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If we want digital to be effective, we need to really read customers

Electric brain Any digital activity throws up a huge, almost infinite array of metrics that can be used to understand its impact – there are opens, clicks, visits, plays and other singular actions and then there’s the whole deeper science of understanding a user’s behaviour and what mindset that behaviour actually denotes. We term this “reading digital body language”. If we can understand someone’s purchase intention from looking at how they are engaging in a digital experience we can unlock massive value. For example, ...


The next Apple event preview: Gold iPads, skinnier MacBooks and OS X Yosemite

Apple-October-16-Launch What's coming from Apple's 16 October event? Wouldn't you like to know? So would we, that's why we dug around for everything that's possibly coming from camp Cupertino. iPads We all know the deal by now. The new iPad Air will be thinner, lighter, faster and most likely feature TouchID. There's also some hope that there will be new colours for the iPad Air 2, especially Champagne Gold. Please let there be Champagne Gold. Read more on Gearburn.

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Facebook now lets you tell people you’re safe during a disaster

safetycheckmobielcarousel Tech companies building new products and services in response to disaster is nothing new. Google, Mxit and Microsoft and now Facebook have all launched products aimed specifically at aiding communication in disaster zones. The social network's product, called Safety Check is designed to provide a simple and easy way to say you’re safe and check on others. According to Facebook, when disaster hits, Safety Check will help you: Let friends and family know you’re safe Check on others in the affected ...


Christian Bale latest star in line to play Steve Jobs

Chrisitan Bale Christian Bale looks set to be the latest Hollywood A lister to play Steve Jobs. Sources confirm the actor is in talks to star in Jobs, Sony's biopic about the late Apple co-founder and technology deity. Sony acquired rights following the Apple mogul’s death in 2011. The movie will be directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin. Danny Boyle is a capable director having directed Slumdog Millionaire and the cult film Trainspotting, among others. Aaron Sorkin is, of course, ...


Suck on that: new version of Android to be called Lollipop

Lollipop Forest Right that's that mystery solved. The next version of Android will be called "Lollipop". Sorry Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake and Lemon Drop. First announced at Google I/O earlier this year, the latest edition of Google's mobile operating system comes with the tagline "Be together. Not the same". In part, that's a reference to the large number of mobile device manufacturers who build devices running Android, but it's also a reference to the fact that you can now use Android on ...

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Game of Thrones fans, there’s a new app that teaches you Dothraki

Dothraki app Ase shafki athdrivar. If you cannot read the above sentence, it's okay. You're not part of a fictional horse-riding, sword-waving warrior race. Seriously, if you cannot read the first sentence, it is because it is in Dothraki, a language from the Game of Thrones series. With a little effort though, you could learn it, especially with the help of a brand new app. Random House wants to help fans of Game of Thrones become fluent in the language that's spoken by the ...

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WeChat cannot succeed in Africa if it holds tight to its Chinese legacy

WeChat social media WeChat is blazing around the globe caring very little of what is in its path. In the last year, the platform's global launch has seen it begin to weave itself into the fabric of Africa's tech ecosystem and platforms of choice. I recently started using the platform. Before now, it held no real appeal for me -- none of the people I would ordinarily IM with are on the platform and sharing seemed futile if my crowd wasn't there to share ...


5 games from rAge 2014 that left us saying ‘more please’

Borderlands-presequel A weekend of rAge (god damn, I hate how that's spelled) mayhem has come and gone, leaving many gamers' hands pain-stricken, stiff and their hearts filled with lust for forthcoming titles. Although there was a ridiculous array of new releases to choose from, one couldn't quite play them all. But because there were so many, how on earth could you pick which to play? It's okay, but if you didn't play these five games, you weren't doing rAge correctly. These are ...


The evolution of the motorbike: the beginnings of the burgeoning bicycle

bicycle The Evolution of the Motorbike takes look at how the humble motorcycle has evolved over time, from the early concepts to the present, and what lies beyond. In the first edition of this nine part series, we look at the technical underpinnings and historic progression of the motorbike's greatest predecessor -- the bicycle. For standing on two thin wheels, the motorbike as we know it has a staggered and layered past. From its initial timid conception back in the mid 1800s ...


5 tips to keep your startup looking professional on a budget

Startup office A business’ professional appearance is directly correlated to the degree of competence, trustworthiness and available resources they exude to clients and potential leads alike. If someone were to consider using a business’s services, only to walk into their office and find its clutter reminiscent of a pigsty, they are very unlikely to trust that business with anything at all, much less their financial interests. As a result, the professional appearance of any business is extremely important, whether it’s a startup or ...






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