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  • 4 new workplace technology ideas to uplift your team’s efficiency

    Most all business owners would likely agree that business efficiency can be traced back to a firm’s ability to successfully execute a given strategy in a productive manner that produces satisfactory results for the organization. Business success is defined by an organization’s ability to be both efficient and productive, both of which are a result of engaged employees that are capable of executing on specific goals that have been strategically aligned with the firm’s objectives. Since we know that execution is the key to success, then, do we know what steps can be taken in order to increase your...

  • 3 things the Xbox One does better than the PlayStation 4 (and vice versa)

    We live in a world governed by binaries. Night and day. Summer and Winter. Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But one simply cannot say that one is better than the other. After all, some adore strolling through horizontal, wind-propelled rain, while others prefer bright red skin burns lazing on the beach. This binary mindset is especially true when any mention of the current generation of consoles is made. Sure, some people will prefer the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, and conversely, some will prefer Sony‘s console to Microsoft‘s, but each outwits the other in their respective ways.

  • How mobile payments have revolutionised business

    There are approximately 447.9 million mobile payment users worldwide, a remarkable evolution from coins being introduced in 700 BC, notes in the 10th century and the introduction of Western Union’s “credit card” in the 20th century. Now customers can choose from a variety of payments including in-app payments, mobile point of sale, and online payment services such as retail giant Amazon or Paypal that operate a global online payment system. Africa has 52% of mobile payment usage in the world. In the continent alone, mobile payment solutions have revolutionised the way in which business is being done. The Kenyan...

  • How a Kenyan health startup is transforming the lives of families — one SMS at a time

    Your children’s health is probably the most important thing in the world to you. But how do you know if your child is developing the way they should be? Even in the UK where there’s the NHS, innumerable child development internet sites, or a gazillion baby books, it can be a difficult time. But imagine living in rural Kenya, where health clinics might be difficult to access, there’s no internet and in some cases you might not even read or write. That’s the problem Nominet Trust 2015 winners, Totohealth is solving, and it is solving it very well indeed.

  • Opera Mini now features a built-in ad-blocker

    Opera Mini, the mobile browser that many use on Android devices (and some other platforms), now boasts a built-in ad-blocker. This new move comes on the back of its free VPN service on desktop browsers it launched earlier this year. The ad-blocker on Opera Mini though suggests that the company's looking at the lower end smartphone market, those users strapped for processing power and data. The blocker therefore saves around 14% on data, and nearly halves page load times, the company claims. While you could theoretically download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for mobile (these are available on other platforms too), they...

  • Instagram awards $10k to 10-year-old for not deleting Justin Bieber’s comments

    Parents of Nineties' children didn't enjoy them constantly starting at computer screens, but that's probably because not many of them were able to find security-threatening bugs in the code of one of the most popular apps in the world. A ten-year-old boy has done just that, and the app in question? Well, just that app Facebook bought for US$1-billion -- Instagram. Related: Instagram to ditch chronological feeds for algorithms After discovering the bug and reporting it to Facebook, the company rewarded the Finnish kid with US$10 000, which seems a bit slim considering what the bug could've meant for the likes of...

  • Apple loses exclusive rights to ‘iPhone’ name in China

    This has to be one of the strangest legal battles of the year, but Apple has now lost a case against a company in China selling its products using the iPhone name. No, these products aren't smartphones in the same vein as Apple's, but rather a range of quite fetching smartphone cases, bags, wallets, and other leather products. Chinese company Xintong Tiandi was awarded the rights to use the name IPHONE on its products back in 2010. As Apple couldn't prove that it was an established brand in the Chinese market prior to Xintong Tlandi's reservation of the name (it only began...

