Primer: Programming languages & databases. Which is best for startups?

Coding Primer According to the TIOBE index you’re more likely to overhear a Java, PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby developer riffing on an idea for a new web startup, than, let’s say, a PL/SQL developer. Programming languages are developer community argots. To me, the lesser-known lexicon of Oracle’s PL/SQL has been a subject of study for quite some time. I love it. Far beyond its corporate pedigree, I've seen it being used to build an online music store, course search database and ...

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Does your social media campaign have an online PR plan?

Social Media While social media continues to evolve world-wide on the social web, it is still a very scary medium for many organisations. All of a sudden social media means that the public, customers, and prospects now have a method with the use of all the social media channels to make their voices heard with relative ease. Despite the fact that everyone can be a "citizen journalist" online, only a small percentage of the people involved with social media are creating content. ...

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Best of British: How brands upped their social efforts for the Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II For years I have been a lover of the Royal Variety Performance. The only problem is that before the days of PVR it coincided with my annual end of year festivities. So as I sit back and watch the Diamond Jubilee with old favorites like the two Ronnies, it brings back fond memories. On 4 and 5 June the UK (and the rest of the world, clearly) celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It’s been interesting to note how companies residing ...


Facebook’s IPO honeymoon was over before it began… where to next?

facebook phone Ah shame, poor Facebook. In the short time its stock has been on the market, it's taken a complete pumelling. Not exactly the honeymoon present Mark Zuckerberg would've hoped for. His company’s listing was one of those memorable events that you have to have watched. I was not watching because it was my daughter’s seventh birthday party (that was a success too). Okay, so the listing did not actually go off as planned -- a glitch of sorts by ...


Google acquires Meebo — will we see adverts in Google+?

meebo In the latest round of acquisitions to hit the tech scene, chat service Meebo has announced that it will soon be part of Google. Meebo -- which started out in IM and now focuses their efforts on their social media and sharing bar -- posted about the acquisition on their blog in a flurry of exclamation marks and excitement: We are happy to announce that Meebo has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Google! For more than seven years we’ve ...


$1.5bn Undersea cable to link BRICS by 2014

Investors including the likes of Google are reportedly mulling a massive undersea cable that will link all of the BRICS countries. The US$1.5-billion cable will reportedly link Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa to each other as well the US. According to Andrew Mthembu, chairman of technology group i3 Africa which is promoting the project, it could be online as soon as 2014. "I'm hoping within the coming six months we will all be in a position to get ...


AFP claims first with Arabic iPad app

Global news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) has launched an Arabic version of its iPad app. It claims it is the first of the major global news agencies to do so. The new offering is a free app from the App Store allowing access to a selection of news stories, photographs, video and graphics produced by the agency’s Arabic editorial desk backed by a global network of AFP journalists. “Thanks to its 16 offices in the Near and Middle East, AFP is ...


Naspers shutters Indian online classifieds in OLX consolidation move

Naspers has dumped its Indian classifieds platform TradusAds in favour of the internationally renowned OLX, the world’s largest free classified site with over 130 million unique visitors per month. The move appears to be part of an effort on the part of the emerging markets internet and media giant to consolidate its online classified properties. In the latter part of 2012, it scuppered its South African Kalahari classifieds property. According to Indian online news site Medinama, Naspers' Indian ecommerce site ...

Startup news

New daily deals site promises ‘clever twist’, less emails

Yawn. Another daily deals site. That's so 2011. Promisingly however, the latest entrant into the market claims that it won't clog up your inbox. The site, which will be operated in South Africa by the MIH-owned online price comparison service PriceCheck, is a deal portal aggregator. This means that instead of offering its own deals, the site displays all the advertised deals from group buying sites in one place. Its entry into the South African market is part of an ...


Is Facebook about to let the kiddies in?

Facebook is reportedly developing new technology that would allow children under the age of 13 to use it. According to The Wall Street Journal, the massively popular social network is looking at ways to let children use the site under parental supervision. The newspaper reports that the measures would allow parents to determine who their children are allowed to "friend" and what applications they are allowed to use. According to Mashable, Facebook says it is investigating the possibility of ...






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