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Twitter updates Discover tab, makes trending topics more relevant

twitter discover Another day, another Twitter update. Twitter released a new version of the'Discover' tab on its website, which will display topics, news and trends that are more relevant to your interests. Previously, the Discover tab displayed suggestions of who to follow, trending topics and categories of interest. Now, the update does all of that, but also gives greater prominence to the social aspects of trending topics - so, if a few of the accounts you follow (and the users they follow) ...


Google to host VC hangouts on Google+

Google is reportedly planning to organise a series of Google+ hangouts with top Silicon Valley VCs. The programme, called VC Office Hours was officially announced today. According to the people behind it, VC Office Hours is “an experiment that will use the power of Google+ Hangouts on Air to bring together prominent Tech VCs and entrepreneurs”. Google's vice president of product, Google Apps Bradley Horowitz says the programme already has a number of prominent Silicon Valley VCs lined up, including John Lilly of ...


Samsung, Apple take the lead in smartphone wars

The war between Apple and Samsung has seen the two tech giants battle it out in court and in the advertising arena. The prize at stake? Smartphone dominance. The two are already the biggest players in the field, with tech research company Juniper Research estimating that nearly 60% of the 139 million smartphones shipped worldwide carried either the Apple (35.1-million) or Samsung (46.9-million) brand. That’s a fairly substantial increase from the 46% that did so in the last three months ...

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Can RIM strike it lucky with BlackBerry 10?

Blackberry2 (650 x 430) BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is not in the best of health at the moment. Its latest hope for a miracle cure comes in the shape of the BlackBerry 10 platform, which it launched today at BlackBerry World in Orlando Florida. The company claims that developers and top brands are already on board with the new platform, although it's clearly hoping to woo more in. Any developer that attends the company's BlackBerry 10 Jam will be given a BlackBerry ...


Facebook, Hollywood big shots and Bjork: Webby winners announced

390px-webby_awards_svg The Webby Awards is one of the most prestigious events on the tech calendar. Not for nothing are they referred to as "the Oscars of the internet". Although the ceremony is still a few days away, the winners for the 16th edition of the awards have been revealed. This year the body behind the awards -- the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences -- has recognised winners in some 70 web, 21 interactive advertising, 26 online film & video, ...


Pinterest, Google+ win big at Webby Awards

The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, have been around for some 16 years now. In the world of online that's a seriously long time. Over those 16 years they've recognised some of the most innovative players in tech. This year is no different. In terms of prestige, the Webbys, are a bit like the Oscars of online. In terms of spirit they're more like earlier iterations of the MTV Movie Awards. In truth though, ...


The new Dark Knight Rises trailer is epic [Video]

dark-knight-rises-bane-hardy Anyone who's a fan of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series (by which I mean everyone everywhere) of movies should prepare to be very excited. A new trailer has landed. So if you're sitting in your office right now, sit down and do whatever you must to suppress the whoops of delight you'll want to let out at various points in the trailer. Of course if you're one of those ultra-dedicated fans, you will have already seen it. People participating in ...

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9 of the coolest educational videos from TED-Ed

ted education When TED launched its educational website for younger students last week, I think teachers everywhere realised they had to up their game. The 3-10 minute videos are designed to encourage curiosity and show how the world works using compelling animation and the audible explanations of a gifted teacher.  Even if you’re not in high school, the videos are sometimes fascinating, sometimes kinda strange, but generally very cool. Here are some of the best videos that are designed to amaze and ...

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How Google moved the online advertising goalposts

Goal Net The power of digital marketing over its more traditional offline brethren such as TV and Radio has been the measurability of the medium: advertisers can see, down to the penny, what their marketing spend is achieving in terms of impressions, clicks, and ultimately conversions. The particular agency I work for even built with offering clients a performance model based on achieving those conversions at a price that provides high value to the end client as well as a viable income ...


6 Japanese startups worth keeping an eye on

Given that Japan has some of the biggest tech companies on the planet, it's easy to overlook its startup scene. It's also probably fair to say that the country's emerging tech companies also don't get nearly as much press those from Silicon Valley, or even China and Russia. Thing is, once you take a step back from the massive corporates, there are some very exciting things happening in Japan. At a recent tech event I had the privilege of finding ...






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