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  • Weekly Roundup #18: Facebook Messenger, Spartan, Sami Inkinen and the final Bugatti Veyron

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the tech trends, innovation and news from the last few days. This week, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, and Andy Walker tackle topics as diverse as Facebook Messenger’s transition to a platform, the latest updates to Microsoft’s Project Spartan, an entrepreneur who’s also an extreme athlete, and the final Bugatti Veyron. As a company, Facebook is 11 years old now. If it had remained the social network it was back then, it might still be around but it probably wouldn’t have nearly the same levels of success it now does. Its latest effort to...

  • Facebook’s solar-powered internet drones are finally hitting the skies this year

    No, it’s not a summer blockbuster in the works. Facebook is really going to start testing drones to beam internet access to people within the next few months. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the drone is called Aquila and will start doing its rounds when summer hits the States this year. Announced almost exactly one year ago, the ambitious stunt is part of Facebook’s Internet.org initiative which seeks to give between 1.1 billion and 2.8 billion unconnected people access to the web. “Depending on how this test flight goes, we’ll see what happens,” Facebook’s vice president of engineering Jay Parikh...

  • ‘Bloodborne’ first impressions: you died

    “Run away, man!” I shouted at the controller as it was callously ignoring my panicked button mashing. Finding the first monster after a mere two minutes of game play is unnerving, and something that you just don’t see in mass-appeal AAA games often. Begin easy, frolic with the gamer hand-in-hand until another deus ex machina joins the party for intermittent words of wisdom — that’s the usual formula. Gaming has really become a bit of a nanny sport, but From Software‘s Bloodborne tells this unwanted tradition to sod off quite emphatically. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Live video streaming feud: Twitter launches Periscope, Meerkat completes a funding round

    Like two bulls readying themselves for a fight, bellowing, mooing, looking menacing, intimidating the other, Twitter and Meerkat are ramping up their respective livestreaming plays. Today Twitter launched Periscope on iOS, a live video streaming startup it acquired back in January for a reported US$100-million. As news of the purchase became public, Twitter also cut off Meerkat’s ability to access its social graph. The news left Meerkat in the cold, considering that up until then, it had been the sole and popular live video streaming app for Twitter. Two weeks after its launch it amassed 120 000 users. Twitter’s...

  • Standard wank in a digital world: using someone’s likeness in video games

    We love the digital space because it’s so creative and communicative. Our ability to blog, meme, post and share content through digital platforms is sexy. Naturally, in digital and “real world” contexts there are limitations on an unfettered ability to create and share content. What is unclear is if using someone’s likeness in video games is part of those limitations? The gaming industry is big business. Global gaming is forecast to rise to US$70.1-billion in 2015. South Africa’s gaming industry is worth roughly R2.5-billion domestically. In the USA, a trend has emerged of using a celebrity’s likeness (rather than their...

  • How Mazda is quietly giving the big automakers a run for their money

    Mazda isn’t the biggest car manufacturer out there. In fact, the Hiroshima-based company is likely not even in the top five in its native Japan. Have a gander at the various lists ranking major global automakers (in terms of annual production or overall revenue) for the past few years, and Mazda is nowhere to be seen. Which is a bit of a shame. Now, half a decade after concluding a relationship with Ford that started as a financial lifeline and finished with the Mazda brand firmly taking a back seat, the once-ailing automaker is finally fighting fit again. Read more...

  • Who should tell your brand’s story?

    The one thing I love most about working in digital is that I always feel like we’re moving forward at a rapid rate. We work in an industry where innovation has become the norm. What our clients buy into this month we can often improve on three months down the line because we’ve learnt something new ourselves. Good digital marketers understand the landscape. Great digital marketers challenge it. Marketers spent decades trying to understand consumers and more importantly how they react to advertising. Although the digital revolution has flipped everything we know on its head, there is one constant...

