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China wants ‘inappropriate’ video content censored

chinese flag China is cracking down on "inappropriate" online video content. A recent report from The People’s Daily states that two government agencies -- The State Internet Information Office and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television -- issued a statement informing online video providers like Sina and Youku, who just announced a deal with NBC, that they will be held liable for all content posted to their platform. According to the report, "the circular was issued upon requests from the public, ...


Mxit goes wild for Motribe photo filter app

Motribe made a name for itself building mobile social networks, but the company's photo-based Mxit apps seem to really be taking off too. The South African-based company released MxPix, a little over a month ago. In that time the app, which makes Instagram-style photo sharing and filtering possible for people with feature phones has attracted over one-million users. The app reached the one-million user mark a full 14 days earlier than Motribe's other photo-sharing effort JudgeMe. To date, the million ...


Imagine the world without the internet [Infographic]

Imagine, just for a second, that the internet didn't exist. You still got all your news from newspapers, spoke to your friends on the phone instead of via social media and IM, and consulted printed and bound encyclopaedias instead of Google every time you had a question. Did you just shudder at the thought? According to this infographic, if the internet really didn't exist, we'd all be spending a lot more money on media and postage stamps and quite a ...


Samsung wins UK patent case, because the Tab is ‘not as cool’ as the iPad

samsung galaxy tab apple ipad It's official, a UK judge said so: the Galaxy Tab is not as "cool" as the iPad. In case you haven't been keeping up with Apple's endless legal battles, the company accused Samsung of infringing on its tablet design patents. But they seem to have lost the case (at least for now) -- Judge Colin Birss basically confirmed what anyone who has ever seen a Galaxy Tab and an iPad can attest to; the two don't look exactly alike. ...


Microsoft buys interactive design outfit Perceptive Pixel

Wow. Looks like Microsoft isn't about to shut its chequebook just because of one measly US$6.2-billion writedown. The Redmond-based tech giant today announced that it had bought interactive design company Perceptive Pixel (PPI). The acquisition, announced at Microsoft's Digital Worldwide Partner Conference, was made to help with the research and design of upcoming Microsoft hardware and software. PPI showed off what it could do at the event with an 82-inch mega-tablet. “The acquisition of PPI allows us to draw on ...


Windows 8 scheduled for October public release

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like we finally have a date for a "finished" version of Windows 8. Manufacturers will be able to get their grubby little mitts on the latest version of Microsoft's OS in August, with a public release set for October. The dates were confirmed by Microsoft Corporate VP and CFO Tami Reller at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference keynote in Toronto, Canada. The October release date confirms what we've been expecting for ...


It’s not over until RIM says it’s over

blackberry 10 I have grown exceedingly weary of the relentless churn of doomsday articles targeted at RIM. Most analysis articles are merely sports commentary disguised as opinion. Foghorning RIM’s demise is as mainstream as it comes. Yes, the company is bleeding. Axiomatically so by means of RIM’s latest earnings results, but it’s only over when RIM says it's over. Everyone has their opinions (motives). Traders heap on the gloom in the hopes of snapping up stock at rock bottom prices and reaping the ...


Perceptive Media: campfire storytelling in the 21st Century

camp fire When the extraordinary Chrome Experiment called “The Wilderness Downtown” went viral in 2010, it was the first time that most people had seen the potential of what people are beginning to call “perceptive media”. Now Britain’s venerated broadcaster, the BBC has again thrust this new technology into the spotlight with its first foray called “Breaking Out”. What is it? According to The Next Web, it’s “media -- either video or audio – that adapts itself based on information it ...

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3 simple ways to drive engagement on social media

Social Media We live in a blessed time. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have finally allowed for the scaling of one-to-one relationships online. The problem is that few are taking the amazing opportunity to create long-term quality relations with their followers and fans. Things are improving but most are still committing "crimes" when it comes to online engagement with their followers. This post will cover three easy to understand guidelines which everyone can adapt to improve overall engagement with their ...


App Deathmatch: Nike+ vs Runkeeper

A uncovered autobiography and cookbook written by Kentucky Friend Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders was made available for download via KFC's Facebook page last month, which documents Sanders's life up to 1966 -- annoyingly you have to "like" and add an app to your account, so we pulled out some lessons based on anecdotes for you. In 1971, Sanders sold KFC to a liquor and food conglomerate called Heublein, which later lead to the Colonel becoming bitter as the quality of ...






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