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  • Stitch Video: unlocking Africa’s growing video ad industry

    Having been responsible for launching one of the first video ad exchanges, Adapt.tv, which was then later acquired by AOL for over US$400-million, Chris Smith has a strong background in video products and solutions. Today, with South African-born Henk Van Niekerk from AOL and serial entrepreneur Vinny Lingham on board as advisors, the startup founder is looking to Africa's growing video market as the next big thing. Ventureburn sat down with Smith from Stitch Video to talk about how an American came to set up a startup at the very tip of Africa.

  • Twiplomacy: how the world’s most powerful politicians, diplomats use Twitter

    Twitter has become an immensely powerful political tool. But it's not just presidents and popes using the social network to push their messages across. More than half of the world’s foreign ministers and their institutions are active on Twitter. But are they all using it in the same way? According to the most recent Twiplomacy study by research house Burson Marsteller, governments are putting more effort into their social media communication and are including more visuals and videos in their tweets. Some, such as the @Elysee Palace, are regularly posting six-second Vine videos to summarise state visits or to cheer...

  • Samsung’s net income plunges as smartphone competition heats up

    Samsung released its first quarter results and, in spite of the launch of its flagships, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, it is not looking great for the South Korean company. It's worth noting though that it might be too early to the results of the two flagships. Samsung of course expects to see strong mobile demand. The first quarter results show that Samsung’s net income has plunged by 39%. The company reported that its first quarter income was 4.63 trillion won (US$4.35-billion), compared to 7.49 trillion won one year earlier. Sales were down by 12% from a year earlier to 47.12...

  • We know autonomous cars are coming, but what form will they arrive in?

    Autonomous cars are coming. Sure we’ve still got a long way to go, especially when it comes to the ethics and safety behind them, but there’s no changing the fact that they will go into mass production in the very near future. Heck, you only need to look at the fact that an autonomous car just crossed to the continental United States to see just how close we are. But how will market for self-driving cars evolve once they do arrive? Will human drivers eventually become illegal, as Elon Musk predicts? Or is Bosch’s vision of drivers switching between autonomous...

  • Facebook drives video ad strategy by targeting desktop users with games

    As you might know, video on Facebook is massive. With over four billion native videos on the platform every day, the company says that people are uploading, sharing and discovering videos on Facebook more than ever. To boost this number even further and show how effective video advertising can be, Facebook has announced that it will soon be rolling out video ads for desktop. It will do so by focusing on game developers first. About 445-million people who play Facebook-connected games across desktop and mobile every month. For users, this means that video ads of games like Farm Heroes and...

  • LG G4 launches with leather back, curved 5.5-inch screen

    LG hasn’t done much to quell the stream of leaks spilling from the internet in the weeks leading up to the LG G4 launch, but the phone is finally official, and features practically everything leaks have covered. Hosting simultaneous events in New York, London, Paris, Istanbul, Singapore and Seoul (strange grouping of time zones), the company launched its new figurehead smartphone a few weeks after the Samsung Galaxy S6 was outed at MWC 2015, a just days since the subdued Sony Xperia Z4 announcement.

  • Smartphone shipments grow in Middle East, Africa as affordable devices become popular

    Smartphone shipments to the Middle East and Africa, according to a Q4 2014 Handsets tracker released by analyst International Data Corporation (IDC), experienced an unprecedented year-on-year growth of 83% in 2014. The growth was primarily caused by the increased availability of cheaper models and dual-SIM devices. In 2014, smartphones accounted for 41.9% of all mobile handset shipments to the region, up from 27% in 2013. The growth of more affordable smartphone, though a positive thing, has negatively affected feature phones. Year on year in 2014, feature phone shipments were down by 4.5%. Smartphones priced under US$100 captured 20% share of...

  • Facebook lets you donate to Nepal quake relief efforts, will match every dollar

    As more information emerges from the deadly earthquake which struck Nepal over the weekend, it's becoming apparent that a massive relief effort will be required. While organisations and governments are stepping to the fore, Facebook on Monday announced that it would be making it easier for individuals to donate to the relief efforts. As well as helping users connect with their loved ones in the area, the social network rolled out a button at the top of users' news feeds which allows them to donate to the International Medical Corps (IMC). Facebook also says it will match every...

