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6 ways to avoid the dark side of social media [Infographic]

Darth Side We live in a social world. If Facebook's billions of users aren't evidence enough of that, or the swarms of articles on social media on this site aren't enough to convince you of that, consider the fact that one of the first things the Chinese government did when protests started erupting across Hong Kong was to block Instagram. Social has changed the way we interact with brands, friends and the world at large. It's helped inspire revolutions and has been ...


EU says yes to Facebook’s Whatsapp acquisition

Facebook Whatsapp Facebook is one step closer to officially owning WhatsApp after EU regulators approved the US$19-billion purchase. The regulators decided that the two were not "close competitors", clearing the way for Facebook to lay claim to WhatsApp's 600-million users, a valuable addition to its own 1.3-billion users. In its remarks on the deal, the commission says: “The European Commission has authorised, under the EU Merger Regulation, the proposed acquisition of WhatsApp Inc. by Facebook, Inc., both of the United ...

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12 new African innovations you need to know about right now

African Innovation prize A while back, we told you about the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. The prize, sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), covers a variety of engineering disciplines, including agriculture, nanotechnology, sanitation, security and mobile applications. The mandate behind the contest is to celebrate early stage innovations that will have a marked impact on the lives of people across the continent. The contest organisers have just announced the 12 semi-finalists, who were whittled down from a much larger field ...


Failure to launch: Germany’s Rocket Internet goes public, shares drop 14%

Keg rocket Massive German startup factory Rocket Internet went public today and reactions haven't exactly been enthusiastic. Shortly after its shares first started trading, the company's valuation dropped a massive 14%. This being one of Europe's biggest IPOs in over a decade, it might spell worry for the German tech scene. As reported by Reuters, Rocket Internet's stock opened at €42.50, and immediately fell to €38.00 when it started trading. It then started a steady climb to €41.40. How to ruin the remnants ...

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Should brands and publishers consider walking away from Facebook?

Facebook slops I’ve been debating this topic with my colleagues for quite some time now, and while at first the thought of leaving behind the social media mammoth that is Facebook seemed like a crazy idea, I‘ve come to the realisation that it’s time for brands and publishers to ditch the platform. Here’s why. Renting vs owning If you’re using Facebook as a major marketing and Social Media tool for your brand or site, the harsh reality is that you‘re really just renting the ...


Screw Samsung and LG, Korea’s real tech legacy could be as a startup nation

Korea palace Think of the world's great startup hubs and you think Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Sao Paolo and Bangalore. If you've spent some time on the African continent, you'd probably throw Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos into the mix too. Chances are South Korea probably won't even cross your mind. If you're anything like most people, when someone mentions technology and Korea you probably think about its two hardware giants Samsung and LG. If you're up to scratch on the instant ...


‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution’ PC review: anime fan service

Naruto Shipoden The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki continues with Cyber Connect 2’s Nacruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, the latest installment of the Ultimate Ninja Series. It was released on 16 September, less than a year after its predecessor, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst (damn, these titles are long). So what has changed, if anything at all? Is this really a new game or just a slightly repackaged re-release? The answers a muddy "maybe". Read more on Gearburn.


Open-air motoring on a budget: 6 reasonably priced new convertibles

mazda-mx-5 Pootling around with the roof down is usually regarded as a shameless display of opulence. “Look at me! I’ve got more money than you!” the smug-looking chap behind the wheel may as well shout as the wind whistles through his most likely thinning hair. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. No, if you’re prepared to look around -- and even compromise on the definition of the word “cabriolet” to a certain extent -- there may just be a ...

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Get the Popcorn: The ‘Netflix of torrents’ is finally available on iOS

Popcorn-Time Popcorn Time, the popular entertainment platform that makes watching torrented movies and series a seamless experience has finally launched on iOS, making the so-called, Netflix of torrents, available to all major platforms. For markets like South Africa, such a service could pose a concern for media giants as it meets the high demands of consumers. For the uninitiated, the piracy app streams torrented content from the web which means that the viewers never holds the movies or series. Technically, this ...


Pay back the money: SA Reserve Bank ordered to return R250m to Shuttleworth [update]

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Ubuntu The South African Reserve Bank has been ordered to pay back R250-million to billionaire Mark Shuttleworth by the court of appeal following months of legal battles between the two parties. The R250-million, set to be paid back with interest, was the amount the bank levied Shuttleworth when he sought to repatriate his wealth to the Isle of Man in 2009. At the time of his emigration, Shuttleworth had R4.27-billion in South Africa, but transferred the assets out of the country ...






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