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Google, Pep Stores retailer partnering to develop ‘Africa-friendly’ Android

Modded Android According to recent reports, Google and South African low-cost retailer, Pep Stores, are in talks to build an Android version that would better fit the needs of the local smartphone users. While this at first seems an unlikely match, the tech giant first got in touch with Pep during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 2013. Pep is Africa's largest mobile phone retailer relying on low-cost smartphones running the Android mobile operating system such as the Huawei Ascend Y220 that ...


Leaping hurdles: the rise and rise of Bitcoin in Africa

Bitcoin on a circuit board Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that promises nearly seamless, low-cost international transfers of funds, a lack of centralised control and anonymity, has been variously called a ponzi scheme, economic curiosity and joke. But its uptake in Africa suggests those dismissing it out of hand may well come to rue their derision. The greatest challenge Bitcoin faces is getting regular people to use it. Like any currency, Bitcoin is only truly useful if people can invest in it as easily as they can make ...


How do investments for startups work in Latin America?

The Americas Even though some fixed terms such as seed capital, angel investment and venture investment are similar in many parts in the world, the reality is that in Latin America, with its particular context and implementation practices, these terms have totally different meanings. Each stage in a startup requires investment; however, investors also impose certain critical requirements. These requirements must be met in time and form by each founder of the region mentioned above in order to obtain a successful investment. Read more ...


13 incredible inventions that show off their makers’ insane intelligence

techporn Technology is undeniably beautiful. The way humans have shaped even the ugliest devices into eye-pleasing shapes amuses me to no end. And like many others, I enjoy watching staggeringly-cool technology videos again and again. I cherry-picked the best of the best, your eyes will thank me later. 1. inFORM: A 3D display that dynamically renders shapes in realtime. Watch out for the stupefying "math" demonstration. 2. World Lens: Point phone camera at sign, get instant translations, be amazed. Read more on Gearburn.

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Your best online reputation tool? That may well be your employees

Office workers The internet is growing more chaotic everyday and that means there is a growing need for ORM (online reputation management). It is crucial that you manage your own online reputation because if you don't, it can have a negative effect on your business regardless of the kind of services or products you sell online. There's a couple of very easy steps you can follow to manage your reputation effectively With any company, employee satisfaction should be one of the major focus ...

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Elon Musk is terrified of AI and thinks you should be too

Elon Musk Just because Elon Musk is determined to change the way we build cars, and travel to space, and power our houses, doesn't mean he embraces every piece of technology that crosses his desk. Take artificial intelligence for instance. While some can't wait to have all their thinking done for them, Musk thinks the technology could be more dangerous than nuclear bombs. The SpaceX founder took to Twitter over the weekend to deliver a mini-rant about the potential dangers of artificial ...

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Got a whacking big scientific accessory? Then you can do great things with the iPhone 5S

New iPhone 5S ad Want to accurately measure the weather, or sculpt a diamond, or determine the pH level of some remote jungle river? If Apple is to be believed, then all you need is an iPhone 5S...oh and some bulky and undoubtedly expensive accessories. The ad for the current top of the line iPhone comes as anticipation builds for the iPhone 6 and shows people using the iPhone to do a variety of noble and heroic activities. As well as the above mentioned ...


Little hamster in little house is cute and dark at the same time

hamster-in-house We've seen hedgehogs have tiny birthday parties, with tiny cakes and tiny birthday hats. We adore them. Personifying animals helps us get in touch with that cute, cuddly, nougaty side of ourselves. Whether this Hamster Inside a Tiny House skit is one of those, or instead a dark parody about our relationship with Facebook, is up to the viewer. Whichever way you cut it, it's still cute though. The self-proclaimed low-budget hamster movie, was uploaded by Lily Mae Pinner recently ...


Cat getting fat? This Kickstarter-funded exercise wheel could help get it in shape

Kickstarter cat wheel Domestic cats require serious stimulation. They are, after all, hunters and can develop problems if they aren't allowed to engage in intense exercise from time to time. That's a problem if you live in a block of flats for instance (especially if you work all day). A new Kickstarter project is aiming to alleviate some of those problems with an exercise wheel designed specifically for cats. To date, the project has raised over US$276 000, representing 2 000% of its initial ...

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Death, taxes and social media

eternally-retweeted This one’s going to be morbid, so, if you’re of the sunny disposition kind, look away now. I have had the concept of digital-life after death on my mind since a recent 27Dinner evening where some of South Africa’s top Instgrammers – or ‘igers’ – as they are referred to in their native tongue, discussed the platform and success stories. The panel spoke about the accumulation of beauty and documentation of the world around them , so naturally I had to ...






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