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  • Asus N76 review: monster sound from a high-end laptop

    When we talk high performance laptops, Asus always comes to mind. And the new Asus N Series N76 laptop is a beast. Not only does it have spectacular performance and an awesome display, the sound that this monster produces can only be described as amazing. We all know that laptop design hasn't been really groundbreaking recently. Every laptop out there looks strikingly similar to the next with aluminum bodies and black bezel displays. And let's not forget those Chiclet keyboards. Read more on Gearburn.var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • Baidu to pump 25% of R&D budget into mobile

    Looks like Baidu is taking its promise to dominate the Chinese mobile space pretty damn seriously. The Chinese internet giant announced that it would be spending 25% of its research and development budget on mobile. For an idea of just how big an investment that is, it's worth bearing in mind that smartphones make up less than 10% of Baidu's revenue. “Exactly when it will become a material source I don’t know,” Baidu CEO Robin Li told the China 2.0 conference at Stanford University. “I’m in no hurry to figure that out because we know there’s lots of room...

  • Wait, Simon Cowell and will.i.am are on the hunt for the next Steve Jobs?

    Simon Cowell is looking for the next big tech entrepreneur. Why am I not surprised? The music producer and former American Idol judge has set his sights on the tech industry, reports The Sun. The show will be based on the same premise that Cowell's current show, The X Factor, and will see the veteran music industry heavyweight team up with American rapper, will.i.am. "We’re working on a project called X Factor for Tech — and it’s going to be out of this world," said the rapper. Read more on Ventureburn. var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • Russia’s Yandex joins the browser wars

    Yandex owns the Russian search market and now it's looking to stake a claim in the browser wars. The company today announced the launch of its own browser, simply called Yandex browser. "Cloud-based browsing is a next-generation answer to the challenges of the modern internet," said Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex. "To make the internet experience faster, easier and safer for everyone, we have built a cloud-based browser that integrates the best of our products and services and is open to other web developers." The browser is built on the WebKit engine, which is also the basis for Safari and...

  • Design like a machine? Get your original infographic featured on Ventureburn

    Some of the biggest names in tech have... um... interesting beginnings. Motorola was originally the name of a car radio, Facebook started in a dorm room and Google began its life as a research project. Think you can tell their stories better than a boring Wikipedia page? As part of start up month, we’re looking for a talented designer to create an original infographic that shows how major players in the tech industry went from hopeful startups to household names. Read more in Ventureburn. var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • How has WordPress evolved as a business tool?

    WordPress as a business platform is not a new trend by any means. Successful businesses have been running on WordPress for a long time, what’s changed is how they do it and how easy it is to join them. Whether B2B or B2C, it should be the first choice CMS for existing businesses and new startups alike. Of course there is quite a bit more to it. One does not simply get set up on WordPress, configure a few plugins, sit back and get rich. To achieve success you need passion, drive, some skill and a product that people...

  • The future of computing? It’s Minority Report: Gartner

    Gartner is pretty good at predicting the future. In the first part of our interview with the company's head of research, Peter Sondergaard, we tackled a few predictions but mostly we chatted to him about Apple, Facebook and the current state of innovation. Gartner is a New York Exchange-listed information technology research and advisory firm based in United States. Gartner knows everything. It has predicted the future of pretty much all devices and all web experiences. So we decided it was worthwhile to ask Sondergaard to gaze into Gartner's crystal ball and give us some inside information. Sondergaard...

  • From Facebook’s Myspace moment to Gorilla Glass: 4 stories you have to read

    This week, the unthinkable happened: Myspace got cooler. But other stories were also told: from the turning fortunes of under-appreciated startups and the murky future of the world's biggest social network, to the little known history of the compound shattered in almost every drop test video on YouTube. Here are our picks for the best of the week. Facebook's Myspace moment: why Twitter is already bigger than Facebook Ok, so Twitter isn't actually bigger than Facebook in user numbers or total revenue, but the microblogging site is already thumping Facebook in a number of areas. Number one is, you guessed it,...

