Black hat, White hat: everyone could be an SEO spammer

Spam I've always advised people not to worry about search engine optimization (SEO) with the explanation that it's the job of the search engine to optimize its performance -- not yours. Over on SEOBook, there's a great article pointing out how Google is now measuring any attempt at raising the rank of a web page as the work of a spammer -- no matter the quality of the content -- and it will penalize the site. Any attempt to modify the rank of ...


Nexus 7 — the realisation of Google’s dreams

Each fingerprint is a mark of love Google's Nexus 7 worries me. As an iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook owner, I've been snobbish towards genuine Android tablets. Now, and as the Nexus 7 gently lands on my desk, I've seen the light. If you're going to own a tablet, it should be this one. Thin, light and fast, this is everything the upcoming iPad Mini should be. But it's the unique "Googleness" of the tablet that warms me to it. Read more ...


Muscle Music: check out Old Spice’s new interactive ad

Old Spice doesn't do half-assed when it comes to its video adverts and the latest one is no exception. The latest ad takes a turn away from Isaiah Mustafa-fuelled rapid paced ads Old Spice fans have become accustomed to. The new ad stars former American football star Terry Crews, I'm afraid there's no other way of putting this, playing music with his muscles. You can also use an interactive player to record your own remix. So if using a muscular ...

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Election Insights: Facebook and CNN’s real-time display tool

cnn facebook election insights Facebook and international news outfit CNN have unveiled Facebook-CNN Election Insights, following their partnership earlier this month to bring a “uniquely social experience” to this year's US elections. A tool that displays the real-time number of people talking about the candidates for the election. Facebook-CNN Election Insights displays dynamic, real-time charts and visualisations using Facebook Insights to gauge the volume of Facebook activity surrounding the election and candidates. The news network will use the tool, which also allows people to ...


Facebook group strips down for Prince Harry

Support Prince Harry This is pretty interesting. We've all been inundated with tabloid and other news agent snippets about Prince Harry's now infamous Las Vegas commando picture. Now a group on Facebook has decided to take it all off in support of the young prince, reports the Mail Online. The group, Support Prince Harry with a naked salute, has more than 21 000 members including soldiers serving in Afghanistan who have shown their support with a naked salute. The Prince's supporters aren't only ...

Future Trends

Gartner’s Nexus: the next age in computing?

servers The future of computing is here and it's called Nexus. No, I'm not talking about Google's seven-inch tablet, although that's pretty amazing. It's actually the area where social media, cloud computing, information, mobile meet and according to tech research company Gartner it will form the "basis of the technology platform of the future". The company reckons that although these forces "are innovative and disruptive on their own, together they are revolutionizing business and society, disrupting old business models ...


What is the cloud computing scenario for 2012?

cloud-computing Cloud isn't a buzzword any more. In fact it's become so entrenched that it has its own myths. And they're already being exploded. Take the idea that emerging markets aren't suited to the cloud for instance. That's bullshit. Emerging market countries have been interested in cloud for years. And that's because everyone in the world is interested in the cloud. That's just one example that Gartner managing vice president Daryl Plummer says is shaking the foundations of business, technology and ...


Hoax: Samsung paid Apple its $1bn damages in nickels [Update]

This is kind of funny. A story is sweeping through the web that Samsung has paid Apple all the money it was ordered to after the trial between the two companies. In nickels. The story goes something along the following lines: the South Korean tech giant paid the US$1.049-billion dollars in damages owed to its US counterpart five cent pieces, shipping through the cash in 30 armoured trucks. A sort of witty riposte to the ruling in the recent trial ...


Samsung goes all Rocky, vows to keep fighting

Looks like Samsung's had "Eye of the Tiger" playing on repeat ever since the jury ruled against it in its landmark trial against Apple. In a statement made today, the South Korean tech giant said "We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the US market." Those are very definitely fighting words. For its part Apple says it reserves the right to look for permanent injunctions against 28 Samsung products the trial's 9-strong jury ...

Advertising & Marketing

Should FOMO be part of your online campaign strategy?

fomo Recently several publications have been talking about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and predicting how it’s set to become a major player in future online campaign strategies. One article even talks about a “FOMO INDEX”, ranking brands according to the fear factor they command! Apart from the fact I’m a little shocked to see the word FOMO used in a business article so much, I also have some slightly different thoughts on the matter myself. I understand that people don’t ...






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