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3 massive digital trends and how South Africa can use them to its advantage

Pic of David Silverstein on Memeburn - jacques@memeburn Financial markets are in flux, cyber crime is on the rise and millennials are taking over the business world. That's according to David Silverstein, the CEO of global consulting firm BMGI, who says that while these trends are not necessarily the biggest, they're certainly ones we should all take heed of and keep in our back pockets. 1. Anticipate chaos In terms of reacting to markets, companies should stop trying to prepare for the worst or the best. Instead, they should prepare ...

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Airline apps review: the best, the worst, and the one that makes you feel good

Airport There’s actually no reason whatsoever for anybody in this day and age to walk around with paper boarding passes. When airport companies came up with the bright idea of introducing self check-in kiosks it didn’t make the experience any easier either. Meanwhile most of those travelling by air are carrying smartphones these days. So why not invest in an app? It’s mostly been American airlines which have commissioned some incredible apps these last few years. Surprisingly it doesn't seem to be ...


Why South African brands really should adopt an omni-channel model

shopping The term omni-channel is on everyone's lips today -- across all sectors -- yet no brand in South Africa has managed to execute on a true omni-channel strategy. Look to the international market, however, and you'll find many examples of companies that have gained a real competitive edge from omni-channel approaches, including the likes of John Lewis, Tesco, Marriott International and Starbucks. Starbucks stands out in the competitive coffee shop landscape partly because of how it's able to deliver a great ...

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5 steps to defining an effective IT strategy

Five The business world is shrinking daily. Customers are increasingly more tech-savvy and the instant gratification generation demands change and innovation now. This, combined with the upsurge in cloud solutions and distributed workforces, makes IT strategy progressively more important to all organisations – especially as businesses look to cut costs and operate more effectively. What is it? An IT strategy is an integral part of the overall organisational strategy. It is a comprehensive plan that guides organisations on how technology can help them ...

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Robert Downey Jr. gives an ‘Iron Man’ prosthetic arm to a seven year old boy

Iron Man Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr delivered a real bionic prosthesis to a seven-year old boy named Alex, who was born with a partially developed arm. The prosthetic arm is part of a project led by Albert Manero, a Fulbright scholar currently pursuing his doctorate in aerospace engineering at the University of Central Florida, which aims to make 3D printed arms more affordable. The arm was made by Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit prosthetic maker that helps provide 3D printed prosthetics ...

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Weekly Round Up #16: the Apple Watch edition

Gold Apple Watch The most anticipated event in tech this week was the launch of the Apple watch on Monday. Apple, late in entering the wearable space, has been rumoured to be building a wearable that will make all the others bow down to it. Days later the debate about whether it has succeeded on doing so rages on, with views split right in the middle. The Apple watch was not the only thing that Apple launched on Monday, it also launched a ...

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Fans pay tribute to Terry Pratchett with these magical quotes

Terry Pratchett After 66 inspiring years and a career spanning 70 magical books, fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett passed away yesterday. According to an official letter released by Penguin Random House, the novelist has been struggling with Alzheimer's disease since he was diagnosed in 2007. This didn't stop Pratchett from colouring in the wittiest and most thoughtful corners of our imaginations as he continued writing and managed to complete his last Discworld novel in 2014. A full statement from Larry Finlay, managing director at ...


CHAPPiE is an elaborate feature-length music video for Die Antwoord

chappie-image-2-1024x473 Ninja cried at the end of Chappie. Many others didn't even get that far into the movie. Released in the US a week ahead of its South African release, Chappie has left Americans dumbfounded. I went to see the movie in a New York cinema where people actually walked out while others stopped paying attention halfway through to discuss the weather. Chappie is South African-born director Neill Blomkamp's third Sony blockbuster, following the runaway success of District 9 and the less-successful Elysium. Six ...


6 convertible vehicles that should never have been built

Convertibles The folks over at Jaguar Land Rover have made an interesting decision. Yes, after three years of fierce speculation – sparked by the unveiling of a certain topless concept at Geneva back in 2012 – the British automaker has revealed that it will indeed be taking a convertible Range Rover Evoque to production. Does the world really need a soft-top crossover? Well, Jaguar Land Rover apparently thinks so, and as a result the Evoque Convertible is scheduled to force its ...

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Google owns the lion’s share of SA online advertising space, mobile still tiny

South Africa digital The South African online advertising space is growing, bringing in revenues of more than R1.3-billion a year. That's good, but before any agency owners go making expansion plans remember: Google takes in more than half of that figure. That much was today confirmed in an inaugural Internet Advertising Revenue Report, prepared by PwC SA and released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) South Africa. The study, which takes into account revenues reported up until 31 December 2013, also revealed that ...






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