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Facebook introduces a novel way to let you ‘Say Thanks’

facebook say thanks Facebook has introduced Say Thanks, a feature that lets users create personalised video cards for their friends. According to the social network, Say Thanks has been created because, “Your friends are at the core of your Facebook experience, and we are always looking for new ways to help you celebrate those friendships”. The feature is designed to let users share a Say Thanks video with a close friend, their other half, a relative, a colleague, an old friend from high school, an ex-partner, or their ...

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Watch this incredible robot re-enact a scene from ‘The Karate Kid’ [Video]

Atlas In a recent video from Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics design company, a robot is shown doing karate. Yup, that's a thing now. This is the same company that made the animal like robots BigDog and Wildcat. The idea that robots will one day replace human beings is ridiculous but not ridiculous enough to immediately dismiss the idea entirely without entertaining it. In the video, the robot called Atlas, balances on one leg on top of cinder bricks and re-enacts a ...

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Rosetta’s about to attempt its dramatic comet landing

rosetta The Rosetta spacecraft’s Philae lander is attempting to land on the awkwardly named comet, 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The slightly-above 100kg probe will fall for seven hours. If everything goes according to plan, it will land on a suitable patch of the 4km-long comet. Stephan Ulamec, the head Rosetta lander, said that “The most critical point was and still is the landing itself, the touchdown on the surface. This is where we will need some portion of luck." Tiny margins, massive problems Even the slightest landing error ...

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South Atlantic’s first undersea cable will connect Brazil, Angola

Fibre-optic cable Despite a bunch of noble efforts involving satellites, drones, and weather balloons, we still depend pretty heavily on undersea cables for the majority our internet access. It's still a pretty major deal therefore when a new major undersea cable gets launched. It's an even bigger deal when said cable is set to connect two of the world's most underserved regions, as is the case with the one Angola Cables and NEC are set to build across the South Atlantic. The ...

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Survey reveals 80% of African consumers are annoyed by mobile marketing

Mobile phones New research conducted in South Africa and Nigeria by French research firm Ifop reveals that 80% of people feel annoyed when receiving unsolicited marketing messages on their mobile phones. The same proportion, the research has revealed, could however be won back by operators and brands if they implement best practices to improve customer engagement. Working on behalf of Gemalto, Ifop conducted face-to-face interviews with 800 adult (18 years of age and older) mobile phone owners in Nigeria and South Africa. The ...

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How studying mobile user behavior impacts app marketing

Mobile user Before I get into how the analysis of mobile user behavior impacts the marketing of apps, let me briefly go over what mobile user behavior is and why it is important. With literally millions of apps out there, comes a lot of diversity, both in the apps themselves as well as the diverse mix of people who use them. The mobile behavior of those who download and use your app is also highly diverse. Some like a lot of content. ...


The Future of Mass Effect: BioWare reveals all on N7 Day

mass-effect-concept-2 N7 Day takes place each year on 7 November. It is an annual event that celebrates one of gaming’s greatest franchises, the Mass Effect trilogy. Even though it fittingly takes place on 7 Nov, N7 actually refers to a military rank in the Mass Effect universe. It is a rank given to those marines who have graduated from the Interplanetary Combatives Training (ICT) program and it is regarded as one of the most respected ranks in the in-game world. Read more ...


Why is no one talking about autonomous motorbikes?

moto-262412_1280 There are plenty of motorbikes on this pale blue dot we call home. Putting a number on exactly how many there are isn't easy, but the fact that Honda sold 16.8-million of the things in 2013 -- versus 4.3-million cars -- should tell you that there are still plenty of places where two wheels are more popular than four. More popular and more dangerous. According to some studies, per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists' risk of a fatal crash is 35 ...

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4 ways Salesforce’s wave missed the data analysis mark

Wave If you’re in business, odds are you’ve at least heard of Salesforce. And there’s probably a good chance that you work on it, which means you’ll be affected by the new Wave platform — a dashboard and visualization tool that provides simple data discovery for a nontechnical user. Business users typically don’t continually monitor data, meaning they’ll likely miss critical changes in the data that could affect their businesses. Wave addresses some of the recognized issues with the current Salesforce reporting ...


Leveraging the omni-channel is critical for etailers this festive season

shop cart The same way a customer gets confused and overwhelmed by choice walking into an aisle in a grocery store, browsing online for products is not much different. Retailers need to use the technology at their disposal to guide customers more efficiently. As the market intensifies in the build up to the festive season, retailers in particular, are needing to communicate more intuitively and intelligently to connected consumers. It would seem that investing in mobile-driven solutions such as apps would be ...






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