Google’s personalised search: Your world…or is it?

Google Google+ continued to defy its critics by growing 55% in the US in December compared to November according to Experian Hitwise. It’s no wonder the social network is growing at such a rate, considering that during the holidays all sorts of new Android devices landed with Google+ preloaded. Users were asked, upon switching on their phones, if they wanted to link or create a Google+ account and this links nicely with the idea that Google+ is about knowing your identity ...

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CES 2012: Escort lets you avoid fines using the cloud

Speed limit Memeburn recently wrote about Ford's vision for a future in which cars have permanent cloud connectivity. Today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we learned that real time cloud connectivity in your car isn't some distant vision of the future. It's here now and ready to go. At least that's according to John Larson, president and CEO of Escort, a company that produces peripheral devices for your car. One of the company's flagship products is called Escort Live, and ...

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The disruptive power of social media on US foreign policy

US Flag Following Barack Obama’s successful 2008 election campaign which relied heavily on social media, it’s hardly surprising that Obama and social media are practically synonymous in the world of politics. What's less known though is the prominent role social media, under the guidance of Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton, has played in his Presidency’s foreign policy. Memeburn, along with other international media, was afforded the chance to hear Washington’s thoughts on social media and foreign policy, via a virtual press conference conducted by ...


Shades of Jane Austen’s Emma: The art of the Facebook photo pose

woman with lavender flower hair pin in her hair This piece was inspired by the Facebook Profile of a beautiful and rich young lady for whom, in order to protect her privacy, I have chosen the pseudonym of EmmaFB (After the title character in Jane Austen's Emma). When I first started investigating her Facebook, there were 468 tagged pictures of her. A few months later, she was tagged in 317 photos. She had untagged herself or deleted (if the photographs were in her own albums) over 100 pictures of ...


5 Ways Ford is integrating tech into its future vision

Ford is best known as the manufacturer of some of the most iconic cars in history, from the Model T to the Mustang. While it’s still business as usual for the Dearborn, Michigan-based motoring giant, the increasing pace of technological convergance means that it is no longer possible just to be a car manufacturer. Therefore, Ford now claims that it is looking to increase its presence in the tech space. Here Memeburn explores five ways it is doing this. 1. ...


Twitter calls Google’s update ‘bad for the internet’

Black Twitter Twitter has slammed Google's latest search update, which includes a fair amount of social features. The microblogging platform, which partnered with Google until 2011, released a statement expressing "concern" over the fact that the new update will make it harder "for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users" to find information on its network. Google introduced its latest search update on Tuesday, which it calls a more "personalised" form of search. In addition to providing normal search results, the new update ...


The other Silicon Valleys [Infographic]

Silicon Valley is the tech epicentre, where venture capital firms churn out the “next big thing”. eBay, Google, Adobe, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and SanDisk all call Silicon Valley home. But is the USA, specifically California, the only region capable of being the home of tech? Globally, tech hotspots have begun to converge in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In this infographic, care of, you can see which countries have the potential to become the next Silicon Valley, what their best ...

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Intel announces smartphone play at CES

Intel is probably best known for its pc and laptop processors, but the tech giant announced that it is making a play in the smartphone market here at the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Intel announced that its chips will first be available in the Lenovo K800 smartphone. As with most things in life, however, there is a catch. The phones will only be available in China. Well, at first anyway. At the launch event, Liu Jun, ...


Getting to grips with patents [Infographic]

Patent wars dominated tech news in 2011. One in particular, between Samsung and Apple spanned the globe and with suits and countersuits in the US, South Korea, Australia and a number of nations throughout Europe. Things don't look like they'll be much different in 2012. Patents came about with best of intentions: rewarding and protecting ingenuity, but can they actually do more harm than good? A large part of the battle between Apple and Samsung arose from the fact that ...

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USB 3.0 set for smartphones, tablets by end of 2012

USB 3.0, the blazing-fast data transferral medium which promises theoretical speeds of 625MB per second will migrate to tablets and smartphone by the end of 2012. Sick of the standard 5-10MBps transfer rates of USB 2.0? Imagine an iPhone which can pump 600Mbps or more. That future is now. At CES 2012 Rahman Ismail, CTO of the USB Implementers Forum spoke of the inherent speed of USB 3.0, “What takes 15 minutes will roughly take 1 minute and 10 seconds,” Ismail ...






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