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5 small steps to big data marketing success

Spiral staircase The phrase ‘big data’ has not always been associated with the largely qualitative field of marketing, but that’s exactly what’s bringing success to so many organisations around the world today. Ironically the switch from brand-driven to data-driven marketing is really a mind-shift, because the objectives of both are the same. Embracing the concepts of big data marketing doesn’t mean letting go of the emotional, sometimes intangible side of marketing; quite the opposite in fact. With the right data from the ...


Uber [enter African city here] is happening sooner than you think

Uber App Like it or not, Uber's path to world domination cannot be stopped. The San Francisco-based car ordering technology company is making its play for every market there is with hunger and urgency. A few months ago, Uber's International Launcher, Patrick Studener, took a trip to Nigeria to explore the possibilities for Uber there. An entry in Africa's most populous nation would mean the company was serious about the continent it seems things have tunred exactly that way. Some weeks ago, ...

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6 ways proper tech can help bridge the business-IT divide

Tech Having now written a total of seven articles examining different aspects of what is needed to add real value to your business using information technology, it is now time to condense our journey into a summary of the key thoughts discussed. Very few people will argue that the realm of technology has become an integral part of our daily lives - particularly when it comes to our business dealings, but even as private individuals digital is all-pervasive. As their role ...


9 gadgets that scream ‘America!’

us-flag-usb When John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776, the term "technology" probably encompassed what was then bourgeoning stream engine technology and the quill used to sign the parchment. Nearly 350 years later though, as Americans gear up for the celebration of this day, technology is an integral part of their and the world society in general. As the homes and streets from New York to Los Angeles are painted red, white and blue, why should techology not ...


Here’s what a World Cup penalty shootout looks like on Twitter

twitter world cup The 2014 World Cup has already taken the relationship between live sporting events and Twitter to new levels, with Brazil's round of 16 match against Chile setting a new record for tweets per minute. A large part of that came down to the fact that the match ended in a dramatic penalty shootout. But how does Twitter behave while the penalty shootout is taking place? Well, thanks to Twitter's own data team, we now have an idea. The social network ...


11 crafty fintech startups changing the way South Africans spend money

SnapScan For startups, the fintech space is a good industry to be in. People are always looking for ways they can make the most out of their money — no one’s ever happy with their account balance. In South Africa, especially, we see a lot of support from the local banks. We decided it’s time to give them some credit recognition, so take a look. Ever since the MPesa story grabbed the attention of the world’s tech fans, a lot more confidence ...

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10 commandments that will transform your email marketing efforts forever

10 Commandments To win at any game, you need to first learn its rules inside out and then practice, practice, practice till you become an expert at it. The same philosophy applies to most things in life, including email marketing. Email marketing is probably the most scientific part of marketing, where every single aspect of the communication can be tested to zero in on the best variation, its results are distinctly measured and attributable to specific actions made by the user, thanks to ...


TwoDots review: beautiful frustration

TwoDots What do you look for in a casual game? Something quick and sweet to entertain you while you queue? Or something so addictive and potentially frustrating you'll become numb to what's going on around you, miss your bus stop while intensely sliding across your screen or throw your phone across whatever room you're in? Having just come back from making myself a cup of hot chocolate to calm down (after sending the Gearburn editor an eloquent and descriptive message reading "KILL ...

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Business at the heart of the arts: what we can all learn from the new National Arts Festival site

National Arts Festival Just like the National Arts Festival itself, the new festival website has plenty of colour and personality. The site got a much-needed makeover just in time for the 40th edition of the Festival, held in Grahamstown 3 – 13 July 2014. And, again like the event, under all the colour, images and nifty transitions, there is a business basis making this a site that does more than entertain. Look and feel Blame and the one-page app sites, but bold width-spanning ...

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Cloud PoS in Africa: if it doesn’t work offline, it doesn’t work

hand-cloud Cloud computing is sweeping the world as more and more companies seek to gain the advantages of reduced hardware investment, lower maintenance, ease of provisioning and reduced costs. But moving into the cloud usually comes with a pretty serious qualifier: the connectivity has to be very good, or it doesn’t work at all. In environments such as point-of-sale (PoS), this is particularly important, because when queues form and checkout operators start stressing, business is not going well. That’s why the ...






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