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New iOS, Android versions of Twitter get expanded tweets

twitter expanded view If you're rocking an iPhone or a smartphone running Android, you might notice something a little different about Twitter after your next update. The 140-character-or-less social network has rolled out a series of changes in the latest versions of its smartphone apps, including expanded tweets. Anyone using the web version of Twitter will be familiar with the fact that you can expand tweets, allowing you to view videos and photos, or get previews from selected sites. According to Twitter you ...

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iPad finally gets dedicated Google+ app

google plus ipad app Look, this isn't the most surprising news on Earth. Google did promise that the iPad would get its own Google+ app at its recent I/O event. And now it's here. The internet giant claims that the iPad app was "designed with the device in mind". As opposed to, you know, a completely different device. It also says that "your stream styles content based on popularity, type and orientation" and adds that it comes with a couple of unique features. These ...

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Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Twitter, Google and Bing

pinterest logo The little social network that could is continuing to surprise the critics by climbing up the list of the top social media referrers -- it generated more referral traffic than Twitter back in March, and now it seems it's sending more social media users around the web than Google, Bing and StumbleUpon too. According to the latest stats from Shareaholic (via TechCrunch), Pinterest accounts for 1.19% of visits on its network of over 200 000 publishers. Ok, so all of ...


Google turns +1 button into full-on recommendation service

Until now, Google's +1 button has allowed you to share the fact that a page is to your liking and...that's about it really. Things are about to change though. The internet giant is reportedly rolling a refreshed version of +1 that will see it become a social recommendation button. According to specialist site The State of Search the recommendation will be from the site you're visiting. That means they have a far more vested interest in you actually clicking the ...

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Twitter pays tribute to Mark Boucher on his retirement

new twitter logo blue The retirement of South African wicket keeper Mark Boucher from international cricket has resulted in a wave of tributes from Twitter users around the world. The player made the announcement shortly after it was revealed that emergency eye surgery would keep him out of the Proteas' upcoming English tour. His name quickly became a globally trending topic on Twitter: Most lamented the way Boucher was forced to walk away from the game: Terribly sad way for Mark Boucher's career ...

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RIM to sell corporate jet in $1bn saving bid

If you find yourself in financial trouble, it's usually a good idea to cut back on one or two frivolous luxuries. A corporate jet or two, for instance. Beleaguered BlackBerry manufacturer is doing just that as it looks to save one-billion dollars. The company is putting its nine-passenger Dassault Aviation SA F50EX up for sale and hopes to raise US$6-7-million. The sale is probably more of a goodwill gesture than anything. After all, it wouldn't look good for a company ...

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Sina’s MeYou looks to clone Path’s success

MeYou Chinese social networks aren't exactly averse to copying their Western counterparts, but Sina's Path clone is taking it to a whole new level. The private social network, called MeYou (which translates as "close friends") sticks so faithfully to Path's iOS app design that it would be indistinguishable if it weren't for the Chinese characters. According to TechNode, the app integrates pretty closely with the company's immensely popular microblogging service Sina Weibo. People can, for instance, log in with their Weibo ...

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7 reasons businesses are still afraid of social media

social media text Many small businesses are still afraid of opening their doors on the social web. These are the people who are the most comfortable with using one way broadcasting methods to distribute their marketing content, because they feel that they want to control their brand and message. As a result of this, these people only control one part of their communication strategy because they don't allow anyone to interact with their message. The social web changed all this and it's 2012 -- ...

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Mobile’s changed everything, but people still can’t figure out how to sell on it

Ipad and iphone There are not many times in anyone’s life when things run exactly as planned. New ways of doing things pop up all the time; be it a social media site like Pinterest or a subculture that needs understanding and tapping into. But sometimes the playing field changes completely and people struggle to keep up. You’d think I was talking about social media; but I’m not (well, not really). I’m talking about mobile. Mobile has fundamentally changed the way in which we ...

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How to make your journalistic Twitter network rock: A case study

Twitter logo blue on grey Twitter is as essential a tool for journalism these days as a pen and notepad once were. One tweet can be can be as valuable as afternoon spent buying drinks for a source. It's also a great way of spreading your own content and building your name as a journalist. The same rules that apply to big brands when it comes to Twitter, apply to you as a journalist. It's not just about using Twitter, it's about how you use ...






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