise says bidorbuy

bidorbuyWe all know that online auction sites are a great place to find a deal on a whole host of products. With a bit of luck, Electronics, games and DVDs can all be found for a fraction of their original price. According to the latest figures from South African online auction site bidorbuy, furniture is playing an increasingly important role in the world of online buying.The site’s figures state that shoppers spent over ZAR1.1-million (US$140 000) on new and ...


Facebook rolling out new updates

Facebook-ZuckerbergFacebook, the world's largest social network, has rolled out a series of wide-sweeping updates. The updates come at the same time as Google+ is opening up to the world and include giving priority to important posts on the News Feed, larger shared images (plus the ability to upload larger files) and a real-time conversation ticker.Referring to the opening up of Google+ , Facebook product manager Keith Schacht said, "As Mark [Zuckerberg] put it, this is launching season. This is ...


Google+: Now open to the world

Google plusGoogle + is now open to the world. This means that web users no longer have to wait for an invitation from existing members to join the world's fastest growing social network."For the past 12 weeks we've been in field trial, and during that time we've listened and learned a great deal," Google's senior vice president of engineering Vic Gundotra said in a blog post."We're nowhere near done, but with the improvements we've made so far we're ready to ...






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