InFamous Second Son review: one giant leap

ss-1If you’ve played the previous inFamous games you’ll remember electric hero conduit Cole MacGrath. You’ll know that while the first game was amazing and innovative, the second one continued the story, but gameplay was same-same, ho-hum.Infamous: Second Son takes places seven years after inFamous 2. The Department of Unified Protection has been formed to hunt down and capture or destroy conduits by any means possible.Second Son (understandably if you’ve played the others), gives us an entirely new protagonist, ...


Beyond Flappy Bird: could Vietnam teach the world a lesson in mobile games?

Flappy BirdBy now, everyone has heard of Flappy Bird. It quickly rose to prominence and is arguably the Gangnam Style of mobile gaming. With over 50 million downloads at its height, the game has now become a point of pride for Vietnamese startups and gamers. Along with that has come a barrage of questions from foreign journalists about the viability of Vietnam as a market that can create world-class games and products.My position is that it’s very hard to tell ...


Microsoft’s still top dog in the software game, but the cloud’s giving Salesforce a massive boost

Digital Map of the worldMicrosoft's failings in the hardware space might've lost it a lot of cool, but it's still seriously dominant in the software space.In fact, the Redmond-based giant's software revenue grew six percent over the past year to US$65.7-billion cementing its place at the top of the US$407.3-billion global software market. According to technology research company Gartner, the market is primarily being driven by developed economies with emerging markets relatively sluggish.Most of the top 10 are established players, with Salesforce ...


Gotta catch ‘em all: the best of Google’s April Fool’s jokes

Pokemon Google MapsWhen it comes to April Fool's day, Google doesn't just sneak in a few half hearted jokes into its many services -- it goes nuts. Back in 2012, Google Maps went 8 bit and more recently, into treasure mode, while YouTube announced it was actually a massive contest and not a video sharing site. But the search giant isn't running out of ideas.This year, it's gone for auto awesome photobombs and CVs stuffed with Doge, along with targeting for ...


With Satya Nadella in charge, can (and will) Microsoft be relevant again?

Satya Nadella MicrosoftIt’s widely accepted that Microsoft has lost its mojo. Sure, the company is more profitable than ever (and on that score former CEO Steve Ballmer excelled). But, there’ve been far too many missteps in the past two/three years and far too few successes. (In fact, critics would argue that the problems started more than five years ago).Microsoft is nowhere in mobile. Xbox One might be the last mass-market console it ever ships (given that sales numbers are a fraction of ...

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Understanding the value of Bitcoin means finding the right balance

BitcoinAs Bitcoin stabilises below US$500 for the first time since its eye-popping run to over US$1 000 in November 2013, many crypto pundits are scratching their heads and trying to make sense of the current weakness -- especially given the excitement and innovation that we are seeing within the global Bitcoin community. Venture capital has also been pouring into Bitcoin startups at a rabid pace (north of US$100-million so far this past year). However, over the past couple of days, I’ve had ...


10 great VW Golf ads from the past 40 years

Volkswagen Golf GTIA little over 40 years ago, something very special happened: the first ever Golf rolled off the Volkswagen assembly line. Just as the iPad wasn't the first tablet, the Golf wasn't the first hatchback. Like the iPad however, it ignited and, for a very long time, defined the class as a whole.The fact that it could move the whole family in safety and comfort one day and a chest of drawers the next -- at a decent speed and with ...


‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ review: fourth-grade fun

Stick of Truth-1There have been numerous games based on the South Park series. South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge, South Park Let’s go Tower Defense, South Park: Chef’s Luv Shack. None of these can compare with the latest title from South Park Digital Studios, South Park: The Stick of Truth (SPTST). Not only does it outdo the other South Park titles by far, but it firmly holds its own in the larger gaming world. Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle will take you on one ...


Built in Africa: Seun Osewa on building Nigeria’s most popular site

seunBuilt in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that are born on the continent and empower the continent's citizens.Online communities and discussion platforms are the cornerstone of the internet. In this second instalment of our "Built in Africa" series, we feature one of the most prominent online communities to come out of Africa -- Nairaland -- and its founder Seun Osewa.In Africa you don't really hear about forums or insanely popular platforms (which work like Reddit or Craig's List) that are built ...

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Here’s why you need automation in your online marketing campaign

Digital marketing imageTake any course in marketing and you’re guaranteed to learn about the consumer decision-making process. In a nutshell, the consumer decision-making process is the set of decisions that every consumer makes before buying a product or service.In a retail environment, people put a lot of stock in the consumer decision-making process. As such, a huge amount of money is spent on research that tries to find out how to sway a shopper towards buying a particular product over another. The ...






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