SA fashion retailer launches online store

Ecommerce in South Africa is gaining traction with new ecommerce plays entering and exiting the market more and more frequently. Last year retail outlet Woolworths launched an online store for its fashion line, becoming one of the first major South African retailer to enter the ecommerce space. Now another chain retailer has joined the party. Affordable fashion retail outlet Mr Price's online store went live today under the moniker MRP. We are live!! #mrponline Woohoooo— Mr Price Fashion (@MrPriceFashion) July 30, ...


Sina Weibo went crazy for Olympic opening ceremony: 119m messages sent

Turns out users of Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo took to the first ever "social Olympics" with a gusto. During the opening ceremony alone, members of the social network sent 119-million messages. In an official infographic, Sina Weibo details the total number of messages sent on the opening day of the games, as well as the most active locations and most spoken about topics. It is unclear what criteria were used, although it's likely that reposts and comments were included. ...

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Facebook and Google: what earnings calls can teach us about tech giants

business ipads Earnings calls underscore some of the strategies being deployed in the tech industry. Take Zynga's Q2 earnings for example: announcing that it lost US$22.8-million, or three cents per share. In the same Quarter last year, it earned US$1.4-million a year ago. At one stage, shares were down a whopping 38%. These numbers are hardly surprising, seeing as Zynga is notorious for copying competitor games and generally being unethical in the industry. It also went rather gung-ho into acquiring OMGPOP, the maker ...

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8 great ads that’ll get you psyched for the Olympics

Rowing Olympian We’ve already brought you our pick of historic Olympic moments that will make you cringe and cry, now here are some great Olympic advertising moments that will inspire and excite you instead. Olympic rules regarding sponsorships and brand associations with the event are very strict, so the official sponsors have, by and large, produced the best campaigns we've seen and you’ll probably see a lot more of them in the coming weeks all over the world. A few cheeky competitors have ...


11 (possibly) gaffe-worthy athletes to follow during the Olympic Games

Twitter Olympic Rings As is the case with every major international event in the last two to three years, in which Twitter has achieved its full enmeshment into popular culture, we yet again are being promised that this Olympics will be the most tweeted event of all time. Really? Yeah, well, colour me bored. Sure the London Games set to kick off today will, in partnership with US broadcaster NBC, be officially “curated” by Twitter. This means that millions of tweets from, in addition ...


4 types of people who are least likely to engage with your brand online

social media marketing Many Memeburn readers are considered "social media gurus", most often by themselves. A "social media guru" is kind of like being a spiritual guru, except instead of devoting your life to the quest for enlightenment, you devote it to trying to make big brands look good online. I am not making fun of these people, in fact I am one myself. I was recently ordained to official guru status by his holiness, Śri Sathya Dave Duarte after staring at the ...


The Sable Accelerator: A gateway into Silicon Valley for SA startups

Opening Gates With the imminent launch of The Sable Accelerator, South African businesses look set to benefit from a new network of advisers and investors based in Silicon Valley and London that can help with international expansion. Founded by South Africans now living abroad, The Sable Accelerator is backed by angel investors, CEOs, directors and consultants from companies such as McCann Erickson, Grant Thornton, McKinsey and Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa. According to Tech Central, Vinny Lingham, founder of Yola and more recently Gyft ...


What 6 members of the Digerati make of Google Fiber

Google Fibre With the launch of Google Fiber, we think it's safe to say that never before has Kansas City Missouri seemed more of an attractive destination. With a gigabit network -- think 100 times faster than today's average broadband -- we're about to have a vicarious look into what the future holds for the rest of us, as about 500 000 people log onto Google's new network. While we wait to see if Google Fiber manages to upend the telecommunications and broadcasting ...


Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s epic Olympics ceremony tweet

berners-lee-olympic-2 Proving that the internet is truly a part of great world events, father of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee made an appearance at the opening ceremony of this year's Olympic Games in London. The man, known as the inventor of the web, also tweeted during his appearance. His tweet was displayed around the stadium, with the letters made up of 'pixel' squares set up alongside seats. With close to one-billion people watching, that's what we call a tweet ...

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Nando’s reminds everyone they’re foreigners, then makes soup [Video]

You may recall that fast food brand Nando's managed to get its anti-xenophobia advert banned on South African television recently because everyone from the national broadcaster to satellite service DStv deemed the advert to be offensive. Which, of course, is probably the best way to make sure that almost everyone with an internet connection went in search of the YouTube link. The advert, which has racked up more than half a million views, was part of its diversity initiative, which ...






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