  • Sami Inkinen: 5 ways ordinary people can do to do extraordinary things

    Sami Inkinen is known for a couple of things. Not only did he sell a company he co-founded for US$2.5-billion in February this year, he’s also a master triathlete and holds the record for crossing the Pacific from San Francisco to Hawaii (4345km) together with his wife. Recently during his trip to South Africa’s popular Cape Epic cycling race, the co-founder of online real estate company Trulia joined a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts for a sharing session at New Media Labs. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • WD My Passport Pro 4TB review-in-brief: speedy and stylish

    The WD My Passport Pro does what it does well, but weighing up the three P’s (practicality, performance and price) it only shines through when it comes to two of them. For the heavy-duty Apple Mac user on-the-go, the WD My Passport Pro’s flaws are minor if they’re even worth pointing out at all. For someone looking for a bit of flexibility, the external drive sings a different song. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Could POPI help curb the rising tide of cybercrime in South Africa?

    Cyber crime is escalating globally, and South African organisations are targeted as much as any others around the world. However, because disclosure is not mandatory in South Africa, too many organisations have been lulled into a false sense of security. Aon estimates that over 70% of South African businesses are not prepared for cyber attacks, and as attackers start to realise the extent of the vulnerabilities and financial opportunities here, we can expect to see an increase in attacks on local organisations. You’d be forgiven for thinking South African organisations seldom get hacked, based on what you read in the...

  • Facebook introduces Analytics For Apps for cross device mobile analytics

    With 1. 39 billion users per month, Facebook is officially the most populous nation on earth. In the spirit of a country, as we already think of it as so, the company is building resources to meet the demands of its growing population. Much like a city does to address urbanisation, Facebook is bolstering every aspect of itself. Amongst the list of announcements Facebook has made at F8, is Analytics for Apps, a new tool for marketers that makes it possible for them to track people who are access their apps and website across multiple devices. The service is available...

  • Fire engulfs Mxit’s Stellenbosch offices

    Mobile instant messaging service Mxit’s Stellenbosch offices were reportedly engulfed in flames in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Memeburn understands that the fire broke out at around 2AM. At this stage, it appears that the fire was caused by an electrical fault. Speaking to TechCentral, Mxit chief financial officer Richard Newton, “there was a fair amount of smoke damage that is limited to a small area on one floor.” According to Newton, around 10 Mxit staff would have to be temporarily relocated because of the blaze. “We are unable to estimate the value of the damage at this...

  • SA’s first social media lawyer on sex tapes, penis transplants and Pistorius

    She’s been described as the Dr. Eve of social media, ready with that much-needed reality check just before we send out a message into the world that one day will come back to haunt us. Invited to SXSW to talk about South Africa’s first trial by social media, Memeburn had the opportunity to sit down with Emma Sadleir at one of Austin’s most opulent hotels, the Driskill. Sadleir shot to fame as host on DStv’s Oscar Pistorius channel fielding Twitter questions about the country’s first televised trial. Viewers could send questions using the #AskEmma hashtag which would often trend while...

  • Security and the Internet of Things: what you need to know

    The Internet of Things – objects and appliances with embedded sensors and chips capable of communicating online — will result in 50 billion devices being connected to the internet by 2020, according to Gartner. From fridges and bathroom scales, to fitness bands and home thermostats, the amount of ‘things’ connected to the internet is really taking off and it’s a very exciting time for everyone. However, for many enterprises and consumers, the excitement of this new realm of connectivity is clouding the fact that, with more devices connected to the network, there comes a new array of security implications. For...

  • ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ review: facing fears, finding courage

    Every so often rare circumstances come together and give birth to something extraordinary. Be it the alignment of the stars or the direction of the wind, it is an occurrence so uncommon that its manifestation is measured in years. Ori and the Blind Forest is one such extraordinary phenomenon. No matter from what angle you look at it, this title excels on all fronts. It is a game so good I even dare say it is close to perfect. Read more on Gearburn.