  • Predictive analytics could change online marketing for good

    Back in 2013, Martin Zwilling announced that predictive analytics was a goldmine for startups, referring to a wide variety of applications such technologies may have. Indeed, as big data gets bigger and as processing technologies advance, the potential of using predictive analytics in different industries keeps growing. Correspondingly, the market expands too and, as suggested in a report by MarketsandMarkets, is estimated to grow at 25.2% CAGR to reach US$5.24-billion in 2018. This digit only implies that the pace at which the number of companies competing to offer this form of data intelligence grows, with Framed Data being one...

  • First wins aplenty: the weekend motorsport roundup

    With a return of the WRC from a far-too-long lay-off, and three weeks until the next Formula 1 event in Spain, the motorsport world featured more dust and gravel than usual. In Richmond, it seemed that the clouds joined in as well, as yet another NASCAR Sprint Cup race was delayed (this time until the following day) due to inclement weather. Even so, the racing did get underway the following day and my, we saw some brilliant action throughout the echelons of the formulas and disciplines. And speaking of weather for ducks, the FIA World RallyCross Championship returned to a torrential...

  • Tips from a successful Ghanian exit: Q&A with Saya Mobile founder Robert Lamptey

    Last year, the Ghana-based developer of mobile messaging apps for feature phones, Saya Mobile, was acquired by Kirusa from the States. Founded in 2011, Saya has received wide exposure for its instant messaging app called Street Chat. The platform includes social network integration, location-based and group chat across multiple phone platforms including J2ME, Android and iOS. With a focus on over 30 high-growth markets in from Southeast Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa, Saya has become super popular by being responsible for cheap mobile messaging to people who do not have smartphones in emerging economies. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • 10 movies that predicted and inspired the future of tech

    Since the days of Jules Verne -- author of Around the World in Eighty Days, and the like -- science fiction has been trying to predict the future, from the cars we drive (or fly) to the food (or pills) we eat. Science fiction has also opened doors to the future, even if we couldn't walk through them just yet. Even so, people in the 20th century expected us present folk to be flying around in jet-packs or travelling on air with the latest flying cars as portrayed on some movies. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Setting goals on social media is absolutely imperative

    Unbelievable as it may seem, you'll still find many stating that social media marketing is a waste of time, money, effort, and how much it sucks. These are the people who started their campaign on the wrong foot and most likely don't have a clearly laid out social media marketing strategy that aligns their business goals with their social media goals. These people should stop wasting time and learn how they can actually create a social media strategy that will work for them and that will yield an increase in their ROI. Social media is a powerful instrument on communication...

  • Apple earnings report: iPhones destroy iPads, China pays off

    Tim Cook announced Apple's quarterly earnings yesterday, highlighting a couple of significant trends which can help us better understand where The Big Red is moving. Apple reported US$58-billion revenue and a nice US$13.6-billion profit. This was mainly fuelled by China, with larger iPhones leading the pack in products and services overall. Unfortunately for tablet lovers, Apple's latest array of golden-clad iPads is falling behind the limelight. China is paying off Revenue from China rose a massive 71% to US$16.82-billion since last year. According to the report, 69% of the Californian-based company's quarter revenue was made from those outside the company's motherland. "Apple’s forays...

  • Twitter goes into hashtag, promoted Tweet overdrive to aid Nepal earthquake relief

    Individuals and organisations alike have rushed to the aid of Nepal, where an earthquake over the weekend has killed more than 4 000 people and affected more than eight-million. Following in the wake of tech companies such as Google and Facebook, Twitter has launched its own effort aimed at helping relief efforts in the South Asian country. Its efforts are however, a little less direct that those being used by the Silicon Valley giants. Recognising its importance as a tool for coordinating relief efforts, and as a backup for official channels of communication, Twitter says it will be concentrating...