Yahoo! confirms Thompson departure

Yahoo! Has confirmed that CEO Scott Thompson has stepped down, to be replaced by former media head Ross Levinsohn. The announcement caps a chaotic period in which Thompson was found to have faked a Computer Science degree on his CV. The company also announced that Fred Amoroso would be the new chairman of its board. As was expected, the man who first pointed a finger at Thompson, Daniel Loeb has come up trumps. His company Third Point, now has ...


Yahoo’s Thompson quits in wake of CV scandal

yahoo Yahoo's CEO Scott Thompson is set to step down from his job at the embattled internet giant just months after taking over from Carol Bartz. According to AllThingsD, the company will say that Thompson's is leaving for "personal reasons". Revelations that Thompson faked parts of his CV, however, are likely at the centre of his decision to exit Yahoo! The company's global media head Ross Levinsohn, who also ran its Americas unit, is reportedly next in line for Yahoo!'s revolving ...

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How social media supports business events in emerging markets

map-emergingmarkets2005 My first thoughts when sitting down to write about emerging markets and social media was 'where to start?' Social media is a huge topic and emerging markets are vast, so I’ll narrow this down to using popular social media tools to support Business to Business (B2B) events in emerging markets, virtual and physical. One huge event “The Egyptian Revolution” Now this deserves a post of its own, and I promise I’ll write one. This was certainly not a B2B event, but I ...

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What gaps need to be plugged in the African startup ecosystem?

Africa Africa's startup ecosystem is in a state of flux. These are the formative days, the few million years post big-bang, if you would. So there are many questions and many gaps that need to be filled as we seek to learn from other innovation centers around the world, while at the same time setting the rules that will work best for our context all while actually building this thing. In a sense, it’s like setting about building a structure while ...

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Has Chinese law crippled Sina Weibo’s chance at world domination?

sina weibo This week, Twitter received some very high (and much deserved) praise for standing up for one of its users against the New York state court. The state of NY wanted information on an Occupy Wall Street protester, Malcolm Harris. Harris' efforts to fight against the court were struck down and so now Twitter has stepped in to the fight. Compare that to another post which also came out this week about Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo. According to Sina Weibo's ...


SA entrepreneur grabs top job at Visa

Fundamo co-founder and CEO Hannes van Rensburg is set to head up the Sub-Saharan division of Visa -- the world’s largest debit and credit card network. The South African-based mobile money platform has been a part of Visa since mid-2011 when it was bought out for US$110-million. Elizabeth Buse, Group President of Visa Asia-Pacific, Central Europe, Middle-East and Africa reckons that Van Rensburg intuitively understands “the social, political and business environment in Sub-Saharan Africa”. She thinks that this understanding comes largely ...

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Can anonymous lists help Active Gifts win at Social Gifting?

Some people think that social gifting is the next big thing in tech. Hell some even think it’s the future of ecommerce. One of the latest guests to the part is a site called Active Gifts. According to the Ukranian-based company’s CEO Artem Sukhoroslov, the site’s aim is to make sure that 100% of people receiving gifts are satisfied with them. He claims to have to stats that show 75% of people only pretend to be satisfied with the gifts ...


Would you pay $2 to promote your Facebook status?

Are you afraid all your friends on Facebook will miss out on your latest status update? You know, because it's super-important? Well fret no more. The social networking giant is reportedly testing out a system that lets people pay US$2 to promote their status updates above everyone else's. At the moment, the feature is only available to a select group of ordinary users. What it's effectively doing is monetising is popularity -- sort of like one of those really shitty ...


Even Apple loved Ghostbusters in 1984 [Video]

Ghostbusters has always been awesome but back in 1984 it was even cooler than Apple. That’s why the Cupertino-based tech giant parodied the movie’s theme song in a video for it's international sales conference that year. The concept for the video is pretty simple: Apple employees rid store shelves of IBM products. They’re ‘Blue busters’ you see, ridding the world of the dark-suited drudgery of Big Blue. Look, if you know the history of Apple, you’ll know how much of a ...


Bing redesign makes search super social

Microsoft Bing recently announced a huge overhaul to its user interface, which will see social media feeds from sites like Facebook and Twitter incorporated into a new social side bar on search results pages. The bar includes relevant posts from people you're following using your social accounts (assuming you're signed in at the time), as well as suggestions from experts that Bing thinks could answer your question. All of this may seem a bit similar to the way dear ...






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