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This Aussie man is recreating the profile pics of the women he finds on Tinder…and it’s awesome

Tindafella 2 Whatever your feelings on Tinder, there can be no denying that there's a very strong case to be made for it having done more to bring online dating into the mainstream than any other service. That said, it does occasionally provide us with some pretty spectacular entertainment. Earlier this year, we told you about the Humanitarians of Tinder blog, which shows off the smug side of the dating app. Now we'd like to introduce you to Tindafella. Run by Jarrod Allen, ...


Samsung launches Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR

Galaxy Note 4 Samsung, bless its soul, always puts so much effort into its launches and the arrival of the Note 4 is no different. From the moment the show begun at IFA 2014, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was a Samsung event, as a music band played the Samsung jingle with a Note 4 music app. Then, an entire orchestra joined in, all to play that jingle. I fully expect neon covered dancers to appear later on. Samsung's ...

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South Africa needs to get kids interested in computer science, or risk falling badly behind

Computer Classroom Given that South Africa already suffers from a lack of adequate IT skills, it is alarming to see that interest in science and maths at school level seem to be at an all time low in that country. From 2009 to 2013, maths uptake dropped 21% and science fell by as much as 20% on a national level. Why, in a country that so desperately needs more students specialising in these fields, are we continually seeing a decline? I believe ...


3 valuable lessons from a successful startup exit in South Africa

Sale Long ago in a world far, far away (Cape Town, 2010), I started and ran a group buying website. Yes, I was taken in by the amazing allure of Groupon, the "fastest growing company in the world". Little did I realise growing too fast was not actually a positive. Nevertheless, I was hooked and put together a small team that would launch a site and start selling deals within a month. It took us just over four weeks to put up ...


Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: the other best $100 smartphone

Xiaomi-Redmi-1S The budget smartphone market is going really crazy in terms of competition. Every brand is trying to offer better specifications than their competitors at a lower price. Asus recently launched the complete range of dual-SIM Android smartphones -- Zenfone 4 A400CG, Zenfone 4 A450CG, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6. Motorola had previously launched Moto G and Moto E. After launching the Xiaomi Mi 3 in India, the brand which is being termed as "Apple of China", it then announced the ...


5 apps that every automotive pedant needs in their life

Concours Judging If you're on this site, chances are you love driving. But that doesn't mean you obsess over your car, buffing it every five seconds and spending your weekends working on it until every part of it glistens and gleams (and you're left looking like you've leopard-crawled through an oil field). Those people do, of course, exist. You'll see them at Concours d'Elegance events around the world, most likely lusting over the original leather trim one of their rivals has managed to ...


Wait what? CNN thinks 4Chan is a person?

CNN Celebrity Hack The recent Apple iCloud hack that saw private photos and nude selfies from dozens of celebrities spread across the web is abhorrent. It's very difficult to argue with that. In the midst of all the drama though, CNN has managed to provide a brief moment of mirth. The fun starts when the anchor asks "Do we even know who is this 4Chan person or website". Okay, she did give website as an option, which suggests she might not be completely ...

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Takealot claims responsibility for death of SA’s shopping trolleys

Trolley-sad In a stunt that it's labelled a public confession, South African ecommerce store Takealot is claiming responsibility for the alleged death of shopping trolleys across the country. Scattered across Cape Town earlier this week, the so-called RIP Trolley initiative showcased the social problems of out-of-work shopping carts including homeless trolleys and trolley graveyards. According to the company, these sites all represent the aftermath of Takealot's massive growth. In run up to South African eCommerce Awards 2014, the company is also introducing ...

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Gumtree officially SA’s biggest site, by a long shot

Gumtree-Logo Online classifieds website Gumtree is currently South Afica's most popular online destination, according to Effective Measure. Based on unique views this August, the online audience measurement service clocks in Gumtree South Africa's numbers at 7 956 912 -- just shy of the big eight. Johan Nel, MD of Gumtree South Africa shares a few reasons behind the platform's popularity. He stresses the company's attention to customer service, safety, and delivery. "When we ask our users why [its customers] are so ...


Global Mobile Vision 2014 aims to take Korean tech even more global

showfloor-GMV 2013 If you spend any time at all thinking about Korean mobile tech, chances are the two names that come to mind are Samsung and LG. It makes sense, they're both companies with a truly global footprint and both have reputations for building quality mobile products. But surely in a country that's home to these giants, and also has some of the world's fastest broadband, there must be other players the world needs to know about? Well, that's exactly the aim ...






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