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How to view Wikipedia during the SOPA/PIPA protest

Fighting online piracy is important, but SOPA/PIPA is not the way to do it. SOPA and PIPA undermine the existing laws that enabled the Web to blossom and permeate the lives of people across the world. Millions depend on it for work, but many more depend on it for information. In protest today -- January the 18th -- major sites across the Internet are “going dark” for 24 hours. Sites like Wikipedia, BoingBoing, WordPress and TwitPic are disabling all or part ...


ANC takes Twitter by storm

anc-logo It takes large organisations weeks, or even months, to grasp the power of social media. In the case of South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), it took 100 years. Of course, Twitter wasn't around when Africa's oldest liberation movement started, but during the ANC’s Centenary Celebrations the party showed that even it can mean business online. By now, it's no secret that opposition leader Helen Zille is the most engaging South African politician online after recently breaking ...

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How Toyota and the Aussie Open are keeping an eye on the social media ball

social media ball The old news: brands are realising the power and necessity of social media. The new news: brands are starting to get creative with the social media space. Some recent examples of brands getting inventive with social media include Toyota and the 2012 Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. Let’s explore these. Toyota’s new campaign is completely social. It has teamed up with Gadget and Slick and, using Facebook as a driving platform (excuse the pun), it's offering consumers the opportunity to ...


Gearburn’s BlackBerry Torch 9810 Review

It feels like RIM’s current range of products is dwarfed by the melodrama of a flailing company desperately trying to reinvent itself. Pundits are looking ahead to RIM’s first OS 10 device, the “London”, hailing it is as the smartphone maker from Ontario's final chance at redemption. Meanwhile, oblivious consumers, especially in RIM's stalwart EMEA regions, continue to walk into carrier outlets and ask for the BlackBerry brand. If they want the best RIM has to offer, a sales representative will ...


India’s ‘Angry Brides’ hitting Facebook one stiletto at time

Angry Brides India is making headlines with a new online game called "Angry Brides", which highlights the problem of illegal dowry demands for women. The Facebook game, which was created by online matchmaker and inspired by the hugely popular "Angry Birds" game, has attracted more than 270 000 fans on Facebook. The game allows players to attack prospective grooms seeking a dowry with a variety of weapons, from a brick-red stiletto to a broomstick. The player is presented with three grooms -- ...


Zappos customers feel the boot

zappos It's already a pretty rough year in the security game. There have been a number of interesting security compromises that have already taken place this year, but nothing has matched the scale of the attack on popular online shoe retailer, On Sunday 15 January, Zappos sent an email to 24-million customers notifying them of a security breach which is likely to have exposed sensitive customer detail for all of its users. Two days later, Zappos is still offline, which ...


Facebook to launch Open Graph apps

Facebook is set to launch apps based on its Open Graph and Gestures platform, which it debuted late last year, reports AllThingsD. The apps, which are created by outside developers, allow user behaviour to be "frictionlessly" and "continuously" shared back to Facebook after a user has given them permission to do so. "The new apps behave similarly to the 'read', 'listen' and 'watch' Open Graph applications that have already rolled out in the past few months, which include the Washington Post, ...


Farfetch expands online retail play with $18m boost

farfetch image copy eCommerce is booming, and there are hundreds of online retail websites where shoppers can buy products with the click of a button. Its growing success can partly be attributed to ease-of-use and the fact that buyers can choose from thousands of products without leaving their home. The latest success story is, a four-year-old London-based start-up that represents 200 boutiques from 12 countries with 35 000 products and "forms the hub of a global fashion community that unites independent boutiques around ...

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Mocality scandal: How far in the cookie jar was Google’s hand?

Google Last week, Google got caught with its hand in the cookie jar, allegedly engaged in a range of questionable activities with regard to a Kenyan company called Mocality. According to Mocality, Google employees were "scraping data" collected by Mocality for its business listings, and then using that data to target advertise GKBO's services to Kenyan businesses. To make matters worse, Mocality has telephone recordings of Google representatives describing a non-existent relationship between Mocality and the GKBO project. Google VP, Nelson ...

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5 New Year’s resolutions you should make for your email campaigns

'@' mentions New Year’s resolutions are always easy to make, but notoriously hard to keep. 2011 is firmly in our rearview mirrors. It's more than two weeks into 2012, and all those well-intended resolutions which seemed so reasonable at the end of last year may have already fallen by the wayside. Whether you set out to tame the bulge, kick smoking or learn to Tango; you may not yet have had the resolve to follow through on those changes, instead relegating them ...






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