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Are South Africa’s banks really ready for big data ?

wallet-401080_1280 In the era of information, the bank with the most actionable insights is the winner. The age of “big data” has begun to slowly filter through into the banking environment, with banks being able to design customer-centric solutions using statistical models and information gathering techniques. So, just, what is big data? The term refers to large amounts of complex information, which often contain a variety of facts, generated at high speeds, and can sometimes be inconsistent. For example, your bank ...

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Mozilla Firefox might be coming to an iPhone near you

firefox It looks like Mozilla is planning on bringing its Firefox web browser to iOS. If current mobile and browser stats are anything to go by, this would be a smart move if the fiery fox is to dig itself out of a hole in terms of gaining market share. Firefox release manager Lukas Blakk said that “We need to be where our users are so we're going to get Firefox on iOS." According to TechCrunch, Blakk was quoting Mozilla’s VP ...


MTN Steppa Tablet review: an able budget tablet

Steppa-Tablet-1.jp_ Local brick-and-mortar retailers have been at the forefront of offering low-cost smartphones, something which has served their consumers well by offering much-needed competition to high-end smartphones. Similar things are happening in the tablet space with the likes of MTN and Vodacom bringing out increasingly cost-effective options. The MTN Steppa Tablet is the African telecommunication giant's low cost tablet, released a few weeks ago. Alongside the MTN Steppa 2 smartphone, it presents a full budget-orientated onslaught for South Africans this Christmas season. Read ...

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Apple patents an iPhone drop mechanism that alters device angle in freefall

cracked iphone We've all experience it: that horrifying moment when you drop your smartphone, wondering whether your screen is about to be smashed to pieces. That worry could however be a thing of the past. Apple was granted a patent by the USPTO on Tuesday. The patent describes a system that can recognise an iPhone drop. The mechanism will react to an iPhone in mid-air, re-orient it, and alter the angle of its impact with the ground after determining how best to ...


Dragons’ Den SA episode 11: stop and smell the flowers

Dragons Den SA 11 As an entrepreneurial show, Dragons' Den SA is mostly there for the entertainment value. You only have to look at the similarities between the worst entrepreneurs who enter the den and the worst singers on other reality TV shows to realise that some people will never learn that they're not destined to be entrepreneurs, or singers for that matter. Once you get past that though, it is possible to take some value out of the show and learn important lessons ...

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Translation as cost or opportunity: lessons from the journeys of others

translate-110777_1280 When companies expand into new markets, the decision whether to translate their product interface, support literature or marketing depends on a complex mix of factors. But ultimately it boils down to a simple question: does translation present an opportunity or a cost? It can be both, of course, and therein lies the rub. Too often, companies focus on cost without considering the revenue potential of translation. As revealed to us during presentations at Localisation World 2014, North American companies approach localisation very ...


Far Cry 4 review: discover your primal self

Far-Cry-4-1 Welcome to the vast and unforgiving wilderness of Kyrat -- a fictional region in the Himalayas and the setting for Ubisoft’s latest title, Far Cry 4. Get ready to enter a full-fledged civil war in a land of myths and legends. In its lengthy 35-hours of gameplay, you will be introduced to a string of pleasingly unique personalities, from a Bible-crazed weapons-dealer to a peculiar pair of deceiving stoners. Boasting a more refined and improved Far Cry recipe, this title is assured ...


Porsche triumphs, burns at Interlagos: 8 moments you missed in motorsport this weekend

Porsche-919-Hybrid-Interlagos-2014 There are just too many great motorsport events and series to fit into a comparatively short weekend. Sadly because of this, many exciting moments go unnoticed to the oblivious racing fan. But that’s a thing of the past, thanks to Motorburn’s weekly roundup. It's quiet in the motorsport realm, isn't it? After last weekend's Formula 1 crescendo, the usual December lull has commenced and we can't wait for the Summer antics to begin again. There are tidbits here and there, but we ...

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One poorly drafted contract can destroy the agency/client relationship

Contract Marketing directors and corporate procurement departments who pay special attention to the content of their Service Level Agreements (SLA), together with their service providers, are very well placed to enjoy the chemistry and promise of brand growth that attracted them to each other in the first place. In cases where the relationship is being cemented after a pitch process, it’s imperative to sign such an agreement after the selection process is complete. If this can’t happen immediately, it can be pushed ...


3 ways to go about hiring foreign skills for your SA startup

Passport-stamps Even before I was involved in the tech entrepreneur scene in SA and before I ran an immigration and visa services firm, I noticed during my tech recruitment days that companies simply don't understand how the work visa system in South Africa functions. And because they don't understand it, they are afraid of it. The plain truth is that it's very simple. Either you can hire that foreign skill, or you can't. But if you can, then there is no reason ...






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