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Kenyan Twitter from A to Z: everything you need to know about ‘Kitter’

social media channels Last year the newly launched Nendo Ventures release its report on the Kenyan social media landscape. The report highlighted 15 key trends that is shaping and informing the Kenyan social media landscape. It also provided some insights into how Kenyans behave on social and their consumption patterns. The team is now taking a step further with its latest report unpacking Kenyan Twitter (Kitter) by alphabetising it. The report -- which has just been released -- is part of a series ...

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5 things you need to get right if you want to take your app global

Globes Putting mobile apps within reach of a global audience is one of the easiest steps companies can take to tap into the market of more than one billion potential online smartphone customers. According to, as of July 2014, Android users could choose from 1.3 million apps available for download, iPhone users 1.2 million, Windows Phone users 240 000 and Blackberry users 130 000. In most countries, English apps are still the most popular with native language apps ranking a ...


3 top tips for inculcating a connected tech startup culture

connect Mind-set, connectedness and government support are everything when it comes to building and sustaining a far reaching tech culture set to breed innovations across the globe. If it is a key imperative for tech businesses to replicate their business models and product innovations on an international scale, some key insights and lessons can be learnt from Israel, dubbed ‘the start-up nation’ who has successfully built an intimate tech culture and community with a far reaching global impact. 1. Connectedness Everyone in the tech ...


iOS 8 review: incremental iDevice improvements

Apple-iOS-8-Main Apple announced iOS 8 during WWDC 2014 and was released to the public two days ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. One thing that you must know is that iOS 8 doesn’t bring any drastic changes that we’ve come to know from iOS 7, which brought a complete new UI design. The design of the latest update is largely based on iOS 7’s new flat and colourful design theme. iOS 8 is more about adding subtle changes and refinements to ...

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The rise of IP cameras: why surveillance is increasingly online

Surveillance As the cost of bandwidth goes down, the appeal of IP-based camera systems goes up for companies that require a flexible, cost-effective surveillance solution with enhanced functionalities such as remote accessibility and better scalability. Within CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance images are captured and recorded on a digital video recorder (DVR), with the images being relayed through analogue cables going from the cameras to the DVR in the surveillance room. IP-based surveillance cameras store their data on more common PC ...

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Samsung expects a poor quarterly profit, smartphones wearing it down

Samsung Curved UHD TVs Samsung is expecting its quarterly profits to punch in at 4.1-trillion won (US$3.8-billion) -- that's about 60% down from last year's 10.2-trillion won forecast. The tech company seemingly has its fingers in all pies on the market -- from televisions to smartphones, smartwatches and processors. The latter seems to be where it's placing its bets going forward, nudging away from its poor performing mobile sector. A report by Counterpoint Research in July highlighted the company's struggle to keep up with the likes ...


Join the movement of technological innovation [SPONSORED]

MWOT MyWorld of Tomorrow is an opportunity for a continent to converge under a single roof, creating an African led movement of global technological innovation. Hosted by Business Connexion, MyWorld of Tomorrow is more than an event, but rather a label to a movement and a calling card to a community of innovative thinkers and doers, where stories of technological innovation and its impact on our world of tomorrow can be experienced. MyWorld of Tomorrow is the foremost platform for interaction and knowledge ...


Jules Bianchi in critical condition after crash: 6 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Jules-Bianchi-Marussia-650x350 There are just too many motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. “Wonderful” wouldn’t be a fitting way to describe this weekend’s events. While everyone in the Formula 1 paddock geared up for the torrential rain brought about by Japan’s seasonal weather systems, there were on track incidents that called into ...


Wiki Loves Africa competition asks for photos, videos and audio of African Cuisine

WikilovesAfrica Wiki Loves Africa is an annual competition that encourages Africans to enter media from photographs, video and audio. The competition seeks to bring together and bring to light fragments of life that are alien to one another. This year’s competition allows through photographs, video and audio people to share their African cuisine thus sharing their souls. For this year of 2014 the theme for the contest is ‘African cuisine’. Africa has a conflicted relationship with food. It is one of ...

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Why we should be grateful to tech for helping unveil the mysteries beneath Stonehenge

stone-henge For as long as many of us can remember, Stonehenge has been a mystery. Located in the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, this stone arrangement has puzzled people for hundreds of years. The world’s earliest archeologists were intrigued by Stonehenge and what it could possibly mean, and in the centuries that followed there are still many questions left to be answered. Even though plenty of educated guesses and analyses have been conducted on the Neolithic landmark, questions are still being asked ...






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