Google wants the web, cloud to work across all devices, all the time

chrome iphone Google wants to make sure "your web works consistently, seamlessly across all your devices" and that you can always access all of its cloud services. Chrome, said senior vice president of Chrome Sundar Pichai at day two of the company's I/O developers conference, was "built for a better web", which would allow that to happen automatically. Unfortunately, the current web doesn't really allow for that -- which is one reason it's had to launch unique versions of the browser for ...

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Genius Gotye cover yearns for the ‘Star Wars’ you used to know [Video]

This is a piece of unparalleled genius. It's a fan cover lamenting all the changes George Lucas has made to the Star Wars franchise because, you know, they suck. The video was made by Teddie Films, the production duo of Eddie King and Tyler Marshall. The pair is clearly the kind of die-hard fans who hate everything Lucas has done to the beloved franchise but watches everything new he puts out any way. Christine Erickson of Mashable's ...

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Attention app developers: the Mxit User API is here

Mxit logo Developers, Mxit lovers, we have good news for you. With the release of Mxit's new User API, you are now able to develop social apps for the Mxit platform. What type of apps can you build? Any app that benefits from the Mxit community's user profile data, social graph, pictures and video. Just like Facebook though, Mxit users have the ability to control whenever their non-public personal information is shared with an app. The Mxit API is grouped into three categories. First, ...

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News 24 gets a dose of internet radio

Before you start tensing up again, relax. This isn't a new episode in the internet radio stats row that's been raging over the last couple of days. News 24, which is a major part Africa’s largest online publishing group today unveiled a "strategic collaboration" with South African internet radio station 2OceansVibe Radio. The partnership allows people to listen to the internet radio station directly from the news site's front page. This is big for 2OceansVibe, and probably comes as a ...


Design a T-Shirt, win 20k

Nokia pimp our devs A great design can be the difference between success and failure. Done well, it make your brand or campaign iconic. Done poorly and you'll be instantly forgettable, or you could be forgotten, or ridiculed. A new design might not be able to turn Nokia's fortunes around, but it could help. Okay okay, an undiscovered designer probably isn't going to design the Finnish company's new corporate identity, but you could help make its developers look better. Design site ...


Fragmentation, OS upgrades: Do people even care?

people with mobile phones Microsoft's decision last week to not offer an upgrade path from Windows Phone 7.5 (currently in the market) to Windows Phone 8 opened a can of worms most thought only applied to Android. The F-word: fragmentation. But do the few million people using Nokia Lumias even care? Do those 200 million-plus people using Android phones care? “Fragmentation is busy killing Android.” It has become one of those facts that are widely believed and repeated in the web’s echo chamber. Worldwide, Android ...

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Why timing is incredibly important for getting social media right

Timing Distributing content online is easier now than ever before. Anyone can start a blog in a few minutes, and then start sharing their opinions, stories and news via social networks to an audience of hundreds, if not thousands. An important element of content distribution online, which many overlook, is the element of timing. “When exactly should I update my Facebook page?” and “when should I be tweeting to maximize engagement?” are questions which are often raised by online marketers and ...

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20 brands using social media in really innovative ways

Social Media Using social media effectively is good for your brand, no matter how big you are. There wouldn't have been US$3.08-billion spent just on advertising on social networking sites in 2011 otherwise. A recent study by research company Millward-Brown also showed that there was a direct correlation between how successful a company is and how well it uses social media. Research from eMarketer meanwhile suggests that brands can profit dramatically from a well-executed social campaign. But if you want to stand out, ...


Best demo ever: skydivers and bikers test Google’s Project Glass [Video]

google glass hangout If there was an award for 'the coolest product demo ever', the guys at Google would be cooing over the trophy right about now. Its Project Glass team put together the most elaborate (and awesome) demo for Google's futuristic augmented reality glasses for its annual developer conference yesterday. Instead of a "normal" demo, which typically involves someone standing on stage to explain how the product works, its version involved an aeroplane, a few sky divers and some guys on bikes. ...


App of the Week — TuneIn Radio Pro

To be honest, when it comes to the world of internet radio, I am a complete novice. I just didn’t see it having a place in our digital, instant satisfaction world. If I wanted to hear a song, I’d find it on Grooveshark, buy it off iTunes or get it from someone I know. That way I could listen to it when I wanted to, not when some annoying DJ who thinks he has the answers to the world’s problems ...






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