Choose your own zombie adventure in The Walking Dead

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead (TWD) is a lot less game, a lot more interactive story. Like a great Choose Your Own Adventure novel, your decisions mould the way the story plays out. The choices you make here are both challenging and mature. Zombie-Tropes Based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series, Telltale’s The Walking Dead has some serious work to do to find relevance in the zombie-saturated media world that we live in. Read more on Gearburn.

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Get your portrait drawn in the sand by a robot with this Google experiment

google sketchbot portrait Ever wanted to take a photo with your webcam and get it sketched in sand by a robot at a museum in London? Well, your dream could come true... if you're a Google Chrome user. Thanks to a new API in the new version of Chrome, web apps will be able to 'see' and 'hear' you. According to an official blog post, the browser update includes the getUserMedia API, which allows you to grant web apps access to your webcam and ...


Twitter to UK journo: sorry we ratted you out, but your suspension was valid

tweet Twitter has issued a statement apologising for its suspension of UK journalist Guy Adams. Well sort of. The social network maintains that it followed most of its own procedures properly when it decided to suspend Adams after he tweeted the email address of an executive at US broadcaster NBC: That said, we want to apologize for the part of this story that we did mess up. The team working closely with NBC around our Olympics partnership did proactively identify ...

News hits 1m signups just hours after launch

Wow. Turns out people are really excited by One-million people have already turned on the product that will ultimately kill hotmail just hours after its launch. The news comes via a tweet from the product's official account and in the wake of a media onslaught that may well have stoked curiosity in the new email service: One million people have signed up for a new, modern email experience at Thanks! #outlookpreview…— (@Outlook) July 31, 2012 ...


Mark Zuckerberg’s younger sister now part of the Google family

When you hear the name Zuckerberg, your brain tends to jump to the hoodied founder of Facebook. Here's the thing though, there are, apparently Zuckerberg's all over the tech world. Following the acquisition of Wildfire Interactive, Mark Zuckerberg's younger sister Arielle will be joining Google. The junior product manager has previously offered up her thoughts on the changes made to Facebook. The Zuck's older sister Randi left Faccebook in August 2011, to pursue other projects, most notably social media company ...

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London 2012: the social media highlights of the Olympic Games

Olympic Rings It's been called the most social Games in history -- and this year's Olympics is definitely living up to the title. Even before the opening ceremony had begun, Twitter had already confirmed that there were more tweets about the London Olympics than there were for the entire duration of the Beijing Games. So far, not one but two athletes have been cut from their country's Olympic teams for inappropriate tweets, and a UK journalists' critical messages about US Olympic broadcaster ...


Windows 8: Fluidity and an uncompromising user experience

windows 8 Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with Windows 8. For the Redmond-based tech giant, it's not just another operating system, it's a complete shift in direction. "We worked hard to build a platform that is fast and fluid," says Windows 8 engineer Rajeev Nagar, who is part of the core Windows 8 development team. Since the announcement of Windows 8, a three preview versions have been released to consumers and the developer community. Microsoft's aim is to "bring along ...

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Cape Town social tourism campaign hits 13 million impressions on Twitter

tablet mountain This is very cool. The city of Cape Town is currently hosting four international travel bloggers and their itineraries are being guided by Twitter. The initiative, which is the brainchild of Cape Town tourism, invited people to participate in the campaign by sharing tips for the bloggers' itineraries using the hashtag #LoveCapeTown on Twitter. The campaign, which kicked off with a "tweet-up" on Sunday 29 July, has seen suggestions flooding in to a series of questions posted by the bloggers. ...

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Microsoft’s new Outlook: a home-grown hammer in Hotmail’s coffin

MS Outlook Hotmail's been the wheezing old collie of the email world for a few years now: we all acknowledge that it doesn't really serve any purpose but don't have the guts to put it down because it reminds us of simpler times. Well Microsoft's about to do it the kindness it should've done a long time ago. The puppy set to replace the old hound is the latest iteration of Outlook. In a what may be one of the frankest statements ...

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Twitter behind UK journo’s suspension over Olympic complaint [update]

twitter logo US broadcaster NBC's coverage of the Olympic Games has been controversial enough to cause a social uproar all of its own. Then UK journalist Guy Adams, was suspended from Twitter after tweeting the email address of an NBC executive. If that incident fanned the flames, then the revelation that Twitter was actually behind the suspension could result in an all out blaze. According to The Telegraph, representatives from Twitter had actually emailed NBC executives, alerting them to the tweet. “Our social ...






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