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90% of social network users in Mexico on Facebook

When it comes to studying social networks in emerging market countries, Mexico occasionally gets pushed aside by the BRICS. It shouldn't be. The country looks set to overtake the UK for fifth place in Facebook user numbers, despite the fact that only 30% of the population uses it. Those 36.5-million or so Facebook users also account for 90% of Mexico's social network users. It's growth in the country isn't about to slow down either. According to online research company eMarketer, Facebook ...


Google Schemer — our new favourite app

I spend a lot of time customising and tweaking my Galaxy Nexus to try squeeze as much as possible from it, but often this results in me missing the part of owning a smartphone which its mainstream users enjoy, namely apps. Google’s Play Store is jam-packed with apps that can do anything you can imagine, literally anything, and I recently found one that I really like, it’s from Big G itself, and it’s called Schemer. Read more on Gearburn.

News hack: passwords and emails stolen, financial info safe

Ahem. If you play World of Warcraft, Diablo, or Starcraft you might want to mosey over to around now and change your password. Blizzard's multiplayer platform is the latest big online player to be hacked. According to MacRumours, the hackers managed to get hold of email data for gamers outside of China and scrambled passwords. In a letter to Battle. net users, Blizzard CEO and Michael Morhaime detailed what had happened in the hack, saying that the company did not ...

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Chad’s Dad: 8 things we can learn about likeability from Bert Le Clos

Bert Le Clos If there were an Olympics of likeability, Bert Le Clos would stand a very good chance of getting gold. Deadspin deemed his BBC interview “the media moment of the games” at the time, and to date it has scored over 353 000 views. #chadsdad trended in the UK and Bert became part of the cultural lexicon: Considering asking Bert Le Clos to form a Government.— Prince Charles (@Charles_HRH) August 3, 2012 In fact, his only serious rival would probably be Oscar Pistorius, ...

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Forget the US: emerging markets are the future of online adspend

map-emergingmarkets2005 There is a great deal of focus placed on the American market when we look at ad spend numbers and marketing budget distribution; but the US market is not the only one where significant amounts of cash are being spent. Online adspend is increasingly beng driven by emerging market countries, suggesting that they represent the future of one of the web's biggest money spinning sectors. A new survey from online research company eMarketer looks at the ad spend figures from ...

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Do all those flashy tech launches work? Yup, just ask Google

google apples Remember Google I/O? No? Let me refresh your memory. At the tech giant's annual developers conference, it launched not one, but two new products -- its Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q music player. Then it announced the new version of the Android operating system (Jelly Bean). Then Google co-founder Sergey Brin walked on stage to and casually started a Google hangout with some skydivers, who then leapt from a plane wearing pairs of Google's augmented reality glasses and ...


Top 10 videogame weapons of all time

Big Gun Videogames have long been about shooting dudes in the face. It’s a game mechanic we take for granted. And we all appreciate a good, realistic gun that recoils appropriately -- a firearm straight from the pages of Guns and Ammo magazine. Yet sometimes we harbour an itch for something more; a gun both bombastic and outlandish, that forgoes realism for a little fun. The list below scratches that itch. Enjoy. Read more on Gearburn.


Samsapple: Samsung is nothing like Apple [Video]

Apple and Samsung's patent warfare is becoming one of those Lindsay Lohan/Hillary Duff type things where everyday is something new and someone allegedly stole something from someone and someone is saying "oh no you didn't". It's all too much. That's what makes Conan O'Brien's take on the issue so awesome. Forget all the evidence that Apple and Samsung have been introducing in court and all the back and forth "we patented that" and "no we had the idea for the ...

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Samsung: the Galaxy SI could’ve been better… if it was more like the iPhone

chrome iphone A fair few skeletons have emerged from the latest trial between Samsung and Apple. One of the most rattling revelations to date shows that Samsung thought its Galaxy SI smartphone could've been better if it had been just a little bit more like the iPhone. As part yesterday's court proceedings, Apple produced a 2010 internal memo from Samsung comparing its then flagship smartphone with the Cupertino-based giant's signature device. When we say comparing, we really mean it too. The report, ...


Apple, Android totally mainstream now with 85% of smartphone market

androids If you think your smartphone is a statement of your unique individuality, you'd best hope it isn't running Android or iOS. Some 85% of smartphones now either rock Google or Apple's mobile operating systems. According to tech analysis company IDC, this is a record new combined high for the two companies. Unsurprisingly their dominance comes at the cost of two pioneers in the smartphone world: Symbian and BlackBerry. Each now accounts for less five percent of the global market. "Android ...






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