Extra vanity URLs roll out on Google+

Google+ Vanity URL If you're a brand or a verified individual, Google+ just got a little more appealing. A new batch of custom URLs has just gone live on the platform. This news comes ten days after Google announced it would be allowing people to get their vanity on without needing to use a third-party service. According to Google+ team member Saurabh Sharma, the changes will roll out over the next few days and people will be given notice when their new URLs ...


Kill me now! ‘Lolz’, ‘Ridic’ & ‘Mwhahaha’ now in the Oxford Dictionaries Online

It's official, we are all going to hell and lexicographers are leading the way. The geniuses at Oxford Dictionary decided a while ago that it needed to keep up with the times by adding popular social media words to its dictionary. Yes there's no need to be confused about the meaning of "LOL" because it's in the dictionary now. None of those embarrassing "lot of love" mistakes anymore. Now it seems we have more social/online speak in the dictionary's online ...


Meet Microsoft’s first new logo in 25 years

Microsoft's new look Ahem. The emperor has new clothes. This time though they're really there and a lot more sleek and modern. Microsoft has revealed its first new logo since 1987. The Redmond-based tech giant unveiled the new logo today, telling the Seattle Times, that it is intended to “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness”. The logo reportedly uses the Segoe, which has been used in the company's software and branding for some time now. ...


Facebook revamps iOS app from the ground up

Looks like Facebook's rolling out the changes. It's just launched a fresh version of its iOS app after earlier revamping the Android version and updating its Messages function. A number of the updates are similar to the ones it rolled out in the refreshed Android app, meaning that you can now add to emoji to messages for instance. But it's also much more than that. For the first time, people accessing Facebook from their iPhones and iPads will be getting a ...


The Oatmeal’s not the only one crowdfunding Tesla’s legacy

We recently told your about The Oatmeal's efforts at raising money for a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla. Well it turns out it isn't the only one using crowdfunding to honour the legacy of the nineteenth century scientist, inventor, and original geek. Memeburn's got wind of Kickstarter project aimed at bringing Tesla's story to life in the form of a documentary. The man behind the project is documentary television producer and founder of the now defunct Electric Motors ...

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What impact will the Samsapple trial have on you and me?

applevssamsung Apple versus Samsung has been great news for the legal and tech journalist fraternity. The lawyers have been churning out billable hours, and the journalists have been churning out tons and tons of reports, special reports, and analysis. Great fun if you can keep up. What got me thinking is what all this hype and reportage has got to do with me and my shiny gadgets. The answer luckily is very little. The media circus that has ensued over the whole ...


Twitter: value-added conversation is more important than broadcasts, rts

new twitter logo blue I have been using Twitter for over three years and have been through a long learning curve. Besides having to get my head around how to use the tool effectively, I have received constant advice from the community on how I should conduct myself on the platform so as not to upset anyone out there. All advice revolves around how to tweet and what to tweet. This is categorised into three areas, namely broadcasting, retweets and having conversations. Broadcasting Broadcasting ...


Why should Facebook’s board members wait to sell their shares?

Facebook The decision by early Facebook investor Peter Thiel to unload the vast bulk of his shares in the massive social network was explained easily enough. It had simply awlays been his intention to sell the shares as soon as the company went public. Nonetheless it had a number of people scratching their heads. One such person was The Atlantic Wire's Dashiell Bennett: While no one is questioning Thiel's right to take back what he earned, some people are still wondering ...


Custom ROMs for Jelly Bean, are they really necessary?

So I’ve always loved flashing custom ROMs on all of my Android devices, but during the past two weeks I’ve come to a bit of a revelation. I think Android has matured to a point where custom ROMs aren’t really necessary any more. SHOCK! RECOIL! HORROR! Now, please don’t misunderstand me. There is validity to its existence, because it offers some fantastic additional functionality over Google’s stock offering, but do we NEED the custom ROMs? No, I don’t think so, not ...


Twitter cuts off Tumblr, one engineer dissents

Go on to Tumblr right now and have a look at the "Find People You Know" option. Notice anything different? Yup, Twitter's no longer one of the options. In an official statement to BuzzFeed, Tumblr confirmed that it had been cut off by the social network. It's not exactly pleased by the move either: To our dismay, Twitter has restricted our users’ ability to "Find Twitter Friends" on Tumblr. Given our history of embracing their platform, this is especially upsetting. ...






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