  • Afeni Shakur dies: Twitter pays tribute to hip-hop’s godmother

    Mother of lauded legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, activist and generally inspirational human being Afeni Shakur has died aged 69. According to reports, Shakur suffered what seems to be cardiac arrest in the late hours of 2 May 2016. The investigation is currently ongoing. Deps responded to report of poss cardiac arrest @ 9:34PM last night @ her home in Sausalto, trans to hospital where she died @ 10:28PM. — Marin County Sheriff (@MarinSheriff) May 3, 2016 Afeni Shakur, who oversaw her son's meteoric posthumous rise to hip-hop stardom, was herself an activist against racial prejudice and an active political figure in the US. Soon...

  • #MatthewTheunissen apologises for racist Facebook post, Twitter doesn’t buy it

    In an interview with AM radio station Cape Talk, Cape Town native Matthew Theunissen has apologised for a recently published racist Facebook post. The post, which Theunissen wrote in response to Sports Minister Fikile Mbulula's announcement that three of South Africa's major sporting codes would be banned from hosting international sporting events until they met their transformation targets. In the now deleted post, Theunissen labels Mbalula and his government colleagues "kaffirs" -- a derogatory term used against black South African -- and "cunts". In the interview, the Noordhoek resident admits that he typed the words in a rage, but...

  • Analysing social media language: a legal and ethical conundrum

    We live in an age where people’s daily social media posts and internet search queries are not wholly their own. Though most of us search without much thought for the invisible eyes of others, the value of such data has not gone untapped by advertisers or unnoticed by researchers, who have used it for projects from studying influenza outbreaks to predicting stock market behavior. With all of this internal dialogue set free in the public sphere, some have also argued that more subjective correlations between social media language, human behavior, and our general well being have gone understudied. Dr...

  • 5 things I’ve learned from the South African mobile money space

    The 2015 Ericsson Mobility Report tells us that by 2020, 70% of the world will be using a smartphone. It even says that mobile data networks will cover 90% of the population with subscription reaching 6.1 billion people and almost 80% of these new subscriptions will come from Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Now, this tells me one doesn’t need to be a fortune teller to see what is going on and as a person who’s been in the mobile industry for years, I can say without a doubt, mobile money is the future of the world....

  • 7 quirky, alternative smartphones we’d love to own

    The mobile industry might seem like a uniform world of generic designs, but if you look hard enough, you'll find some interesting devices out there. And believe it or not, but some of them are actually rather enticing. Here are a few quirky smartphones we wouldn't mind getting at all. YotaPhone 2 Image: Maurizio Pesce via Flickr Russian company Yota launched the first-generation YotaPhone a few years ago, but last year's YotaPhone 2 upped the company's game in a massive way. Read more on Gearburn.

  • 10 LinkedIn tips that can get you hired

    Most recruiters these days will take a look at your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you if your CV captures their eye and they’re interested in interviewing you. They also often scan relevant profiles on LinkedIn to identify people they think might be a match for positions they are struggling to fill or don’t want to advertise. A recent study on Global Recruiting Trends showed that 43% of recruiters use social professional networks as their key source of quality and 42% use internet job boards. As such, a clean, professional and presentable LinkedIn profile can be a major...

  • Recruitment marketplace OfferZen sees fantastic growth in SA dev sector

    Since Ventureburn last caught up with recruitment marketplace OfferZen in January, the Cape Town-based company has been flaunting some impressive growth. It has strengthened its team from three to nine in order to expand its operations to Gauteng and ultimately corner SA’s software developer job market. OfferZen is an online jobs marketplace for software developers. Both the companies seeking developers and the developers themselves apply to be listed on the website. Once accepted, companies send interview requests to developers, specifying salary, and benefits upfront. The developer can then choose whether they accept the interview request or not. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Is technology really replacing tech jobs?

    Picture this: A vehicle stops outside your home. You get in. Your favourite music starts to play. The news that you are interested in, or the next episode your favourite series, appears on the in-vehicle screen. Today, there’s an obstacle on your usual route, the vehicle automatically figures out and takes an alternate route. It stops at your destination and you get out. Exactly on time. On the roads, a quarter of a million minibus taxis are travelling at 100km per hour, one vehicle’s length apart. Nothing new there. Except that...