Mobile users obsessed with health and fitness, companies not so hot on Dropbox [Report]

Mobile user Mobile phones have ceased to be inanimate objects. Not only do we make use of them they have now become our best friends, helping us perform important functions, like essentially hitchhiking a cab for us, becoming personal assistants and remembering our appointments. The latest analysis of mobile and its habits from Citrix reveals, among other things, an even more profound blurring of the line between how mobile devices are used in the work and personal spaces and a massive increase ...

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Upwardly mobile: the power of a united approach to African payment innovation

Mobile Payments The growing use of banking services in South Africa is driven by a national rollout of social security debit cards and strong economic growth across finance, real estate and business services sectors. According to the Banking Association of South Africa, just under a quarter of the adult population (23.5%) remains unbanked. The rapid adoption of feature phones, smartphones and online technology has positive implications for financial inclusion policies and growth of payment electronification. It is also providing new, highly-convenient ...


12 Uber cars impounded during J&B Met; UberYACHT launched

J&B Met Cape Town's traffic department impounded 12 Uber vehicles during the J&B Met, one of South Africa's most prestigious horse racing events of the year. Following media reports of impoundments over January, Uber drivers, who spoke on account of anonymity, complained to Memeburn that they were unfairly targeted by metered taxi operators. During the Met, drivers had to pick up Uber users in residential areas around the Kenilworth Racecourse, as metered taxis barred Uber from parking outside the venue. JP Smith, the City of Cape Town's Mayoral Committee ...


7 Chinese cars that are straight-up clones of their Western counterparts

smart-combo “Made in China”. It’s a phrase that still bears a hefty stigma – rightfully so or not. Yes, many Westerners still feel that the appearance of these three simple words on a product automatically indicate a distinct lack of quality. Of course, the fact that the vast majority of counterfeit items out there – from iPhones to entire companies – originate in the world's most populous country certainly doesn’t help matters. But there’s a reason for all that. Read more on Motorburn.


Does South Africa’s ecommerce future really lie with niche players?

Ecommerce The South African ecommerce space is pretty complex. On the one hand you've got players like Takealot attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in international funding. On the other you've got people from some of the world's biggest retail companies suggesting that it won't be a major force. That flies somewhat in the face of the reasons given for Takealot's merger with Naspers-owned Kalahari. At the time, both parties said it was so they could better compete in the international ...


Got a thing for vintage file sharing? You can now buy the Napster HQ sign

Napster cats In 1999, Shawn Fanning, John Fanning, and Sean Parker launched file sharing service Napster and changed the music landscape forever. Whether or not you agree with what they did, you can't deny the impact they've had on the music, and wider media, industry. And now, if you manage to put in the winning bid, you can own a piece of that history. The sign which adorned Napster's Los Angeles headquarters -- and features its headphone-wearing cat logo -- is ...

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX finally launches DSCOVR satellite into deep orbit

Space X Scanning through Elon Musk's Twitter feed seems like something out of Interstellar's transcript with Matthew Mcconaughey rocketing through space, giving status updates as he goes along. "Can't delay any longer. Must proceed with primary mission to launch the Deep Space Climate Observatory spacecraft," Musk tweeted recently. This tweet came just before space exploration company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (or just SpaceX) successfully launched an unmanned rocket, Falcon 9, at the Cape Canaveral enabling it to deploy a weather satellite. This is SpaceX's ...


Are South African companies underestimating the online security challenge posed by POPI

security-265130_1280 Although organisations accept that POPI is inevitable, many seem to be opting for a reactive as opposed to a pro-active approach when it comes to implementing the necessary measures, in terms of how data relating to personal information is collected, used, stored, disseminated, modified or destroyed. Data security is typically driven by compliance and the fear of the bad PR that will come from a data breach. However, due to the fact that locally we’ve not had any laws around ...

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I’m still standing, and other achievements with a DeskStand standing desk

Standing desk Still standing? That’s the one question I’ve been asked most at my new job, not because I struggle with new pressures but rather because I literally haven’t taken a seat. New colleagues and visitors to our office are the type who really want to make conversation. As the only standing person they are sort of drawn to me. That and there’s this weird thing in front of me. It’s become the latest office fad: standing desks; costing forward-thinking firms millions as they replace cubicles ...

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Here’s what you need to know about staying secure with mobile banking

mobile banking We live in an app world. We shop through apps, we catch up with the latest news, we follow our sports teams, we listen to music, we communicate with friends and we do our work through apps. We also do our banking through apps, albeit to a lesser extent. But there is a steady rise in the use of mobile banking apps among South Africans. The Mobility 2014 research, conducted by World Wide Worx, found that nine percent of respondents used ...






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