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10 Startups that could change the face of news forever

new_york_times_wiki There are an estimated 7-billion of us. Between us, its other inhabitants, the big black bit around it and Mother Earth herself, there’s never a dull moment, news happens organically, all the time. The news machine is an efficient one, the cogs -- reporters, news agencies and so on -- have become invisible. It seems seamless, news follows us everywhere, the machine works, but that doesn’t stop brilliant minds -- internet entrepreneurs, emerging media innovators and legacy newsrooms -- from ...


Anonymous has a music social network, really?

So a group claiming to be part of infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has announced a music social network called Anontune, reports Wired. According to a short video by the group, the network will focus on the music itself not information about music. The project is still very much in its fledgling stage and it is designed to curate songs from third-party sources such as YouTube, which then allows anonymous to add them to playlists and share them. All this while making ...

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Facebook ‘friends’ may not be welcome on Google+

Facebook vs Google Is Google+ a ghost town? A lot of people feel it is because their “friends” and family are not on Google+, they are on Facebook. But comments by some avid Google+ users seem to suggest that “friends” from Facebook may actually not be welcome or invited on Google+. According to Google+ tips and tricks guy M Sinclair Stevens, Facebook can be likened to your small hometown, where you know or supposed to know everybody. Google+ on the other hand ...

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German court puts on the screws on YouTube to cull copyrighted videos

A German court is putting the screws on YouTube to include copyright filters on the site to spot when users upload files copyrighted by GEMA, reports the BBC. According to the news company, "YouTube could face a huge bill for royalties after it lost a court battle in Germany over music videos." GEMA, a German industry group, argued that YouTube had not done enough to stop copyrighted music videos from being uploaded. YouTube responded that it took no legal responsibility for ...


Sergey Brin & Google’s privacy dilemma

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, wrote that his comments about internet freedom made to The Guardian Newspaper needed some clarification. He begins by re-stating his original premise: "I believe the internet has been one of the greatest forces for good in the world over the past quarter century." He then goes on to say: "Today, the primary threat by far to internet freedom is government filtering of political dissent. This has been far more effective than I ever imagined possible across a number ...

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Engage: Google’s latest move to help small businesses help themselves

google engage This week the Google Africa team came to Cape Town with their Google Engage for Agencies program. Google Engage is designed to empower eMarketing agencies of all shapes and sizes that provide their clients Google AdWords with the support and further training to better utilize AdWords and other Google products. Although the program is officially titled Engage for Agencies, there were quite a few additional service providers present at the event. This is because Google is interested in equipping a multitude ...


Geeks will always geek out: tech designer dresses

There are a few geeks floating about out here on the web and a few fashionistas too. So it is with no surprised that more than a few people got excited about these illustrations. It seems some very talented DeviantArt fan decided to create one-of-a-kind design sketches based on popular sites. Yes, it's very exciting. Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Megaupload, Google, MSN and DeviantArt are featured. They are actually quite stylish dresses and feature key elements of each site. Each ...

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Meet the Facebook, Google and Zynga overlords [Infographic]

We are all slaves to Mark Zuckerberg. Ok, this infographic is a bit dramatic, especially the whole ‘Internet slaves, meet your masters’ part and all the mobster-ish illustrations of major tech leaders, but it does have a point. As millions continue to sign up for Facebook or a Google account or play a game of Farmville, these companies are becoming more and more profitable and powerful. You probably know all about Google’s privacy problems and that Safari tracking debacle, and maybe ...

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7 Top tips for getting your company rolling with Microsoft Sharepoint

Social business, knowledge management and change management are intrinsically interconnected. This is the glue that bonds people, business, process and technology perspectives together throughout the journey of business transformation. People, not processes or technologies, make good companies excellent companies, therefore the primary focus should always on people. With this in mind, it’s important to address how Microsoft’s SharePoint (essentially a broad platform of web technologies aimed at businesses) is introduced into an organisation and how to mobilise and engage users ...

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Fake Instagram app spreads malware on Android devices

fake-instagram-clone website You may recall that Instagram released an Android app earlier this month, and managed to blow past 5-million downloads in the first six days after the version was released. Now it seems the launch has been used as an opportunity to capitalise on the popularity of the app and spread some malware. IT security website Sophos reported that there is a Russian clone of the Instagram website that offers downloads of a fake app. The app doesn’t seem to be a ...






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