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A retort: why brands and publishers should stay on Facebook

Facebook As a social media manager, this is my argument against my colleague Ashraf Stakala’s -- a Digital Project Manager -- case for why brands and publishers should start leaving Facebook. Algorithm changes: a win-win situation Often Facebook is seen as a monster but I believe Facebook still has a lot to give. Yes, organic reach is currently at 5%, but Zuckerberg and his team still have the users’ experience as their primary objective. This is something ALL brands should appreciate ...


Stunning Leica ad recreates 100 years of photography

Leica Centenary When it comes to photography, there are few brands that have quite as much pedigree as Leica, and it knows that too. Small wonder then that the German company felt secure enough to deliver an ad claiming, at least some, responsibility for history's greatest photographs. The ad, which does a stunning job of recreating those iconic images, was made to celebrate the company's 100th birthday. The rationale behind it is pretty interesting too. Essentially, because Leica made the camera mobile, ...

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Facebook Messenger could enable you to send money to your friends

fbmsg Sending a few Dollars or Rands to friends on Facebook could become as easy as sending them a bikini-clad selfie. According to a report by TechCrunch, Stanford University student Andrew Aude has uncovered a whole bunch of juicy code in Facebook Messenger that shows the social network looking to add a peer-to-peer money transfer feature in the future. After fiddling around with Messenger using a jailbroken iPhone, the student managed to unlock the feature. Here's a video of how it ...


This David Cameron rap video is the best piece of political propaganda you’ll see today

David Cameron rap Some things are just meant to be. This parody video of British Prime Minister David Cameron rapping to Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is one of those things. The video, compiled by YouTube artist Casetteboy is a mash-up of clips taken from various Cameron speeches and is designed to show off the worst of his party's policies. It does contain strong language, but given the backing track, that's hardly unexpected right?

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African women in tech: Rebecca Enonchong on concealing her role as founder

Rebecca_Enonchong "For a long time, to obtain enterprise customers, I concealed the fact that I owned the company. I never lied about it, but I never volunteered that information. My business card didn't even have a title" -- Rebecca Enonchong. Where are the women in tech? Who are the women building technology or working in technology in Africa? These questions and many more are asked on a daily basis. When it comes to technology in Africa, the general consensus is that ...


Sony Xperia M2 review: mid-range phone with high-end reliability

Sony-Xperia-M2-Phone-1 When Sony bailed on the television and laptop world to focus solely on mobile phones, it seemed a strange choice. Considering what a massive success those two spheres of its business used to be, Sony had become the Japanese Microsoft, cutting infected limbs from its damaged torso before it ground to a sepsis-ridden halt. But you know what? Dedicating itself to producing great mobile phones was an absolutely brilliant idea. Read more on Gearburn.


Why diasporas are emerging markets’ top assets when it comes to tech

Dandelion-wind Our world is on the move, as more and more people are qualified as migrants by statistical organizations. And it's growing fast. In 1990, there were 154 million migrants, versus 232 millions in 2004. How does this impact or serve the development of tech ecosystems in the emerging markets? Well, quite well, and stories from Iran, Lebanon and Nigeria will make it a bit more real. Iran: when top engineers look back to the home country The story of engineering in Iran ...

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5 big data myths that need to be busted right away

Data Center Over the past couple of years, big data -- the all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications -- has received so much attention that it's become difficult to separate the hype from the genuinely useful information. It's also become difficult to know exactly how best to use that data. In the best instances, it can help solve massive problems (and win World Cups) and ...


South Africans beware, cybercriminals are coming for you

Ninja Hacker Until recently, cybercriminals have tended to target countries with higher national income levels, according to the Global Cost of Cybercrime report, compiled by Intel-owned McAfee software on behalf of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). “This may change as low-income countries increase their access and use of the Internet for commercial purposes and as cybercriminals continue to refocus onto mobile platforms, the preferred source for connectivity in the developing world.” Greg Griessel, Consulting Systems Engineer Security Solutions, Cisco South ...

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Where would Facebook’s rumoured healthcare service leave user privacy?

facebook1 Facebook is reportedly in talks with medical industry experts to develop a healthcare product or feature for its 829-million daily active users. While this might change the healthcare industry as we know it, where should the line be between public and private user information? Anonymous sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that Facebook is exploring creating online support communities that would connect users suffering from various ailments. Furthermore, the company is also looking into preventative care applications to help improve ...






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