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All posts tagged "politics"

  • Zuma faces backlash on Twitter after addressing South Africa

    President Jacob Zuma hastily took to the airwaves on Friday to announce his thoughts on this week's Constitutional Court judgement. The court found that Zuma had indeed violated the Constitution when he ignored Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's Nkandla report. "It puts an end to any other interpretation of this matter," Zuma said, adding that there was "no deliberate intention" to violate the Constitution. Zuma said he would pay back the money -- the amount has yet to be determined. Expected a call for resignation? Politicians and ordinary citizens wasted no time in expressing themselves, hammering their "tweet" buttons in the wake of the...

  • How political parties can use mobile and social media to reach voters

    A political election is much like a marketing campaign showdown, and the team with the best product usually sways the biggest audience. Look at Barack Obama in his first campaign -- cited as the most successful “new marketer” in history for his ground-breaking use of online and social media to reach out to potential supporters. Finding the triggers to a nation’s touchpoints -- what policy matters to them, how they need to hear information and how best to get them this information -- is key to informing the people about their choices. More than anything, Obama's campaign showed that online and...

  • Meet 50 of the most influential political tweeters in emerging markets

    Social media in emerging markets is poised in a delicate position. A number of governments are trying to clampdown on various platforms, all while they’re experiencing phenomenal growth. Given this situation, it’s worthwhile seeing who the most influential political tweeters in some of the biggest emerging market countries are. It is they, after all, who drive debate and help form the national political opinion. Using research from PR and communications firm Burson-Masteller and social influence measuring tool Klout, we can get some idea. It should be noted that there are members of the web community who aren't exactly what you’d call...

  • SA politician releases ‘secret’ Eskom dossier on Facebook

    According to business newspaper Business Report, a Democratic Alliance (DA) politician has released a "secret" document about the country's main electricity utility via Facebook. The newspaper is reporting that Pieter van Dalen released the Eskom dossier on his Facebook profile which allegedly contains information around the country's move to supply below-cost power to its neighbouring states. The move has not been without controversy because South Africa itself is facing electricity supply issues. Upon closer inspection it appears van Dalen actually released the report on a DA website, but used his Facebook status update to link to it, saying: "What a...