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Operating systems

  • Can Mozilla really disrupt mobile like it did the web? [Tech4Africa]

    Look at the figures. Android and Apple are completely dominating the smartphone space. Despite the best efforts of its competitors, no seems able to break their hold on the industry. Mozilla thinks it can. The open-source organisation reckons it can disrupt the smartphone OS space in the same way it did with desktop browsing, using its web-based Firefox OS. Speaking at Tech4Africa Desigan Chinniah, a "Firestarter" at Mozilla, says that we "absolutely" need an alternative mobile OS and that Mozilla is "making a damned good go of it". Mozilla started off as an offshoot of Netscape. Anyone familiar with...

  • Have we finally reached the point where desktop OSes don’t matter?

    Before I start this article, I have a disclaimer: I am talking about normal users here, not hardcore gamers or IT professionals. I am not talking about the guy who cannot let the day go by without Counter Strike or the guy whose photos do not get finished without Photoshop. I am talking about the regular Joe who wakes up in the morning and opens up their browser and loads Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. The guy who is connected to all the other regular Joes and who is the gold mine of data that every company is after. Now, the question:...

  • Memeburn’s WWDC software roundup

    Ahem. If you'd care to take a couple of minutes out from drooling over the new Macbook Pro, we'd like to tell you about some of the software updates Apple announced today at its World Wide Developers' Conference (WWDC). The Cupertino-based tech giant unveiled new iterations of both its desktop and mobile operating systems at the San Francisco event. Here's the run down. OS X Apple was pretty keen to punt its desktop software at the event, calling Lion "it's best-selling release ever" with 26-million sales to date. Today it officially launched OSX Mountain Lion, just four months after the...

  • What does the Linux 3.4 kernel have to offer?

    Linus Torvalds has just announced the release of the 3.4 version of the Linux kernel. While Linus notes that there have been no majorly exciting changes since the last release candidate, it's worth taking a look at some of the things that have made their way into this release of the Linux kernel and what it means to the Linux community as a whole. Perhaps some of the most prominent features and changes that appear in the kernel, are centered on updates to btrfs, a new filesystem that offers much better fault tolerance and easy repair. Btrfs is largely developed...

  • Why being a Linux geek could make you more employable

    I love Linux and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to use it as my base operating system in all of the different companies that I've worked for the last ten years or so. But, I know that unless you're a systems administrator, most fans of the OS find themselves battling against corporate IT if they even try to run a non-Windows system at work. Just recently, I noticed a post on Slashdot where a user was asking where he could get a job in the FOSS industry. So, I was quite relieved to see that...

  • Android devices fail more regularly than Apple, Windows, BlackBerry [Study]

    A smartphone running Android software is more likely to suffer from faults than one running, Apple's iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry's OS, a study by "wireless experience management experts" WDS has found. The study reached the conclusion after analysing more than 600 000 technical support calls handled by WDS' teams around the world in a 12-month period (July 2010-August 2011), the company explained in a press release on the study titled, Controlling the Android. WDS found, that of all technical support calls it fielded, 14% related to Android hardware, while 11% of calls were for Windows Phone, seven percent for iOS,...

  • Ubuntu 11.10, the Linux you’ve been waiting for

    Ubuntu 11.10, codenamed "Oneiric Ocelot", releases today. It is a key Linux-based OS release in the development history of the operating system. Earlier this year, Ubuntu 11.10 was made available as a pre-alpha development version, with many stating that the operating system had finally, "found its stride". Some of the more important updates involve the overall stability of the Ubuntu release, its streamlined cloud services and a heavily improved app store. Also included...