7 myths about mobile finance that need to be busted

people with mobile phones Mobile finance is massive. In fact, mobile payments alone are set to be worth US1.3-trillion by 2017. In emerging markets, mobile financial services have been disrupting the banking norm for years now. Developed markets have pretty much caught up now, and the field's about to explode. Thing is, there are still a lot of misconceptions about mobile finance and, according to Gartner research vice president Alistair Newton, they desperately need to be corrected. Newton reckons there are seven myths that ...


Is iTunes really set to launch in South Africa next?

Speculation is rife that Apple’s famous iTunes Store will become available for South African users in September. This could possibly be in-line with the release of the iPhone5 (the New iPhone?) and iOS 6.0 which is also slated for release in September. The announcement was made by Yoel Kenan at the Mobile Entertainment Africa 2012 Conference currently on the go in Cape Town, before being spread on Twitter by the likes of Stuff Magazine editor Toby Shapshak. The Apple iTunes Store allows ...


Business in 2012: is it a case of go mobile or go home?

eBusiness has gained traction, as companies are conducting more transactions, improving digital content and expanding the amount of services on offer online. But the industry has also diversified into the mobile marketplace. For over a decade, mobile retail has been viewed as a niche market, with profitable but somewhat insignificant products such as ringtones and wallpapers. The industry was scattered and unstructured, facing several challenges (including a somewhat shaky reputation due to a number of unscrupulous merchants). Read more on Ventureburn.


The jury: why Apple was never going to lose against Samsung

applevssamsung So Apple won its patent claims against Samsung in the United States, big surprise there. Those of us really invested in the patent war between Samsung and Apple have sat in our various circles debating the decision and tweeting our approval or disapproval of the jury's decision. But I am not done. Some background The case focused around Apple’s claim that Samsung "slavishly" copied its mobile products (specifically the iPhone and iPad). Samsung countered with a defence that it didn't. ...

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Who really inherits your digital legacy when you die?

Tombstones Many people will accumulate vast digital libraries in their lifetimes. The ease of buying titles from Amazon, iBooks and iTunes has meant more people are beginning to consume media digitally than ever before. Last month announced that it now officially sells more books via it’s Kindle than print books in the UK. As the popularity for digital books grow, the trend is sure to follow in other areas. But who exactly owns your digital assets when you die? And can you ...

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Gartner: Google and Apple are disrupting Microsoft

microsoft xbox nokia windows 8 Apple and Google have the potential to disrupt the status quo of the tech industry says Gartner analyst Jeffery Mann. Google Business and Apple's entry into enterprise are paving the way for these two tech giants to seriously shake things up for the likes Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Oracle, IBM and SAP. The way Mann sees it, Microsoft wants to replicate its technology platform and ecosystem success in the "emerging battle for cloud-based platforms and services with its Windows Azure infrastructure ...


Black hat, White hat: everyone could be an SEO spammer

Spam I've always advised people not to worry about search engine optimization (SEO) with the explanation that it's the job of the search engine to optimize its performance -- not yours. Over on SEOBook, there's a great article pointing out how Google is now measuring any attempt at raising the rank of a web page as the work of a spammer -- no matter the quality of the content -- and it will penalize the site. Any attempt to modify the rank of ...


Nexus 7 — the realisation of Google’s dreams

Each fingerprint is a mark of love Google's Nexus 7 worries me. As an iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook owner, I've been snobbish towards genuine Android tablets. Now, and as the Nexus 7 gently lands on my desk, I've seen the light. If you're going to own a tablet, it should be this one. Thin, light and fast, this is everything the upcoming iPad Mini should be. But it's the unique "Googleness" of the tablet that warms me to it. Read more ...


Muscle Music: check out Old Spice’s new interactive ad

Old Spice doesn't do half-assed when it comes to its video adverts and the latest one is no exception. The latest ad takes a turn away from Isaiah Mustafa-fuelled rapid paced ads Old Spice fans have become accustomed to. The new ad stars former American football star Terry Crews, I'm afraid there's no other way of putting this, playing music with his muscles. You can also use an interactive player to record your own remix. So if using a muscular ...

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Election Insights: Facebook and CNN’s real-time display tool

cnn facebook election insights Facebook and international news outfit CNN have unveiled Facebook-CNN Election Insights, following their partnership earlier this month to bring a “uniquely social experience” to this year's US elections. A tool that displays the real-time number of people talking about the candidates for the election. Facebook-CNN Election Insights displays dynamic, real-time charts and visualisations using Facebook Insights to gauge the volume of Facebook activity surrounding the election and candidates. The news network will use the tool, which also allows people to ...






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