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Providing a platform for South Korean startups: BeLaunch

South Korea is a leading player in the global tech industry with Korean brands leaving their mark in various sectors. While we hear a lot about South Korean firms innovating and pushing the envelope, there is hardly any platform to showcase the thriving software and tech startup scene in South Korea. BeLaunch hopes to do just that by giving a platform for Korean startups and at the same time enable people and organizations outside Korea to tap into the exciting ...


Rumours of Google’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

Google logo Recently, Eric Jackson at Forbes, wrote an article that suggests that Google and Facebook will struggle to maintain their market dominance as technology increasingly shifts toward mobile computing. Jackson makes the point that many of the companies that started at the birth of the Web (Web 1.0) struggled to survive as social networking (Web 2.0) began to emerge. Now, he thinks that we are entering a new technical phase, where the Web is no longer relevant and mobile is king. ...

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How has social media changed education and recruitment?

Social Media As you may have picked up from my previous posts, I am quite a fan of using social media in the recruiting space. Pinterest being the new kid on the block is one that really interests me -- you can read my thoughts on how to use Pinterest as part of your recruitment strategy in an earlier post. But what comes before recruitment? Well before you can get a job, generally, you need to know a thing or two. ...

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Chinese online dating: It’s all about narrowing choice

China In contrast to online dating in the United States and Europe -- where people turn to the internet to increase choice -- Evan Osnos writes in The New Yorker this week about how Chinese netizens use dating sites to narrow their choices. “I once watched a twenty-three-year-old woman search for dates in Beijing, where there are four hundred thousand male users,” the chief engineer from Chinese dating site Jiayuan told Osnos. “She narrowed it down by blood type and height and ...


Nokia Asha 201 — the opposite of excellence [Review]

First impressions last the longest and if the Nokia Asha 201 was a person, I'd have slapped the taste out of its mouth the second it started speaking. Straight off the bat I can see that the Asha wasn't made for me. It's for the teens/tweens you know? The young at heart, the carefree who don't give a damn about responsive touchscreens, a decent camera, a fast display, a modern look or anything of that ilk. Onto the review.


This conference wants to give you R3k for a slogan

Think you’re the next big thing in copywriting? Well then you could win yourself a tidy bit of cash. The upcoming Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Conference is offering R3 000 for anyone who comes up with a slogan for the next iteration of the conference. The winner will also get a ticket to IMC 2013. According to Jaco van Zyl of conference organiser Living Your Brand: The slogan needs to incorporate the idea of integrated marketing communication, synergising ...


Smokoo team working on new venture after site shuts down

Penny bidding site Smokoo was always a little bit controversial. You were never sure whether you were on a legitimate auction platform or a gambling site. And now it's been shut down after being bought out by South African auction company Bidfair. Users trying to get onto Smokoo are currently greeted with a message informing them of the shut down and that they will "be required to manually register a new account with Bidfair", where all of the existing bids ...


Transformers are real, just a lot smaller than in the movies

I had to suppress my excitement when I first saw this video. I frikken' love Transformers and I always wished they were real. Now thanks to Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics they are. Well, at least one is, and at a much smaller scale than anything we ever saw in the cartoons and the recent Baytastic movies. Unfortunately this little fella doesn't pontificate on the nature of the Universe a la Optimus Prime and he's also a little clunky ...


Mozilla accuses Microsoft of return to ‘digital dark ages’ with one browser OS

Here we go again. Microsoft has apparently banned browsers other than Internet Explorer in one mode on ARM devices running Windows 8. In an official blog post, Mozilla says that Microsoft's proposed browser practices around Windows 8 Metro could signal a return to "the digital dark ages" before there was such a thing as browser choice. For those of you unfamiliar with the dark ages Mozilla is referring to, here's a short history lesson. In the mid 90s the world's ...


Facebook announces App Centre, just like everyone else

Facebook has been has been big on apps for a little while now. It’s a little surprising therefore that it’s taken it so long to announce an App Centre. There’s not much differentiating Facebook’s centre from the kind of app stores we’ve become used to courtesy of Google and Apple. The social network claims the App Centre “gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful”. It also claims that ...






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