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Possibilities for Bitcoin’s social value in developing world discussed at SXSW

Kenya4333-87-Handing-over-shisango A US non-profit charity is using Bitcoin to build on Mpesa’s existing infrastructure, making the transfer from US Dollars to Kenyan Shillings that much easier. Connie Gallippi is the founder and director of BitGive, a California-based charity that raise donations solely in Bitcoin. With over a decade’s experience in working with non-profits, Connie was attending a conference on Bitcoin in 2013 when she realised there could be an opportunity to demonstrate Bitcoin’s social value. One charity that was already accepting Bitcoins as donations was ...

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New Sapa twist: news sites to haemorrhage content, lose readers?

News Image When the South African Press Agency (Sapa) closes its doors on 31 March, news sites across the country could face a massive content crisis. The news wire service has sent out a letter to its subscribers requesting that news sites across the country delete Sapa content from their archives. This could mean sites across the country would face traffic drops and advertising revenue declines. News sites rely on their digital archives to generate traffic and advertising, usually via network advertising services ...


Mercedes dominates Melbourne: 7 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Mercedes-Hamilton-AusGP-2015 There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. Formula 1 is back, and it's as boring as ever. We round-up the weekend's events from Melbourne. The V8 Supercars hosted a non-Championship event around the streets of Albert Park too. Elsewhere in Europe, the 24H Series got its ...

Future Trends

5m people will use Bitcoin by 2019

Bitcoin on a circuit board While even people in the technology space might not entirely understand crypto-currency Bitcoin, you can't ignore its rapid growth. It's not about to slow down either. Right now there are around 1.3-million Bitcoin users around the globe and, according to Juniper Research, that number is set to grow to 5-million by the end of 2019. Even with that kind of growth though, the research company argues that Bitcoin usage will be dominated by exchange trading, with retail adoption largely restricted ...

Social networking

Facebook announces new ad product aimed at expats

Facebook Facebook today announced a new advertising product aimed at people whose current country of residence is different from their home country. According to Facebook, the service is aimed at providing relevant ads to the social network's 92-million or so expats. People in marketing, it says, can now connect with expats living within a given country (like expats living in Brazil) and expats originating from a specific country (like people born in Brazil living abroad). Nationality-specific targeting is currently available ...

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Smart Villages launches energy challenge to address off-grid settlements

Smart Village Smart Villages is inviting East African entrepreneurs to form teams and come up with imaginative ways of distributing and implementing new or existing energy technologies for off-grid villages. It has also said that each team should at least consist of one science and engineering student or recent graduate from an East African University. The winning applicants will earn a place in the Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) summer 2015 entrepreneurship training course based at the University of Dar es Salaam and an ...

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Customer-everything: the digital era’s biggest marketing change

Customer The brand-centric approach of yesterday is quickly being replaced by customer-driven everything, where customers are dictating the style, quantity and mediums that marketers must use to reach them and win their business and loyalty. In the digital era, a number of technology trends -- most notably big data, social enterprise, cloud computing and mobility -- have resulted in the epicentre of marketing’s focus in the modern business becoming the customer. Today, customers are bombarded with information from a myriad online and offline ...


This is why reverse logistics is so crucial for your online shop

Returns When it comes to customer satisfaction, having a convenient and efficient method of allowing customers to return unwanted or faulty goods is almost as important as delivering to them in the first place. Handling customer product returns is an important part of any business, but when it comes to ecommerce the logistics behind it can be tricky. Ecommerce Reverse Logistics can be one of the most costly and work-intensive parts of running an online business and as such, any company wanting ...


Sony SmartBand SWR10 review: easy to lose, easy to forget

Sony-SmartBand-SWR10-1 The fitness craze -- it's a thing that's not going anywhere anytime soon. Just like the selfie movement and the LOLcats phenomenon before it, it has gripped the world by the scruff of the neck, or well, the arm with authoritative clamour. It's here to stay, and while that might be a fortunate thing for those wishing to get their resting heart rate down to zero, for us tech reviewers, it means a lot of things clasping to our arms ...


In the near future mobile-only/mobile-first will be the rule, not the exception

Mobile user In 2015 every website must be mobile ready because everything’s shifting mobile. What’s more, according to Ovum, one billion people will use mobile as their only form of internet access in 2015. Ninety three percent of users on Facebook are accessing the internet via mobile in SA - that’s more than 10-million people! The proof is in the profit. Facebook almost doubled its net income in 2014, lifted by growing mobile ad revenue. Facebook reported earnings of US$2.9-billion for 2014, compared with ...






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