  • Hootsuite, Facebook & Myspace’s new features: pushing social collaboration

    The only constant in life is change, and in the world of social media no phrase rings more true. Things change and evolve at an astounding rate. And with every new development, sharing, entertainment and conversation has become that much easier, and powerful. The thing about social media is that it is, well, social. And that means that various brands, platforms and conglomerates are bound to pair up or revamp in an attempt for digital dominance. Here are three new endeavors that take digital collaboration the next level. 1. Hootsuite conversations HootSuite is a popular tool used to manage various...

  • 2go: SA startup you’ve never heard of crushes Facebook in Nigeria

    South African instant messaging startup 2go is getting some good traction in Nigeria. The company is reporting that it recently crossed the 10 million user mark. That’s a significant number seeing as Facebook has managed to attract just over five-million users in the Nigerian social networking market. The service claims to have more than 21-million registered users in total and is reporting an average of 50 000 new registration per day. Its biggest direct competitor, Mxit reported just over 50 million earlier this year. Read more on Ventureburn. var vglnk={key:"cc324b6567a9637aa0ff15bc9564b2a5"};!function(e,a){var t=e.createElement(a);t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js";var n=e.getElementsByTagName(a);n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)}(document,"script");

  • Is IE9 really the safest of the big browsers?

    It's pretty much a geek cliché these days: the only thing Internet Explorer's good for is downloading Chrome. Turns out though that it might actually be really good at keeping you safe from malware. In fact, a new study from security company NSS Labs suggests that Microsoft's browser may actually provide better cover against malware than Chrome, Firefox, and Safari combined. According to NSS, Internet Explorer "provides users with significant advantages", blocking 95% of malicious activity, while Chrome is a distant second, blocking only 33%. Safari and Firefox both block less than six percent. “Given Chrome’s prominence and increasing market...

  • Tim Cook apologises for Apple maps disaster

    So Tim Cook is sorry. The Apple CEO issued a public apology to consumers for the company's less than perfect maps app in iOS 6. Cook admitted that the app "fell short" of the desired Apple experience and he even suggested alternative apps that users can download in the meantime. Cook's suggestions include Bing, Mapquest, and Waze’s apps, as well as Google and Nokia’s mapping web apps. According to the CEO, more than 100-million people have upgraded to the new OS and are actively using Apple's new Maps app. He says that users currently have searched for more than...

  • Microsoft strengthing social search with a stake in Klout

    It seems Klout isn't stupid after all... at least, Microsoft doesn't seem to think so. The software giant has inked a deal with the social reputation startup to help strengthen its social search and online influence for an undisclosed amount. This partnership with Microsoft will help the startup create a product and business relationship with the Bing team, along with some new funding. According to a blog post by Bing's Corporate Vice President's Derrick Connell, it is an "alliance based on a shared belief that people are at the center of task completion". "To help you find the right person...

  • RIM shows minor gains amid wider losses

    It might have produced a completely kick-ass video for its developers, but things still don't look great for the Canadian smartphone manufacturer. In its latest earnings call, the company revealed that revenue for the second quarter of fiscal 2013 was US$2.9 billion, up two percent from US-$2.8 billion in the previous quarter. That might seem hopeful, but it's still down 31% from US$4.2-billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2012. Approximately 60% of that revenue came from hardware, 35% from service and five percent from software and other revenue. During the quarter, RIM shipped approximately 7.4 million BlackBerry...

  • Facebook goes in for social gifting

    Facebook is set to roll out a social gifting service, which allows you to send real, yes real, gifts to people over the social network. All you have to do is choose a gift, attach a card and send. According to Facebook, you can post your gift to your friend's timeline or send it privately. They can then unwrap a preview of the gift and it will show up on their doorstep a few days later, even if you don't know their address. Okay, that's not actually as scary as it seems. Once you've given the gift, the receiver gets...