7 crazy fuel alternatives that didn’t catch on

Tequila Utter the words “alternative fuels”, and most people will immediately think of hybrids, electric cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles. But what about potential fuel sources that are even more “alternative” than those? What about powering cars with substances that make traditional fuels – i.e. petrol and diesel – seem altogether uninteresting? Well, we had a scrounge around and found these seven entirely off-the-wall alternative fuels that haven’t quite made it in the mainstream motoring world. Well, not yet, anyway… Read more on ...


Everything you need to know about refurbished phones [SPONSORED]

Smashed iPhone Mobile technology is booming and I mean it’s really booming! It seems like everyone, young and old, has a mobile device of some kind these days. What’s more is they’re not some cheap, run-of-the-mill phone either, they are highly sophisticated pieces of technology. Being accessible at all times of the day and night through phone calls, SMS and the myriad of social network options has become the norm for most of us. Having the internet at our finger-tips has become ...


Mark Zuckerberg pours bucket of ice over his head, challenges Bill Gates

Mark-ice All in the name of a good cause, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has just poured a bucket of ice over his head. Zuckerberg was recently challenged by US Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to indulge in the non-profit ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge. In good spirit, the 30-year-old billionaire then posted a video of himself going all out philanthropic. What a sport. Zuckerberg has now nominated Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings ...


Latest Michael Jackson single ‘A Place With No Name’ debuts on Twitter

"A Place With No Name", the latest single from Michael Jackson's posthumous album XSCAPE has premiered on Twitter. The video for the song, which features previously unseen footage of the King of Pop was tweeted out by the @MichaelJackson account to some 1.4-million followers around the globe. It’s time! The first ever premiere of "A Place With No Name" right now on Twitter #MJXSCAPE— Michael Jackson (@michaeljackson) August 14, 2014 According to Twitter, there have been some 6.4-million mentions of the ...

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Social media and strange bedfellows: #WomenAgainstFeminism, meet @NoToFeminism

WAF Social media -- the battle ground for all causes, all opinions and all debates that must be heard. In the last few weeks, a number of women have come out to take a stand against feminism and the hashtag WomenAgainstFeminism (WAF) was born. I first noticed the "movement", if we want to call it that, on Buzzfeed. The site featured posts from 14 women who publicly stated that they were against feminism for various reasons. One woman said she could ...


Rise of the wearables: just how far away are we from ditching our smartphones?

Nike Fuelband When will the reign of the smartphone be over? The explosion of the wearable market within the past two years could signal the ringing of the death knell for mobile phones. But many still aren’t sure about our wearable future. There is plenty going on in the wearable space right now, and the futuristic appeal of chatting on a miniscule wrist phone is undeniable. But its sustainability remains in question. As the UK’s Register points out, implementations thus far appear to ...


OurHood is building online communities so we can get to know our neighbours better

OurHood-postcard The sharing economy is a really exciting concept. The idea has been around for a decade now and popularised by internet startups like the accommodation sharing platform AirBnb and carpooling service by Uber. In South Africa, in the true spirit of Ubuntu, Springleap is a good example, enabling creatives to collaborate and connect with agencies. Until now though there hasn't really been a platform that concentrates on building and strengthening communities. OurHood wants to be that platform. Read more on ...


Strontium Nitro Plus 64GB microSDXC review: the gold-plated standard

Strontium-SD-card-1 A storage card is a storage card, right? Well, not entirely. They're integral components in the mobile device ecosystem but are an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of kit. Although each microSD card looks, behaves and typically does the same thing -- which is, store things -- some are faster than others, some are prettier than others and some come with rather great little addons. The Strontium Nitro stakes its claim in the "some" category. Read more on Gearburn.


6 tech gods and the cars they drive

Honda_NSX_red1 One of the benefits of making it big in the world of tech is that you get to buy a fancy car. All those hours you spent in front of a computer screen while everyone else was out partying suddenly don't seem too bad when you find yourself cruising down a stretch of ocean-side black top in your set of dream wheels. But what if you don't have a particular kind of car that you've always wanted? Do you go ...

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Why Facebook wants to hack your phone and how to avoid it

fbmsg Facebook wants to hack your phone and take over your life. Not really, but that's what people have been fearing recently since the Big Blue made some changes to its instant messaging app, Messenger. Mobile users are now forced to send messages using a secondary app. Not only is this an annoying peeve, some have expressed complete outrage against some of the app's terms and conditions. As we've seen before, whenever the giant social network makes a change, there are those ...






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