iDrifta mobile decoder — new look, same tricks

iDrifta Here's what I love about technology. Sometimes it's just too smart for its own damn good. Case in point, the DStv iDrifta. It's a tiny little mobile satellite decoder streaming DVB-H TV for the fair price of R500 and R50 monthly for 14 channels of DStv goodness. Nice idea in concept, but the blurry DVB-H signal holds it back from greatness. Onto the review. Hold me closer tiny gadget Good news about the iDrifta. It's minuscule, no bigger than a box of ...

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7 ways to use social media for social change

social media sign Social media plays an integral role in life and business today -- but are we just using this increasingly powerful platform for personal gain and wealth creation or are we using it to do good and better the real world we live in? Instead of following the latest trend, why not use your social media super-powers to make a difference? We already know how to spread news fast, share images and videos, organize friends, and empower others all by using the ...


How meeting Dropbox’s founder helped an SA tech startup pivot

Getting your startup off the ground can be intimidating as all hell. Sometimes you can get so obsessed with your vision that you don’t realise it has deeply ingrained flaws. At one point, South African-based startup evly was stuck in precisely that position. That is, until its boss Eric Edelstein met the founder of cloud-storage phenomenon Dropbox. Here’s how one lunch made the company pivot so successfully that it now has a global footprint. After three months of living in ...

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International startup competition to hit Cape Town

Startup World This is big. Startup World, an international competition organised by The Next Web, is set to hit Cape Town and several other African cities including Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Cairo, Egypt. The global competition, which is currently in its first iteration, will see the eventual winner receive around US$320 000 worth of prizes, including a year's free web hosting, five-million real-time streams per month for one year worth US$30 000 from Echo and three months of incubation from i/o ...

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Google mobile search: now smarter and more interactive

google mobile search update screenshots Google just made searching on mobile even better. The search giant has announced a host of new features to make Googling on your cellphone or tablet more visual and interactive in a bid to make sure you get the answers you're looking for as easily on mobile as you do on a desktop computer. According to an official blog post, a number of quick answer features which weren't previously available on mobile are starting to be rolled out. They include ...

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Disney boffins figure out how to turn plants into multi-touch sensors

This is ridiculously cool. The brains at Disney's Pittsburgh research lab have figured out how to turn any plant into a responsive multi-touch sensor. The project, called Botanicus Interacticus (which sounds kind of like a spell out of the Harry Potter universe) uses an electrode embedded in the soil below a plant that records the interruption of electronic signals when people touch the plant. Those interruptions can then be programmed into audio and visual responses, programmed back to the user. ...

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UK startup offers Usain Bolt some shares, ‘all the McNuggets’ he needs

Well that's one way to get attention, UK startup Shutl has offered Jamaican sprinting sensation Usain Bolt a one percent stake in the company, and all the chicken nuggets he can eat. The VC-backed company, which specialises in delivering goods ordered online, sent a letter to Bolt offering him equity in the company and “all the McNuggets” he needs (the sprinter famously ate chicken McNuggets just before his record-breaking 100 metre final in Beijing). According to The Next Web, ...


Prezence Digital set to launch student mentoring initiative

South African digital agency, Prezence Digital has announced that it will soon be launching a project it calls the 10Teams/10Brands/10Grand initiative. Established in the UK in 1998, Prezence Digital expanded into South Africa in 2002. The agency, which originally focused on the South African music and movie industries, evolved into the digital sphere with services such as mobi, web, digital campaign management, social media and, more recently, apps. Recently, Prezence Digital made headlines for its wildly successful MandelaStory campaign, with the endorsement ...


News24 down, ‘technical difficulties’ blamed [Update]

Africa's largest online news portal News 24 is down. Anyone trying to enter the site receives a standard browser message stating that the site is not available. Update: The site is now back up. The company's Twitter account, which has nearly 180 000 followers, put the outage down to "technical difficulties" but did not elaborate any further: We're experiencing some technical difficulties and we're trying to get the site back up as soon as possible.— News24 (@News24) August 10, 2012 The ...

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WordPress claims ‘biggest update ever’ with new iOS version

wordpress Expect to see people blogging a lot more from their iDevices in the near future. WordPress today rolled out a new version of its iOS app, calling it the "biggest update ever". According to WordPress, the new app features "a completely re-imagined interface" for both iPhone and iPad that "takes mobile blogging to the next level". Big words sure, but remember that we're talking about the web's most popular content management system (CMS) here. Company founder Matt Mullenweg has ...






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