Introducing LoveBurn: the dating algorithm for geeks

Loveburn.Here at Burn Media we love to innovate and find the right niche for all our readers. Recently we noticed that a sizeable amount of our traffic comes from single females living in urban areas and this gave us an idea. What if we could connect these singles to loveable geeks? Voilà! LoveBurn was born!You are probably thinking: what the heck? We know it's a bit of a change of gear, but with the amount of time we spend ...


Take our 3 minute Jobsburn survey today and you could win an iPad mini

Computer frustrationsAs many of you might know by now, one of the key drivers of digital tech community is job creation but more importantly, the sustainability thereof. Our sister site, Jobsburn, is currently conducting a survey to better understand this growing industry and is also giving away a sleek iPad mini to one of the lucky participants.Although the industry is growing more exhilarating by the day with all the Lolcats, selfies and quirky hashtags popping up left and right, there’s a ...


7 really impressive ways people are using Google Glass

GlassThe thing about new technologies is that we can't really be sure how people will use them until they actually, well, get to use them. Take the iPad for instance. When Steve Jobs unveiled it in 2010, it was sold as a really great way of browsing the kind of content we'd ordinarily view on a laptop or desktop. Public reaction -- excluding what was then a much smaller contingent of iFans -- was generally something along the lines of ...


Governance and startups: the unique skills required for directorship

boardroomBeing a director of a small to medium enterprise (SME) is both a science and an art. While it requires the same fundamental skills as those required for corporate environments, the unique nature of the SME environment requires additional skills and abilities.As with corporate governance in larger organisations, foundational knowledge of governance principles, King III and the fiduciary duties of directors is essential. This includes both an academic understanding and a practical knowledge of how to translate governance principles into ...


Goat Simulator review: crazy, cool, stupid farmyard fun

Goat SimulatorThis is a good game, Tony Hawk with a goat, in essence. Goat Simulator's cool and stupid, which is a marvel for a game.There are tricks, objects to break and people to lick which just pulls them along with their spastic rag doll physics. Pity the goat controls like a slippery lawnmower, but it's all charming fun. This is a game made for live broadcasting on sites like Twitch where the whole world can laugh and clap along. Did ...

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Here’s why you should be your company’s go-to person on social

Social Media PlantsEven though social media marketing has been around for ages now, there are still some companies that treat it like a fad. I can confirm that social media is really still an exciting space to be in, but very few people are willing to invest the energy and time to take their social media campaign to the next level and ensure that they are getting a positive ROI from this medium.All the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, ...

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Alibaba looks to close gap between physical and online, pumps $629m into Chinese department store chain

AlibabaChina’s biggest ecommerce company is fusing online shopping with good, old-fashioned brick-and-mortar retailing. Sort of. Today, Alibaba announced a US$692 million investment in InTime Retail, which has 28 department stores and eight shopping malls across China.The deal will allow users of Alibaba’s ewallet app, Alipay, to make in-store payments at all InTime malls and department stores after tying the app to virtual prepaid cards. There’s no indicated launch date for this feature.The partnership between the two shopping giants ...


Mark Zuckerberg: drones are better at internet connectivity than balloons

Facebook dronesWhen Facebook officially announced that it would be using high altitude drones as part of its bid to bring internet access to parts of the world without terrestrial connections, it was inevitable that there would be comparisons with Google's Project Loon.If Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg is to be believed though, his multifaceted plan (which includes drones and low earth orbit satellites) is much more viable than Google's high altitude balloons.In part that's because, as Zuckerberg points out ...

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No end in sight for gadget lust: PC, tablet, mobile sales still growing

computerThings might not be great if you're a traditional PC maker. Headline after headline has been proclaiming your downfall for a good couple of years now. If you were clever though and diversified your business a little, then things suddenly don't look so bad. We might not be buying the same gadgets we were a few years ago, but that doesn't mean we're any less hungry for them.In fact, our appetite only appears to be growing. According to tech ...

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This brand ‘broke up’ with Facebook and Facebook doesn’t really care

new facebook news feedIf you've been anywhere near the internet recently, you'll have seen them -- the posts alleging Facebook is pushing brands' updates down in their fans' newsfeeds in favour of promoted posts. Facebook itself even acknowledged that brands wouldn't be reaching as many of their fans as they used to, as its new algorithm changes began to prefer certain types of content over others.All of this was just too much for food delivery startup Eat24, which decided it had had ...






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